PS4 Match Editing Guide

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    Dennis Black

    Greetings, nerds. With tons of help from a fellow newcomer to EoW (Guy Boone), here is another guide that will help PS4 players put their matches together from their console. This will probably be an easy read if you’ve already had a chance to look at the PS4 Match recording guide that can be found HERE

    For those of us that don’t have a computer to insert theme music for our matches or place clips in a certain order, there is a Ps4 app called ‘Sharefactory’ that will allow you to do almost all of the things that window movie maker does. In some ways, Sharefactory has more / better features than Windows movie maker. The best part is, sharefactory is free. You can pretty much handle most of your eow things from the ps4.


    To start off you will need to go into the playstation settings and scroll down to Sharing and Broadcasts. picture(1):

    once in there it will give you a few options, you want option length of clip. This allows you to choose between footage length, you will have 30 seconds, 1,3,5,10,15,30 and 60 minutes to choose from. 60 is the best one to use if you enjoy recording large amounts of film from other games. picture(2):

    Once this is done you are ready to start up a game. When you have the footage you want hit the share button on your controller then select save video clip or hit share button then square to save time.

    Now that you have that sorted you can open sharefactory then click new project, this will open a window with a bunch of themes to choose from first, just select one(doesn’t matter which one it’s mainly for save name which you can change to whatever when the window for that pops up) and it’ll take you to the next part. picture(3):

    Once you’ve chosen your theme you can select the video/s you recorded but first deselect the start and end thematic buffers so the video once finished doesn’t have a 30 second video of the ps4 symbol at the start or end. picture(4&5):

    You will find that your recording will have about 5 to 10 minutes of getting ready stuff going on like game loading waiting on opponent etc, so now you want to trim it down. pictures(6&7):

    Once you’ve trimmed down your video you are ready to export to gallery, to do this you need to hit circle on your control and a little bar of options will pop up. picture(8):

    Once you start exporting you should see this loading screen. picture(9):

    That’ll finish and you’ll get this window, just hit share later. picture(10):

    Then you can hit start and save project and exit(although once you’ve exported the video there’s no need to save unless you feel it’s a great video). picture(11):

    Now close the sharefactory application and go to your capture gallery. picture(12&13):

    In the sharefactory folder find the recent video you exported and hit start on the controller this will bring up the a bunch of options, main one we’re using is copy to usb. I was unable to capture a picture for this as it kept trying to share the video.

    Once the clip is saved to your usb you can then put it onto a PC/Laptop and run it through Handbrake compression program then upload that to Google Drive which will give you a link to then copy/paste into the thread you need it to be in. The more you use sharefactory, the easier it will become. The app will become second nature and you’ll be able to use some of the more advanced features. Enjoy!

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