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Cameras open backstage as Cameras open up with  a escort vehicle followed by a limousine.

Running up to the limo are two EoW RUSH personnel with a roller.

The door opens and the two men begin to roll out a red carpet.

Stepping out of the  Vehicle is the EoW RISE Womens Champion Cheryl Malone followed by her partner in mischief Madison Cox.

The two pose for the paparazzi, as Cheryl bends over Madison’s knee as  she receives a spank.

Staff go to the back of the limousine and take out the luggage and proceed to take it to the dressing room area.  

Cheryl and Madison start walking away pandering to the crowd as you see Dennis Black step out from the Limo adjusting his tie.

Just then Rebecca Rose comes from around the corner and pushes herself up against Dennis Black grabbing his tie and pulling him back into the Limousin as she reaches back out to pull the door shut  giving a wink as cameras fade out.


Krash arrives in the arena parking lot for tonight’s rush, tonight he is in a gold Harley Bike with “CHAMP” as his license plates. He has the title strapped tightly around his waist as he parks and gets off. A backstage interviewer approaches.

Interviewer: Krash, you’re the new and first ever openweight champion. You could also have the shortest reign because tonight you face Nic Malone, someone who you—

Krash interrupts.

Krash : Someone I’ve lost to…. tell me something I don’t know. That was the old me, unfocused, lost. A loser. Now look at me, clearly I’m not the same. Look at my waist— I mean cameraman, zoom in on this. This looks damn good on me right? Being champion leads to this though.

Krash turns around and points at his back, there is a crosshair on the back of his motorcycle jacket.

Krash : There’s a target on my back, one I’m willing to live with as long as I have this beautiful gold on me. This championship will have prestige as long as I carry it, I can’t say the same if I lose tonight. Now, if you’d let me go prepare that’d be great.

Krash unstraps the title from around his waist and places it around his shoulder and walks toward the locker room area.




Poul walks to the backstage area where the interviewer resides.

Poul: Hey you get your ass over here!

Interviewer hesitantly approaches Poul

Interviewer: Do you have any comments about your match this week?

Poul: You damn right I do! I made my debut this week and to try to make a good name for myself, I fought the way a good man would. You see, the thing is I am NOT a good man. I am the worst man, and due to me not showing my true self I got taken down. But worry not, people will see what I am truly capable of really soon. Don’t think you’ve seen the last of me.

Poul puts his mask on as he laughs menacingly.


We enter the backstage area where we find Ricky Spanish looking smug as medics rush to the scene blocking the camera from seeing what was going on.

RS: As you can see an incident occurred following the women’s tag match. Who it involved I haven’t a clue but the person on the end of the beating is Halie Nichols. Halie do you know who did this to you?

Medic: hey back off will you she’s unconscious and in no state to answer questions.

The medics had moved Halie to a stretcher and began walking her away.

RS: Well that’s something for next week then.

Ricky looked to where the medics stopped, hoping he’d get something from this but they left once the doors had opened… So he left to find someone else to interview as the scene fades into the next segment.



For the second time this week, Darby paced around the ring with a wide grin. Half of the audience was already booing before the man even opened his mouth.

Darby: For those of you who aren’t up to date on the latest edition of Fusion, I suggest you back and watch on it on the EOW network…which is available for only $9.99 a month.

A few fans in the front row cheered at the cheap plug.

Darby: But yes, for those of you who are not up to date on the latest edition of Fusion, my name…is Darby Pinchpenny, the legal representation for RUSH’s own Madison Cox, and the Conquest Champion himself, Dennis Black.

Darby: Unfortunately for all of you here on RUSH, Stephen Matthews hasn’t made the kind of offer that we are looking for. To the young man’s credit, his offer was much higher than the cheapskates over on Fusion.

Darby ran a hand through his hair.

Darby: I implore all of you to insist that your general manager to the right thing. The smart thing. He needs to do what’s best for business.

Darby: This country has always enjoyed and appreciated wrestling more so than the typical American fan. Imagine, if you will…the best sports entertainer of this generation…

Darby: Dennis Black taking on Krash in this very ring.

The audience starts cheering for Krash.

Darby: Imagine if you will…Dennis Black in this very ring with the likes of Sebastian Abbott? Kerry Briggs? Nic Malone?

Darby looked pleased with himself, now that the RUSH audience was in a frenzy at those potential mashups.

Darby: I hope Stephen Matthews smartens up and gives in to our demands. Mr. Mayhem, I look forward to sitting across from you on Friday Night.


Seb arrived at the arena with two trashy floozies hanging off his arms and a young kid carrying his bags.

Before entering the arena Seb stopped and turned to look at the kid, who eerily looked like a black version of Seb..

Seb: This is where you have to start kid, to be one of the best in this business you have to carry bags and get items that your mentor might need.

The kid put down the bags and pulled out a notepad jotting down what was just said.

Seb: Anyway I need my bags if you don’t mind, I really gotta get ready for my match where I will finally achieve my dream of being a world champion.

He stopped and saw that the kid was writing that down, Seb flipped the book to the ground and pulled a piece of paper from his pocket handing it to the kid.

Seb: I need you to get these things for me, note that the left handed penis pump is a must have. Bring them back to my place after the show, I’ll be showing these ladies what my thick rodded champion can do when I celebrate.

The kid looked at the list and gulped.

Kid: Ah everything on this list is left handed except the KY jelly.

Seb: Oh I already have that, use it as hair gel… and other things. Now why are you still standing here? Go get that shit.

Seb watched as the kid scurried off before retaking his place between the two whores and entering the arena as the scene ends….



Alice Barnett is sitting in the trainer’s room getting checked for a concussion when a cameraman walks in.

Barnett: I guess you’re here to find out what happened? The bitch squad jumped me after bitch number one lost the RISE Championship. You know my focus hasn’t been on the blondes, the women’s division here, or on EOW in general. The blondes made this personal I think it’s time to readjust my focus, and the blondes are going to find out why the were better off leaving me alone. The last time I was in the ring with them, Madison was hanging around on a corner…

Barnett: A prospect that is still familiar to her and Cheryl was looking up at me from her back… another familiar prospect… I wasn’t angry with you two before, but the next time I’m in the ring with either of you I’ll make my statement there before I go on to take Rebecca’s championship. Now may I please have some privacy?

The cameraman exits.






Ricky Spanish entered the ring with a mic and an envelope. He looked to the Champion as he pointed to the envelope. Ricky nodded and opened the envelope. The Champion left the RUSH Championship draped over his shoulder and placed both hands on his hips. 

RS: Tonight I did the very same thing that I always do. The same thing I walked into WrestlElite and did. The very same thing that the locker room doubted I could do…but all of you believed I could.

RS: I proved that I am at the top of RUSH. I proved that no matter how big the opponent, they can be cut down.

The Champion placed a hand over his throat and coughed. He was still catching his breath. 

RS: I took everything my opponent had and dished it right back.

RS: I’m the fighting Champion that you all can be proud of. With that said…

RS: I’m letting it be known here and now. I’m leading RUSH into Battlegrounds. I’m leading by example! I challenge anyone from the Fusion or Conquest roster. Doesn’t matter how fast…

RS: How strong…

RS: Or how big they are. I will do what I always do.


The Champion raised the RUSH Championship high. 


Stephen Mathews is seen swiping left and right on women that were popping up on his Tinder profile. Not the best way to find an assistant that he desperately needed, but the RUSH budget was depleted after the WrestlElite entrances of both Krash and Dane Xavier.

Stephen: Look at the rack on THIS one! Goodness…

???: Show some respect! Don’t you dare talk about her that way!

Stephen blinked rapidly before looking up from his phone. There, he spotted the bane of his existence as RUSH’s General Manager…The Toxic Blondes. Cheryl was holding up an IPad that had Madison on the screen.

Stephen: I wasn’t talking ab-

Cheryl: We don’t care!

Madison: We want a two on one match with Rebecca Rose.

Both: Next week!

Stephen sighed and placed his phone in the desk drawer.

Stephen: Two things. Haven’t you two seen enough of Rebecca? I don’t just go around making two on one matches. Unless it is against Abbott…screw that guy.

Cheryl banged her fist on the desk, which startled Stephen.

Cheryl: We aren’t asking.

Stephen stood up and adjusted his tie.

Stephen: This is a bit awkward. Why is Madison on your screen…in a dressing room? A dressing room that is literally DOWN THE HALL.

Madison raised a glass of wine to Stephen before taking a sip.

Madison: I’m with the Conquest Champion, celebrating our hard earned victory at WrestlElite.

Stephen: Oh really? And where is Dennis right now? I’d love to say hi.

Madison: I’m not letting him out of my sight. Especially with that harlot running around. She already stole the RISE Championship from us tonight, and I couldn’t find Dennis for like an hour! She’s a dead woman.

Stephen: …You didn’t even compete…at WrestlElite or tonight.

Madison: What was that?

Stephen: Oh nothing.

Cheryl: So what’s it gonna be?

At that moment, Valerie Marie, Nova, Alice Barnett and Halie Nichols enter the General Manager’s Office. They slowly surround Cheryl, cracking their knuckles. If only looks could kill…

Cheryl looked over her shoulder before she tossed the iPad in the air and quickly hopped over the desk to hide behind Stephen. Alice caught the IPad, causing Madison to squint.

Madison: Who is this lesbian and why is she holding ‘my’ IPad?

Alice narrowed her eyes at the screen. Valerie peered over Alice’s shoulder.

Nova: Toss it.

Madison: WAIT!

Alice flung the IPad out the door and it flew down the hall as if it were a Frisbee. The faint sound of Yamashita yelling in pain could be heard. Stephen rubbed his temple, knowing he’d hear complaints about that next week. As the four women began to surround the desk, Stephen raised both of his hands to stop them.

Stephen: Halie? Weren’t you carried out of here? As much as I and the EOW universe would love to see these two get what’s coming to them…it needs to be in the ring. It needs to be fair when both of them are here.

Valerie: They’ve been attacking the roster all night! Hell, all season! Something needs to be done.

Nova: They even shaved Halie’s head…though, it is an improvement.

Cheryl: See? Making the world prettier, one ugly person at a –

Halie: Shut up!

Stephen: Ladies, Ladies…

Stephen: I can see that tensions are high. So, let’s channel all that negative energy into something positive, shall we?

Stephen reached under his desk and pulled out a briefcase. He placed it on the desk and smiled.

Stephen: Tonight, we’re going to have the team of Alice and and Halie taking on Valerie and Nova.

Halie: With all due respect, we all came here to get a piece of Cheryl.

Stephen: And get a piece of Cheryl you all will…just not tonight. Whichever team wins tonight will get to square off against Toxic Blonde Syndrome at Chapter Eleven.

Stephen: The losing team will have to wait until Chapter Twelve.

Cheryl: What’s with the briefcase?

Stephen smirked.

Stephen: Good question! This baby right here will allow someone to cash in to challenge for the RISE Championship whenever they please. But…I’ll reveal more on that next week.

Stephen: Now then, Ladies. Your tag match is…oh…next!

The four women stare Cheryl down before slowly exiting the office. Cheryl folded her arms.

Cheryl: I could have taken them all at once.

Stephen: Glad you feel that way. Because you and Madison are going to get a chance to prove that…against both teams in a triple threat tag match at Battlegrounds.

The audience cheered at the elitetron as Cheryl’s jaw dropped.

Cheryl: But that’s not…

Stephen: Seems you’ve got Rebecca Rose to worry about…and now four other women that want to snatch you bald. I did tell you that things were going to change after WrestlElite…

Cheryl made a dramatic hair flip exit before she slammed the office door. Stephen immediately went back to swiping on Tinder.


Valerie Maria & Nova vs Halie Nichols & Alice Barnett


Seb sat backstage following his match with Segador, a look of utter disgust plastered his face as he unwound the tape from his hands.

Seb: I worked hard for this opportunity only to have to do it in front of those Mulligans out their. Where’s my pay per view showing?

He looked around expecting to see Ricky Spanish standing there, but he was alone.

Seb: See now I’m talking to myself, I knew ginger would pull this sort of thing to keep from shining on a grand stage.

During this rant Seb had changed into his street clothes and grabbed his bag, he walked out of the arena forgetting about the two floozies he had brought with him.

Seb: Mark my words Segador I will dethrone you and I will have my moment in the sun.

As he walked away someone shouted “shut up dick head” but Seb ignored it and kept walking down the cold dark streets of London completely abandoning his car as the scene ends Seb is seen kicking a garbage can into the street….

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