Fusion 5.23.17 @ The University of Phoenix Stadium

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     Elite Online Wrestling presents



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    *The camera fades in and we see Bruce ‘Da Juice’ Perry lounging backstage. He is relaxed and lounging on a couch without a care in a world. Bobby Akada walks into camera range and stands over Bruce.*

    Akada: (Calm) Juice, what are you doing? You have a match coming up.

    Perry: (Stretches) I’m maxing and relaxing. Tonight is a easy night for me and there is no worries.

    Akada: You’re competing against a champion tonight. How is tonight easy?

    Perry: (Yawns) That’s easy, he’s not a threat or even on my potential radar.

    Akada: But Juice….

    Perry: (Cuts Bobby off) But nothing. Now if you excuse me, it’s my nap time.

    *Bruce turns away from the camera and lays down. Bobby walks out of camera range as the camera fades out,*

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    * A limo pulls up and out steps the Elite World Champion The Villian himself Baine. As Baine shuts the door on the limo Chang Lee approaches Baine *

    Chang Lee: Welcome to fusion champ but why are you hear tonight?

    Baine: Chang do you realize that I’m the Elite World Champion which means I can show up where ever and whenever I want even if I’m not booked to beat some pathetic bitch here in this locker room or on Rush.

    Chang Lee: Fair enough..my next question is what are your plans on beating the number one contender Bully T?

    Baine: Seriously you think I’m gonna reveal my end goals with you or any of these asshats out in that crowd…But I will tell you all this by the end of the night Bully T will be the only one to be bullied and as I stand over him with MY!! Elite World Championship and as I’m standing over you I’m gonna look down and spit in your damn face.

    * Baine pushes Lee out of his way as he walks off and camera fades black *

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    *The camera fades in and we see David Jackson sitting backstage. He is at Poseidon’s Fury just sitting by himself. Save for the Bucky the barkeep who is trying to get a rise out of him.*

    Bucky: (Grinning) So, the scientist said to his son: ‘That’s not ugly molecule, that’s my wife.’ (Laughs while D-Jack sits there silent) Come on first mate, why so glum?

    Jackson: (Drinks and sighs) I haven’t heard from Captain Baxter in over a week, I have a giant bulls eye on my back, and I broke the rudder chain for the ship.

    Bucky: (Raises his eyebrow) What was Captain doing last when you spoke to him?

    Jackson: (Thinks for a second) He was drinking rum at the hideout from his private stash. The next morning, he was gone without a word or letter of direction.

    Bucky: That’s unlike Chris. Why do you have a giant bulls eye on your back?

    Jackson: (Reaches to his left and raises the title) I’m the EOW G1 Champion. Every single light heavyweight is gunning for me and looking to add a feather in their cap. I’ve seen a few lying in wait, just waiting to pounce.

    Bucky: (Nods) Such is the price for wearing the gold. (Curious) How did you break the rudder chain for the ship? That’s reinforced chain mate.

    Jackson: (Groans) I took it off a few nights ago to let it sit in a solution to clean all the gunk off of it. I went out of town and forgot about it. If you let it sit in there too long, the chain links start to weaken. I didn’t know that. I put it back on the rudder and the helm, and it snapped before I left the pier.

    Bucky: (Chuckles) That does sound like you. Well, it’s last call. I’ll see you soon D-Jack.

    Jackson: Thanks for the chat Bucky, have a good night.

    *D-Jack stands up. leaves some deplumes on the counter, and walks out of camera range as the camera fades out.*

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    The camera is focused on the Women’s locker room door. A large tan hand pushes the door open and enters with the camerawoman. The ladies notice the large male figure and all scream and cover up. The camera pans to show Daniel Xavier as the man that entered, and he’s is now covering up his eyes with both hands.

    Daniel: Oh God, sorry ladies… honestly you girls are never booked so I didn’t think you’d actually be getting undressed in here–

    Alexia Cummings: Get out, Dane! Wrong locker room… I think…

    Daniel: Please, I need a moment with you ladies… I’m a married man, I promise I won’t release any doves in here.

    Kota Rain: Hell, you better not!

    Rebecca Rose: *gasp* Ew.

    Daniel: Would he help if I turned around?

    The former Elite World Champion turns around facing away from the Women of the Elite and uncovers his eyes, breathing a stressed sounding sigh.

    Daniel: You all know my wife, Jasmine. She is someone who has been a force as the Women’s Division ambassador since Mr. Mayhem brought you ladies to EoW. Your Women’s Champion has taken that inspirational woman and has held her hostage. Lady Bathory and Ghost are torturing her and they are unrelenting.

    I know I’ve done some wicked things in the past to a lot of people, but it was the way they fought back that brought them to their salvation! Just like I fought back from my own adversity! And just like I am going to fight this until the bitter end at Blacklist where I will face Ghost in an Elite Asylum Match!

    The audience can be heard popping the in the background.

    Daniel: The entire Women’s Division needs to step up and combat their champion and show the entire world why you are the women of the Elite Era. Don’t do it for me, do it for Jasmine.

    Daniel walks out of the Women’s locker room as the ladies look around at each other looking sympathetic for Daniel.

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    * Baine is seen sitting in a private area watching tonight’s fusion while eating some popcorn *

    *talks to himself*

    Baine: I swear watching these losers here on Fusion can really put a champ to sleep.

    *Baine gets up and walks over to a shelf*

    Baine: Now where is it..no that’s not it * throws a case on the ground * nope your not it but you are a good one * throws another case on the ground this one can be made out as history of… *

    * Baine continues to look for the right case as he finally comes across the right case *

    Baine: Ah here it is…finally!!!

    *Baine walks back to the tv and turns off fusion as it’s worse then watching two u.k guys wrestle *

    Baine: Now that I’m about to watch a whole lot better programming I can finally stay awake. The video of the night is the fatal four way at battlegrounds where yours truly became the Elite World Champion.

    * Baine sits back and watches the end of fatal four way match over and over as the camera fades black *

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    After the match phalen ask the ring attendant to pass him a mic

    Phalen: 1st let me say tucker that was 1 hell of a match and you too the ass whoopin like a true eow superstar ,

    But nonetheless it was an ass whooping and you like I said on rush were the 1st step in my quest for a match with that piece of shit world elite champion baine , he talks as slot of shot saying I’m not in this class but buy I’ve only gotten better while you have gotten lazy . You forgotten what got you to the top of the heap and that was the hard work you out in over the years.

    EoW universe I’m here promising all of you that a new Era is upon us , the same old people on top of EoW need a wake up call and that wake up call is me .

    So Ghost ,David Jackson,Daniel xavier , and you baine ,

    I hopened your happy boys you just made the shit list and I’m coming to take you boys out 1 by one .

    Anyone of you boys wanna show up at the next fusion or the next rush my dance card is wide open ,but I would t gold my breathe for any of you 4 to show up cause none of you have the nuts , matter of fact you 4 do t have a pair between you .

    We all know your the protected 4 , so fear not my faithful no matter what piece of the rash the rash hey out me in front of I will destroy them ,as I all in going anywhere .

    Phalen drops the mic .

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    *Matthew Cleveland is seen in the dirtiest part of parking garage where he hangs up his punching bag and begins to train where he lays hard devastating blows to it thanking about Dave rose Matthew Cleveland*

    Matthew: I have been the most dominant, i’ve been the most fearless, i’ve been the most reckless, I have been the most dangerous competitor in EoW, and so many people have felt the pain and the suffering from the Big MC.

    *Matthew Cleveland begins to think about how the cards have been stacked against him with everything he has accomplished lately.*

    Matthew: I will show Unbearing dominance, I will show not mercy, and I will never ever show forgiveness to those who are sorry to face me, and that’s why tonight Dave rose will learn. That I am not to be fucked with whith you try to take food off of my table

    Matthew Cleveland than continues to train laying punches and kicks to his punching bag.

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    Dustin Weaver watches the replay of last weeks match against Matthew Cleveland and hits himself because of his stupidity.

    Weaver: I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but what happened last week wasn’t me. I mean it was me and all, but I was t 100%. Backstage I after the match Shadow and Wells told me it was ok, but it wasn’t..

    Once again I was so close to a title and I fucked it all up. I let my opponent get in my head and choked for what, like the thousandth time. Tonight on Fusion the Jetset Champion faces someone who doesn’t deserve a title shot and his name is Dave Rose.

    Whoever wins tonight and I hope it’s Cleveland because I want to get my my hands on you for that title again! Good luck champ

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    The interviewer is patiently waiting on Jeremy Barmore, the camera man tell her that he is just around the corner, so she goes ahead and begins.

    Interviewer – Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Jeremy Ba…………

    The interviewer stops in shock, as Jeremy looks different from the last time he was seen. But, he proceeds to pick up the Mic and ask the interviewer to kindly step aside.  He proceeds to say..

    Jeremy – What’s going on my people, I know what your thinking, and yeah, I went and got a little ink, cut my hair, changed up a few things, and now ya boi is back.

    Ever since my last match at battleground, I have been trying to figure out, what is the next chapter for Jeremy Barmore? And it wasn’t until just recently I had figured that out. I AM…… gonna be a champion in EoW, the FUSION CHAMPION!!! So Mr. Alex Andrews, I challenge you to a match for your championship, I just hope your man enough to accept it.

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    The camera pans to another location in the backstage area where Daniel Xavier is power walking while holding his back.

    Daniel: Ghost! Show yourself!

    Daniel continues walking searching as he passes Eric Phalen getting a cup of coffee. Phalen looks up in time to see Daniel.

    Phalen: So what’s the deal bud? What about that challenge, eh?

    Daniel turns his attention to Phalen. His eyebrows furl as he remembers hearing what Phalen said earlier. He walks up to Phalen and gets right in his face, looks down at the cup of coffee, then back to looking Phalen in the eye. Daniel smacks the cup of coffee out of Phalen’s hand, still staring him in the eye. After a moment, Dane walks off, continuing his search for Ghost as Phalen watches him leave, looking stunned.

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