FUSION Season 6×17



Fusion opens with Amir cutting a purple ribbon with an oversized pair of scissors. As the lens zooms out, a jumbo jet comes into view before it zooms back on Amir’s upper body. 

Amir: Amir Airlines. Operated and ran by ‘Air’ Amir himself. The most prolific highflyer in the history of this company. Now, with my recent defeats to Obscura sky and Matrix…that has come into question.

Amir: I’m a former Heavyweight Champion. The only man that can claim to have beaten Mike Diamond, Seb Abbott, AND Kerry Briggs.

Amir: Now that my business is up and running…with only one plane, FOR NOW, I will give a particular man. No…a joke. He’s a joke, not a man. I will give El Abismal ALL of my attention. Let’s make a small wager, shall we?

Amir: At Invictus, you and I will battle one on one. The only way to win?

Amir points up. 

Amir: Is from the sky.

The audience inside the area all share a collective ‘oooooh’

Amir: I’m so confident that I’m still the king of the sky that i will even put up my title of ‘Air’ on the line.

Amir cracked his knuckles. 

Amir: I don’t need some response in broken English. All you need to do….is show up the Invictus.







After the match is over Diamond grabs a mic.

Diamond: Look at that Seb. You have every reason to be scared and to continue hiding.

For weeks now all you have done is get in my head and stalk my wife. But when it comes time for action Seb, you are just a coward. You don’t have any balls or else you would be out here face to face.

So I will make this easy for you. At Invictus if you want a shot at my EoW Heavyweight championship just show up. I’ll be there and I will kick your ass just like I did at Wrestle Elite.

And if you think you have a chance at Lisa, she will be hidden away real nice so you can’t even think about finding her.

Diamond tosses the mic into the crowd as Seb comes from behind.






*Zac Taylor is seen backstage sitting on an equipment box after his fatal four way match with a towel resting on his shoulders.*

Zac: It’s a strange feeling being back here on Fusion even if it’s for this one night. It’s strange but I still feel that electricity in the air here. It’s not like Rush’s air but it feels good to have done a match here again. This will always feel like a home to me. I didn’t get the win tonight but everything went to plan. I wanted to win but it wasn’t my goal. My goal was to not get pinned at all costs. I made it out of there without getting pinned so I’m a little bummed of course with the loss but I’m leaving tonight a happy man because that was still a win in my eyes.

*Zac smiles a bit.*

Zac: I also got to meet some of the guys in the locker room and some of them I could tell didn’t really care but some actually congratulated me on this beauty.

*Zac pats the Intercontinental Championship that is laying next to him.*

Zac: There was a certain face I sadly didn’t get to see face to face but soon I hope Mikey and I will be looking across the ring at each other. Just gotta say I love being the IC champ. It shows everyone that doubts me that I back up what I say everyday and me becoming a champ has put an even bigger target on my back but I love it. I’ve already got some much needed attention to this title and it hasn’t even been a month since I won this. I already had a defense against Pitbull, which everyone knows is a former world champion but it’s inevitable that people backstage will still talk about me and say every time I win it’s a fluke, he’s bad for business when in reality I lose not that often if anyone cares to check the record books. So Trent please check some facts before you try and call me out, I get it you are desperate but come on man when I see someone that deserves a shot or actually pins me in that ring then don’t waste my time. I know who deserves shots and who doesn’t, I watch every match while I’m backstage I know who my enemies and threats are. Sadly I’m going to be brutally honest Trent you just aren’t one of my threats right now. Speaking of that, Showtime you fall in the same boat my guy. Tonight James will beat you and then on Rush no matter who your partner is me and James will debut as a team and come out on top. We have already prepared for that tag match and trust me it will be a bit of a fight but we all know how it ends. Catch you guys on Rush.


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