Reloaded opens with General Manager Mathews sitting behind his desk with a somber expression on his face.

SM: The Womens Tag Team Championship situation has worried me greatly. In fact, it has been on my mind for quite sometime. The titles going so long without being defended is not what worries me, it’s that no one has had the chance to create an opportunity due to one half of the champions being out of action.

SM: With that said, Madison Cox and Murder McKay are being granted a title shot at Battlegrounds. Kenzie Taylor will need her partner to return by then, find a new partner…or…

The audience begins to boo. 

SM: She will unfortunately have to defend those championships alone. Enjoy Reloaded, everyone.



Mike Diamond is standing in the middle of the ring as Fusion returns from commercial break. A wild crowd is going crazy as he raises his mic.

Diamond: I’ve been thinking real hard about this all week Scott. You thought it would be that easy to get rid of me? You think I would just hand you this Fusion Cup without a fight now?

Scott only if you knew what Dennis Black has done to you. He has fed you to me because he doesn’t want any. He figures if I were to beat you up that I might just go away. But Scott that will not happen.

The crowd starts chanting thank you Mike. Diamond claps with the sound of the crowd.

Diamond: You see Scott, you weren’t supposed to be in this cup. Everyone says you were lucky if you would get two wins, but here you stand with just one loss. It is impressive for sure, but look who’s seed you came from after all?

I live my life one day at a time and one fight at a time. I don’t come out here every week talking about the dream match with TMark. I don’t waste an entire year talking about someone from another roster and lose myself on the way like Taylor. That is why I have been champion for so long. Week in and week out I’m standing right here talking about the now and the tonight.

Tonight the opportunity to tie you in the cup and deliver you a second loss is all I care about. Giving you much needed tuff love is what I’m thinking about. And I will deliver the ass whooping of a century to you that I can promise.

Ricky Spanish slides into the ring trying to question Mike.

Ricky: Mike, I know you are focused on tonight, but what are your thoughts about Battlegrounds in a match the fans have been dying to see again Taylor?

Mike slow turns to Ricky.

Diamond: Ricky my boy, I am done doing this whole talking about Taylor thing. You see when Battlegrounds rolls around we will be face to face. The crowd is going to go wild as we share a moment. Battle of people that will push each other to their limits, a true test of might. But guess what? That isn’t tonight.

Like I said, everything else except this cup match tonight can wait. The important thing tonight is to send Scott back to Black crying. History will be made tonight for sure, and it won’t be Scott winning the Fusion Cup that’s for damn sure.

Mike drops the mic and heads to the back.


Inside of Stephen Matthews he is talking to Nancy Quinn.

Matthews: Are you sure this is the path you want to take?

Quinn: With all do respect, you weren’t the one that got taken out for months. I vow to find the coward that did such a thing. I missed my Wrestle Elite moment because of this person, they will pay that I promise you.

Matthews: But what if you go all the way to Atlanta to look at the video archives and find nothing?

Quinn: At least I know that is one less thing to worry about. Tonight I will compete against Riho and Kenze, but then I will be taking time off to solve this mystery once and for all.

Matthews: That’s fine by me. I want you to have a camera crew following you so everything can be documented.

Quinn shrugs her shoulders and walks out of the room.



Huffing and puffing after a hard fought battle with Julie, Madison called for Spanish to Join her in the ring. She motioned for him to come closer. 

Madison: Hurry it up, you turd. But stay six feet away. Lord knows you probably have a covid variant.

With a sigh, Ricky used a selfie stick to get the mic closer to Madison while he remained six feet away from her. The audience jeered at her.

Madison: Tick tock, Kenzie. I hope you were watching closely. I’ve already pinned you recently, guaranteeing myself a shot at the women’s Championship. 

Madison: However…that will come at a later date. What comes first, is my bodyguard, Murder McKay and I taking away those precious tag team Chanpionships.

The audience boos.

Madison: As you shake in your boots…just remember…Battlegrounds is not the worst of it. I will take everything from you. Then…and only then…will this rivalry end. 

Madison drops the mic as the show goes to commercial break.



Scott Diamond can be seen backstage pacing back and forth in the hallway. He looks irritated from a distance. The camera slowly walks up near him and catches him talking to himself.

Scott: So much is going on. I can taste it, the victory over Fenrir this week is going to happen easily. Then we got Tre at Battlegrounds, that bum hasn’t even showed his face. He is absolutely terrified of fighting against me for the championship.

He knows he isn’t worthy, I am the future of EoW. Dennis Black trusts me to help bring Golden Age to the promise land. It involves me holding the X1 championship hostage so no one can ever get a shot at him easy again.

Scott stops talking and gets a sip of water. He turns around to see the camera man in the corner and walks over to him.

Scott: Who told you to film me? Huh?

Scott slaps the camera man in the face and he falls to the ground. The camera bounces off the ground as Scott looks down into it.

Scott: Tonight is going to be a memorable night that is for sure. I get to beat my sperm donar and prove to him that I am the dominant person in the family. I was a joke in this tournament to everyone, except myself and the rest of Golden Age. Here I stand before you, just one win away from being crowned the first ever Fusion Cup winner.

I can see the celebration party now. People thing mardi gras is huge, then just wait. Me winning this match is going to grant me access to everything I ever wanted in life. Fame, fortune, respect from everyone.

I will be a feared man, not some overgrown gumba like the Mountain. How unoriginal, a rip off from Game of Thrones. What a joke, a pathetic attempt of what wrestling is always portrayed as.

Scott clears his throat doing an impression of other wrestling promoters.

“This guy is over seven feet tall. Let’s make him an instant star and give him crazy opportunities even though he’s done nothing to deserve them. It’s believable a man this size will never lose.”

Scott just laughs.

You see guys, that is old school wrestling. Golden Age is representing the best era of wrestling. We have actual skill, something most people don’t have.

Enough about that now, I need to focus. I got big night ahead of me, I can’t spend my night all over the place. I’m out here rambling like a mad man, I need to focus.

Scott kicks the camera to the side and it fades to black after it bangs into the wall.





As the camera goes live backstage you can hear banging. It pans out to see the Nastys punching their lockers as Guy Boone just stand and watches the dents get bigger and bigger.

Boone: Last week my creation showed everyone that we are forces of nature. We love to cause pain and inflict damage.

That is something that Golden Age will feel at Summerbrawl. They better cherish every moment they have with the straps, because they will get a way better home soon. I hope Mayham will create a extra plus size belt to fit around these men’s waste.

You hear a loud thud in the background and the camera sees the door fall to the ground and the Nastys just turn around to stand behind Boone.

Boone: Last week we also decimated the N.A.Q. before the match even started. Word around back is they want a match with us at Battlegrounds. Guys we gladly accept, but just remember that whatever happens to you guys won’t be our problem. You guys are asking for your careers to be shortened or ended.

The camera fades to black as the two behemoths stand behind Guy Boone.









After the match the camera cuts backstage to Stephen Matthews standing near the tv monitor clapping.

Matthews: What a cup finish. It’s so good that we will have our tie breaker at Battlegrounds between father and son once more.

The camera fades to black.

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