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    Salty Savage

    Whats up guys my name is Salty Savage im 19 and i’ve been playing wwe games since Smackdown Just Bring It. I joined this league because like much of you all i am a competitor and love being known as the best in something. I usually work weekend nights usually at 10 Friday Saturday and Sunday but my schedule is subject to change. Regardless it’ll be fun meeting you and all im looking forward to some great matches.


    Sounds great dude, My gamertag is Mayhem762.

    Please join the parties, the door is always open.

    Been working on the show for the past week including on getting my PC back to streamin standards so sorry for my delay getting around to you.


    what is you Gamertag


    good to have you man ill be looking forward to what you end up doing here in EoW and remember to join the parties to get your training done.

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