FUSION Season 6×11



Fusion opens with Amir standing in the middle of the ring. The former briefcase holder paced around with a mic in hand as he was relentlessly jeered by the EoW audience.

Amir: Why, Amir?  Why betray Mike Diamond? Why attempt a cash in when you promised to wait until WrestlElite?

Amir: The real question is…why not?

Amir: Diamond is an arrogant bastard who thinks of only himself. He doesn’t care about any of you. All he cares about is the EoW Heavyweight Championship

Amir: He’ll sacrifice friends and family to stay at the top. Just look at his son? A casualty of Diamond’s greed. Hell, look at all the beatings I took to defend Diamond. 

Amir: But no more. I’m on a mission to expose Mike Diamond for the garbage that he is. He’s got you all. Brainwashed. Hell…you’re even cheering on Kerry Briggs now?! After all he’s done??!

Amir took a deep breath and signed.

Amir: Mike Diamond and Kerry Briggs are a disease. A disease that is slowly but surely killing the brand that I love. It’s on me to save Fusion. If they are the disease, then from here on out…I am The Cure.

The scene comes to a close with a view of Amir putting on a wide grin.




The camera is watching Stephen Matthews working on his computer. He is stressing out about Wrestle Elite trying to piece together the perfect card. A knock is at his door as he stops working and pops his head up.

Matthews: Come in the door is opened.

The door creeps open as Mike Diamond walks into the office. He props the Heavyweight championship on the desk of Matthews.

Diamond: Amir versus Diamond is booked for Wrestle Elite, now does that mean his briefcase is good to use before that or is it done now?

That coward announced last week it would be Wrestle Elite, but turned around and tried to cash in at the end of the show. What is going on here?

Matthews: Well yes it is officially done. He handed it to me earlier today when he arrived so there will be no more attempts on his part. You will stand across from him at Wrestle Elite once again.

Diamond: That is fine. We tore the house down last year, so be expecting the roof to be blown off once again, but this time it’s for that.

Diamond points to the Heavyweight championship on the table.

Diamond: But I want to be the one to decide the match. You see last year we had a steel cage, we need to top that. We need excitement here in the title picture. We need something that will stand out forever in the history books.

Matthews: That sounds great. Think of it some more and let me know what you come up with.

Diamond: Perfect, one more thing. Have you seen Seb? I owe that man an ass whooping tonight since he dodged me.

Matthews: I haven’t seen him arrive yet, but I know he will be here tonight.

Diamond: Okay perfect I will make sure to get my hands on him for sure. Now one last thing. You said you want a stacked Wrestle Elite right?

Matthews: What did you have in mind?

Diamond: How about a tag title match.

Matthews rubs his chin listening to Diamond.

Diamond: I almost became a triple crown champion. It is something I would love to accomplish here, and what better way than me finding a partner and taking down Golden Age at Wrestle Elite.

Matthews: Hmmmmm. That does sound interesting.

Diamond is about to start talking as Kerry Briggs walks into the office. He walks right up to Diamond. He notices the Heavyweight championship on the desk and laughs a little.

Briggs: First night back on Fusion and I get to see that little gem. The problem is who’s currently holding it. Diamond the next time I come for that beauty there’ll be no more mind games no more back stage attacks no more beating on your kid. Just one man staring across to another man knowing they’re about to go to war. With only one man leaving the arena on their two feet!

Diamond: I don’t mind going to war any day of the week.

Diamond and Briggs just continue to stare at each other.

Diamond: Actually now that you mention it, I saw the card for tonight. You don’t have me booked, Briggs are you free tonight?

Briggs glares at Diamond

Briggs: For what exactly?

Diamond: Both Amir and Seb were both off the card as well tonight.

Matthews: So what do you want then.

Diamond: So we are free. Briggs you want to kick some ass tonight?

Briggs: I’m always free to beat up on Amir and Seb some more!

Matthews: Fine tonight you and Briggs can team together to fight Seb and Amir in our main event. And as far as your tag team championship request, find a partner then come back to me.

Diamond grabs the Heavyweight championship and then Briggs and Diamond just stare at each other. Diamond has a huge grin on his face as the camera fades away.








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