Stephen Mathews closed his eyes and took in the smell of RUSH’s impending dominance at Battlegrounds. The redhead popped his collar and called for a mic. He cleared his throat and tapped the mic with a grin. Every time the mic got close to his lips, the UK audience got louder and louder. 

SM: Sounds like you all are ready for the best wrestling that EOW has to offer?

SM: It sounds like you all are ready for the best damn wrestling on the planet?

The chants for ‘RUSH’ continued as Stephen spoke. 

SM: Tonight is the Big Ben Challenge. Eight men will compete throughout the night for an opportunity to be crowned as our first United States Champion. Four matches will take place, but only two of those men will advance to Battlegrounds in order to compete for the United States Championship. This is one of the rare moments where winning your match isn’t enough. Why, you ask?

SM: How You ask? Sure! I’ll share.

SM: To succeed in the Big Ben Challenge you have to not only win your match but win in less time than the other matches. The two men with the fastest times will go on to Battlegrounds.

Stephen rubs his chin as the audience looks on at the Elitetron, which had tonight’s card on the screen.

SM: Chapter Twelve of RUSH, the final stop on the road to Battlegrounds, will emanate from  Mexico! Mexico is the birthplace place of Lucha Libre…

SM: As the General Manager of the best presentation of wrestling that this company has, I feel it is my duty to provide them with a main event fitting of the Lucha spirit. With that said, from Mexico, RUSH proudly presents two Luchadors of our own when Obscura Sky takes on El Segador!

Stephen tosses the mic to the announcer that is preparing to announce the first participants in the Big Ben Challenge. 

Big Ben Challenge 

‘Air’ Amir vs Corey Ford

As the show rolls on, the scene opens in the GM’s office with Stephen sitting behind his desk. Someone is sitting in front of him, and as the camera pans we see it’s Cheryl Malone looking rather irritated.

SM: Cheryl it’s with a heavy heart I have to do this, but following your match with Rebecca last week… you attacked her. Something we don’t tolerate here.

He paused as Cheryl’s eyes widened.

SM: I understand you were frustrated with losing your title but you can’t do that.

Cheryl stood up, knocking her chair over in doing so.

Cheryl: You didn’t do anything when that rice picker attacked Madison and myself, nearly killing my best friend I might add. Also, making me defend against the felon at WrestlElite, and you’re telling me my actions aren’t going to be tolerated?

She was leaning on the desk now with fire in her eyes, Stephen returned the look until his phone buzzed.

SM: Ah I need to wrap this up so I can interview some interns…

Stephen reached for his desk phone and hit a button, two big Maori security guards trundled into the office.

SM: I am truly sorry for this Cheryl, but I have to suspend you until further notice.

Cheryl spat on the floor and brushed clear of Stephen’s desk before the security grabbed her and dragged her out. They dragged her past a few women sitting outside the office and then through the backstage catering set up where Halie and Alice sat.

Halie saw Cheryl and began laughing.

Halie: Ha what a day this is becoming. Hey Alice! Looks like we don’t have to face the menstruation nation tonight. Have fun Cherry love!

Cheryl tried struggling against her ushers, but they didn’t have a bar of it and kept dragging her away. The scene ends with Halie laughing….


Recorded just before Notre Dame went up in smoke.

Heavy grunting could be heard coming from behind the pulpit inside Notre Dame as a blonde woman could be seen grimacing in some form of pleasure bobbing in and out of view.

A priest walked out of a side room and gasped at the two naked people grinding hard against one another. The priest broke the awkwardness by clearing his throat.

Priest: Sacrebleu! Cesser votre impie syndicat.

The reply from the man hidden from view behind the pulpit startled the priest.

???: How’s fuck off.grunt. sound.grunt. you cheese.grunt. eating.grunt. surrender mooooooonkeeeeeeeey yeeeeargh.

Priest: English pig dog, you desecrate our holy temple by spilling your seed on our floor! I’m calling the police.

The priest made to leave but was quickly taken down by a vicious blow to the groin, the wind taken from the holy man who fell face first into a pew corner and knocking himself out.

The man turned and sniffed the air, it reeked of jizz and ladies ass; but there was something else to it. He turned as his lady friend screamed in pain and began to panic.

Her panties went up in flames as she grabbed them, a knocked over ceremonial candlestick the cause of the blaze; however, the flames had spread from her panties to her arm and head.

Now the smell of burnt hair and barbeque permeated in the air, the screaming woman stopped rolling as she succumbed to her burns and looking like Anakin Skywalker. The man turned from his fling and went to grab the priest but he gave him a kick when he noticed a support Cardinal Pell badge.

The man went to kick the priest again but a giant flaming beam of wood fell from the ceiling and crushed the priest with a sizzling squelch.

Man: Holy fucking shit, I’m covered in peedo goo.

The flames were now cutting off any exit the man had to leave without getting burnt alive, a small opening flared away from the flames. The man ran dodging a flaming golden chandelier and diving through the small exit before the beams holding it up collapsed in a shower of sparks, dust, and acrid smoke.

Free from the flames the half-naked man ran through the mild French afternoon as locals and tourists stopped to stare…

Big Ben Challenge 

Poul vs Damian Knight


Cameras open up in the staging area as Obscura Sky is standing there as we pan in.

Obscura: Tonight the people of the sun come to EoW to take back something that shouldn’t be yours to begin with.

The United States Championship.

You’re people never where here.

My people and our ancestors were here.

You don’t deserve it perros.

The people of the sun know who we are and where we come from.

Our Patrimonio speaks for it’ self.

You people can’t decide if you want to be American, African, Europian….

You’re all despistado and don’t deserve the land beneath your feet.

Día de Muertos is coming soon as well, El Segador, we have yet to meet, I need to know who the better luchador is.

Norman Luna is amigo with espíritu but it’s something that I must know how close we are to one another after last Rush.

I am not really interested in the RUSH belt, looks mierda de perro.

I am after to see how strong my brothers are.

Maybe it’s time the people of the sun come together, quién sabe folladores


Camera fades out back ring to ringside as Obscura Sky moved toward the entrance way.

Big Ben Challenge 

Obscura Sky  vs Norman ‘The Natural’ Luna

Blake Adams: Kerry Briggs huh!..well it doesn’t matter who I’m facing because ill just end up beating him to but I will be honest I was looking forward to facing Nic Malone again since our last match he actually put up one hell of a fight.

But its a shame really since im gonna make quick work out of Kerry Briggs and once I do that maybe i continue to take claim to what should be mine and that’s the EoW Rush Heavyweight Championship..

Rachel Parsons: Speaking of the Rush Heavyweight Championship, after losing at Wrestlelite IV in the triple threat match what are your thoughts on Seb Abbott winning that match?

Blake Adams: Rachel id be lying if I said i wasn’t pissed off that night since that was supposed to be the night I became the number one contender for the Heavyweight title but instead Seb played it smart… you see Rachel Seb knew who the bigger threat was and that’s why I got hit between the legs and he knew if he could eliminate me from him and Natural long enough for him to make the pin on Natural..Seb already knew he won by that point.

But Seb just know one of these days your gonna have to step back into the ring with me and when you do I promise you will pay for your actions from Wrestlelite until then good luck..

Kerry Briggs then comes into camera view and interrupts Blake Adams interview with Rachel Parsons.

Briggs: Blake, Blake, Blake. You need to stop blaming others for your shortcomings and look inward and ask yourself why did I fail. Briggs pauses and looks Blake up and down a few times. You look like you could be my retarded brother. I digress, Blake you’ve been awfully concerned with the rumors surrounding me. As far back as blacklist. You talked big about beating my ass becoming the new backbreaker God.

Briggs: I dismissed it because you’re a blowhard. Then it happened again in the weeks up to wrestle elite. Oh if Briggs gets added to this match I’ll do this.

Briggs pauses for another moment.

Briggs:  I know what this is, I should have realized it sooner. You’re afraid of me and always have been. You took out 2 guys in a handicap match but you’re afraid of me, the God of the backbreaker Kerry Briggs. Seriously though, you’re not the only one and might I add it’s for good reason. Amir hasn’t been the same since he set foot in the ring with me and neither has Boone. Now it’s your turn, your turn to experience the same thing they have. We may not beat the clock but I will kick your ass. See you in the ring.

Briggs walks away. Leaving Blake visibly irritated.


Madison is seen frantically tossing clothing that belonged to both she and Cheryl toward the Conquest Champion, Dennis Black. Dennis blinked, caught the clothing, and placed it in her oversized duffel bag. Before he could get a word out, a bra landed on the top of his head, causing the audience to laugh and Dennis to sigh. 

Madison: The ginger bastard won’t get away with this. I’ve got a Jewish lawyer. It’s 2019! Women can’t be wrong about anything. Where in the HELL are the social justice cucks when I need them? Am I not white enough? Blonde enough?

Dennis: You’re both of those things, Madison.

Madison: Then why are we being punished? Cheryl deserves her rematch with Rose.

At that moment, Stephen walks into the TBS dressing room while swiping away on his phone. Madison charges at Stephen and Dennis easily holds her back. 

Madison: You’re SO lucky!!!

Stephen: Going somewhere?

Dennis: She needs some air to cool off. We’re heading back to the states.

Stephen: But she’s got a match, tonight.

Dennis and Madison both raised a brow towards Stephen.

Madison: Cheryl is gone.

Stephen: Card is subject to change in the wrestling business. Luckily, I’ve had another blonde step up and volunteer to tag with you tonight.

Madison and Dennis glance at each other before looking back to Stephen. Rebecca Rose walks in and kisses her newly acquired RISE Championship.

Stephen: And there you have it. Alice Barnett and Halie Nichols will take on the Toxic Blondes 2.0!

Rebecca batted her eyes at Dennis until Madison stepped in between them. 

Madison: Keep your eyes to yourself!

Rebecca: What about my hands?

Stephen slowly backs away and exits the dressing room as the screen comes to a close. 

Big Ben Challenge 

Kerry Briggs vs Blake Adams

It was now evening in France and Notre Dame still burnt the crackling of burnt timber from a distance sounded like the wails of damaged alter boys.

However, the camera pans from the burning citadel to the picturesque surroundings of the Louvre, where we find a naked man wearing nothing but a ragged newspaper roll out of the bushes startling a young couple smooching on a park bench.

Woman: Sacrebleu I didn’t sign up for a hobo threeway.

Naked man: Well sir I seem to have lost my clothes in a fire as you can clearly see I’m covered in so-

The man trying to get some action kicked the naked man in the balls before the couple ran off.

Laying on the concrete paving the naked man stared at the smoke riddled sky, a single tear rolled down his cheek as he gasped down deep breaths. A golden shadow loomed over the naked man who struggled to sit up.

???: Oh my let’s get you off the ground there and into the warmth.

The naked man looked up at his saviour and saw it was a nun, the hope he had went up in flames quicker than his tinder date earlier. But he reluctantly grabbed the nun’s hand and got to his feet.

The scene ends with the naked man being led away…. To be continued???


Interviewer: Why did you attack your opponent even though you won the match?

Poul: Were you not listening last week? I made myself perfectly clear on what’s to come from now on with me. I am not here to make friends. I am here to take gold and beat everyone in my way and to do that I intend to injure everyone I come across. Whether it’s after or before the bell rings expect the worst from me. Now get out of my face.

Poul smacks the mic from the interviewer’s hand and walks away.



Madison Cox & Rebecca Rose vs Halie Nichols & Alice Barnett


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