Summerbrawl 2019


Previously Recorded…

The Golden Age is at the Summerbrawl fan-fest, they’re standing in the middle of the ring taking pictures with their adoring fans and hastily signing the Polaroids. Lassiter calls for the next kid he even spreads open the ropes for him. Lassiter then walks him over to where Larkspur is standing.

Larkspur: You guys ready?

Lassiter: Do you need to ask?

Kid: Ye…

GA: We don’t care.

Golden Age moves at the last second to mess up the kid’s photo. Larkspur cuts the kid off snatches the photo from the camera-man

Larkspur: You want it? It’s $50.

Kid: That’s my money for my Ap3x shirt…

Lassiter: Ap3x? Fuck Ap3x!

He takes the photo from Larkspur rips it up and tells the kid to leave. Larkspur then waves for the next kid. This time he’s just waved over to the center of the ring.

Camera-man: Hey, I need to change the film.

Golden Age strike their pose

Larkspur: Hey, The Dawn was talking some shit again they apparently didn’t like what you said about Micalah.

Lassiter: Micalah, who’s Micalah? The discount Madison? You think they’d be more worried about what we said about them, or you know, the fact we dropped shovels on them.

Larkspur: Can you think of another name for her? Discount Madison while accurate is kind of a mouth full.

Lassiter: Uh… I’d say ho, whore, ring rat… I can go on and on but we know a lot of those.

Larkspur: Discount Madison it is then.

Camera-man: Sorry guys I’m ready.

Larkspur kicks the kid out of the way and the picture is taken.

Lassiter: That one is $75 there’s no goofy looking kid in it.

Kid 2: I’m goofy have you seen Larkspur’s mustache?!?!?!

Larkspur chases the kid off. The trend continues like that for awhile. Then the Summerbrawl booker whisper’s in Lassiter’s ear. Lassiter taps Larkspur on the shoulder and motions they should leave. They both silently leave the ring and leave the kid to take a picture by himself.

Cheryl: My name is Cheryl Malone, one half of one of the most iconic tag teams in wrestling history, and I am the best friend of EOW’s First Lady. The First Lady of Professional Wrestling, Madison Cox. 

The crowd instantly boos at the realization that they are ACTUALLY about to be forced to sit through this. 

Cheryl: Tonight, I bring you the greatest wedding of all time! It will be the  greatest moment in EOW history, second only to my suspension being lifted. 

Cheryl: But first…our Wedding Officiant. Hailing from the Windy City, I present to you the esteemed –

Cheryl looked on in horror. 

Cheryl whispers: The HELL are you doing here?! Where is my Officiant? We paid good money for him! 

Jack: Hookers and blow are one hell of a combination. He got distracted.

Cheryl points to her own nose, which prompted Jack to wipe the white powdery substance from the top and bottom of his nose. 

Jack: Thanks doll face. But don’t worry, I can handle this. I took a class. 

Cheryl: When?

Jack: Ten minutes ago on my phone. Apps are great! In about ten to twelve weeks, something official will come in the mail. I have a digital certificate and receipt as proof  if needed. 

Cheryl looked even more mortified. 

Cheryl: I…

Jack: We’re live, baby! Let’s move this along. I’m sure those two crazy kids are eager to have all sorts of massive loads dumped into Madison-

Cheryl: -HOTEL ROOM! Massive loads…of luggage…dumped into Madison’s hotel room. While they are away on their honeymoon! 

Cheryl: N-now for the groom!

Cheryl replied with a nervous smile as the Groom’s music started to play. 

Dennis hugged Cheryl and shook Jack’s hand with an extremely confused look on his face. 

Dennis: How…

Jack: Long story. I’ve got it all under control. 

Cheryl: Certificate. 

Dennis: She’s gonna be furious….

Jack & Cheryl: I know.

Madison looked from Jack to Dennis. Then from Dennis to Cheryl, before setting her features back on Jack. 

Madison: …How-

Dennis, Jack, & Cheryl: Certificate. Long story.

Jack: I’ve got it all taken care of. 

Madison’s cheeks were rapidly turning the brightest of red.

Madison: I’m furi-

Jack: Dearly Beloved! We are gathered together in celebration.

Cheryl nudged Madison and quickly positioned her across from Dennis. Jack continued speaking, all the while.

Jack: We are gathered here today to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments, the joining of two black hearts. I mean…holy shit. These two clearly prove that there is someone for EVERYONE

Dennis and Madison both glare at Jack. He clears his throat and continues.

Jack: I-In this ceremony today, we will witness the joining of Madison Cox and Dennis Black in marriage.

Jack: Today we have come together to witness the joining of these two lives. For them, out of the routine of ordinary life of living on the road as Wrestling superstars, the extraordinary has happened. 

Jack: They met each other in a very dark place. A locker room to be exact. In fact, it was right after Dennis had just lost his fifth match in a row after the powers that be told him he needed to be ‘less flippy’ and –

Dennis: Skip ahead, please. 

Jack: They teamed up, fell in love, and are finalizing it with their wedding here today in front of you all, the EOW universe. 

Jack: Romance is fun. Screwing is even more fun. Trust me, I’ve seen these two go at it. Madison would be a shoe in for the AVN awards if they get fired from EOW as well.

Madison & Cheryl, equally horrified, look to Jack.

Jack: But true love is something far more fun, and it is their desire to love each other for life and that is what we are celebrating here today.

Jack: But today is also a celebration for the rest of us, for it is a pleasure for us to see love in bloom, and to participate in the union of two people so unfortunately…yet delightfully suited to one another. Also, to have a couple of cocktails in the process. 

Jack: Doesn’t hurt that this may mellow the two of them out. So let’s get on with it already!

A teary eyed Cheryl takes a step forward.

Cheryl: Words of wisdom!

A good marriage must be created.

In marriage, the “little” things are the big things.

It is never being too old to hold hands.

It is remembering to say, ”I love you” at least once a day.

It is never going to sleep angry.

It is standing together and facing the world.

It is speaking words of appreciation, and demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways.

It is having the capacity to forgive and forget.

It is giving each other an atmosphere in which each can grow.

It is a common search for the good and the beautiful.

It is not only marrying the right person — it is being the right partner.

Madison: And not Baine, because…

Madison & Audience: Fuck that guy!

Jack whispers to Cheryl: The coke is wearing off…can we get to the vows?

Cheryl steps away from Jack.

Cheryl: I believe the Bride and Groom have prepared vows for each other?

Dennis cleared his throat.

Dennis: I, Dennis Black… ‘He with the Obsidian Knee’, ‘The Soul of Ex’, The ‘G.L.O.A.T’ Greatest Luchador Of All Time’,‘The Conqueror of Conquest’, and lastly…the man who will retire Mr. Mayhem before it is all said and done-

The once respectful audience immediately begins to boo the bride and Groom for his comments. 

Dennis: Take you, Madison Cox to be my wife, my partner in life and my one true Muse. I will cherish our friendship and the successes we’ve had as a team. Three seasons together, and I’m already looking forward to ten more. I vow to love you today, tomorrow, and forever.

Jack whispers: Rapidly wearing off…I’m going to be sick…

Cheryl whispers: Shut…up!

Madison stomps on Jack’s foot before looking back to Dennis.

Madison: Dennis, when I met you…let’s be honest. You were on the fast track to nowhere. Your career was shut down before it even got started. You were a push over, and couldn’t catch a win to save your life.

Madison: I saw in you, what our previous employer did not. A chameleon. A wrestler who wasn’t…uh…wasn’t the strongest, the biggest, or even the fastest. You weren’t spectacular at anything, but learned to be above average at everything, making you very difficult to deal with in the ring.

Madison: I watched you grow from a curtain jerker, to a man who has retired more ‘Legends’ and Championships that I can name. I watched you become the kind of Champion that rivaled the ‘Ghost of Wrestling’s Past’

Madison: You and I? We are the future of this company. So I felt it was appropriate to share our vows here, in front of all these…disgusting people.

Madison: Our unborn child will one day have the honor of watching you strut toward the ring before you Main event Wrestle Elite Five as the EOW Heavyweight Champion…

The audience starts to boo even louder. Madison looks to the crowd.

Madison: That, ladies and gentlemen…is not a prediction, but a spoiler.

Madison: My friends always told me I’d marry rich…after the augmentation. I did! Love conquers all, when you have a lot of zeros in your bank account. I’m so glad that you started letting me dress you after we moved in together-

Dennis: Shh…

Madison: Oh, right! Sorry…

Madison: After today, we will no longer be the King and Queen of EOW. Those titles have been bastardized by our lessers. You’ve got a former Champion calling himself the Prince…and another self proclaimed ‘King of Loooooser’.

Jack whispers: I thought it was Kova…

Cheryl whispers: Please…just shut…the hell up. This is so beautiful!

Madison: From here on, you will be the Unholy Emperor of EOW, and I, your Empress.

Madison: Rather than the traditional sharing of ‘I Do’…I’ve had the EOW production crew prepare a four hour video of the greatest love story that the world has ever known. 

Madison: Ours!

Jack whispers: Four…hours?

Cheryl: Okay, I agree…that..that may be overkill.

Dennis and Madison join hands to look at the Elitetron while the audience groans.

???: Tampa Florida really? What happened to a classy Vegas wedding? 

The crowd hooted and whistled before realising that they were being made fun of.

???: Anyway look at where we are now. I’ve had a hell of a journey.

Madison’s face was cherry red. She looked as if she was about to scream…and then did so, loud enough to wake the dead. Meanwhile, the groom was unconscious at the bottom of the ramp. Cheryl and Jack struggled to get Dennis to his feet. The two started walking him up the ramp and toward the curtain. Madison pointed and jabbed her finger against Seb’s chest. 

Madison: You….

Madison: YOU……

Madison: ANIMAL!! YOU’VE RUINED EVERYTHING! How are you even here?! All that money I spent. God…THIS is why Mexicans can’t be trusted. They can cross borders any day of the week without getting shot. But the single solitary MOMENT I rely on them to keep you out of America, they Mexicant?!

Seb smiled menacingly and walked toe to toe with Madison.

Seb: See love, I’m like herpes, I’ll pop up at the most inconvenient of times just to ruin your night. 

Madison: I wouldn’t know! I’m pure as the driven snow.

Seb: Oh you’ve been driven, alright.

Madison continued to shake with anger. She put up a finger.

Madison: I’m giving you one chance. One opportunity to back away. You can still walk away from this, Abbott. I’m willing to wipe the slate clean if you just…go…away! This is my special day! I won’t have it ruined by the Australian equivalent of trailer trash, do you understand me?! 

Seb looked around at the crowd, smiling as they had gone eerily quiet in anticipation.

Seb: You see, I can’t do that. You messed with my livelihood. I missed paychecks and title opportunities. Something that had your name written all over it. 

He paused for a moment.

Seb: So with that said I think you need a better offer. Can’t wipe clean the slate if you’ve carved into it. Perhaps you should be the one offering ME an apology? You see, I can do more than ruin your wedding. Like take money out of YOUR pockets. 

Seb: I can spill the beans, confirming the worst kept secret in wrestling since Norman Luna’s sexual preference!

The Elitetron flashes to life.

The camera opens up to the patio area of the arena where we the bright and shiny sun in the background. As the camera starts panning out we Eric Shadow walking in the distance. As he gets closer he takes off his sunglasses and hangs them on his shirt as he looks into the camera.

Shadow: Damn it’s a hot day today but not hot enough. This is one of the biggest shows of the year and who better to welcome all of you to Summerbrawl. Now not a lot of people know this but back in 2015 I made my pay per view debut on Summerbrawl and I’ve gone on to have so much success in my career. And tonight is another chapter in my book of success.

He starts walking as the camera is following in front of him as he gets closer and closer to the venue.

Shadow: Now this welcoming thing isn’t really my style but what is my style is taking down anybody that stands in my way. The man that is standing my way is a man that hasn’t gotten off my back since Battleground. Devin King, you are so obsessed with me that I’m starting to think that the only thing that is in your head is me. Coming up with ideas on how to dismantle and destroy my career but here’s a hint, you have nothing to live up to. I’ve beaten you twice and you still want redemption. Hell, you’ve made a match where anything can happen but all I see is you trying to prove yourself on being the number one guy but your just the negative one.

Now I know that I’m getting personal but you wanted this and you asked for this so here it is. Devin you will not overcome me. You will will not destroy me. You will bow down to the Prince and you will never see the light of day.

He walks towards the locker room door and looks back at the camera.

Shadow: Tick tock Devin, tick tock.

He walks into the locker room and the camera fades out.

EoW TAG TEAM #1 Contenders match

3 team TLC

The Dawn vs Golden Age vs Prestigious Saints

The Titantron goes black and after 10 seconds Poul appears. Poul seems to be holding a camera which is recording him.

Poul: I really appreciate that the EOW brand has a ton of money and plenty of equipment. It makes it all the more easier to broadcast myself to you imbeciles and show you fans what true dominance is. Everytime I grab a piece of equipment I hope management doesn’t mind because best believe it won’t be in working conditions once I’m done with it. This is for the negligence management showed dealing with me, so it’s only fair play to make them pay.

Anyhow, the message I want to really send right now is to Krash. Last week you betrayed me mid match, turned your back on me, and attacked me. Not only did it cause us our match against two people inferior to me. You’re the reason I got put through two tables. Since then my ribs have been out of place and that is all thanks to you.

Poul pulls the camera back to show the bandages wrapped around him.

I warned you Krash not to get in my way. But I am not surprised, idiots like you don’t know how to keep your egos in check. You think because you were gifted gold you’re some hot shit. That cockyness that oozes out of you everytime you walk into that ring with the Openweight championship.
But I say NO MORE!

Tonight will be the last time you hold that title. Tonight you will fall into a deep despair when I show you that you are nothing but trash compared to me. I will OWN YOU! There will be no doubt how good I am after I destroy you. You think these injured ribs will slow me down!?

Poul starts punching his injured ribs menacingly.

I could have a missing leg and still humiliate you in that ring. Everyone prepare for an age of excellence, That age starts when I claim that Openweight champion and dispose the trash know as krash. My PPV debut at Summer Brawl will be the best that this company has had since its inception. Excellence is coming your way. Golden Excellence very soon.

Thanks for the camera EOW.

Poul slams the camera to the ground displaying a cracked image of Poul walking further away engulfed in laughter.

Openweight Championship

Poul vs Krash (c)

The camera opens up to the Miami Bar Crawl with Randy Crowe. As the camera is rolling we Crowe taking shot after shot of Jack Daniels along with an ashtray full of cigarettes.

Crowe: (Hiccups) Oh hi everybody. Man this is probably the happiest I’ve been in a while. Sitting my ass right here having a pretty good time. People are buying me drinks and I’ve made out with 3 chicks. Woohoo! I need a beer.

He checks his pockets and to find out that he’s out of money and nobody is around to buy him another drink. He sees a guy that has his back turned to him. He sees the guys wallet hanging out of his back pocket. He grabs it and takes all of the money in it. After that he drops the wallet and taps the guy on his shoulder.

Crowe: Hey buddy, you dropped your wallet.

Wallet guy: Oh wow thanks. Hopefully nobody took anything out of it.

Crowe: (Snickering) Hopefully not. I’m going over here. Hey bartender, gimme two bottles of Jack and 3 beers.

The bartender gets him his booze and Crowe gets a big grin on his on face.

Crowe: Now I’m going to the beach and I’m getting fucked up. It’s good thing that I’m not on the card.

Fan: Hey, you’re Randy Crowe can I have a picture.

Crowe: No fuck off. OFF TO THE BEACH! Shit I need a bucket.

Crowe packs up his things and head to the beach and camera fades away.

Battle of the Guapos!

El Guapo vs Fake El Guapo

Following the match the luchadore had finished beating the now revealed kid who was following the missing Seb Abbott around.

Guapo: You’re nothing but the son of a puta.

He spat and lifted the kid off the floor and rolled him into the ring.

Guapo: Your name boy?

Holding a bunch of hair lifting the boy’s head from the mat Guapo held a mic to his mouth.

The kid didn’t reply so Guapo dropped his knee into the kidneys, this wretched a pained yelp from the kid.

The Kid spat: it’s kyp.

Guapo dropped the kids face back in to the mat.

Guapo: I have no more words for you, except for choosing your next target wisely as they may not show you mucho merci.

The luchadore dropped the mic and rolled out of the ring waving to the fans as the scene ends

Camera fades in as we see Bobby Akada approaching Baine as he prepares for his upcoming match against Showtime.

Akada: Excuse me Baine!.. Can I have a minute of your time please?

Baine stops and turns around as Akada makes his way over

Akada: First of all I know your quite busy tonight but after going through that brutal ladder match that you and Travis Markson were in how are you gonna make it to your match with Showtime?

Baine: Akada it’s no secret that after that tag team ladder match..I’m a little banged up and I’m sure Travis Markson feels the same way.

Baine unhooks his X1 championship from around his waist and sets it on his shoulder

Akada: Would you agree that after your first match this puts you at a disadvantage against Showtime tonight?

Baine: A disadvantage?.. No because no matter if I’m at 100% or 5% I’m always gonna do what i need to to beat my opponent and most importantly defend my title.

Akada: What is your plan if you do lose the X1 championship later tonight?

Baine: Akada the only plan I care to share with you or any of these people is that come later tonight..

Baine stares into the camera

Baine: Showtime tonight you will not be walking out of this arena with the X1 Championship because you won’t be walking out period.

Tonight I am determine to defend and keep what is mine and that’s this.. *holds the X1 championship above his head* X1 championship belt.

Baine places his X1 title back on his shoulder

Akada: Thank you for your time Baine and good luck tonight.

Baine: luck yeah sure..

Baine walks off laughing to himself as the camera fades out.

EoW G1 Championship

Bryce Adams vs Matrix (c)

Camera cuts to the backstage area where we see Chang Lee standing by the locker room of Blake Adams.

Chang Lee: I’m standing in front of the current United States Champions locker room as I am about to ask his thoughts on his title defense here tonight at Summerbrawl.

Chang knocks on the door and waits for Blake to answer. After about a minute Blake opens the door with the United States Championship around his waist.

Blake Adams: Why you bugging me Chang? Whatever it is just make it quick.

Chang Lee: Tonight you defend that United States Championship against Norman Luna what is your game plan for this match?

Blake Adams: Game plan…Chang its simple really..I’m gonna go out there tonight get in that ring and when that bell rings..there’s only gonna be one thing that will be “Natural” and that’s the ass kicking that Norman Luna gonna receive.

Chang Lee: So your not concerned that he could wind up beating you and becoming the new United States Champion?

Blake Adams: (slight chuckle) Concerned Chang..really. Listen Chang tonight I’m aware that anything can happen and I’m aware that there might be a small chance that Norman Luna could end up walking out of Summerbrawl with my United States Championship.

But understand this Chang and you aswell well Natural since I know your back here somewhere watching..Tonight I’m walking into Summerbrawl as the current United States Champion and I’m leaving Summerbrawl as the United States Champion.

Norman Luna I wish you the best of luck tonight but I simply don’t believe even your best of luck can help you in our match tonight. Now if that is all Chang.. you can get away from my damn door.

Chang Lee: Thank you for your time..

Blake walks back into his locker room and shuts the door as the camera fades black.

EoW X1 Championship

Showtime vs Baine (c)

The camera pans to The Dawn getting checked on by the Eow doctor backstage.

Jacob: Don’t worry about me. Just make sure Zac is ready for his Intercontinental Championship match.

The doctor immediately begins checking on Zac.

Zac: That’s what I’m talking about! One step closer to becoming tag team champions.

Jacob: I tried to target Tmark every chance I got out there to help you out.

Zac: I appreciate it. I have a feeling he will be leaving broken and titleless

Kenzie rushes to Jacob and Zac. Jacob puts his arm over her and uses her as a crutch.

Kenzie: Are you two alright? That was a brutal match.

Jacob: Yea I’m good.

Kenzie: You don’t look like it. What about you Zac?

Zac: I don’t know. Doc will I be able to compete tonight.

Doc: Honestly I would advise against it but I doubt I would be able to stop you from going out there. But I do recommend you atleast follow me to my office so I can wrap up your injury’s.

Zac: Alright. I guess I’ll see you guys later with some gold around my waist.

Jacob: We’re going to go to the bus so I can rest up and make a phone call. Next time we see each other I expect you to be holding the Intercontinental Championship.

Jacob and Zac shake hands. The screen fades to black.

United States Championship

Norman ‘The Natural Luna vs Blake Adams (c)

As the rolls on, the Elitetron flashes to life with a view of Dennis sitting on a steel chair positioned outside of the medical examiner’s room waiting for Madison Cox. The audience jeers at the Eliteron when Cheryl comes into view with an ice pack. She places it on Dennis’s neck and kneels beside him.

Cheryl: First Jack…then Seb shows up out of the blue.

The loud crying and screaming of what most could only assume came from a banshee was heard even outside of the medical room. Dennis and Cheryl immediately stood when the door opened. A member of the EOW medical staff stepped outside with a clipboard.

Dennis: That bad?

Staff: As I informed Ms. Cox, I have no choice but to recommend at least….two to three weeks of no strenuous activity.

Dennis: But…our honeymoon.

Staff: And her health?

Dennis: …R-right! That too.

Cheryl: Can there even be a honeymoon? She didn’t say ‘I do’.

Dennis: She was going to…Right?

Dennis looked from Cheryl to the examiner.

Staff: If you’ll excuse me, I need to deliver this to General Manager Matthews and Mr. Mayhem so that they can call off the RISE Championship match, officially. Please, give my regards to Ms. Cox.

The examiner attempts to walk by Dennis, but is stopped when Dennis placed a hand on his shoulder. The examiner gave Dennis a confused look.

Dennis: How long does it take for a fractured jaw to heal, doc?

Staff: Hmm. I suppose it depends on the severity of –

Dennis: Good.

Dennis quickly hopped back, before delivering a super kick to the examiner. Cheryl’s eyes widened as she covered her mouth. Papers went flying in the air and the examiner fell to the ground with a thud.

Cheryl: Dennis!

Dennis: No time to explain!

Madison opened the door and blinked several times.

Madison: I…

Dennis and Cheryl: No time to explain!

Madison stepped aside, Dennis dragged the examiner inside, and Cheryl grabbed up all but one of the papers. The door was shut once all were inside the examiner’s office.

Dennis: You aren’t cleared.

Madison: I’m aware…

Dennis: Here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to have your match with Rebecca. Cheryl is going to find us a wheelbarrow-

Cheryl: Why?

Dennis: For the body, duh.

Madison: He’s not…dead, right?

Dennis: Of course not. Anyway, and i’m going to see if Jack will meet us outside in his car. From there, Cheryl and Jack are going to take a long drive with this guy.

Madison: You’re going to kill him, then dump him in acid?

Cheryl: This got dark..

Dennis: You, my dear, watch way too much television. Jack and Cheryl are just going to keep the doc busy for a day or so until this concussion stuff blows over.

Cheryl: Just be careful…and watch for blows to the head.

Madison: I really don’t want Jack involved.

Dennis: It’ll be fine. What’s the worst that could happen?

Outside of the examiner’s room, the camera zooms in on a slender hand picking up the remaining medical document…

Intercontinental Championship

Zac Taylor vs Travis Markson (c)

Corey Ford returns place early in the show.

We find ourselves in the backstage area with Ricky Spanish talking with Rush GM Stephen Mathews.

RS: It’s a big night tonight, we’ve had an interesting wedding debacle, the women’s title match should be exciting as should Segador vs Briggs.

Stephen looked from his iPad to Ricky Spanish before speaking.

SM: Yes and we even had Blake Adams fighting Norman Luna for the US title, and Poul has been on a tear of late. He may just do the impossible and get one over on Krash in the Openweight title match. I missed the match, because I was working. Hope no one spoils it for me.

He looked at his phone which had just buzzed, and the door to the office opened.

RS: it’s called knoc-

The newcomer threw a jacket at Ricky cutting him off, Stephen looked up to see who had just come in.

SM: Ah Mr. Ford, long time no see, I gather you’ve healed up nicely since the last time we saw you?

The camera panned to show a more muscular Corey Ford.

CF: I heard you don’t have anything planned for the Rush champion following tonight so here I am.

Stephen narrowed his eyes and stared at Corey.

SM: So you barge in here after being away for a few months and demand a shot at the champion. Why should I do that when we have a list of people here that are in front of you?

Corey laughed.

CF: C’mon man, who do you have next in line then?

Stephen looked at his phone and stopped at a name.

SM: I believe it’s tim-

A wicked thud cut Stephen off as he crashed sideways out of his chair.

CF: If the next words outta your mouth ain’t Corey Ford, you’re in for a world of pain.

Ricky Spanish seeing this stepped in front of Corey.

RS: You can’t come in here and demand anything then attack the General Manger.

CF: Why not? Briggs did it and he’s got a shot tonight..

Stephen was on his feet now and very irate.

SM: Because I am the general manager of Rush.

He was shaking with anger now.

SM: Fine you want a shot at the Rush title? It’s yours, but lose and you’ll be joining the back of the line with a few others.

Stephen pulled out a title contract and signed it off pushing the paper towards Ford, who promptly picked up the pen and signed.

SM: I’ll get whoever wins tonight out of Briggs and Segador to sign but remember you lose no shots for the rest of the year.. That’s actually a great rule to implement lose a title or contendership match back of the line… yes I like that very much.

The scene ends with Corey Ford leaving the office with a mad grin on his face….

RISE Championship

Madison Cox vs Rebecca Rose (c)

*Pitbull is seen walking through the hallway with the Elite title wrapped around his waist.

He takes a swig of what’s left of his beer followed by crushing the can in his hand then throws it into a nearby trash can.*

Pitbull: Now that’s the only kind of “Juice” mentioning. Not this chump that thinks he can beat me twice.

I will walk out that ring the same way I walk in….as EoW champ…and then straight to the Prestigious after party.

See ya in the ring chump!

*camera cuts back to ringside.*

RUSH Championship

Kerry Briggs vs El Segador (c)

Briggs’ is leaving ring side as soon as he’s in the backstage area.


He flips over a table, knocks over extra speakers, grabs Ricky Spanish by the
collar of his shirt and just pushes him away. He makes his way to catering Amir is in the middle of loading up his plate and Briggs flips the table.

Amir: I was going to eat that…. With a confused look on his face.

Briggs: Fuck you!

He makes his way to the exit of the arena.

EoW Elite World Championship.
Da Juice vs Pitbull (c)

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