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    Wanted to take the time out to say hello to everyone in the community and hope you are all well. I am 18 years old and have been playing WWE games since i was about 7. I am hoping to bring some great times here and and to help make the locker room nice and lively. Oh and dont forget, im bringing a massive can of Whop Ass too 😉


    Welcome to EoW dude! My gamertag is Mayhem762.

    Please join the parties to start your training on the rules, the door is always open. What is your Gamertag?

    Been working on the show for the past week including on getting my PC back to streaming standards so sorry for my delay getting around to you.


    welcome to EoW and ill be looking forward to what you bring i always love new stuff to read and see and like Mayhem said join the xbox live parties and get your training done that way you can get booked asap.

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