Cameras open up backstage in the Asgard locker room with Grom and The Mountain preparing for their matches.

Mountain: Tonight it looks like I’m finally booked. Half of the roster is afraid to face me and the other half simply won’t.

Not that I can blame them.

After My last forgettable matchup now I’m being a pawn in Dennis’s game which the only benefit of this is I plan to put Mike Diamond through that cage.

Asgard will be making a statement tonight whether The Dynasty or The Golden Agr care about it is something I’m not going to concern myself with.

Asgard has the largest and meanest specimens in EoW.

So if you don’t want to lose your belt don’t step in the ring with me.

If you want to get to a belt don’t step in during with me.

These labors of Dennis’s, well the shit stops tonight.

I have to say at least he picked somebody worthy To stop Mike in his tracks.

Grom: Satoshi Fujinami, I’m taking back my championship.

Being a Ronin doesn’t mean shit. You got lucky That’s all this boils down to.

The big man and me are going to take care of business for Asgard tonight.


Cameras fade out from the Asgard locker room as cameras feedback to ringside.






Cameras open up backstage with Satoshi Fujinami preparing for his match against Grom

Satoshi: here we are again to warriors set to do battle once more. I almost feel like we’re destined to do this forever.

Your garden halls and my fields of cherry blossoms.

It seems like it would be peaceful but I do not think our souls are meant to rest peacefully.

You are my adversary I now know this.

You can say that when I defeated you it was luck but deep down inside I believe you know that I fighting spirit was the conquering factor.

You’re going to meet the same warrior you did at Night of the Damned.

So I really hope Grom that you are prepared for your final transcendence

The EOW United States championship is staying with me.

Cameras fade out with Satoshi Fujinami clasping onto the United States championship







 *Latief walks to the corner breathing heavily after his triple threat match against Bryant and Crowe asking for a microphone.*

Latief: as I was saying, there will be no challengers here, there will be no contenders.

I am your sultan and forever shall be.

Dennis Black said I was going to squander the heavyweight championship.

This is nothing but a lie.

*Latief looks around at the arena*

I plan to choke out the competition like the desert sand. You will be parched!

It will drive you mad that only reaching the EOW heavyweight championship will be the only thing to quench your thirst only to have the opportunity squandered away by another or by my hand alone!

A simple Saracen to gift prophecies to your sultan. All has come true and it is not going to change, not tonight not even for the next month, the next year!

You are under my regime, The Dynasty rules these lands now!

*Latief drops the microphone as the crowd begins to furiously boo.*

*Latief continues to taunt the crowd as camera fades out from the EOW Meltdown preshow.*

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