Previously recorded prior to Rush.

The day was nice and warm for a typical British Summer, singlet, stubbies(male short shorts) and thongs(flip flops) weather.

Anyway, we start the scene with Seb Abbott sitting at a fancy cafe in SoHo. A woman with blonde hair gets up and leaves in a huff as a younger male, obviously Kyp looked on in confusion.

KS: Ah what was that about?

Kyp sat down at the newly vacated seat.

Seb: She’s angry that I left you here to fight.

Kyp still looking confused waited for the next sentence.

Seb: Who do you think has been paying your tuition at that fancy Manhattan school you dropped out of? Or the wrestling school you went to last year?

The kid raised his eyebrows in his best impression of the late Gary Coleman.

KS: Mom always said her parents paid for all that.. and that my father was a sperm donor.

Seb laughed and clapped the table.

Seb: She’s right in saying that, although I didn’t just hump and run. I was an exchange student when I met your mother, just some hick forest child from a tourist town in Australia walking in the big apple.

Seb paused remembering the past before waving it away.

Seb: Anyway, I fucked your mother and nine months later you arrive and your grandfather went berserk. Not to mention your other grandparents don’t actually even know you exist, so I guess that’s a bullet you get to dodge.

Silently stunned Kyp sat contemplating the story of his conception and how the man opposite him, his mentor in wrestling was in fact his father.

KS: I. I. I, this is all a bit much to take in at the moment..

Seb: Okay, well ask me anything.

 Do I have any cousins?

Seb: Oh that’s what you go with? Ok well yeah you have two, they live in Australia… I think, or they might be dead. I don’t usually do tours to Australia these days so wouldn’t even know if your grandparents, my parents are even still kicking.

By this stage Kyp was a little shocked but then he saw something that made him stare like a dribbling senior citizen.

KS: Having a fan moment sorry, is that, is that Madison Cox?

Kyp pointed behind Seb, who turned to see.

Seb: Urgh it seems we have a friend with Stockholm syndrome.

Seb stood up, blocking Kyps view.

Seb: Fancy seeing you ‘ere darlin’.

Seb chuckled and wound his arm up in mock clothesline.

Seb: How’s the nose feeling?

Pretending she didn’t hear him, Madison walked by without even looking at the pair. Seb, seeing the blue tinge of a bruise across her nose, burst out laughing.

Kyps stare however, followed her as she walked by.

Seb: Snap out of it. I heard she has genital warts and that’s why Dennis hasn’t gone to town on her bare back yet.

Kyp turned slowly to stare at Seb with a look of seriously written on his face.

KS: Genital warts? That’s the best you can do? Hahaha I guess I know where my humor comes from.

Seb grinned: How’d you think she got em ha ha ha?

The pair share a laugh as the scene ends with Seb implying he gave Madison an STI….



Rufus Frost stood backstage already in his attire for the evening, the wily veteran of the craft had his eyes shut in concentration.

Rufus: I am power. I float like a mosquito and sting like VD, I’ve defecated punks like Krash before and wiped them clean from the taint of wrestlin.

Courvosier: oooh suga I love me some of your monologues. And a slap from you stings more than VD, that I know.

The theme for purple reign started and Rufus made his way to the curtain…


The scene starts off inside the GM’s office with Stephen Mathews looking irate as the two people in front of him didn’t seem to care that they were possibly in for some punishment.

SM: I cannot actually believe what happened at Summerbrawl, you made our brand look like a pack of savages.

He slammed his hand onto his desk to emphasize the point before pointing at one of the two people sitting opposite him.

SM: You, you… I have no words to describe the anger I have with you right now.

The camera panned to show who Stephen was pointing at, it was Seb Abbott.

Seb: So I broke Madison’s nose. That my friend was foreplay, nothing assaulty about it.

SM: I’m not at that point yet. You told the Rush universe the natural is gay. Something that in 2019 is really no one’s business.

Seb: Oh that’s a point of remembrance for you…

SM: He was a good bit pissed off with the outing.

He paused.

SM: Now the second point, people high up want you gone. I want you gone buuuut you happen to have fans, why anyone would like to emulate you is,is..

The second person the now unmasked fake Guapo, Kyp Shaw piped up.

KS: The word you’re looking for is retarded.

SM: No you don’t get to talk, I an adult is dressing you both down. Anyway as a “punishment”.

He air quoted punishment.

SM: Now while I think of something the pair of you get out of my office!

The scene ends with Stephen swiping through his phone in a slight rage….


Ricky Spanish is standing between Kent Lassister and Lawrence Larskspur. Lawrence has a towel on his head and Kent has an ice pack on the back of his neck.

Ricky: Tough loss, fellas. You started off strong but –

Kent snatched the mic from Ricky and pushed him out of view.

Kent: GOD DAMNIT. I am so sick and tired of our place in this company. We whoop someone’s ass, and they become number one contender. We beat H.F.I., and they ended up getting a Championship match before we did.

Kent: We beat The Dawn, and same story. Now they are the number one contenders. I’m sick of it.

Lawrence: Boris Johnson!

Kent blinks at Lawrence.

Lawrence: I blame Boris Johnson for our tag team woes.

Kent: Who…?

Lawrence: The Prime Minister of England. He’s messing everything up. It’s been weighing on my mind, Kent. I need to save England. I need to save both England…and the tag team division here in EOW.

Lawrence: Maybe we’ve been going about this Championship hunt the wrong way.

Kent raised a brow.

Lawrence: We beat the crap out of people, and every time it results in two outcomes. They either get rewarded a number one contender spot after losing to us, or we get so bored from having a one sided match…our opponent slips by us.

Lawrence: No more. We’ve been going at the Saints, H.F.I, and The Dawn one team at a time. It ain’t working. So…I say we go at all of them at once.

Kent nods and strokes his chin.

Kent: Break and stretch them all at once. I like it.

Lawrence: See? I’ve got a solution to fix both Brexit and EOW’s tag division. And you, my muscled friend, are going to help me do it.

Madison gracefully took three slow laps around the ring, holding a mic in one hand, and the RISE Championship high above her head in the other. Several security guards surrounded the ring with Riot shields and guarded her from both trash being thrown at her, and perhaps a second Seb Abbott sighting. 

Madison: I left Newcastle as a Queen, and returned as an Empress. 

Madison: I left Newcastle as an EOW superstar, and returned as your….NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW RISE Champion!

Madison: Do you have any idea how hard of a life I live? I’m both soon to be married to and manage a prodigy unlike anyone this sport has ever seen. It is on me to guide him to continued greatness. While being the perfect fiance…I also now have the burden of being the greatest RISE Champion that ever existed. 

The audience immediately began to boo the toxic blonde. 

Madison: I know, right?  I haven’t even had a chance to get rid of Rebecca’s gross nameplate, and i’m already the greatest. 

Madison: I lead a difficult life!

Madison: Now then….on to you, Sebastian. 

Madison points at the camera. 

Madison: I don’t know when…or how. But you will rue the day that you ever stuck your nose in the Royal Family’s business. When you’ve reached your lowest, and you have this feeling of dread in the pit of your flabby stomach….

Madison: Just know….

Madison: That’s me. 

Madison: Now, on to happier – 

Madison’s gloating is interrupted by familiar theme music. 

Madison looks Rebecca up and down. 

Madison: You look different. Like…something is missing. OH! Could it be my shiny new toy, here? That’s a good look for you, Rebecca. The RISE Championship was always meant to be on me or Cheryl. I’ve righted all the wrongs. 

Rose: Speaking of looking a bit different. Broken nose ‘and’ a swollen jaw? That poor Conquest Champion. I imagine you weren’t much use to him after Summerbrawl went off the air. 

Madison gritted her teeth. 

Rose: Congratulations, Madison. You will probably win ‘Upset of the Year’ in the off season. The biggest fluke I’ve ever seen during my veteran career. Keep something in mind. The only reason you stand there with that Championship is because I allow it. 

Rose: I made sure Valerie’s cash in was a failed one. How eeeeeeeeeembarassing!

Rose took a few steps closer to Madison. 

Rose: Know what’s going to be even more embarrassing? Losing the RISE Championship on your first defense. Meaning no rematch clause, and you go to the back of the line where you belong. 

Madison looked at the RISE Championship. 

Madison: And who, pray tell, is going to take this away from me? I’m injured. 

Rose: I beat two women you couldn’t to successfully retain. Halie Nichols and Cheryl Malone, meaning I am owed a mandatory rematch for that Championship. I’m here to let you know I’m using my rematch clause… next week!

The audience erupted while Madison looked concerned. 

Rose: Imagine the shame of having a reign like Tre Michaels? Will Dennis even want to keep you around?

Madison: I’m not…concerned about you!

Rose: Prove it. Let’s have that match right here, right now. 


Corey Ford arrived at the arena ready for a fight, when Ricky Spanish showed up to ask him a few questions.

RS: So our GM has made it official, you get your shot at El Segador and his title, ho-

Corey placed his finger to Ricky’s lips cutting him off.

Corey: You hear that? It’s the winds of change, it won’t be his title for long.

RS: You seem pretty sure of yourself ther-

Again, Corey cut Ricky off.

Corey: It’s my goal now to be the second Rush superstar to hold the world championship.

A sudden shadow moved over Corey and he turned to see who it was. The crowd oooh’d as the camera showed Guy Boone standing there.

Corey: Can I help you?

Boone stood there staring at Corey with his mutated eyes.

Corey: Well?

Boone laughed and walked away muttering about Corey being a future champ, Corey wasn’t happy being interrupted so he turned and super kicked Ricky clean out of his well polished shoes….


Camera fades in to the backstage area as we see Blake Adams walking down the hall with his United States championship. As soon as Blake gets closer to the backstage exit he is stopped by Kim Sanders.

Blake approaches Kim Sanders and starts to walk past her.

Kim Sanders: Excuse me Blake…

Blake stops and turns around and walks back towards Ms.Sanders.

Blake Adams: Whats up Kim, how can i be of assistance?

Kim Sanders: Tonight I wanted to ask after your match at Summerbrawl where you successfully defended your U.S. Championship against Norman Luna..My question is where do you go from there when it comes to your U.S. Championship belt?

As for my last question how do you feel about tonights six man tag match were you team up with Kerry Briggs and Seb Abbot and facing off against El Segador,Air Amir and your most recent Summerbrawl opponent Norman Luna?

Blake Adams: Hmm..where do i go after Summerbrawl..Kim I’ll tell you were I go..I show up like I always do and I wait for someone to grow a set of balls and come and tell me that they are the one who will take this United States title off of me. But there’s a problem there’s no one on this roster that can take this belt off of me.

As for your second about tonights match all I’ll say is I’m gonna make El Segador,Air Amir look like a weak bitch just like how I mopped the floor with Norman Luna at Summerbrawl.

After Blake stops talking he sees Norman Luna coming around the corner as he approaches Blake Adams and Kim Sanders.

Kim Sanders: Ladies and gentlemen we are lucky enough to have Norman Luna join us. Norman thank you for joining us here now I’m assuming you heard everything. Care to respond?

Blake stares at Luna as Kim holds the Mic up as he speaks. Norman Looks Blake Directly in the face.

Luna: You’re damn right I heard everything I’m sick and fucking tired of being treated like a weak son of a bitch especially with you Blake yeah I got my ass kicked at Summer brawl but I’m not done with you or the Us title picture and I’m here to make you understand that you and me are far from finished.

Luna slaps the shit out of him, pissed off.

Poul  vs El Guapo

Ricky Spanish is seen holding his jaw while running through the halls until he reaches the parking lot. He spots General Manager Stephen Mathews staring at an ambulance pulling out of the garage.

Ricky: Who was that?

Stephen: Norman dropped Blake on his head…on goddamned concrete. Knocked him right out.

Ricky: That doesn’t sound like Norman.

Stephen: But it happened. Blake obviously can no longer compete tonight, and I’ve had no choice but to have Norman escorted out of the arena. Our main event is all screwed up. But the show must go on.

Stephen: The six man tag will now become a tag team match. ‘Air’ Amir and El Segador will be taking on Seb Abbott and Kerry Briggs.

Ricky: Good choice, boss man. Now, what will you do about the United States Championship?

Stephen: Oh Ricky…

Stephen: I’ve got an announcement lined up for next week that will involve the RUSH Championship, United States Championship, and the Openweight Championship.


Rebecca Rose  vs  Valerie Marie  vs  Nova


El Guapo sat backstage following his match with the Openweight champion, battered and bruised.

As the luchadore painfully stood Ricky Spanish arrived with a camera man in tow.

RS: Tonight should have seen you celebrating your win over Poul, however he put you through a table as I want to say pay back for beating him.

Guapo stood up straighter an audible pop and crack made him visibly wince.

EG: First it was that pesky wannabe who wanted to be me, now this puta champion attacks me.

He turned to walk away but stopped, looking over his shoulder and said.

EG: You keep that title warm, come Meltdown it’ll be mine.

Then he limped away leaving a battered Ricky to find his next interviewee…


El Segador & ‘Air’ Amir  vs  Kerry Briggs & Sebastian Abbott

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