Halie’s entrance music blared through the arena as she made her way out from the curtain and toward the ring. Some of the crowd cheered Halie as she walked paced the ring angrily, others booed her for the post match attack on Cheryl last week.

Halie: You all need to get over that incident last week, I did.

The part of the crowd that booed her before started up again some chanted “You Got Done”.

Halie: Oh shut up, I know I lost but I took care of it, and I’d gladly do it again to prove that I am the rightful queen of Rush.

Someone in the crowd shouted “More like queen of Thrush!” and Halie did her best to not lose her composure.

Halie: We’re getting a little off topic. I know Cheryl is here tonight backstage somewhere having herself a good cry. Sort of like a certain Valet to a certain Internet champion.

The crowd Ahhh’d and tried to think of who she was talking about.

Halie: I’m talking about M-

Just as Halie was about to explain who she was talking about the tron flashed and someone was on stage. Madison eventually stopped once she was outside the ring. She looked Halie up and down. The crowd booed both women, but Madison took no notice of it.

Madison: Speak and she shall appear. Ah, have we ever met before?

Halie rolled her eyes annoyed, but not surprised.

Halie: I wouldn’t expect you to remember your losses in this business, let alone your abortion count.

The audience gasped with a few giggling, Madison looked a little shocked.

Madison spat: H-h-how dare you, you’re nothing but Eurasian trash. Not even that kind of trash or leftovers I would send to poor underprivileged children in Africa or………………..Chicago. But nonetheless!

Madison: I would never abort a godsend to this business. The child of Dennis Black and I will go on to be the second greatest wrestler that ever existed! Well, third…after his Father and I.

Madison: Now then, Halie…

Madison slowly traced her finger along the apron, looking at Halie in the ring.

Madison: I understand why you may be a bit bitter when it comes to me. We both have had to experience a few unpleasant happenings to get where we are. But mine were at the hands of a god among men while yours were from…well…a Ginger! Gross.

Halie glared daggers and walked towards the ropes, Madison just smiled maliciously.

Halie: keep smiling bitch, I have it on good authority that you and I have –

Halie was cut off as a kick to the side of the head took her off her feet, before feeling a flurry of punches to the head which stunned her good. Madison looked on with a faux smile and backed away slowly applauding the attacker, who turned out to be Cheryl Malone.

Cheryl: Consider this a free sample of what’s in store for you, darling. Now let’s see what I can do to fix your face a little…

She climbed back on top of Halie and began slamming her elbow into Halie’s jaw and cheek until she was quite satisfied with the new look. Cheryl rolled out of the ring and shouted at a stunned and bruised Halie.

Cheryl: You better enjoy the taste of blood that’s on your mouth, because from now on, that’s going to be a significant part of your diet. You’ve kicked the wrong hornet’s nest and I’m going to continue stinging you at every opportunity I get.

With Madison just blankly staring at Cheryl, she took her leave and left to the backstage area. The medics arrived slowly avoiding the enraged Cheryl to get to Halie and bring her to the medic bay as the scene faded out…




A half dead looking man crawled his way out of a den of pleasure as two big bouncers came out after him and proceeded to stomp on him.

Bouncer 1: None of our girls do shit like that you creepy minger.

Another kick to the back sent the man stumbling forward and into the knee of the second bouncer.

Bouncer 2: Did this guy seriously take us for blockheads? His i.d says he’s a one Mr. J. Simpleton, but the photo clearly is a Portuguese fella.

The man got to his knees and spat out a big glob of blood.

Man: My name is Jack Simpleton

That was a bold lie.

Bouncer 1: Okay Mr. Jack, please explain why you wanted to do a Vaginal mind meld on Saffron? You’ve scarred her.

Just then police sirens could be heard.

Bouncer 2: Now you’re going to get locked u-AAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEE—

Jack, still on his knees, had delivered what appeared to be a devastating low blow to the big bouncer, but in fact Jack had actually performed the vaginal mind meld on the poor man. The first bouncer lunged forward but Jack ducked under it and span round, his eyes were all pupil as the effects of the mind meld still held. Bouncer 1 froze and backed up a little as Jack stood up, sniffed his fingers and bolted laughing and screaming as he ran off.

Jack: I know where he is!

The scene fades out with Jack running through alleys….







The scene opens to Nic’s place, where he and Cheryl are getting ready for the show.

Nic: I’m pretty sure we could’ve done this at the arena, sister…

Almost like if Nic had said something utterly outrageous, Cheryl raised an eyebrow and, without taking her eyes off the mirror, she ranted.

Cheryl: Oh shut up! Don’t be ridiculous Nicolas. I still need a proper dressing room, but I’m aware that may be a little too soon to start complaining about the installations, that’s why we’re getting ready at home… for now.

Looking down at his over the top gear, Nic sighed and almost inaudibly replied to his sister.

Nic: If that’s better for you, fine. It’s just that… You know, I kind of wanted to be at the arena earlier today. It’s my first match tonight and I’m a little nervous-

Suddenly Cheryl stopped lining her lips and turned vigorously to her brother, pointing the lip liner at him like a knife.

Cheryl: Don’t be silly… You’re going to win, I mean, you have to, right? You’re a Malone, Nic. You should handle yourself like one. Also, how come tonight is your first match if you got here way before then I did?

Nic: …

Cheryl: Nicolas?

Nic: I don’t know how to answer that sister… Blame the booker! It’s not my fault.

Cheryl: Ugh, enough! You’re going to promise me that you’ll start to act like a Malone tonight, Nicolas. You have until that bell rings to get used to it and make a change. No more self-doubt and insecurities!

Cheryl: Also, I miss having my shadow all for myself brother, it’s way past the time for you to step out of it.

Making the biggest effort that he possibly could, Nic did not cry, which almost felt like winning his first match of the night. Knowing Cheryl wouldn’t stop until he said what she wanted, Nic raised his chin and answered his sister with all the fake confidence he was able to act.

Nic: I promise I will not disappoint you. I’m winning tonight!



Match 1: Madison Cox vs Valerie Marie




Briggs is sitting in front of his locker, taping his wrists before his match. He hears the locker room door open and sees the reporter Jim St. James starting to head his way.

Briggs: Oh no, not you again…

St James: Uh, Mr. Briggs, for all your huffing and puffing last week about being “god of the back breaker” you still walked away with a loss. “Air” Amir is about the same size, should we expect another loss from you this week?

Briggs: Really? You think Krash beat me? I beat myself. I’m still god of the back breaker, Amir will find out the hard way.

St James: It’s “Air” Amir! He also won last week… unlike you. If you lose this week, does it tarnish any championship goals?

Briggs: One way or another, I’ll end up the champion. That’s all you and the morons out in the crowd need to know. This week, I focus on “Air” Amir.

Briggs slams his locker shut and leaves the room.



Match 2: Kerry Briggs vs ‘Air’ Amir





Guy stood in the ring with Amir laid out at his feet, he beckoned for a mic and was rewarded with one. Boone tapped it twice to make sure it was on.

Guy: I said last week I will be coming out here tonight and taking you down a peg. Glad that Briggs fella put you down so I can be here tonight.

He stomped on Amir’s chest before continuing. Just as Guy went to speak the music for the General Manager blared through the arena.

SM: No no no no, You Boone will have a match next week against the man that defeated Amir tonight. Kerry Briggs.

Boone spun around angrily.

Guy: Whatever! I’ll be able to handle him.

He bent down and lifted Amir to his feet.

Guy: See here Maxwell, this is going to be in store for Briggs next week.

Boone cocked back his elbow and loosed it into Amir’s jaw sending the small Indian man flailing backwards through the ropes and onto the floor below.

Guy: This is what awaits anyone who steps in my way.

He put both arms up in a muscle man pose before climbing out of the ring and walking towards the ramp, stopping to give Amir another swift kick to the stomach before the scene faded out…






It had been about half hour or so and Jack had finally reached his destination, a run down set of flats with a shonky looking wrestling ring set up. A small crowd had gathered and the buzz confirmed everything Jack had found out from earlier. Some commotion near the poorly designed entrance area caused Jack to move over to the drama. A burly looking security guard was berating some kids who looked like they lived in the flats.

SG: you little shits have thrown poop at me for tha last time, don’t make me chase afte-


A snowball shaped ball of dog shit hit the guard in the face. The kids ran leaving the guard to rage alone.

Jack: geez you smell worse than my legal representation.

The guard turned around to see who was speaking and Jack jumped backwards in fright knocking over a midget luchador.

Jack: you- you’re a woman with a beard hahahahahahahaha.

SG: the fuck you just say? Also only talent is allowed back here.

Jack looked around confused by the “talent” around.

Jack: I just see a bunch of dressed up midgets.

SG: That is the talent, you dolt. Anyway, go find your seat and get ready for the main event, we managed to get a former television champion to take on our whole roster in a battle royal.

Jack: Again…your talent is midgets and you have a normal guy wrestling them? Okay, I need to see this.

With the security guard ushering Jack to an empty seat at ringside, he sat and pulled out a baggy of paper sheets.

Jack: breathe mint?

The bearded lady security guard took a square and placed it on her tongue. Jack did likewise. The guard walked off and the entrance music for the luchador midget began playing…




In the back alley of some music studio, rain falls from the sky. A dimly lit light above the door flickers, reflecting against the rain drops. Soon, a clap of thunder and the light burns out.

The door opens and a dark feminine figure exits walking out into the alley toward the camera. The camera keeps her pace in the same direction.

???: At each twist in turn here in EoW, at the beginning of every new chapter, you and I have written the first sentence, Rebecca Rose.Tonight, that continues on Rush. Every step of the way you have been a step ahead of me, but that won’t be the case tonight.You may think you’re going to finally put me away tonight…but you can’t *flash of lightning reveals her pink hair with purple streak*

stop… the Rain! *thunder clap*

She goes from a fast walk to charging at the camera. She spears the screen and the camera now looking up into the sky as Kota embraces the Rain and lets out a blood curdling scream.




Match 3: Nic Malone vs Corey Ford





Jack sat bored out of his mind as the midget battle royale continued, then it got interesting as his little person doppelganger came swaggering out.

Jack: Well I’ll be a Chinese uncle, a mini me.

No sooner had mini Jack entered the ring the next competitor came out and real Jack almost fell off his seat as a very familiar face entered the ring.

Jack: The bouncers colon was correct. I cannot believe it.

Jack moved closer from where he was sitting to behind the wonky looking announce table that was really a door stacked on top of some empty milk crates covered in what appeared to be a stained bed sheet. Anyway Jack had moved closer as the match was reaching its climax with the former television champion lifting the three remaining little people and throwing them bodily into the empty front row.

The bell rung then the winner did his lap of honor around the ring and stopped as he spotted Jack standing behind the announce table. He made a gesture to Jack to meet him out back and went on with his celebration. Jack waited by what appeared to be the green room area for about ten minutes as the person he was waiting for got his appearance payment then made his way over.

Jack: Seb! How’s it going? Great show tonight, always good to make a quick buck tossing some midgets.

Seb laughed as he got closer and someone out of view grumbled.

Seb: Piss off Gary you know you’re a midget should be used to it by now. Jackie boy fantastic to see you, been a while. WHat brings you to this small shit show?

The two shook hands.

Jack: Well I came to find you, I saw you leave last week and never got a chance to speak with you.

Seb nodded: Ginger is being a hard arse, little fucker sent me a text too telling me to enjoy wrestling midgets… What I wouldn’t give to lay my hands on that ranga bastard.

Jack ran his hand through his greasy hair, an idea being formed.

Jack: You could challenge him to a match, you win you get a contract…

Seb: Seems like a good idea, let me grab my things we’ll head to the arena and see Ginger.

The pair made their way to a rusted reliant Robin ten minutes later and drove the short twenty minute trip to the Rush arena…





Briggs walks by St James as he’s leaving the arena.

Briggs: “Air” Amir indeed.

He continues his exit out of the arena and into his car.



Match 4: Kota Rain vs Rebecca Rose






Just moments before his match with Krash Blake Adams is stopped by Bobby Akada 

Akada: Excuse me Mr.Adams I know your match is next but can i…

Blake Adams cuts Akada off.

Blake Adams: Make it fast I have to go demolish my next victim.

Akada: Well, I want to know what you think about Nathan Steel not taking you up on your challenge you issued to him and what you think about facing Krash the fans seem to really get behind the young kid.

Blake Adams: Akada I knew that Nathan Steel wouldn’t accept my challenge but I also knew its because I knocked his ass out last week so I wasn’t actually expecting to hear from him. Now my challenge is still open if he wants another shot at me he can meet me in the ring at Patriot Games. As for Krash…

Blake Adams: As for him I have a good feeling he is about to get into a serious accident and you want to know the best part?

Akada: What is that?

Blake Adams: I’m getting paid for this and on top of that after I’m done with Mr “red light, green light” he’s gonna wish he got held up in traffic.

Blake Adams: Now if you will kindly remove yourself Akada I need to go destroy a stupid gimmick.



Main Event: Krash vs Blake Adams




After his match with Krash Bobby Akada stops Blake Adams once more.

Akada: Blake Adams congratulations on your second victory here on Rush and you proved yet again that it doesn’t seem like the competition here is posting my of a threat to you.

BlI’me Adams: Akada im glad you noticed because last week it was Nathan Steel where I beat him in less than ten minutes and I’m pretty sure I just beat Krash in about the same time. So Akada let me ask you where is all the good competition I mean do I need to issue a handicap match just to get a match that lasts more than ten minutes or maybe I need to go and sign a contract with Fusion since it seems like that’s where all the real competitors are.

Blake Adams: Nah I’ll just stay here and run Rush as my show since its only a matter of time until I get a Rush Championship match and when I do this show will belong to…Blake Adams.

Blake Adams walks off as camera fades back to ringside.







The theme belonging to the main event winner continued to blare in the background. Pleased crowds were shuffling out of the arena, preparing to embark on what would surely be a traffic-filled journey home. Madison couldn’t help but look from behind the curtain to see just how packed the arena still was. She sighed loudly.

Madison: So crowded! Miserable, it’s like these people don’t realize I have a flight to catch back to the states. Huge week! My Denny bear is facing the Conquest Champion.

Madison: I wish I could just…uh…oh! Like, put them all in a field somewhere far away, and only have them grow the finest of coffee beans for a Starbucks that I will surely own one day.

 Preeeeetty sure that’s called slavery…but what do I know?

Madison abruptly turned to the voice that came from behind her. She frowned upon realizing it was Cheryl Malone.

Madison: Oh…it’s you. Good job earlier on attacking the Asian. I forget her name. Pai mei?

Cheryl: Not even close…

Madison shrugged nonchalantly before looking down at her phone.

Madison: Oh by the way.

Cheryl: Hm?

Madison: I want you to watch real closely next week. I’m going to do what you couldn’t. Beat Halie, and make sure she doesn’t get back up. But not like you did earlier tonight…

Madison: I’m a classy woman.

Not caring about Madison’s passive-aggressive attitude, Cheryl pondered.

Cheryl: Oh, I’m sure you’re a real classy woman Madison. But tell me, how are you, a classy woman, going to beat that Shih-Tzu? Are you going to get someone else to do it for you?

Cheryl: And you don’t need to ask me to keep an eye on you, sweetie. I know, that you know, that I am an old fan… I will certainly be paying close attention to your moves next week.

Cheryl: After all, if you’re planning to attack someone I despise, I feel like I have the moral obligation to show my support, by any means necessary.

Madison tucked her phone away and frowned at Cheryl. Looking the woman up and down, she spoke with an even tone.

Madison: Hmm. Do as you like, Cheryl. Just keep your distance from the match…and ‘him’. I’d hate for you to wake up bald or something.

Madison brushed by Cheryl on her way toward the parking lot.

Madison: London can be a scary place.

Cheryl: Hell yeah, I know it can. I figured that out as soon as I knew you’re going to be here. But you know what Madison? Scary can be good! If it’s scary for people like Halie, count me in sis.

Cheryl: And, please, let’s not get ahead of ourselves starting petty fights. I’ve already told you: I respect you Madison. No need to feel threatened, by the way, you’re looking gorgeous!




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