RUSH CHAPTER 9: Pick Your Poison



RUSH CHAPTER 9: Pick Your Poison


Stephen Mathews looked overwhelmed at the several stacks of folders piled high on his desk. He was practically pulling out his hair as the lens zooms in on his face. The RUSH General Manager quickly looked up and forced a smile before pushing off a few of those folders off his desk.

Stephen: Ah ha! Didn’t notice you there, EoW Universe. This edition of RUSH is the very last stop before the biggest show of the year, WrestlElite Four.

Stephen: Most companies would tone it down on the last stop before such an important event, but not us. Call me crazy. Call me unsafe, but I believe that RUSH must deliver each and every week.

The sound of cheering can be heard.

Stephen: Because that’s what we do here. Provide the best wrestling each and Wednesday night that we’re on the air!

Stephen: Now then, before We get started with the show…I need to remind you all that Chapter Ten: Proving Grounds will be our very next showing. Meaning…that at Chapter Ten, the winner of the match for the RUSH Championship between Elite Rumble winner Dane Xavier and El Segador at WrestlElite Four will take on the winner of the Number one contender match taking place earlier in the evening.

Stephen rubs his chin.

Stephen: Which leads me to feel that we need to do the same for the RISE Championship. There will be a fatal four way match at WrestlElite between Kota Rain, Rebecca Rose, Valerie Marie, and Alice Barnett. The winner of that match will challenge either Cheryl Malone or Halie Nichols for the RISE Championship at proving grounds.

Stephen: As you all know, at WrestlElite Four, we will crown our first Openweight Champion. But with six men competing in that match, who will be the first to challenge the new Champion?

Stephen: I will leave that as a mystery for now. Enjoy the show.

Stephen: We’ve got a lot of great action coming up, including mystery opponents for both El Segador and Dane Xavier. The twist is…they are choosing the opponents for each other.

There was a knock at the door before a referee came in.

Ref: You’ve got a visitor? Said they are here to negotiate a signing with EOW?

Stephen stood up and adjusted his tie as the scene came to an end.

Guy Boone vs Obscura Sky

Daniel Xavier walks out on stage with a microphone in hand. He soaks in the mixed reaction, smiling as he looks around at the audience. A chant of “Fuck The Trust” begins, Dane ignores it. After a few moments, he raises the microphone to his mouth.

D$X: March 14th, 2015. EoW kicked off it’s first ever live show, and when we get to WrestlElite IV, EoW will be in it’s fifth year.

The audience cheers and applauds EoW’s anniversary.

D$X: A bench mark that everyone who has been in EoW since day one should be proud of themselves for.

A lot has changed about this company, we’ve gone from wrestling in tiny theaters, to wrestling in massive arenas. We’ve gone from having just two championships, to having dozens of championships! We’ve gone from being a company that no one thought would ever last, to being a company that has surpassed all the rest!

The audience cheers and starts chanting “EoW! EoW! EoW!”

D$X: Something else different about EoW, it’s gone from having one show, to having three! That made it incredibly difficult for me to choose which show’s championship to go after when I won the Elite Rumble at Patriot Games. Ultimately, I obviously made the choice to come here to Rush, and now I am set to face El Segador in the main event of WrestlElite IV in Sin City.

*Looks into the camera* El Segador, for you and Team Rush defeating The Trust last week… I congratulate you. You proved that the Rush roster IS top competition in EoW, and for the second time, lightning has struck, and I… was wrong.

So your reward is choosing the stipulation for my Pick Your Poison match tonight, and you have chosen it to be an Annihilation match. It’s obvious that you’ve been doing some scouting and learned that weapons are my main weakness, so you’re trying to get an advantage over me for WrestlElite.

Well played El Segador, but there’s something that you and ALL of EoW still fail to wrap your minds around. I am a creature of adaptation, a trait that I picked up on my fourteen year journey in this industry. You see El Segador, while a lot has changed in EoW over the years, there is one thing that hasn’t changed. The one constant about EoW from the beginning to now… is Daniel Xavier.

I have outlasted everyone that has walked through the door, from Latief Yosef to Nemesis. From Charles Lewis to Prince Toro. From Michael Maverick to some tag team called The British Invasion. No one that has walked though the door can hold a candle to Daniel Xavier and what I have done for this company.

So if you think that after fourteen years, you’re going to be able to slow me down on my road to the WrestlElite main event for the third year in a row with a little Annihilation match, you must be insane, because everyone does the same thing expecting a different result!

So you may have control of things tonight, but since I won The Elite Rumble, I get to choose the stipulation to our match at WrestlElite. You talk about outlasting the competition, well at WrestlElite, that’s what it’s going to take because our match will be two out of three falls!

The audience pops for the WrestlElite main event stipulation.

D$X: Good luck to you tonight El Segador, I have chosen a man who is nearly as talented as yours truly and treated just as badly by EoW management.

Dane turns to walk away but stops, turning back around.

D$X: At WrestlElite, I will beat you not once… but twice. At WrestlElite, I will reach a personal benchmark by becoming a ten time career World Champion. At WrestlElite, I will become your new Rush World Champion.

Daniel smiles and points to the WrestlElite sign with a mixed reaction from the audience.


Kim Sanders is sitting on a chair by the interview area, she looks nervous and is being talked to by EoW staff. Nearby, Kota Rain is pacing back and forth.

Kota: Last week those dumb blondes blindsided me from behind. I’m fine with that, but what I’m not fine with is those bitches threatening my friend Kimmy, she’s not even a competitor!

So it’s on tonight blonde bimbos. You want someone to fight? You’ve got two mad chicks breathing down your necks!

You like making things personal so much, shaving Halie’s head, threatening a defenseless friend of mine, well let’s make it personal!

We’re going to rip out that pretty hair of yours! We’re going to mess up that pretty makeup of yours! We’re going to tear up your cute outfits!

You’re so focused on making the world beautiful, but tonight, we’re going to show the world just how ugly your truly are!

And at WrestlElite, you better pray Halie beats you, because I’m going to become the number one contender and make sure you never see the Rise Women’s Championship again!

Kota continues pacing as the scene fades.

Tag Team Match!

Nic Malone & Yamashita vs Corey Ford & Krash

Following the one-sided beating Guy Boone had received by the new comer Obscura Sky, we find ourselves once again in the company of Ricky Spanish.

RS: Guy you tried your best out there but it wasn’t to be. How are you feeling after that beating?

Guy looked at Ricky and shook his head.

Guy: Look my doctor didn’t clear me to compete, our “great” general manager only sees dollar signs right now, so obviously I’m a draw but not being 100% fit following Kerry Briggs dislocating my shoulder.

RS: speaking of, Briggs was a surprise for me to see him come out to help the new comer after you attacked him.

Guy rolling his eyes: Yeah big surprise, the big killjoy of a bastard wasn’t booked tonight so he thought “why not stick my fat nose into someone else’s business”.

Guy shook his head then laughed.

RS: okay well one last thing, will you be attending the pay per view?

Guy: Of course, it’s in Vegas baby. And after Briggs wins that Openweight title, I’m going to come down and congratulate him personally.

Boone stood up and walked away from Ricky ending the scene…


Blake Adams is seen on the Rush elitetron as he sits in a chair getting a tattoo done on his left arm*

Tattooist: So what you do for living?

Blake Adams: I’m a professional wrestler that works for Elite Online Wrestling getting this ink done for our biggest show of the year.

Tattooist: Right on must be a interesting living.

Blake Adams: Give me a moment though I have to send a message…job related.

Tattooist: Understood. Do your thing.

Blake Adams: First of all allow me to apologize to the EoW masses that bought a ticket to tonight’s show to see me dominate my next victim. Now since Wrestlelite is just around the corner I have to address the ones standing in my way to the Rush Championship.

Blake Adams: Norman Luna and Seb Abbot, listen here ladies come wrestlelite no matter if the match stays a triple treat or becomes a fatal four way. I refuse to let two or three midcarders stop me from facing either the current Rush Champion or Dane Xavier after Wrestlelite.

Blake Adams: As for the little boy playing wrestler allow me to make myself clear..Briggs if you get put into this match I promise.. you will.. not walk out the same and after I’m done with you aswell. I will be known as the New!! God of backbreakers and the New! Number one contender for the Rush Championship by the time the match is over.

Blake Adams: After that I’ll be coming for my Rush Championship and no body can stop the force that is Blake Adams..

*Elitetron goes black as cameras pans back to the Rush commentating team*

Pick Your Poison

El Seagdor vs ???

The scene starts off with Corey Ford icing his neck after the hellish brawl that broke out leaving the four of them taken out by their own devices.

Ricky Spanish waltzed by and stooped to be eye level with Corey before speaking.

RS: So ahh that was… um I won’t say interesting but it was like watching a gay orgy where everyone involved has diarrhea.

Corey snorted and tried to stifle a laugh.

Corey: Ha ha ha, good one you should write that down.

He turned serious a fire burned in his eyes.

Corey: Those buffoons have awoken the dragon, did you see my own partner kick me in the head? I had to leave the apron a few times to think things over but you saw what happened.

Ricky nodded and urged Corey to continue.

Corey: At WrestlElite I will walk through the sacred flames of Ausuryan and come out with the blessings of the old ones. The dragon ki-

Clap clap clap. The sound cut Corey off as he was reaching the pinnacle of his crazy rant.

The new comer was Yamashita and he was smiling and clapping, a bruise had formed over his eye and forehead where he landed on the sledgehammer.

Yamashita: *You. Will. Not. Leave. WrestlElite. On. You’re. Own. Two. Shoes.*

Broken English punctuated by full stop…

Corey stood up and got nose to nose with the Japanese rookie.

Yamashita: I. Will. Make. Sure. Of. That.

Corey: Yea buddy, we’ll see about that. However I don’t think you should be focusing on me when it was Krash who hit you with the sledgehammer.

Yamashita stood there staring at Corey, a flicker in Corey’s eye made Yamashita lash out with his foot in a vicious roundhouse kick at nothing.

Spinning back to face Corey, Yamashita copped a nasty face breaking superkick sending the young rookie to the floor.

Turning back to Ricky, Corey placed a hand on his shoulder.

Corey: I told you these buffoons have awoken the dragon. See you at WrestlElite.

RS: umm what about your van? It was smashed up earlier tonight.

Corey stopped hung his head and muttered something under his breath before walking away.


Tag Team Match!

Kota Rain & Halie Nichols vs Toxic Blonde Syndrome

Halie and Kota celebrated their win over the Toxic Blondes, on the outside of the ring though Madison was calling for a mic and waving towards the backstage area.

Halie’s music was cut off and replaced with the music of the general manager. Stephen Mathews walked out waving for silence and the crowd silenced themselves.

SM: That was some match, hopefully there’s more like that coming later tonight. However ,that is not why I am out here.

He paused and looked down towards the ring before continuing.

SM: Halie …I have some heavy news that you are not going to like. Sometime during the start of tonight’s show I received a voicemail from a lawyer representing one Madison Co-

Madison blew into the mic she had cutting Stephen off.

Madison: My lawyer urged me to take out an A.V.O against you as well as a restraining order. Both of which you violated, I must have forgotten to mention that.

She looked around and shrugged.

SM: Yes that, and thank you for not letting me know in person, this all could have been avoided, but it’s done now.

He looked bitterly disappointed with what he was about to do.

SM: Halie it is with great regret that I have to do this.

Stephen waved his hand and four police officers made their way to the ring, Halie looked from Kota to the Blondes then to the officers now in the ring.

SM: Halie please comply and I’ll do my best to get this fixed.

Halie placed her hands behind her back and allowed the officers to escort her from the ring. As she passed Stephen she looked at him with fierce determination.

Halie: I will be at WrestlElite and they will pay for this.

A sharp shove in the small of the back sent her stumbling forward, aided by the four officers. As she was being led away, Madison started speaking again.

Madison: Oh Halie? I hope that your cell mate is the biggest…

Madison: Blackest…

Cheryl: Not that race matters.

Madison and Cheryl nod to each other. 

Madison: But of course.

Cheryl: You may continue.

Madison: Fattest…

Madison: Woman with an odor unlike any other. I hope that she makes your first night memorable. Imagine her meaty paws without any lube?

Madison smirked.

Madison: You may have beaten me last week in that sham of a dumpster match. You may have pinned me tonight…but I always come out on top. Just ask the Conquest Champion.

The crowd ‘oooohs’ as Madison hands the mic to Cheryl.

Cheryl: I guess I have an easy night off in Vegas, thanks… you filthy rice picker.

Madison: Not that race matters…even if Halie and Kota both look as if they give excellent pedicures.

Cheryl and Madison nod to each other. 

Cheryl: But of course not.

The scene ends with the Blondes posing in the ring….


The camera is panning around an empty arena as its about to finish a lap it finds a lone man sitting in the stands. The camera zooms in on Briggs. The cameraman walks up to him.

Cameraman: Uh Briggs what are you doing here? You’re ruining my shot!

Briggs stays silent for a moment.

Briggs: Does a king need permission to be in his throne room? Rush is my kingdom, this arena is my castle, and that ring is my throne. Seeing as you’re here I’m going to do what I do best, talk shit. I’m told I’m going to be in a six man match to crown the first ever open-weight champion.

Briggs: I’m not going to acknowledge the other competitors frankly some of the names I’ve never seen and the others don’t deserve the spotlight. But, what I will do them a favor. A little bit of advice. I’m 6’8” 280 pounds, I AM THE BACKBREAKER GOD! Do yourselves the favor, target me, get your little alliances together and come at me, and eliminate me if you can! Now I have a plane to catch.

Briggs pie faces the camera and makes for an exit.


Seb Abbott sat in his locker room an ice pack covered his eye following the kick he received from El Segador, the door to the room flew open and in walked Ricky Spanish brandishing his mic as he looked around.

RS: Ah there you are, you seem to be on a roll of late, beating both The Natural and our RUSH Champion, El Segador. You must be feeling pretty confident with yourself going into WrestlElite, however I personally don’t care about that.

This took Seb by surprise and his smile turned into a grimace as he stood up.

RS: What was your motivation for the attack on the champion after the match?

Seb: I have my reasons, he carries something I wish to one day hold. The Rush championship, however that isn’t one of those reasons.

RS: Well what are your reasons?

Seb: Nope not going to disclose that. Next question.

RS: Oh okay well how do you feel about facing the Natural and Blake Adams to name a number one contender?

Seb: Great question. I feel a little cheated, clearly I am the better man and I shouldn’t have to face someone who lost twice in a row in a title match before he lost to me.

Seb was clearly a little pissed off now.

Seb: As for that other fella, he’s been in hiding for a couple of weeks, popping up once in a blue moon to try and lay a claim to the title where he has none.

RS: Well one of them is a tournament finalist, and the other has one loss and a few wins.

Seb: No one remembers who lost the 2018 Super Bowl. So finishing second isn’t that big an accomplishment…. Unless you’re fucking of course.

RS: Righto that’s all I have time for, I guess good luck in Vegas hopefully you win big.

Seb: Oh it’s going off in Vegas, I’m heading there early to check out the sights..

Seb whispered to Ricky: That means whore houses.

Winking at Ricky, Seb grabbed his bag and left the locker room. The scene fades out to the next match…


Pick Your Poison

Daniel Xavier vs ???

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