RUSH CHAPTER 8: Trust Fall



RUSH CHAPTER 8: Trust Fall


The scene starts off in the cold night of London, a lone man stands in the arena car park wearing shorts and a wife beater oblivious to the freezing sleet that was falling.

A black limo arrived, pulling into the car park and coming to a stop by the lone man, the headlights illuminated the man and it was Seb Abbott. Seb walked up to the back door of the limo and opened the door, much to the dismay of one of the occupants. Seb, not caring about formalities stuck his head in.

Seb: Well about time you showed up blondie. You’ve been a hard chick to get a hold of.

Inside was Madison Cox and Dennis Black.

Madison: Abbott, what kind of savage just barges into random limos? What if we were…what if I was…

Dennis: She did it on the way, don’t worry about it.

Madison jabbed Dennis’s shoulder with her index finger. Seb ignored her and turned his attention to Dennis.

Seb: Well, well, weeell, heard you were here. Good to see you still got it.

He gestured to Madison with a smirk and a wink before adding.

Seb: You know, being a champion. Don’t think I’ve offered my congratulations.

He offered his hand for Dennis to shake, but Madison slapped the hand away before pushing her way past Seb and into the car park. Seb went to speak but Madison raised a finger and shook her head.

Madison: A moment.

Dennis exited the limo with a duffel bag in one hand and his Conquest Championship in the other. He looked between his former tag partner and his fiancé.

Dennis: Everything alright?

Madison: Oh, everything is fine. I was just telling Sebastian here that there isn’t going to be any bachelor parties in your future.

Dennis: …Wait, what?

Madison: Can you take my things inside, please? I’m almost done with Seb here.

Dennis glanced at Seb and nodded.

Dennis: Thanks for the congratulations.

Seb: Should grab a pint sometime. Catch up and what not.

Madison: No!

Madison pointed toward the arena entrance and Dennis started walking in that direction. She waited until she could no longer see him before looking back to Seb.

Madison: Now then, why are you out here dressed as a recruiter for R. Kelly?

Seb looked taken aback by that comment.

Seb: Hey now the American court system threw that case out, I’m an innocent man in America now. Anyway, I happened to have been at that fancy resort you were staying at, managed to have a snoop around the penthouses too.

Madison grew visibly pale.

Pale as someone as pale as her could be, anyway. She looked a bit light headed and leaned against the limo door.

Madison: So that’s why my things were disorganized. Doesn’t explain why my fiancé is missing a pair of underwear. Unless you can explain that, pervert?

Seb reached into his pocket and threw something balled up away from him with a grimace and urgh face.

Seb: Nope don’t know anything about that.. But I would like to know is why one of your bags was… I don’t know heavier than the rest. Like a lot of metal plating scraping together.

Madison folded her arms, smirking.

Madison: Not that it is any of your business…but Dennis and I like to experiment. No one on Conquest can make him break a sweat…so we have to get a bit creative in the bed room.

Madison: Lucky for you that you didn’t look inside. I’d have to have you buried somewhere.

Seb grinned and nodded as if he knew more than he was letting on.

Seb: So if I did know what was in the bag, how would you go about getting me to be silent? You know other than burying me somewhere?

He looked at the blonde who by the look of it was turning into the shade of snow.

Seb: Look I’ll make it real easy for you. Since you and Ginger are quite tight…

Madison narrowed her eyes.

Seb: Don’t give me that look, I know you had him towards the end of your tenure at the last company.

Madison: And what is that implying?

Seb: It’s common knowledge he was your personal assistant, maybe you could use your conniving ways to see it fit he puts me in the number one contendership match. And if he wants me to prove my worth… I’ll fight the Natural.

He looked into Madison’s eyes studying her meticulously.

Seb: What have you got to lose? I may end up getting a train ran on me by The Natural and you’ll have no need to worry about me.

Seb waited while Madison pondered her next sentence.

Seb: It’s not like you’ve got some scheme going on that you don’t want me to unmas-

A rusty van pulled into the parking lot and the horn honked cutting Seb off. It drove by with Corey Ford at the wheel, he waved at Seb and Madison but they just looked at him blankly.

Seb: Anyway, will you speak with…Oh …you’re gone.

Seb turned his attention back to Madison but she had obviously grown bored of the conversation and was walking towards the arena. Seb shook his head and turned to glare at Corey’s back as he was heading to the arena. The scene fades out….

Stephen stood in the center of the ring, drinking in the applause of the rabid RUSH audience. In one hand was a mic, and in the other was a briefcase with the RUSH logo on it.

SM: This is RUSH. ‘WE’ are RUSH, the best two hours of wrestling you’ll see all week! Every week!

SM: To celebrate our tenth Chapter…or episode, depending on whatever you fancy calling it…every RUSH Championship will be on the line that evening. In fact, i’d like to make that a tradition here on RUSH. Every Ten Chapters will serve as a proving ground, for all of you.

SM: It just so happens that Chapter Ten falls on the very first RUSH after Wrestlelite. With that said…I hope our champions don’t get too comfortable. Think of RUSH: Proving Grounds as a special event where careers can be defined or changed. Rivalries could be settled there…or perhaps..born there.

The audience claps for Stephen, and he can’t help but drink it in. 

SM: Now, now, we all know that Blacklist was the official start of the road to Wrestlelite. We crowned two Champions that evening.

Stephen looks down at the briefcase.

SM: But we’re not stopping there. At Wrestlelite Four, we will crown our first Openweight Champion. A Championship that will make or break a man’s reputation here on RUSH.

SM: Unlike the RUSH Championship which will be primarily defended on Pay Per View and RUSH: Proving Grounds, the openweight Championship can and ‘will’ be defended on episodes of RUSH often.

SM: Did I mention…there are no rematch clauses for the Openweight Championship? The former Champion instantly goes to the back of the line upon being defeated. The Openweight division will bring a whole new example to the term ‘fighting champion’.

The audience cheers loudly for RUSH’s next Championship being announced.

SM: I will announce those competing for this Championship in due time.

SM: Speaking of Championships..let’s talk about the Main event of Wrestlelite. The winner of the Elite Rumble, Mr. Xavier will be challenging our first RUSH Champion, El Segador.

SM: But it seems that we can’t get any matches with our current Champion completed without The Trust making a mess of things.

SM: They’ve all but declared war on RUSH…so let’s make things interesting, shall we?

Stephen paced around the ring, letting the anticipation from the audience build.

SM: Pick your poison, a concept I’ve always been fond of.

SM: On the next episode of RUSH, El Segador and Dane Xavier will choose each other’s opponents for that night. BUT, tonight…we’re getting a six man tag match.

SM: In one corner, we’ll have team RUSH led by El Segador. In the other…

The audience begins to boo loudly.

SM: The Trust with Dane Xavier. While both captains will choose the opponent of their Wrestlelite opponent next week…the winning captain gets to add a special stipulation for their opponent’s match next week.

Xavier makes his presence known by interrupting the General Manager. Stephen folded his arms as the audience showed their disapproval. 

D$X: Well Mr. Maxwell, I’ve got to say, you’re running a pretty tight ship around here. You’ve got the nut to utilize your resources, asserting your position and trying to stop The Trust from touting their law. Unlike the GMs on the other shows, I actually respect your business acumen.

*holds up one finger* But there’s one fatal detail you fail to recognize.

The Trust has been through it all. We took Fusion and Conquest to war and left both brands in shambles. Hell, at Patriot Games, Rush joined in on the fun in The Elite Rumble match and they still couldn’t stop The Trust from winning their founder a shot at the main event of WrestlElite four. *points to WrestlElite sign*

The crowd boos as Dane pauses to point at the WrestlElite sign.

Unlike your peers, Maxwell, you fail to realize that The Trust is an unstoppable machine that is going to tear through this brand just like we did the others. And on a brand where there is no competition, your demise will be a lot more painful than what came before you, and all that heart that your roster has will be broken.

*looks into the camera* El Segador, choose wisely who you decide to bring down with you tonight, because when we beat you all within an inch of your lives and cut your careers short, your partners are going to be pointing the finger of blame right at you for getting them involved in this war.

*smiles* So I’ll enjoy tonight’s festivities, as will Ace and Niles. But no one here on the Rush roster is going to enjoy what will happen. In fact, you boys may as well go ahead and pack your bags now, because you’re going to want to go on a retreat and join yourselves with all the other troglodytes.

The audience boos and begins chanting “Fuck the Trust!”

And I really hope that when you do, you search deep down inside and you realize that you can either be chewed up and spit out by The Machine… or you can be part of The Machine!

Dane smiles and winks at the camera before turning around and walking backstage.

Triple Threat

‘Air’ Amir vs Corey Ford vs Yamashita


Krash grabs mic and makes his way up to the top of the ramp.

Krash: You know, I made my return last week. Just in time for a certain reason, a certain golden reason. The EoW OPENWEIGHT Championship, as all these guys fought their little hearts out in the ring tonight I came to my senses and realized eventually they will all want the same thing soon. I made the first move, I now have the target on my back like I will when that beautiful title is around my waist. This is all my preparation for when that happens because we all know they will all be gunning for my head when that time comes, so why wait? I want the red dot on my forehead now!

Krash slams the mic down on the stage and points his fingers to his head pretending to shoot himself, he laughs it off and then does a championship gesture to the crowd as they boo. He sticks up his middle finger and walks out.

Samantha Garrett vs Rebecca Rose

Briggs is walking up to the arena, he’s on his phone. As he gets closer to the camera he stops.

Briggs: Hey, Who’s this. OK… If it means I have the chance to get in the ring with Dane again, I’ll do it.

He hangs up his phone and starts talking to the camera man.

Briggs: Who was I on the phone with? It doesn’t matter. What matters is I’ll be in a 6-man tag match against the Trust.

Briggs: My partners? I didn’t ask. I’ll carry them to a victory anyway. Only thing I care about at this point is letting Dane know who runs this show.

He blows by the cameraman and enters the arena.


The scene opens with Ginger swiping left and right on his Tinder. Probably not the best way to look for an assistant, but it’s free. Halie barges into Ginger’s office and slams both hands on his desk. Stephen looks up from his phone, blinking.

SM: How do I go about finding an assistant without actually having to read a bunch of resumes?

Halie: What?

SM: Nothing…

SM: What do you want?

Halie: Madison.

SM: Who doesn’t?

Ginger sighed and kicked his feet up on the desk before he crossed his ankles.

SM: But I’d have to venture a guess those sugar walls are rarely vacant. Consistently occupied by some guy on Conquest.

Halie shook her head.

Halie: What? No! I want Madison. I want Cheryl. I want those blonde bimbos! I want the RISE Championship. I deserve a shot. I know I can beat them both. Anytime, anywhere.

Before Ginger or Halie could get another world out, she is hit from behind with a loud with Cheryl’s Rise Championship. The audience boos loudly as Madison rushes in and gives Halie a swift kick in the stomach.

Cheryl: Sure. I’ll give Halie a match…if she beats Madison tonight.

Cheryl shrugged.

Cheryl: It’s like taking a night off for Madison. I’m not sure what’s worse. Halie’s wrestling ability or her hair…

Cheryl looked to Stephen.

Cheryl: And SOMEONE booked me against some irrelevant rookie tonight, which means that my hands are already full of garbage, but I’m sure Madison can take care of the rice-picker properly.

Madison: Halie is trash, and I’m looking forward to proving it.

Madison hopped on Stephen’s desk and pulled him closer by the tie. The red headed general manager swallowed hard. Cheryl walked out of the office after delivering one more kick to Halie’s back.

SM: Um..

Madison: Who is the number one contender to the RUSH Championship after Wrestlelite?

SM: Why?

Madison pulled him even closer.

SM: Okay, Okay…

SM: Blake Adams and Luna are squaring off at Wrestlelite. That’s my plan, anyway.

Madison: You’re going to give Abbot a match with Luna tonight. If he some how…some way…god forbid defeats Luna, then you need to add him to that Wrestlelite match.

SM: And why the HELL would I give Abbott any opportunities?

Madison: Because I’m a damsel in distress? I would consider it a…

Madison stroked Ginger’s cheek with her free hand.

Madison: A personal favor.

SM: ….Abbott and Luna it is, next.

Madison winked, released Stephen’s tie, and hopped off the desk.

Madison: Later, Ginger!

After Madison exits the office, the camera zooms in on a sweaty Stephen Mathews removing his tie. Halie slowly climbed to her feet by using the sides of Stephen’s desk.

Halie: Dumpster Match….

SM: Pardon?

Halie: Me and Madison…make it a dumpster match. We’ll see who the trash is.

Sebastian Abbott vs Norman ‘The Natural’ Luna

Seb was sweating as he glared out at the crowd. The boos were deafening.

Seb: Can you piss ants not see I’m ready to speak?!

More booing, but Seb let it go on until they bored themselves.

Seb: Many thought tonight The Natural would run a train on me like he did last time we faced.

He waggled his finger.

Seb: Not this time hey.

He walked to the ropes where the Natural had gotten to his feet and was being helped to the back by the refs.

Seb: So to all you naysayers, I will be your future Rush champion.

He dropped the mic and let his arms raise as he spun around looking into the crowd, who appeared to be throwing their trash at the Australian while chanting “No No No No”, Seb climbed out of the ring while the crowd showered him in jeers.

Seb: Keep booing you women bashing red coats but you can’t fight the inevitable.


Blake is seen talking to a mysterious figure in the distance in the backstage area of the Rush arena. Blake then leaves and walks up the hallway and gets stopped by Chang Lee.

Blake Adams: Let me guess, you seen me talking to that person a minute ago and now you want to know what’s going on. Am I right?

Chang: If you don’t mind me asking then yes your correct. Who was that and what did they want?

Blake Adams: Well as you know there is a match going on against The Trust tonight and the person I was talking to well.. He wants me on team Rush which I can’t blame the person wanting me in this match tonight.

Chang: Speaking of Team Rush has the person who you were talking to mention who your tag partners will be?

Blake Adams: Of course now I’m not to happy about it but for one night I’ll put it aside just so I can beat the piss out of Dane and his little fairies of the Trust.

Chang: Who will be your partners?

Blake Adams: Well the first one will be Kerry Briggs and the other is Rushes temporary Heavyweight Champion El Segador.

Blake Adams: Now tonight I may be teaming up with Segador and a guy who pretends to be a *uses quotation with his fingers* God to all backbreakers. But listen up fellas after we beat the Trust tonight in our six man tag match. Everything will go back to normal which in the long run means sooner or later like I stated before I will be Rush’s Heavyweight Champion.

Blake Adams: Now more about tonight..Dane,Niles and Ace or any of the rest of the Trust..after tonight you all will find out why I run this show over here on Rush and sooner or later even though I’m two and oh on Fusion…I will be taking that show over aswell.

Chang: Speaking of Fusion your last match on Fusion was against the Prestigious One Travis Markson and you lost in that match. How will that carry over to the Tag match tonight?

Blake Adams: Chang the competition on Fusion is tough which is why I wrestle over there as well. As for the lost against Travis Markson all that is is motivation for the six man tag match tonight and that motivation will be deadly for The Trust.

Blake Adams: I think that’s it for now Chang so I’m getting out of here.

Blake walks off leaving Chang behind.

Chang: Thanks for you time. Well there you have it a very confident competitor in Blake Adams and with Kerry Briggs and the Heavyweight Champion El Segador in his corner team Trust might have a war on there hands here tonight on rush.

Camera then fades black.


Nova is seen backstage with Krash, Krash is peeking into Ginger’s office sneaking a look at the new belt that he wants.

Nova: As most of you know, I have my debut match tonight against the RISE champion herself, Cheryl Malone. This is the perfect opportunity for me to showcase what I have and just exactly why I’m here. Krash here has his eyes on gold, as well as me.

Nova: We may be the darkest most dangerous individuals in EoW, but soon we will also be the shiniest duo with gold around our waists. This is our time, just watch!

Nova grabs Krash by his hand and walks out of sight of the camera, you can still hear her laughing in the distance as your vision of her fades.

Nova vs Cheryl Malone

Ricky Spanish: I’m standing by with our Rush Heavyweight Champion, El Segador.

The audience cheers as the camera pans over to El Segador. He pats the Championship that is safely secure around his waist.

Ricky Spanish: Blacklist was meant to be a crowning moment for not only you and Norman Luna, but the Rush brand as a whole.

Ricky Spanish: Instead, we were left with lasting impressions of the both of you being attacked and left battered by The Trust.

Ricky Spanish: The very same scene happened last week. How are you feeling about your Blacklist rematch with Norman Luna last week and the big six man tag tonight?

El Segador raises a finger before reaching into his pocket. He pulls out a sheet of paper that was folded several times and hands it to Ricky. Ricky raises a brow and opens the paper.

Ricky Spanish: It’s in Spanish…and why does this smell like berries?

Ricky Spanish: I’m guessing I have to read this for you?

El Segador clasped both hands together and bowed in thanks.

Ricky Spanish: Ahem. Ladies, Men, and all the other eighteen thousand genders that love lucha libre, Norman Luna found out first…twice…so, twice hand? Yes. Twice hand that all the working out in the world means nothing when your opponent is faster.

Ricky Spanish: He fought hard. Nothing wrong with being second place.

Ricky Spanish: Dane Xavier will get what’s coming to him. I want him to watch real close tonight as I take out his ‘family’ and do what he cannot.

Ricky Spanish: Carry this brand. After that, I will have a big surprise for him when I choose his next appointment.

Ricky Spanish: Oh, and one more thing.

Ricky Spanish turns the sheet of paper around, and sees there is nothing left to read. He then looked up to El Segador with a confused expression.

El: Segador: Todo lo que tengo que decir es que … ¡Norman Luna y todos los miembros de The Trust tienen pollas pequeñas!

El Segador slapped his Championship belt and walked off.


Kota Rain is standing by in the interview area with Kim Sanders.

Sanders: Ladies and gentlemen, there are rumors swirling around about a possible number one contender match for the Rise Women’s Championship that would take place at WrestlElite. I’m here with my best friend, Kota Rain, to get her reaction to a possible WrestlElite moment. *holds the microphone to Kota*

Kota: Wow, a WrestlElite moment. I really hope that I get a chance to go to WrestlElite, it would be my first time–

Suddenly, Madison Cox and Cheryl Malone blindside Kota Rain out of nowhere, throwing her into the interview stage set. Kota crumbles to the floor as they turn their attention to Kim Sanders.

Cheryl: The disrespect! I can’t stand it.

Cheryl: You want an interview, Sanders? Well here’s an exclusive from someone that matters.

Cheryl: The Toxic Blondes are PISSED!

Madison: First, Cheryl is forced to wrestle a rookie we know nothing about.

Madison: THEN the ref counts too fast and screws Cheryl over.

Cheryl: THEEEEEN That Ginger haired jerk puts Madison in a Dumpster match with that rice loving psychopath?

Madison: What in the HELL is a Dumpster match?

Cheryl: Terrible.

Madison: Gross.

Cheryl: Unsanitary.

Madison: Unsafe.

Cheryl: Putting Madison around all that metal and steel is a recipe for disaster. What if someone gets cut on the dumpster? What if Halie has…

Both: Aids?!

Cheryl: Do you have any idea who her boyfriend is?!

Madison: Fiance.

Cheryl: Yea, that. Do you have any idea who her fiance is?!

Cheryl: Time to send a message to Ginger. If he wants to piss us off, we’ll take away his pretty little interviewer.

Madison: Let’s not get out of hand here, she’s not pretty. Well…she certainly won’t be when we’re done.

The two blondes begin approaching Kim Sanders. She backs away, stumbling and whimpering as she does. Suddenly, THWACK! Madison Cox is smacked out of nowhere by a kindo stick from Halie Nichols. She continues swinging, chasing the duo off. Halie and Kim then check on Kota as the scene fades.

Six Man Tag

Team RUSH vs The Trust

Moments after the pin the two remaining Trust members pull Dane out of the ring, Briggs smirking all the while. He then motions to ringside for a mic. He then leans in the corner waiting for Segador and Blake to finish celebrating and leave the ring.

Briggs: So, this is all the Trust has to offer?!? After I punched Dane in the face last week he made this grand proclamation “The rest of the Trust will be here next week!” What a joke! The only thing they were good for was pulling your carcass out of the ring.

Briggs:  At Wrestle Elite you challenge Segedor for the Rush Championship. To be honest the winner doesn’t matter. You, Segedor either one of you is just keeping that title warm for me. As I’ve said before Rush is my show! That title isn’t something I need to earn or win, because it’s my birthright!

Briggs drops the microphone and rolls out of the ring.

Main Event

Dumpster Match

Madison Cox vs Halie Nichols

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