RUSH CHAPTER 12: Jet lagged, Full on Burritos, and Irish Whiskey Edition






RUSH CHAPTER 12: Jet lagged, Full on Burritos, and Irish Whiskey Edition



The scene opens with Briggs walking into catering he notices “Air” Amir. Walks up to to him puts his hand on his shoulder.

Briggs: Amir, buddy how’s the back? I know you haven’t been the same since Patriot Games. You’ve been injured, you come back and you end up in the loser column week after week after week. I told you you should have kept your nose out of my business, I bet you wish you took my advice.

Briggs holds his hand up to keep to keep him from speaking.

Briggs: Now I hear you have a match with Luna. Looks like another loss for you. Maybe you shouldn’t leave catering. Maybe being forgotten is the best thing for you. Definitely better than what you’ve been doing for the past few months. Now, I’ll leave you with your thoughts and your sandwich.

Briggs makes an exit before Amir can respond.Leaving Amir looking flustered.

Stephen: Boy oh boy, am I GLAD to be back in London. Don’t get me wrong, the EOW universe treated us well in Ireland and Mexico. But that was a lot of traveling. Was nice to be back in my own bed.

Stephen: I must say, Guinness and Burritos do NOT go well together. Take it from me. I sat next to Norman Luna on the way back from Battlegrounds.

Stephen paused as the ‘welcome back!’ chants got louder.

Sephen: On the topic of Battlegrounds, we didn’t win…

The audience booed.

Stephen: But we didn’t necessarily lose, either. We came in second. I’ll take that any day over our brand being wiped out and forced to merge. Now, EOW is down to RUSH and Fusion. So, good job, everyone. We can’t win them all. Just remember….RUSH won the Patriot Games Rumble ‘and’ main evented WrestlElite Four.

Stephen: But enough about that. Let’s get back to doing what we do best. Providing the best wrestling that not only EOW has seen, but the world as well.

Stephen: Tonight in this very ring, our first ever United States Champion, Blake Adams will be squaring off with Obscura Sky in a battle of two men who are on quite a roll.

Stephen: As for our main event…the RISE Championship is on the line with Rebecca Rose defending for the first time against Halie Nichols. Will there be a cash in, tonight?! Stay tuned. That’s what makes RUSH exciting, you never know what might happen next.

Stephen: Enjoy the show!

Madison Cox vs Alice Barnett

Madison looks over as referees help Alice to her feet. She smirks and mockingly dusts off her shoulder with one hand, while holding a mic with the other. The audience wasted no time in sharing their displeasure with her.

Madison: What a wonderful time to be alive! Well, a wonderful time to be me…I can’t imagine being the rest of you. Hey, get the camera on this fat slob in the front row.

The camera pans to a portly gentleman in a TBS shirt.

Madison: Take that off! Wait…don’t. God! You are so disgusting. EOW needs to regulate who is allowed to wear my merchandise.

Madison: Ah, where was I? Oh! Yes.

Madison: As all of you know, the most important day of the season is approaching. MY WEDDING DAY. Where the three years of building a nerd into not only the perfect man, but the perfect wrestler finally pays off.

Madison: Your Queen will officially be known as Mrs. Madison Black.

The audience starts throwing trash into the ring.


Madison: Savages, all of you…

Security quickly swarms the ring and shields Madison with their height and umbrellas.

Madison: Speaking of my wedding. You all can watch from home. All you need is an EOW Network subscription. Feel free to send any and all wedding gifts to….EOW headquarters. Like I’d ever let any of you people know where I live.

Madison: I’m going to spoil myself. I’m going to give myself the gift of…taking the RISE Championship at Summerbrawl. I’m going to share my vows, and come back later in the night to cap off a perfect evening….by winning my FIRST championship.

Madison: Halie Nichols…

Madison: Rebecca Rose…

Madison: It doesn’t matter. Who ever wins tonight will be seeing me at Summerbrawl. I’m taking that Championship back. Not just for Cheryl Malone, but for myself!

The audience continues throwing trash into the ring while Madison is escorted outside of the ring.

El Guapo vs Yamashita

Poul attacks the camera man backstage and grabs the camera holding it to his face.

Poul: Here we are again. Another week at EOW’s Rush show and yet again I have to face another loser. At the cinco de Mayo show my current opponent for tonight Guy Boone, lost his title match against the openweight champion Krash. I am coming off of two straight victories and instead of giving me a winner, upper management gives me Boone.

Is this a freaking joke!? The person I want is KRASH! I want that gold he carries around his waist every show. I know I can beat him, he doesn’t impress me. After I beat Guy Boone tonight, I will expect nothing else but a championship match against Krash. See you soon Krash.

Poul drops the camera and heads to the locker room enraged.


Camera fades in showing Bobby Akada standing in the back where he’s about to be joined by a special guest.

Akada: Ladies and gentlemen tonight I have the honor and privilege to interview the first ever United States Champion of EoW..

Please welcome your United States Champion..Blake Adams

Blake Adams walks into camera view holding his newly won U.S title

Akada: Welcome Blake and congratulations on your victory on becoming the first ever United States Champion. How have you been ever since beating Corey Ford at Battleground?

Blake Adams: Akada I’d appreciate it if you address me by my full name because last I checked we aren’t friends. Secondly it’s no surprise that I’m standing here with the United States Championship since I already told the EoW universe on our Cinco de Mayo supershow how battleground was gonna end for Corey Ford.

Now let’s get past Battleground and lets talk about tonight shall we Akada?

Akada: Ok well tonight your scheduled to face Obscura Sky what’s your strategy going into this match?

Blake Adams: My strategy? Akada it’s simple really.. Tonight I’m gonna go out in that ring and do what I do best and that’s destroying my opponents and tonight I’m gonna prove why I am the holding the EoW United States Championship.

Blake Adams holds the title close to the camera then pulls it back while making his exit

Akada: Well there you have seems like our newly crowned United States Champion Blake Adams is ready and prepared for his match against Obscura Sky tonight here on Rush.

Akada smiles as the camera fades black.

Krash : First things first, yes I have a backpack on. I barely made it on time here from LA in my private jet. Luckily I’m not booked tonight for a match because man what a weekend it was for the champ, that’s the most work my body as been through in a while.

Krash lowers his glasses and winks into the camera then pushes his glasses back over his eyes.

Krash : AAAANYYWAYSS, I don’t usually come out here and talk to you guys. I do most of my talking from backstage, I never really realized how ugly the people of London are….

Krash makes a face of disappointment and the crowd boos.

Krash : I know I know, you guys don’t like me, I just speak my mind. The one thing that has been on my mind the most lately is how I’ve been taken as a joke, my name gets announced every time I come out here as “The EOW Openweight Champion”, and guess the amount of respect I get….. none. 0. Zilch. and as another champion here on rush would say, “nada”.

The crowd cheers about the mention of El Segador.

Krash : Yeah, you guys love him huh. That’s exactly my point, but tonight that will all change, I will be scouting people tonight and seeing who should be next in line for a chance at their biggest dream. Not only to be in the ring with me, but to also have a chance at my gold. After tonight, I won’t be taken as a joke anymore.

Krash changes the expression on his face into a more serious, focused version of him we have never seen before. He drops the mic, unstraps the title from around his waist and raises it in the air.


The scene opens with Briggs walking into Stephen Mathews office. Briggs sits down at his desk notices a box of cigars,he opens the box and pulls one out and sniffs it.

Briggs: Smells cheap.

He tosses the cigar behind him. Stephen walks by his office does a double take not believing Briggs has the audacity to be in his office.

SM: Someone get this asshole out of my office!

Briggs ignores him.

SM: I’m getting some help!

He runs off to find someone.

Briggs: Now that he’s gone I finally have a minute to speak. Segedor, what’s going to happen to you over the next few weeks… Well it won’t be personal. You have something i want, something I’ve said I’ve wanted since the start. I’ve said who ever held that title was just a place holder and at Summerbrawl I’m going to prove it. I’m going to embarrass you, I’m going to decimate you, I’m going to make you beg for me to put you out of your misery, and then… and then I may honor your request. Then again I might not.

Segedor happens to walk by the office and sees Briggs sitting at the desk he enters the office, and Briggs gets up to meet him half way. Segedor starts mouthing off to Briggs in Spanish and starts poking him.

Briggs gets annoyed and punches segedor in the face. Segedor falls down and Briggs goes on the attack and repeatedly punches him until he feels Ssegedor is knocked out. He walks over to the desk grabs the box of cigars and dumps them on Segedor.

Briggs: They’re trash just like you.

Briggs stomps on Segedor on his way out of the office.

Shortly after Briggs leaves Mathews shows up with security. When he sees Segedor layed out.

SM: What the fuck happened here!

Obscura Sky vs Blake Adams

The members of Golden Age are seen backstage with their Pro Wrestling Illustrated ‘Tag team of the Year’ trophies. While not an official EOW award, the two certainly wasted no time in collecting the award. They even had shirts made to commemorate the moment.

Kent: You know, Lawrence. It’s a damn shame that people outside of own company appreciate our in ring excellence more than the powers that be.

Lawrence: A damn shame indeed. BUT!

Lawrence taps his trophy against Kent’s.

Lawrence: I didn’t even have an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our labor. I’m told that tw young bloods have the nerve…

Lawrence: The audacity…

Lawrence: The GALL to say our names in vain.

Lawrence: Just because we gave to charity and had HFI slip by us, doesn’t mean that the flood gates are opening. WE are the gatekeepers of the tag division.

Kent: You’re damn right we are. Battlegrounds changes nothing. When the inevitable happens, and HFI gets their shit pushed in yet again…we’ll be waiting. No more triple threat tag matches. No more random elimination matches against undeserving teams to keep us busy.

Kent: We’re done with that. We’re done with the busy work. We’ve been the rightful contenders for the tag team championships since Wrestlelite. Since we…

Kent and Lawrence: RETIRED Crunk Juice.

The audience immediately starts booing at the Elitetron.

Kent: Yea I said it! I don’t give a damn. We retired the young guns too. We put not one, but two teams out to pasture this season.

Lawrence points at the camera.

Lawrence: As for The Dawn, you don’t want our attention. Keep our names out of your mouth…or you’ll be seeing us very soon. We’re in a bad mood after that Battlegrounds fluke. You don’t want to see us in a wrestling ring.

Lawrence: You’ve been friends for what…a few years? Kent and I have been tagging across the world for a decade. You’ve some wrestling chops in singles competition sure. But tag team wrestling is an art form.

Kent: You’ll beat HFI, sure. You’ll most certainly beat the Prestigious Taints.

Lawrence: But not us.

Kent: And Zac…Kenzie might be your sister, but soon enough…

Kent: If I want her to?

Kent: She’ll be calling me daddy.

Kent and Lawrence start laughing as the scene comes to an end.

“Air” Amir vs Norman ‘The Natural’ Luna

Guy Boone vs Poul

Amir is standing by backstage with Ricky Spanish, next to a Summerbrawl: The Black Wedding’ poster. He pours a water bottle over the top of his head to cool himself off while Ricky looks on.

RS: Amir, earlier tonight you knocked off one of the top stars of RUSH with your performance, putting an end to a very long losing streak. You haven’t had your hand raised since Patriot Games.

RS: How does it feel?

Amir: Feels damn good. Norman Luna is one Hell of a competitor. Man is a beast, but he’s no bully. I took no pleasure in putting Luna away.

Amir: But I do know a bully I’d LOVE to put away.

Amir points at the camera.

Amir: Kerry Briggs, Mr. Number one contender.

Amir: I’m tired of you throwing your weight around. World Title opportunities are earned, not demanded. This isn’t Fusion. So next week…let’s see if you can do to me what you did to our General Manager and Champion.

Amir: Take a good look at what happened to Norman, a REAL man. Just think what I’ll do to you next time?

Amir walks out of the scene, and the camera focuses on Ricky Spanish.

RS: Strong words from the victorious ‘Air’ Amir. Will the new number one contender be up the challenge?



Halie Nichols vs Rebecca Rose(c)

Krash paces back and forth with anger and rage

Krash: Don’t say I didn’t warn you all! Hahahaha!! Poul has something I want… something a friend of mine wants, and I have something he wants! So why wait? I’m here to take what I want. No matter what “monster” stands in my way, I’ve seen a monster. Poul is a phony.

Krash shoves the camera man to the ground and krash’s legs are seen walking away as well as a mystery man’s legs that seemed to be with him…

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