FUSION Season 6×18



As Fusion goes on the air Mike Diamond is standing in the ring with a mic in his hand. 

Diamond: At Invictus Seb and myself were having an instant classic. But then…….

Diamond pauses for a moment as the fans start to boo at knowing what is coming next. 

Diamond: Yeah that is exactly how I felt at the end of the match. Once again Golden Age decided to get involved in my match. This entire year everytime I turn around I’m met by something with Golden Age. 

At Wrestle Elite they even turned my own son against me. Golden Age……. You are now officially on my radar. One day real soon every last one of you will be taken down a peg, mark my words. 

The crowd started cheering and applauding Diamond. 

One way that will start is by ruining Scott’s plans to win the cup and make it go up in flames. You see Scott, you are on fire for sure, but you have one huge problem. The problem is the fact that you are eventually going to have to get through me. 

I am the heavyweight champion for a reason boy, and sooner rather than later I’m going to beat your ass from pillar to post and show you what happens when you turn your back on family. 

The crowd bursts out cheering for Diamond. 

Speaking of the cup, I was just informed by Stephen Matthews that I will be facing Obscura Sky next week. In one corner we will have the Jr. Heavyweight champion facing the reigning Heavyweight champion. A battle of different weight classes will battle in the Fusion Cup tournament. 

But that is next week. I’m not booked tonight, but felt that I needed to show up and get some things off my chest. Seb we never did get a winner at Invictus. So why don’t you come out here right now and I can get something off my chest.

Seb walks down to the ring without music. When he finally gets to the ring he gets right in Diamond’s face. Diamond and Seb stand in the ring face to face as the crowd is going wild for these two warriors. 

Diamond: Seb we have some unfinished business that we will eventually need to take care of that is for sure. But what I think is more important is getting back at our kids. 

Kyp screwed you over, Scott screwed me over as well. Both of our kids walk around here thinking they are king of the mountain, but I think we should put our differences aside, beat their ass and then we can get back to finishing our battle over this. 

Diamond holds up the Heavyweight championship while the fans scream and applaud the idea. 

Seb looks at the championship and then looks at Diamond. He grabs the mic from Diamond’s hand. 

Seb: Mate you aren’t wrong. At Invictus I was so close to capturing that strap. Kyp sure did screw me once again. 

Usually I don’t agree with you, but I can agree on a few things. One is we were tearing the house down at Invictus. At Wrestle Elite I thought you had a fluke win, but after Invictus I know that you can bring it.  You truly are a warrior and I look forward to a fight later that’s for sure. 

But we both can’t seem to escape the Golden Age. It is something that WE must take care of. 

The crowd boos as Amir steps on the stage just clapping at Seb and Diamond. 

Amir: Will the two of you just f*ck and get it over with? MY God!

The audience boos even louder as Amir slowly makes his way down the ramp.

Amir: I was debating on whether or not I should even come out here or not. I mean really…Abbott has already been featured in a highly grossing movie this season, while Mikey boy’s film has yet to release.

Amir: So why don’t you two team up for your next feature film? Brokeback Mountain ll? 

Amir smirks on the apron.

Amir: While you play characters who are actually good Fathers…

The audience boos.

Amir: You can leave the ‘wrestling’ to me, because neither of you are any good at it!

The big screen shows Stephen Matthews sitting in his office.

Matthews: I’m glad you guys are all in the ring, none of you guys are booked for tonight. So I think what we need to do is have an impromptu triple threat match. 

The crowd starts chanting yes and the three men prepare to fight and a referee runs down to the ring. 






Amir is seen backstage slamming a closed fist on the desk of General Manager Mathews. 

Amir: Your big title match from Invictus. What do those men have in common?

Stephen: Well…

Amir: Neither of them won at Invictus or tonight. But ‘I’ did!

Amir pointed to himself. 

Amir: Take note. I’m on a run, Stephen. It won’t be long before I get myself another crack at a championship in this company.



The camera opens with Michael Andrews standing in the middle of the ring with a mic in his hand.

Andrews: Well Well Well

(Crowd Chanting Michael Andrews Simultaneously)

Andrews: Most of you must be asking the age old, Where were you Andrews? Let’s just say this past 2 months when I was away I’ve been going through a lot. I am man enough to admit on live tv that I was an alcoholic and suicidal. Depression has been a struggle in my life for the past 7 years and I’ve thought that this was gonna be the time it hurts me the most. But then I get a call from a man who gave me my second chance and his name is Mike Diamond. He said he saw potential in me and that with his training that I’d be one of the top wrestlers here in EoW. So after long talks with that man I went to rehab and started training the hardest I ever could and here are the results from it………..

Andrews: You see you get to the top of this wrestling industry just cuz you say you’re the best or you are the bastard son of a world champion…. Cough cough Scott Diamond. You see I’m not the greatest, I’m not the most muscular person, I’m not the most athletic but I am the definition of the Heart and Pride of the Damn sport we all love and that I have loved since I was 12 years old! So Scott you can keep running your mouth on how you and your little boyfriends are gonna take over, but just know that your little charade here in EoW will stop when I take your title Mr. Kyp and when I finally shut the big mouth of Scott Diamond.

The crowd starts chanting Andrews as he braces it in the ring. Golden Age music plays through the arena to be embraced by boos from the crowd. Scott steps out on the stage.

Scott: Andrews……. Look at you…… a certain sperm donor sure got you in shape. But I don’t get why you’re fighting his battles out here?

You come into the ring and continue to tell us about your hardships…… you know the wrong thing to do is to start with the Golden Age right? We don’t want you to go on suicide watch again, but that will be the end result.

The crowd starts chanting you suck to Scott and booing him as he’s just on stage laughing.

Scott: Andrews why don’t I just show you a little bit of what the Golden Age is about. Let’s get a referee down to the ring and I’ll embarrass you in under five minutes. Paramedics stand by please we will need serious medical attention soon.

And when I’m finished with you, my boy Kent will finish the job tonight. The only thing left for you to do will be to stare down the bottom of an empty bottle with my sperm donor.



Backstage the camera catches Quinn talking to a police offer. It gets closer to listen in.

Officer: We are still looking for the person that attacked you a few months ago. We got no hits from fingerprints, the footage we viewed also shows no evidence that can lead us in a direction.

Quinn: So what your saying is that I need to take matters into my own hands?

Officer: Not at all. Vigilante behaviour will get you no where except in trouble with us.

Quinn just grabs the officer by the shirt and picks him off the ground. The officer is flailing his feet panicking.

Quinn: I will do as I please. You guys are absolutely useless. And does it look like I care what you guys try? You men are so weak.

Quinn drops the officer to the floor. As his feet hit the ground he scampers off. Quinn pounds her fist into her palm and walks away as the camera fades.


Earl is sitting in the locker room writhing in pain from the battle with Capone. Coach Ricky walks into the locker looking in disgust at Earl. Earl takes notice of this.

Earl: What’s wrong coach? I got my first win!

The Coach grunts and walks over to Earl.

Coach: yes but there is the issue you got to gready and didn’t time your finish right like I taught you. It got reversed that could have cost you the match.

Coach then smacks Earl which causes him to stand up.

Earl: What was that for?!

The coach grins as he hits Earl some more.

Earl: Coach my vision is blurry!

Coach Ricky decides to teach him a lesson by hitting him with earls finisher the stunner. Earl is now laid out on the floor. Coach Ricky throws a towel on Earl.

Coach: You’re a disgrace and a bum! I will see you later.

Someone heard the commotion rushed in along with training staff to check on situation and were in shock making sure Earl was still breathing

The camera backs out of the locker room to let the trainers work where it catches Sexton Hard castle pressed against the wall just rubbing his chin intrigued. The camera fades to black.






Scott grabs a mic and sits dead center in the ring as the fans boo and chanting you suck.

Scott: That piece of shit Obscura needs to stay out of MY RING!

You guys still think I suck after the performance of a lifetime in this Fusion Cup?

The crowd boos even louder.

You see guys, I was the joke of this tournament when it first started. But slowly I have been collecting names. Slowly I have worked my way up the ladder and now I’m just one win away guys.

The crowd keeps getting louder and louder as Scott stands up with a smile on his face.

Scott: So sperm donor…….. The only thing left for me to do is to beat you and claim my rightful place as the King of Fusi……..

Scott sees Mike Diamond storming down the to the ring as the crowd starts cheering for him. Scott jumps out of the ring and over the barricades running away. Mike grabs the mic left in the ring.

Mike: Hey Scott…… Don’t worry, don’t get too happy. You think I’m going to just watch you beat me to win the cup? Scott since it’s so important to you I am going to make sure that I pin you and cost you the cup for sure.

The crowd start chanting thank you Mike. Diamond just keeps staring at Scott from the crowd.

Scott you can continue to run, but soon….. Very soon, you will have to come face to face and that will be when you realize it. Joining Golden Age and turning your back on your family is the worst mistake you ever made.

The show fades to black with Scott and Mike just staring at each other from the distance.


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