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*Zac Taylor is seen backstage sitting on an equipment box later in the show.*

Zac: As you can see I’m by myself right now because I wanted to say what I have on my mind without anybody getting it twisted or putting words in my mouth. At Korakuen Hall, of course Golden Age said stuff about The Dawn, nothing new especially since I’m the most hated superstar when it comes to Dennis, Scott, the two bozos, and the girl that wishes she could be the best women’s champ like my sister. I’m used to it and it doesn’t affect me by what they say, I know I got a target on my back. I’ve had it since I got here. Some “wrestlers” want me to leave this company because I’m one of the few in this company that isn’t afraid of Dennis Black or his lackeys. I’m one of the few that can actually beat Dennis in the ring and he always comes up with some reason why he lost and he will downplay the loss but in reality it eats him up on the inside to the put where he spews to anyone that listens that I shouldn’t be here in EoW and what do you know more “wrestlers” start to hate me because all they want to do is be buddies with Dennis. Scott you sure do talk a lot about family for someone that turned his back on his. Mike and I got off on the wrong foot and he has earned respect in my eyes but you Scott. You are the worst type of person so it’s fitting you join a group of people that are just like you. You better hope you and I never are across the ring from one another because I’ll do something that your dad will do eventually and that’s kick your ass!

*Crowd cheers.*

Zac: Anyways what really did affect me though at Korakuen Hall was when the boss came down to the ring and had a few things to say about me. Let me set one straight before I go further, James and Tre are responsible for their own actions and when something happens with them it reflects on me and I’m tired of trying to keep everything afloat so I’m saying it here right now that The Dawn is over. For good.

*Crowd gasps.*

Zac: If they want to continue it they can but I’m taking myself away from it. Screw the faction war I don’t need to nor want to be a part of it. If it upsets management so be it but I’m tired of hearing my name go through the mud every day when it’s for something I had no part in!

*Zac looks down at his lap to the IC belt and looks back up.*

Zac: I’m surprised though that the boss actually knows my name. Before WrestlElite the whole time I was being treated like I was nothing! But when WrestlElite came I said the things that were on mind and meant every word and then I was sitting in the crowd because I didn’t get booked for the biggest ppv of the year because once again I was getting treated like dirt and went unnoticed. But someone high up took notice and actually heard me and the fans that were cheering for me since my return and decided to give me a shot for something meaningful and took that shot and won it and I am the Intercontinental Champion because of it. So Mr. Mayhem whether it was you or one of the gm’s just know I’m not wasting this opportunity and I’ve said before to management I’m going to show you guys my worth and that I was going to grab that brass ring. This is just the beginning of what I’m capable of so keep your eyes open boss.

*Zac hops off the equipment box as fans cheer and he grabs his Intercontinental Championship and walks down the hall.*



Mayhem: Ladies and gentlemen I’m out here for the contract signing between the prestigious Travis Markson and Jacob Williams!

Now gentlemen I would like you two to come out here.

*Mr.Mayhem sets a binder with the contract on the table.*

Mayhem: Now men that is a contract to a one on one match between the two of you at Invictus.

New meets old in this match up.

I’m excited to watch it but there’s no need to drag this out, go ahead and sign the contract.

*T-Mark and Jacob stare at each other before Jacob grabs a pin and microphone.*

Jacob: Markson I’m glad you accepted my challenge last week because I need this match.

When I beat you at Invictus it will prove without a shadow of a doubt where I stand in this company and that’s at the top.

We both know what that takes to be at the top don’t we Markson?

I mean it’s been a while since you have been there but I expect you to bring that same fight you had in your prime because
if you don’t I will embarrass you inside this ring.

I’m not some pushover I’m a world class talent the same as yourself so please Travis don’t let me down.

Don’t come back like the rest of these legends looking for one last run, one last championship,
one last match to prove they don’t have what it takes anymore but I expect more from you.

So with that I’ll sign this contract and make it official.

*Jacob signs the contract.*

Jacob: Your turn.

*Jacob slides the contract across the table*

T-Mark: You have to be in my shoes to understand what I’m about to tell you, now that may be never but with even the slightest chance of that happening because Williams, I believe in you.

Back when there where guys here being the gate keepers of the upper card if you will would try to inject themselves into others business.

There where other promotions trying to destroy what this man here has built. *Travis points to Mr. Mayhem.*

*The crowd claps in reciprocation to Markson’s modesty*

T-Mark: Yet when Conquest first started airing, there was little fait in some of the guys there.

Some of that came to fruition but I can tell you everyone had their money on Sam Russ.

Personally I’ve never been happier to be wrong.

*The crowd cheers for Jacob.*

You’ve diversified your complete approach to the game here in EoW and I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see you with some gold around your waist soon.

When I had to face guys like Baine, David Jackson, Daniel Xavier, Ace Blackwell & Eric Shadow. I had to prove everything I did, I had to justify every moment to them & I did. I rose like a phoenix and the crowd loved me for it but the locker room hated me for that.

Then when I finally started proving my worth, opportunities just started opening up and when I was at the top of EoW that’s when I though the fans turned their backs to me and wanted me to lose everything all the sudden.

I became bitter.

I started going against my morals of having clean competition, I would cheat to win, I was attacking people maliciously & didn’t even care if I potentially ended their carriers even if it was through embarrassment.

That’s when it hit me near the end.

I realized that I abandoned myself…

That’s when I realized I abandoned the fans.

I understood I was in a dark place & I needed out of EoW for a little bit because of how some of the toxic mentality was destroying the very fibers of what makes Travis Markson…. Prestigious.

So upon leaving, I knew that guys like Dennis Black, Showtime, KRASH, Matrix, Devin King, Randal Crowe, Kerry Briggs, & Seb Abbott where going to continue their best to carry EoW here once people that where at the top at that time learned to take a step back and allow those people their due after earning their opportunities by their relentless work ethic.

Yet no one counted on Ian Bates, Jacob Williams, Tre Michaels, Zac Taylor, being around still.

Yet here you guys are & all of you will be the future of this company.

*The crowd applauses the comment.*

T-Mark: Now enough of the flattery.

Things you need to know….

Welcome to Japan, I’ve been here for quite some time wrestling.

Legendary fighters like El Fuego Azul, AK-47, Victor Wolfe, Duko, Alex G & Tejano.

It has become a new hybrid Japanese style of Strong and Lucha Libre.

To be honest I wasn’t used to it, it was either one or the other with most guys here in EoW.

When I went on my excursion I was arrogant and over time I learned the language of this hy7brid style.

I also became the leader of a future hall of fame faction the Ronin Regime, & won the Faction Championships.

I was able to do this and overcome odds because it stopped being about Travis Markson and it became about elevating my fellow
brothers in arms, helping one another to better our skills and improve upon our self care.

That’s something I realized I never had anyone talk to me about. When I finally realized these things is when it went to a new level.

A plato Williams where I know you want to be.

You ask if I’m still as prestigious as I say I am?

Well the only way you’re going to get to that next plato is by getting in that ring at Invictus and face Travis Markson, THE! Prestigious One!

*Tmark signs contract*

Mayhem: This match is now official!

*Mr. Mayhem picks up the binder with the contracts off the table and exits the ring as cameras focus back on Williams & Markson.*

*T-Mark walks up to Jacob and offers a handshake and they shake hands before starting each down.*

*James is walking backstage when he is stopped by Kim Sanders.*

KS: Hey James Great match tonight against Matrix and Showtime, You care to share some thoughts on what Mr. Mayhem had to say the other night?

James: I’ll keep this short and sweet. It’s crazy that I’m the one whos getting challenged and I’m somehow at fault . It’s even crazier that I’m the focal point of a fan club that doesn’t like me because I’m just better then them. Jay ck Action CHALLENGED ME. He wanted to do a match with me not any of you bozos . Lack of substance hahaha that’s just so false . Lack of substance is trying to force competitors to compete in a faction tournament that you simply have no interest in. I couldn’t care less about Ass Guard or the Cardoza Club, not to mention The bland age. Point blank anyone of you can get a beat down just sign the contract and lose. I can’t make this more clear I have no interest in a bullshit war.

KS: No interest in? But you and Zac seemed so in sync tonight? What about the dawn ?

James: Me and Zac and Tre all sat down and talked about it and we’ve decided the best decision is for us to go our separate ways. I respect them and they are the only people in this locker room I call friends and trust. But Kim I’m a singles star just like Zac and Tre . It’s time for us all to shine and if that means taking a break for the rest of the season that’s what will happen. People complain about me getting shot after shot at belts . Fucking ridiculous I’ve had 4 titles matches in my career I’ve won 2 out of 4 . I got screwed for my rematch for the IC belt waited months just to be thrown into a 4 way. I couldn’t cash in my X1 when I wanted too also had to wait a month, Y’all think this is someone complaining no this is someone that’s being held down by management for no other reason than jealousy and disdain for greatness.

James: Jack I’ll see you when this “faction war is done”. I guess I’ll be sitting with Zac and Tre watching INVICTUS this year. Last thoughts Kim it’s just insane how management and bookers says we have the power to create our own feuds and story’s but when we do it’s “a loophole” no it’s not a loophole when you’ve lost a total of 5 matches in a year and beat everyone else in brutal fashion and you still have to take a backseat to returning* legends* it’s not a loophole it’s just deserved. But we don’t do any number one contenders matches here we have to beat a champion to get a match with him. Funny how I never get booked against a champion. It’s just people to squash . I love EOW and I’m a top contributor, some people don’t like new blood but unfortunately it’s already here.

KS: Wow James Strong words from a strong man .

James: Thank you Kim have a good a night. Oh and before I forget that roach Scott Diamond Ill beat you anytime just sign the contract little man.

KS: You heard it here first folks,the Dawn is over and James Bryant is on a mission.




After his hard fought victory over Ian Bates, Eric Shadow grabs a towel, a bottle of water, and a microphone. He wipes off some of the blood from his face with the towel and begins to speak.

Shadow: Man oh man, it’s been too damn long since I heard my name after a victory and I finally got some more points on the board. Put 3 more up for me Stephen.

He looks at his blood on the towel.

Shadow: Ehhh, I don’t mind a few stitches and some bandaids but besides that point I’ve got a bone to pick with another certain individual who just can’t keep my name of out of his mouth. After one fluke win, he thinks he’s the king of the castle. Kerry Briggs or is it just “Briggs”. To be honest I’ll call you whatever but right now you’ll be known as the Jester. You did something good for once in your life. (Does a small golf clap) But then after one accomplishment you begin to lose all hope and just make a mockery of everybody in front of you.

For instance look at this towel. All the blood on it is from me of course but there’s a point to it. You see with this blood pouring out of head it gives me an eerie but ecstatic ways of ideas to punish you. So I’m putting out a challenge that you cannot refuse because I’m not going down without a fight. So in the words of Billy Madison… “Me versus You” but this won’t be an academic decathlon. But what it will be is a street fight The Prince Eric Shadow against the Wannabe Tough Guy Kerry Briggs.

The crowd goes wild with the announcement as Shadow puts on a small smirk.

Shadow: I’ll see you at Invictus Kerry. See you soon boy.

Shadow throws his blood soaked towel to the crowd and rile’s up the even more before he leaves.





*Cameras pan to the mountain walking up to Tre Michael’s.*


Mountain: Tre you better make use of this title opportunity because you know I could kick your head clean off your shoulders. Tonight I just wanted to decimate another member of the golden age because that belt doesn’t mean a damn thing to me.

Dennis I hope you notice how we’re taking out your boys. When you come back I’m going to make sure there’s plenty of unfinished business.

Voice: hold on hold on hold on!


*The camera pans to show Pitbull with a microphone pointing at the mountain.*

Pitbull: I know you want this to be all about you Mountain but you’ve been ducking me.

Mountain: I don’t duck anybody!

Pitbull: Maybe not, so I guess you’ve just turned a blind eye & that shit isn’t flying anymore, tonight you wasted my time for the last time.

You need to realize I’m one of the guys here that can toss you around, at Invictus it’s your big ass in the ring with me.  

This time…. it’s my yard. 

*Pitbull throws the microphone down on the ground as the crowd pops with Pitbull and The Mountain yelling at one another as cameras fade as the show go to commercial break.*


Quinn reaches for a mic from the ring announcer.

Quinn: Last week I showed the entire world that Kenzie Williams isn’t this untouchable athlete that everyone believes she is. I beat her all around the backstage area and showed her just how dominant I have become.

Quinn paces around the ring while talking.

You see, earlier this year I had a chance but decided to play around with Kenzie rather than go for the kill shot. That was my mistake, but history won’t repeat itself.

It doesn’t matter what kind of match we have, the outcome will be the same as last week. Me standing tall, except this time it will be to take my place on the throne of the woman’s division.

Quinn looks stops and motions for the camera man to come closer. She looks right into the camera and speaks.

Quinn: At Invictus I will be the most dominant female the woman’s division has ever seen.

Kenzie Williams music blasts through the arena as Quinn directs her attention to the stage.

Kenzie: Quinn while you lay there I’m gonna talk to you about what exactly will happen at invictus but first I need to make sure you sit there and listen.

*Kenzie unfolds a chair and sets it on Quinn’s neck then sits on it while Quinn is squirming.*

Kenzie: It’s true you have gotten the best of me these past few weeks but I have a track record of when the lights are on brightest nobody and I mean nobody is better than me! Today is my 243rd day as the best, people only dream of having reigns like mine. They made this championship for me not for somebody like you who resembles more of a man than a woman.

*Quinn continues to gasp for air.*

Kenzie: Look at all that fight you have in you. Too bad I have already seen it and I beat it, do you remember that? Or does your memory not go back that far? Look Quinn after invictus *Quinn passes out* when I beat you again I don’t want you to even think about getting another chance for my championship. Are you understanding that down there?

*Kenzie looks down at Quinn*

Kenzie: I’m afraid you’re not gonna get the chance to hear the stipulation that was added to our match but that’s not my problem it’s yours. You see Quinn our match won’t be a regular singles match it will be 2 out of 3 falls count anywhere. Hell I can pin you exactly like this if I see fit to.

*Kenzie stands up and grabs the EoW women’s Championship and bends down in front of Quinn.*

Kenzie: This will always be mine no matter who comes after it. I don’t care if it’s an ape like yourself or a drag queen like Madison, this is my women’s division.

*Kenzie throws the mic at Quinn and walks out of the ring as the camera stays on Quinn until it cuts to black.*

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