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    Tyson Toni

    My name is Trey Toni and my gt is XxYertInotxX it’s an I btw people get it confused because on Xbox it looks different it looks like a l but anyway I’m 15 and I’ve been doing leagues since 2015 and I read the rules and stuff and I want to join I’m currently in the N1! league and wanted to try something new. Hope I can join. 🙃


    Hey there Trey.

    We will get you squared away as soon as we can. I am currently in a open party but I am putting together our PPV.

    Just do your best to be mature, be respectable of others and treat others as you want to be treated.

    You get “WHAT YOU PUT IN”, meaning if you promo and are prompt to get your matches done you should have no problem getting a shot at some gold here in EoW.

    My GT: Is Mayhem762.

    Welcome to EoW bud.

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