RUSH 12/1/21





*Camera fades in as we see Baine standing near some EoW equipment boxes stretching and preparing for tonight’s match*

*Baine turns and faces the camera*

Baine: Tonight I’m once again facing our eow Jr heavyweight champion Obscura Sky. A man that I have beaten already and quite recently to. When I not only beat him but I beat a returning Trent on reloaded.

Now I’ll be the bigger man here and admit that in that triple threat match I didn’t pin Obscura Sky…I pinned Trent but a win is a win.

Baine: Now enough about the past let’s talk about the here and now. Obscura Sky don’t get me wrong I do respect you and you are a good Jr heavyweight champion…but that’s just it your only… “good”…not great.

It’s fine though because after tonight I’ll show you what greatness looks like so during our match try to pay attention and who knows champ you might even learn a thing or two.

*Baine then goes back to preparing for his upcoming match against the Jr heavyweight champion Obscura Sky.*



James: What a joke . This is a legend ?

“Crowd Cheers”

James: Obviously Latief is ducking me and wasting his time with a loser named Zac as you’ll see later tonight . *Pretends to fall asleep*.

Latief I’m coming for you one way or another , I deserve to be the man of this brand and now after dropping the UFC belt my attention is 100% on you and what’s mine .

*Crowd chants Bryant *

But that doesn’t mean I can’t take the time to silence a cockroach . Eric Shadow. You bitch and complain about not getting opportunity’s and being screwed , you keep bringing up accolades from 100 years ago . Point blank you are a washed up has been who does not deserve any of what he’s getting . And me and the rest of the roster along with these fans are sick of you being here.

*Crowd chants Shadow Sucks*

James: I challenge you shadow 1v1 Meltdown , winner is the next contender for the World Title , loser takes a seat until next season . Don’t keep me waiting.

*James drops the mic as his theme hits and we cut to commercial*


Cameras Open up in the back with Travis Markson sitting on a road case moving his knee back and forth and opening a bottle water and taking a sip as Kim Sanders approaches.*

Kim: Congratulations Travis on an impressive victory tonight!

*Travis nods as he continues to not make eye contact with Kim but checks his knee pad again.*

Kim: On EoW Strong you secured a title opportunity against the EoW Pure Champion Kerry Briggs. One of the bigger men here in EoW along with Bully-T. How do you like your chances going into Meltdown?

Travis: Look Kim I appreciate the boast of confidence, I really do. What I’m not happy about is that I heard that next week I am supposed to tag with a man that has been virtually invisible to me ever since this *Travis uses his fingers to quote* Big match was announced between me and Mike Diamond.

He’s supposed to have my back and me have his so that we both arrive at WrestlElite at a hundred percent.

Well, Mr though guy retired for all of a month, that’s not retiring. I was out here busting my ass. I have had people attack me as well and he was nowhere to be found.

So shoes on the other foot.

This whole thing is a sham between me and him, a big wash if you ask me. Let me ask this and I’ll go ahead and call out the boss. If Mike retired does that mean the contract we signed for WrestlElite is now null and void? Because I’ve been wondering that myself.

Wouldn’t that make sense Kim?

Kim *Stutters*.

Travis: Right, exactly. You would think so huh. So unless there is still that underlining smell of BS that comes from the desk of MR! Mayhem then well Mikey, you have to not only earn your shot against Dennis but now you got to earn it against me.

As of this moment, we are booked against the Golden Age but as far as I am concerned this is your battle.

You know Kim. I have Briggs ahead of me and I don’t need this match, it does nothing for me.

I’ve beaten the Golden Age, & those guys have never beaten me before…

*Travis scratches his gotee.*

Travis: This whole ordeal kind of reminds me of who my friends actually are.*

*Travis hops off the road case and walks away from Kim.*

Kim: Well, seems Travis Markson is out for himself as of now ladies and gentlemen as he heads into EoW Meltdown with two big victories in the Pure Division.

Back to you guys.

*Cameras fade to black & pan back to ringside.*



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