RUSH CHAPTER 16: The Good, The Briggs, and The Ugly



RUSH CHAPTER 16: The Good, The Briggs, and The Ugly


The following takes place two days before Rush 16…

We find ourselves in a TV studio where the two hosts are sitting on a semi circular couch.

Host 1: Coming up we have an Aussie that’s making waves in the UK, but not for the right reasons.

Host 2: That’s right, our guest is none other than EoW superstar and currently a hated figure for his recent attack on a female superstar.

Hosts 1&2: Please welcome to the studio EoW superstar Seb Abbott.

Some canned applause sounded as Seb walked on stage and shook the hands of the hosts.

Host 1: How does it feel coming home to Australia?

Seb: Well Karl, I was actually talking about returning home the other day and said I don’t do tours here anymore, now look at me a week later I’m down under.

Host 2: Why’s that?

Seb pondered this for a moment.

Seb: Well mainly it’s just personal reasons, but it’s good to be here for this.

Host 1 under his breath: I bet, we paid good money for this interview.

Seb heard this and looked at the man, mouthing the words punching your bollocks in.

Host 2: That’s fair, now a few weeks ago you did something that had many feminists and women’s rights groups up in arms and calling for you to be fired and jailed. We have footage here.

A replay of the Summerbrawl incident began playing, before it actually happened they paused.

Host 1: What was going through your mind when you got to this point?

The monitor showed Seb after Madison slapped him.

Seb: Well Karl and Lisa right at this moment I was thinking about ripping her dress clean off and exposing her Plastic fun bags to the world.

The female host looked unimpressed and the male host tried to stifle a laugh, the replay began again and Seb clotheslines Madison, striking her across the bridge of the nose and flipping her on her head.

Host 2: Now here you struck her breaking her nose and cementing an image for you of being a woman beater. How does that make you feel?

Seb laughed suddenly and both hosts jumped a mile.

Seb: It’s 2019 women deserve equal rights…

The female host raised her eyebrows at this.

Seb: and lefts, if a b**** strikes me a b**** is getting hit.

Host 1: Whoa there big fella no need for the foul langu-

Host 1 made a fatal mistake standing up to berate Seb, who smiled and punched the male host square in the balls twice and dropping the host to the floor.

Host 1 gasped: You hit dick on the first… then both testicles with the second.

He passed out and Seb looked back to the female host.

Seb: From the beginning of this interview the pair of you have shot daggers at me no matter what I say.

The female host looked from the straight faced Seb to her pained fallen fellow journalist.

Seb: I get it. You can’t make people like you, but if people don’t respect you. You can make them fear you.

Again he paused and bent down to help the male host back to his feet.

Seb: I can see now that you fear me.

Looking down the camera.

Seb: Madison I’m going to ruin your life when I injure Dennis before Meltdown. Jeopardizing his chances at unifying the Conquest and Fusion titles.

Off mic Seb uttered something else about Rush but the mic didn’t pick it up.

Host 2: What did you just say?

A sidelong glance at the host made her flinch.

Seb: Look I think we’re done here with this interview.

He stood up and ripped his mic from its jack and threw it to the ground before walking away, the cameraman indicated that the segment was done and they were now in commercial.

The male host slowly regained his feet and hobbled away as the scene ends…




The crowd cheers surprisingly loud as Stephen Mathews stood in the ring, he waited for them to stop applauding before beginning his monologue.

GM: You are all too kind.

He let another wave of applause wash over him.

GM: Tonight we have an action packed show with Rebecca Rose activating her championship rematch clause for the RISE Championship!

Stephen smiled as the crowd cheered once again.

GM: We also have a special main event but the participants have yet to be decided, as tonight we will have three triple threat matches. The winners will go to the main event for an opportunity to face any Champion of their choosing.

GM: This…is a night of survival!

A raucous cheer thundered through the arena as the music for the Rush champion started up.

Segador hyped up the crowd by going to each turnbuckle and raising his RUSH championship high for all in attendance to see. Finally, he settled on the center of the ring and asked for the mic that Stephen was holding. Stephen handed over the mic and folded his arms.

Segador: Corey Ford. Mal luchador…Peor polla.

The small section of spanish speakers in the front row laughed.

Segador: Corey Ford no puede vencerme cuando me gusta. Entonces, ¿cómo lo haré cuando quiera patear su cara?

Segador: ¡Andrew Luck tiene más posibilidades de ganar un juego este año que Corey Ford para convertirse en Campeón del Mundo!

The theme song of Corey Ford started but someone off screen was shouting.

???: Shut down the music now!

Corey stormed out from backstage red faced in anger.

Corey: I have no idea what you just said amigo, but we’re in England speak the native tongue por favor.

The crowd dead panned Corey, who visibly grew a bit more irritated.

Corey: Ginger what shit are you trying to fucking pull? I signed a contract for a one on one.

Stephen leant in closer to Segador and spoke into the mic .

GM: Now now no need for that kind of language, we have kids present.

Ford was now in the ring circling both the GM and Rush champ.

Corey: Fuck those kids, their parents too. I want m-

GM: Cut the mic please.

Corey: No this is fuc-

His mic was cut so he grabbed the mic from Segadors grasp, the champ gave Corey a look of death.

Corey: Before he has the power shut down I just want to say this doesn’t benefit you either, you don’t even have to be pinned to lose that.

Corey walked right up to Segador and stood nose to nose, while poking the title.

****Camera crew backstage****

Ricky Spanish: Tonight I am here interviewing one of our top stars. EOW’s Openweight champion Poul! So last week, you had a match with El Guapo and lost. Any comments about that match.

Poul: Last week I underestimated the stupid luachador since I have already beaten him previously, and he took advantage of it as he should. But like I just said, i have beaten him before, so there will be no surprises next time. I will assure you, I’m aiming to take that stupid head off.

Ricky Spanish: Do you think maybe El Guapo learned all your strengths in that match which resulted in him beating you?

Poul: Look Ricky. Shut the hell up about the insignificant loser that is El Guapo. I got bigger fish to fry with tonight’s special stipulations. This is the era of Golden Excellence, only those that exemplify excellence will truly be crowned. The best part is, that after tonight I can be a number one contender for any other championship. Poul being a double champion is big achievement I would love to have under my belt.

Ricky Spanish: One last question before I let you go, what does golden excellence mean?

Poul: Well Ricky boy, it’s simple. The Excellence are those who I deem worthy of being the top players in the game. But for Excellence to truly be taken serious or respected they need gold. I am excellence personified, but with this openweight championship. I am Golden Excellence, dont worry. There will be more proteges to come.

Survival Match #1

Sebastian Abbott  vs  Poul  vs  Krash

Survival Match #2

‘Air’ Amir  vs  Guy Boone  vs  yamashita

Stephen Mathews is seen waiting at a limo with his arms folded. His eyes were facing toward the hall that led to the dressing and locker rooms. Clapping could be heard off screen until Dennis came into view. The clapping stopped when Dennis approached the limo and finally leaned on it. The Conquest Champion had a huge grin on his face.

Stephen: Figured the King –

Dennis raised a finger.

Dennis: Ah! Emperor, I’m the Emperor of EoW.

Stephen: Ah yes. Couldn’t settle on King. Had to become an Emperor. Being from here, can’t say I’m too fond of crowns.

Dennis: I’ve already lost interest in this conversation.

Stephen: Just couldn’t help yourself, eh?

 Whatever do you mean, Mr. Mathews?

Stephen: Goddamnit, the two of you are so…so…

Dennis: Perfect for each other?

Stephen: Vile. Self centered. Exasperating!

Dennis shrugged.

Dennis: Don’t look so surprised. I warned you. She warned him. I’m not done with Abbott. Tonight was just the beginning. My wife wrestles on your brand. Hell, she’s main eventing tonight. She’s a champion here.

Dennis: I had my very first match in this company on this brand, so I’ll show up on RUSH when I please.

Dennis pushed Stephen aside and got inside the limo. Stephen stood there until the window was rolled down.

Dennis: ….What do you want?

Stephen: I’m glad you feel that way. That you can show up on RUSH whenever you want. That, and you’re not done with Abbott.

Stephen: So i’m going to kill two birds with one stone. You want to hurt each other? Fine. The very first match announced for EOW’s ‘Strong Style Tour’ is going to be Dennis Black taking on Sebastian Abbott….in a last man standing match!

Dennis sucked his teeth.

Dennis: I don’t DO garbage wrestling!

Stephen: Oh, but you will.

Stephen banged the top of the limo with a grin.

Stephen: See you in Japan, Champ.

Survival Match #3

Kerry Briggs  vs  Blake Adams  vs  Norman ‘The Natural’ Luna

Halie Nichols  vs  Curvousier

Survival Match #4

???  vs  Guy ???  vs  ???Line Break

Line Break

Halie sat backstage looking annoyed with herself after losing to Courvoisier.

The ever plucky Ricky Spanish showed up to ask her a few questions.

RS: Halie tough loss there, your opponent had your measure tonight, eating all the damage you hit her with.

Halie snorted.

Halie: Not all she eats by the look of her. Anyway lady Jay Z got the win and I’m back in the loser column, further from my goal of winning the title.

As if on cue the women’s champion Madison Cox walked by and stopped, Halie looked up at her.

Halie: What do you want, Cox?

Madison covered up the faintest of burps with the back of her hand.

Madison: Just had some, actually. OH! Wait, you were referring to the last name i’ll be shedding soon…not…You know what? Nevermind.

Madison draped the RISE Championship over her shoulder and smiled.

Madison: I didn’t come here to fight you, Halie. We’ve done enough of that. All in the name of this beauty that is finally in my possession. But I ask you, was it worth it? On your end?

Madison: You come out here each and every night to give your all for these people. You saved half of the roster from Cheryl and I. But when did any of them every focus on ‘you’, Halie?

Madison walked in a circle around Halie after pushing Ricky aside.

Madison: The fans always parked their support behind Kota. Where is she now? You did everything the right way. Their way. Yet you have nothing to show for it.

Halie balled her fists and stepped a little closer to Madison until they were face to face.

Madison: I’m just saying….we have more in common than you think, Halie. I remained in Cheryl’s shadow for most of the season, and didn’t do anything about it. Just like you stood in Kota’s.

Madison: Kota and Cheryl aren’t here. But we are.

Madison shrugged and slowly backed away from Halie.

Madison: Tell you what. I’ll be in the parking lot after the show. To hopefully celebrate my win over over Rebecca. Maybe I’ll see you. Maybe, just maybe …we’ll have a girl’s night out on Dennis’s credit card.

Madison turned on her heel and strutted off in the opposite direction.

Ricky spoke first breaking the silence that followed Madison.

Ricky: I’m pretty sure I smelled cum when she burped… oh ah anyway if that isn’t an olive branch of peace I’ll be a monkey’s lover.

Halie: Aren’t you already a monkey’s lover? I don’t care, it might not be such a bad idea to hear her out…

Halie trailed off not finishing her sentence.

RS: You know she’s trouble, but you’ve already left…

The scene ends with Ricky slouching off….


Briggs is in the locker room after his last match getting ready to change out of his gear when a camera man walks up to him.

Briggs: Can’t even get changed in peace… Guess they want a real man to end the show. I kept quiet last week, needed to regain my focus. I beat the U.S champ and his contender at the same time. Did I fall short the second match, yeah sure but the win, the pin on Blake means just as mutch. The guy is arguably the “guy” on Rush. He beat Krash and the after thought in one night… A handicap match no less. Some would say that would put me in line for his title, but I say my goal remains the same, I will stay focused.

Briggs: Segedor you didn’t beat me, you escaped, survived. I will come for you again just a matter of time.Your plot armor is bound to fail you at some point, and I’ll be there when it does. Hell I’ll be standing over your broken body with the Rush title in my hands. Now get the fuck out of my locker room.

The camera-man starts backing out to exit while Briggs starts unlacing his boots and the scene ends.



Rebecca Rose  vs  Madison Cox(c)

Guy Boone sat backstage with ice on his back when Ricky Spanish appeared.

RS: Tough match tonight after making it to the main event only to lose.

Guy said nothing.

RS: So now you’ve thrown away your chance what’s next?

Guy: Healing a bit, making sure I’m in better condition and shape. Hopefully when the new season starts a new look Boone will arise.

RS: New looks seem to be all the rage lately.

Boone walked away.

RS: Well I guess it’s on to the next match.

The scene fades away as Ricky delivered his cut away.


Poul is spotted backstage limping before a camera crew catches up to him.

Poul: I just beat four of EOW’S Rush top guys in the same damn night. I have proven I am in the very top of this organization. I already have the openweight championship, but call me selfish cuz I want it all! For those wondering what title I will claim as my own next, it’s very simple.

SEGADOR!! I still remember you putting me through two tables a couple of weeks back! Well guess what? You’re NEXT! I will see you soon pendejo.

Poul raises his openweight championship right before he exits…

EOW will be closing out the season with a two night tour in Japan! RUSH will start things off. Night One will take place in the Japan Hall, and Conquest will host night two in the Japan Dome.  The Meltdown PPV will cap off the season. 

Good Luck!

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