RUSH CHAPTER 14: Unlikely Alliances Collide!



RUSH CHAPTER 14: Unlikely Alliances Collide!


Stephen Maxwell is seen sitting behind his desk while looking over a stack of papers. The stack gets smaller and smaller as each one is pushed aside after he draws a giant red line through the page. A defeated sigh left his lips when Ricky Spanish walked through the door with two coffee mugs. One was placed on Stephen’s desk.

Ricky: You look like you needed this.

Stephen: I get tons of applicants, but I turn most away. Our roster isn’t as big as I’d like, but I can’t bring myself to open the flood gates.

Ricky: But you say we could use a few more hires.

Stephen: This season, RUSH has had some of the best matches in the EOW universe. Not just the company, but the wrestling world. This has been our year.

Stephen: Quality over quantity. 

Ricky: Our Champions are so goddamn unlikable! Well, Segador is kinda cute.

Stephen: He’s in a mask.

Ricky: I can just tell that he is.

Stephen: I’d be careful if I were you. Giving him compliments in public might get you buried in an unmarked grave somewhere.

Ricky shrugged and sipped his coffee.

Ricky: So back to the rest of our unlikable Champions! Krash, jerk. Blake Adams, jerk. Rebecca Rose? Can you believe that after Summerbrawl…our RISE Champion will be Rebecca Rose or Madison Cox?!

Stephen sighed.

Ricky: Dark times…

Stephen: But, I’m all about fairness on RUSH. They correct people are at the top. For now…

Ricky: Doesn’t mean we can’t help promote and build some of our more fan friendly stars. Just imagine someone like Amir as a Champion on RUSH? 

Ricky and Stephen both rub their chins.

Stephen: I was thinking more like…maybe it’s time for me to get back in the ring. 

Unable to contain his laughter, Ricky spit his coffee all over Stephen’s suit and stack of RUSH applications.

Days later maybe a week has passed…

The trial of the John Doe didn’t even get media coverage, the judge threw the book literally at him and then he was simply sent straight to meanest jail in what the stowaway now knew was Turkey.

With money changing hands somewhere to keep him away from someone or something, the stowaway deduced that it was business related but was denied his phone call to find out.

The warden was a mean mother fucker who by chance had ties to wrestling, ties that were from an old old company now defunct thanks to the stowaway.

One of the wardens eyes was milk white and leaked, a scar ran downward from eyebrow to cheek and hooked back. A grizzled snarl broke out on his features upon seeing the stowaway that he instinctively reached to his cheek and thought back to that time he got this scar.

Warden: well well well looks like we have a foreign celebrity in our midst, you won’t last the night I’ll make sure of that.

He barked something in Turkish to the guards who dragged the stowaway away.

‘Air’ Amir vs El Guapo

After the match the imposter Guapo stood in the ring and waited for the real Guapo to show up, he scooped up a mic and paced the ring.

Fake Guapo: yo adiviner El cochino es también mucho coño to face me. And it is because I have proven that I am the real Guapo.

He went from Spanish to English for the simpletons as he raised the mic again the tron flared to life to show El Guapo (the real one) standing inside the living room of a nicely decorated house.

El Guapo: Why hello friend nice win there, do you think you could do that all again at Summerbrawl?

Fake Guapo went to speak but Guapo cut him off.

El Guapo: Before you answer, I just want you to know that I’m sitting here in your living room. Your family is real nice, now I’m not going to do anything sinister I’m a good guy.

He paused and looked to someone off camera.

El Guapo: Oh yeah, I know who you are.

The camera cut to some fuzzy video of the fake Guapo getting ready, however his face was pixelated.

El Guapo: See I’m still bueno, only your madre and I know who you really are. And come Summerbrawl I will desenmascarar you and end your precioso legado.

The tron died down and fake Guapo stood in the ring flabbergasted and at a loss for words, finally rolling out of the ring as the scene ends…


Briggs is caught walking into the arena by a cameraman.

Briggs: I suppose you want me to say something. Addressing Segedor has been a bore. I have nothing left to say to him, and only one thing left to do to him. That is to take his title and leaving him a broken heap in the ring.

As for the table match tonight who’s Steve trying to punish? Me? I don’t think so you throw in the B-tier against me I don’t want to hear it when the open weight championship match is canceled.

He pie faces the cameraman and walks into the arena.

Halie Nichols vs Courvoisier

The Elitetron flashes to life, and a montage plays of El Segador’s unpredictable season. It transitioned to his come from behind victory over Black Adams, to defeating Norman Luna in the finals to become the inaugural RUSH Champion. 

The screen zooms out reveal El Segador watching the montage at a bar in Mexico. He’s wearing his usual pinstripe suit and fedora hat. The  audience boos loudly when the montage lands on the recent attacks of their Champion at the hands of RUSH’s number one contender, Kerry Briggs.

El Segador downs the remainder of his Tequila and slides his stool away from the counter. With his back to the television, the screen settles on the face of Kerry Briggs. The RUSH Champion adjusts his tie, and the screen cracks. With a proud grin on his face, El Segador walks off…

Triple Threat!

Madison Cox vs Valerie Marie vs Rebecca Rose  

With a mic in hand, Madison crawled up the ramp until she reached the stage. Too tired to stand, she simply rolled to a seated position that was facing the ring. When the winner’s music stopped playing, Madison ran a hand through her hair.

Madison: You know, the two of you aren’t worthy of that briefcase…nor that RISE Championship! It sickens me.

Madison: Both were snatched from me when I could taste victory. 

Valeria Marie gets to her feet and clutches the cash in briefcase close while glaring daggers at Rebecca. 

Madison: From the moment this brand started, I’ve been number two in the RISE division. I’ve been number two the entire season. What’s that saying? 

Madison: Always a bridesmaid but never the bride?

Rebecca raises the RISE Championship above her head for all to see with a huge smirk on her face.

Madison: Well, next Sunday, not only will I be the Bride…but I will also be your NEW RISE Champion!!

Rufus vs Lawrence Larkspur

Poul approaches Krash as he’s getting ready for the tag team match later tonight.

Poul: Hey bastard, Ima keep it simple with you. Stay out of my way. All you have to do is listen to me and this match will be as simple as me taking that openweight championship will be. Look I don’t expect to work with you, and whoever thought this was a good idea to team us up is in idiot, but I have a win streak that I have built up and I don’t wanna ruin that. So don’t worry buddy, I will carry your sorry ass throughout the whole match. Also I have no intentions of attacking you tonight so don’t overthink.

Poul takes a couple of steps towards the exit then turns around.

Poul: I will see you soon.

Poul creepily smirks over at Krash as he exits.


Norman ‘The Natural Luna vs Obscura Sky


Some time had passed and prison life wasn’t too bad, the stowaway now inmate 57 had made some friends of the guards who let inmate 57 in on a little bare knuckle fight club that had a catch.

Guard 1: If you win, we the guards will turn a blind eye to one thing. But the warden has a man that always wins, we’ve nicknamed him the shovel.

Another of the guards flinched.

Guard 1: the shovel smashed this one’s femur.

Inmate 57 laughed.

Guard 1: the man has been given large doses of steroids hence why he has never been beaten. Now if you can follow us we will take you to the area it’s going down.

They passed several cells with inmates still within, when the group stopped at a junction this allowed inmate 57 to take a look in the nearest one.

He paused as he noticed the chicken salad sandwich.

57: Who is in there?

Guard 1: You don’t want to know, but since you’re facing the shovel we may as well tell you.

The man within the cell drew away from the prying eyes.

Guard 1: He’s simply known as the builder, apparently thinks he’s a wrestling god but really he’s a hairy Pakistani.

Inmate 57 laughed and then gestured for the guards to keep going.

After a while they finally got to the makeshift arena where a crowd had gathered, from the look of it the inmates had placed their bets already.

The guards fastened inmate 57 to the table, double checking his restraints before stepping back.

Guard 1: Rules are, one armed punches only no spitting and a shot of grappa after each punch. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

The guard stepped back in to line as a light show began indicating the arrival of the shovel.

As the crowd parted to make way, inmate 57 got his first look at the man known as the shovel. And inmate 57 was underwhelmed by the appearance, the man was 6’1 at best and weighed nothing.

Trying but failing not to laugh, the crowd quieted down at the sudden outburst of laughter.

Inmate 57: That’s the “shovel”? Looks more like the stick. What happened to large doses of steroids?

Guard 1: I wouldn’t underestimate his appearance. Mr Shovel has been here for a few years now he’s risen to top dog in here but only because of the warden.

As the shovel was strapped in the view changed to show the inside of an office, a tv display showed both the shovel and inmate 57 sitting at a table.

One of the prisoners was sporting an ensemble of women’s underwear carrying a round one sign, another prisoner was standing between the two fighters about to get it underway.

The camera pans back to the makeshift arena as the ref prisoner began shouting.

Ref: First head to hit the table loses. First punch to the challenger!

The crowd died down as they waited for inmate 57 to throw the first punch.


A nice smack in the nose sent the shovel reeling a little as the crowd hooted and cheered, inmate 57 downed his shot.

Shovel: You trying to kiss me or what!

The shovel clenched his fist and then headbutted inmate 57, more cheers from the crowd as the shovel celebrated and drank his shot.

Inmate 57 wobbled slightly but kept his head from hitting the table, he rose and smashed his head into the shovels nose breaking it.

The punches came hard and fast from both parties, the round was in the teens now and inmate 57 was up for the next punch.

As he wound back to strike, the shovel yanked on the chain holding their punching arms together forcing inmate 57 to miss wildly.

The fight was dying down now and the shovel watched as 57 finished his drink.

Shovel: Should let you know I’m actually in here for assault and battery.

With a vicious uppercut he lifted 57 out of his seat then finished his drink.

A second wind picked up and the punching continued for a few moments with the shovel well and truly dominating.

The shovel geared up for a massive hit only this time 57 yanked on the chain making the shovel miss and following it up with an open palmed strike to the shovels nose once again.

This time the shovels head hit rolled and before hitting the table 57 caught it and whispered in his ear

57: I’m usually done for drunken assault.

57 let the shovels head bounce off the table before demanding to be let out of the restraints.

The scene ends with the warden smashing his TV….



Poul & Krash vs El Segador & Kerry Briggs

Good Luck!!!

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