*The camera pans to Jacob Williams sitting in a chair in the middle of the ring with a spotlight shining on him.*

Jacob: Well here I am a man who has failed to make good on all the promises I have made but I’m not one to get hung up on a loss or two I’m a man who has already been to the top echelon of EoW.

*Jacob grabs his ribs and coughs out a little blood.*

Jacob: Sorry I went to war at WrestlElite and didn’t exactly come out unscathed but I know everybody wants to know what is next for Jacob Williams? Well I’m not quite sure myself but I can tell you something I won’t be doing and that is joining one of these so called factions that seem to pop up outta thin air every other week. You see the landscape of EoW is always shifting, for an example let’s look at Dennis Black he was on top of the world after beating The Mountain and myself where is he now? He’s on the shelf for god knows how long. That leaves rush without a current top prize to chase or a leader to hold it but no need to fear I have found the solution… Similar to last season when Dennis went missing in action I will once again step up and be the leader that this brand needs me to be. Because looking down this current roster who can do that other than myself? Zac Taylor? He has a hard enough time trying to manage his own faction let alone trying to put an entire brand on his back. You might ask what about The Mountain he also main event WrestlElite well you would be mistaken again because his only claim to fame is being a giant with no real grace inside the ring so think again on that one.

*Jacob places his hand on his chin.*

Jacob: Let’s see, did I forget about anybody? Oh I didn’t mention anybody from the gaggle of washed up superstars in the dynasty… sorry most of those guys peaked long before I ever arrived in EoW. That leads me to the golden age who don’t even deserve the time of day without their leader. All those factions fighting over a top spot that doesn’t belong to any of them because the top is lonely there is only room for one not all.

*Jacob stands up and kicks the chair away and points at himself with one hand while holding his ribs with another.*

Jacob: I am a man that can stand on his own two feet. I have proven it time after time but this season I feel like I’m missing something that I had last season. I had this fire and drive that only a few men could have or even match. It made me feel invincible but somewhere along the way I lost it. But I know just how to fix that problem. You see at invictus I don’t have an opponent yet but I know just who to challenge to get my blood boiling again to help me get back that passion I used to have and you all will find out next week!

*Jacob walks over to the ropes and stares at the hard cam.*

Jacob: You can consider the old me dead because I’m done chasing world title after world title. I realized I’ve been there done that. I want new experiences, exciting match ups. If I want a title so everybody can give me some bullshit validation I’ll go win the intercontinental or G1 you know what I might go back over to fusion win the United States title and bring it to rush for all I know. This next stage in my career will be about me doing what I want, getting what I want and fighting whomever I please. See you next week.

*Jacob drops the mic the lights cut out and the camera fades to break.*


As the camera switches to the backstage we see Kim Sanders standing by the locker room door as she is trying to get a word with Eric Shadow.

Kim: Hello EOW fans, Kim Sanders here. I am standing by the locker room door to try and get a word with Eric Shadow to talk about his ladder match at Wrestlelite and to talk about his Rush cup match with Briggs. Let’s head in.

As Kim walks through we see Shadow doing pushups.

Kim: Hi Eric, do you mind giving me a few words.

Shadow: Sure.

Kim: So as we know you sadly did not come out as the victor in the Money in the Bank, do you mind talking about it.

Shadow: Yeah why not. I called my shot to be in there because I wasn’t gonna miss my chance of still being at Wrestlelite and I was first to put my name in the hat to be part of it. But if you watched it I didn’t win but I’m kind of happy. Why should I be happy because I heard from a little birdie that the big man upstairs didn’t like the match. I mean I’m not trying to step on any toes but I thought it was good match and if anyone else thinks different then sorry. Me and other three men put on clinic and I want to congratulate Jack Action on winning it. Me and him both returned in the cup and we went to draw but after that match we had some respect for each other.

The crowd cheers a bit with Shadow’s good sportsmanship.

Kim: Well since you mentioned the Rush cup how do you feel about facing Briggs.

Shadow: To be honest I don’t care who I face. Is that a little cocky for me to say, yeah but I’ve been seeing other guys getting thier matches left and right and here I am just sitting. This tournament was the only reason why I came back. I came to win it and become the world champion once again. And if Stephen Mathews is listening I’ll be expecting more of my matches from here on out.

Kim: Are you sure you should be demanding your opportunities? You might get in trou…

Shadow: Sorry Kim but I’m going to have to stop you right there. Demanding is one thing, but calling my shot is another thing. I want to rack as many points as possible but I can’t do that when I don’t have any matches. And now that the “defending champion” Dennis Black is taken out for a bit, he can stop hogging all of the cup matches and I can try and get myself up on top of the list. So I’ve got to go. Thanks for questions Kim.

Shadow walks out of the shot and Kim Sanders has a discomforting look on her face.

Sanders: Strong words from Eric Shadow. Back to you guys.

The scene ends and the camera fades to black.

<Pitbull Entrance>

[Pitbull] – Justttt as sure as Pitbull is, Just as sure as the fans are, From the very first time, to the very last time, all the way to tonight, Pitbull sat at home, he watched, he witnessed, all these chumps stepping out of line, acting like big shots… Well Pitbull is here to line them up, and smack them down. <Huge WELCOME BACK / HOLY SHIT Chant>

There were no doubts in my mind, there were no doubts in the vision that when Rachel called me up and said ‘HEY PITBULL, I got a proposition for you, That proposition is join us in the Dynasty, fast cars, fast women, fast money, and that reclaim to fame!’ <Crowd Chants Pitbull>

So Pitbull sat back in his recliner, let out a deep breath, and accepted the offer. <Crowd Chants Pitbull>

Zac Taylor whether it’s rage in the cage, dancing with monkeys or Pay-nus in your Anus… Pitbull has walked into Reloaded to the adoring, cheering and mesmerized fans, to take the Intercontinental championship from the Chump known as Zac Taylor!! <Crowd Chants Holy Shit>



TAYLOR*  VS  ???


*The camera pans to Rachel and Kenzie arriving at the arena before being approached by Bobby akada.*

Akada: Ladies may I get a word about what happened at WrestlElite?

Rachel:Yeeee (Gets Cut Off By Kenzie)

Kenzie: At WrestlElite we made history as a team. I mean look at these tag team championships they are beautifully designed. but I also made another historic moment by once again beating Madison and shoving that washed up hag to the back of the line.

Akada: With that being said Kenzie, who do you think is next in line for that championship?

Kenzie: I’ll address all that later tonight when we go to the ring but I just want to know who’s left to challenge me? Can you think of anybody Rachel? Actually can you finish up this little interview while I go find my husband and talk to him about something?

Rachel: (Looks On In Disgust)

*Kenzie leaves*

Rachel: Yeah you do that…

Akada: Have you ever considered going for the EOW Women’s Championship?

Rachel: *Smirks*… While the ultimate goal is to win the Women’s Championship, it’s all about timing. An opportunist waits in the shadows, lurks along. But as they say, snakes in the grass are so hard to see.

*Rachel Walks Off*


*Cameras open up backstage with the new EoW Jr Heavyweight Champion Obscura Sky.*

Obscura: Qué pasa EoW?

Looks like I still remain your EoW Junior heavyweight Champion, my WrestlElite victory goes out to all the EoW Forge wrestlers.

Now I have faced many challenges but tonight I have James Bryant.

A man who has been on a mission for EoW Gold who have faced many obstacles and has overcome them.

Let me tell you this though James Bryant.

You’re ego may be big but my spirit, the spirit of my people is strong.

Cero miedo!

You perro.

I don’t care what Mountains you’ve climbed.

You haven’t faced the enigmatic Obscura.

You think that you’re ready when you’ve been bouncing around from weight class to weight class?

I got news for you gringo.

This weight division is to good for you, we don’t want you here.

And I’m going to show you the door.

*Camera fades out as the camera zooms in to they souless eyes of Obscura sky as we fade to commercial break.*




Briggs is leaving the locker room when Ricky Spanish and a camera man approach him.

RS: Uh, Briggs. I’m still a little nervous interviewing you… Have you seen the card for the night? You’re up against Eric Shadow for the Rush Cup.

Briggs purses his lips and scratches his chin.

Briggs: Yeah I saw, I fell through the Cell twice at Wrestle Elite thought I might get some time off to recover, but there’s no rest for the wicked right?

RS: How do you feel about the Shadow match up?

Briggs gradually gets louder

Briggs: You know, I’ve tried to play nice for the last month, I really did… Hell I even teamed up with my greatest adversary. Now they match me up against Eric Shadow, what has the man done in the last 2 years? What value does he have to anyone? While he’s been trying to recoup from whatever his latest failure is, I’ve been champion, main evented not Rush or Fusion but Pay-per-Views. I’ve had wars with Diamond, Amir, and Latief. He’s struggled with getting out of catering.

RS stays silent.

Briggs: So you want to know how I feel about the Shadow match up? I think it’s a waste of my time. I think it’s a waste of his time. You and I both know when it comes down to it, I’m at the top of my game and it’s been years since Shadow has been at the top of his. I’m going to embarrass him. I’m going to leave him broken in the middle of the ring laying in his own filth. I’m going to be the final nail in the coffin of Eric Shadow!

Briggs pie faces Ricky Spanish and shoves the cameraman out of the way. The camera comes back into focus with Spanish on the ground. Then the scene fades out.


*Rachel is seen walking backstage talking to the Chief of Staff: Curt Storm

Rachel – You know what you gotta do.

Curt Storm – It’s ironclad Mrs. Cardoza, and remember, don’t do anything the Matthews Administration wouldn’t approve of… if you get my drift.


As the show comes back from the commercial break, we Randy Crowe standing in the ring with a microphone in his hand and his entrance music playing in the background.

Crowe: Wrestlelite, two nights where we seen match after match, outcome after outcome but nobody is talking about my complete domination on that piss ant Trent. “There wasn’t enough build up”, “it was announced out of the blue”, bullshit excuse after bullshit excuse. I’m tired of it and to be honest I’m done with the pity party so called competition that’s here. There is absolutely nobody here that impresses me.

He runs his hand through his hair and shakes his head is disappointment.

Crowe: I don’t give a damn if you’re new or if you’re a veteran, I don’t see anyone and I mean anyone who is at a higher spot than me. If you get offended by whatever I say then I’ll just give you a big fuck you. Why, because I just don’t give a shit anymore. So step up or get the fuck out of here.

Crowe drops the mic and exits through the crowd.


*Kim Sanders is shown on the titantron walking through a hall with a microphone and walks up to Zac Taylor.*

*Crowd begins cheering as they see Taylor.*

Kim: Hey Zac, do you care to do an interview?

*Zac smiles and puts the Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder.

Zac: Of course Kim anytime.

Kim: Well Zac first off congrats on becoming the new IC Champion. What’s going in your mind right now after such a huge win at WrestlElite 6 Night 1 in a match that you weren’t even booked for?

Zac: This has been such an emotional week actually it’s been an emotional season for me. This whole season I’ve come up short for things and have been put on the back burner. Night 1 when I went out there and said some things on my mind, I was at the lowest point of my career. To the point where after WrestlElite I was thinking about stepping away because mentally I couldn’t take it anymore. But, I guess management hearing about what I had to say, finally made them realize I should not only be having a match at the biggest show of the year but also getting a shot for a championship that I’ve more than worked my ass off for. When I got the one shot that I needed, I took that shot and ran with that sumbitch.

*Zac laughs so does the crowd and Kim smiles.*

Kim: It certainly is going to be a WrestlElite moment that is going to be in the mind of fans for years to come. This year has definitely been a crazy one for you. With the passing of your father, and much more. Is there anything else you would like to say?

Zac: Yea Kim I do. I wish my dad could have been here, I know he would have loved to see me get a moment that was long overdue. Kim, I’m just a guy and at WrestlElite this guy had thousands of people in this arena and much more at home cheering for me and I wasn’t even in a match. People wanted to make jokes backstage about me being left off of WE because they hate me. The way I act, the way I am so over with the fans, the way I can run circles around them in that ring. I had people like Mike Diamond enjoying every second of me not being booked for WrestlElite. Well how bout now Mike!

*Crowd cheers and chants for Zac and Mike begin.*

*Zac smiles and looks at his IC championship.*

Zac: I hope to see you real soon Mikey. That gauntlet I threw down months ago is still open for you to accept. As for this IC Championship I’m going to make this beautiful title that I wanted for so long something that EoW fans want to see every night and make it more important than any other title in this business. I’m going to show that when people backstage put faith in me that I’m one of the best things this company has with so much untapped potential left in me at just 20 years old. I’m one of the youngest in this company and I am just getting started, baby! This was WELL DESERVED, people that say pity need to stop sucking their thumbs and stop whining.

*Crowd oohs.*

*James Bryant walks up to Zac.*

James: *Smirks and pulls off his shades* Congratulations Taylor on fulfilling your dream. You know we’ve had our differences this season and we both had our fair share of instant classics. And I’m here to tell you I respect the fact you didn’t have to kiss any ass or climb into bed with corporate to get that belt.

James: You see Zac me and you, we are self made men. Both Intercontinental champions and X1 champions and I know what your real goal is, what you ache for is the same as me. The Elite World Championship… and for the young guys to get a fair shot instead of taking a back seat to these returning “legends”.

James: Guys like us, the real workhorses of this company don’t get the respect we deserve. I respect you Taylor and your in ring ability. I’ll never know why you embrace these fans as you do but that’s your thing not mine. Nevertheless until I get a match for that Intercontinental championship me and you Zac our paths diverge. Good luck with your reign. I have another belt to go win.

Zac: Before you go James I have something to run by you. Since Ian was kicked out of The Dawn for his actions and for not showing up when needed. He didn’t deserve to be in The Dawn and he didn’t have what The Dawn is all about. But you do James. You and I may be different in some ways but we strive to be the future of this company and that’s what The Dawn is all about. Young and the future stars of this company. Right now you are a ball of clay waiting to be molded and that’s what I’m going to help you do. Tre and I are going to make you a better man and wrestler because you will be surrounded by people that want the same as you. So James what do you say?

James: I’m all in.

*James takes a look at Kim and smiles at the camera and extends his hand out to Zac for a handshake.*

*Zac nods his head and shakes his hands.*

*Crowd lets out a cheer.*
*Video feed on the titantron cuts off.*




Briggs slowly rolls Shadow over to the ropes and when he gets SHadow to the apron, he gets to his feet and finally pushes Shadow out with his boot.

The arena erupts with boos for the disrespect for one of EoW’s longest tenured wrestlers.

Briggs motions for a mic. Just after a mic is handed to him he slowly starts pacing the ring until the crowd dies down a bit.

Briggs: This… This is what Shadow had to offer? I fell through the fucking cell TWICE at Wrestle Elite. My ex-wives hit harder than that sad sack of shit…

Briggs peers over the edge of the ring at a now sitting up Shadow.

Briggs: I didn’t join this dumb tournament for a chance at a championship, those seem to fall in my lap regardless. I joined to beat down the icons of EoW. Yeah I lost to Matrix and Black. Now I’m back in form, I’m hungry again. Now I’m going to move on from this has been, And now I’m going to put Matrix and Black on notice I’m coming for you bitches whether you’re ready or not!

Briggs exits the ring and the scene fades out with him heading up the ramp..



Sometime After his match Shadow walks through the curtain and rips off his wrist tape. Disappointed but optimistic.

Shadow: Ahhh man another loss and no points once again. I had that damn match I went too far over my head. But I hope to see another one. Hope your listening Stephen.

Shadow walks down the hallway shaking his head.





camera cuts to Kenzie and Rachel standing in the ring*

Kenzie: WrestlElite 6 was a tremendous occasion for the woman of EoW due in part to my contributions. On night 1 Rachel and myself beat two overrated Foreign exchange wrestlers who once again failed to bring me a challenge. Sorry bring us a challenge inside that ring because we are the best tag team in the entire women’s division.

*Rcahel and Kenzie hold up the EoW Women’s tag team championships before putting them back down.* *Kenzie stands in front of Rachel*

*Rachel looks on in disgust again, but smirks with envy*

Kenzie: But finally we get to night 2 where I put Madison back in her place after all the nonsense she has said about me and this title all season. I hope everyone In the back realizes I have run through this women’s division and have walked out unscathed so what is next for me? Who is left to challenge me?

*Stephen Matthews Enters*

CS: Rachel and Kenzie congratulations on becoming the very first EoW women’s tag team champions truly congratulations but I’m out here to talk about the EoW women’s championship.

Kenzie: Are you giving me the next ppv off until you can sign some more female talent? Or maybe you have found two people I’ve already proven can’t hang with me let alone with a partner.

SM: Not quite Ms.Williams, earlier you said you have ran through everyone in the women’s division but that is untrue. I am working with my administration, The Chief of Staff Curt Storm and my secretary Bayley Bower to search within our roster and the globe to find you some suitable opponents. However! Those answers will come over the next few weeks.

Kenzie: Tell me then who’s up next because today marks my 222nd day as women’s champion please tell me who is left?

Sm: Well you see, I spoke to my Chief of Staff earlier tonight, and he suggested something very interesting to me…

*Rachel and Kenzie look at each other.*

Sm: The roster you’ve decimated over the past 222 days doesn’t include someone, in fact it doesn’t include someone you’ve never faced.

*Rachel puffs up a little bit*

Sm: You see, you won’t be fighting a traditional one on one match, coming up. Not ONLY will you have to watch your back… if you know what I mean, but someone… you see someone you know very well is coming back, and SHE wants her shot at the Women’s Championship and my chief of staff got off the phone with her tonight. As for the other competitor, time will reveal who the 2nd mystery woman is.

*Crowd Chants Cardoza/Kenzie*

Sm: And if you want my advice Kenzie… look and observe all surroundings, there’s always 3 heads to the dragon.

*Kenzie turns to Rachel, and catches her staring at the Women’s Championship*

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