EoW Rush LIVE @ Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ

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    EoW Presents

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    *Dustin Weaver and Eric Shadow make their way down to the ring with the beautiful tag team titles around their waist. The two men get up on the apron and jump into the ring as Shadow grabs a mic from the cameraman*

    Shadow: Ladies and gentlemen, the Society is back and tonight will be like no other. It has been a long two weeks since we have been here but God dammit the time has come to defend to EoW tag titles against… (Shadow scratches his head and Weaver looks around confused) “Absolute Zero”. Umm, two guys who haven’t been a team in about two years. Man what happened, we beat the DOA and now they’re bringing guys back from the past? Who’s next, Crunk Juice?!

    *Weaver walks to the corner of the ring and falls to his knees, laughing hysterically.*

    Shadow: Calm yourself down Dustin, don’t get yourself worked up over my not so funny joke. (Shadow turns his attention back to the audience and to the people at home) Now back to what I was saying. Summerbrawl is going to be the hottest night of year because the Society will walk out still your EoW tag team champions.

    Weaver(picks himself back up and walks over to Shadow, getting close to the mic) Now that I can finally catch my breathe, I have something to tell Dave Rose. (Weaver pauses, taking the mic out of Shadows hand) Tonight I’m going to show how great of a competitor I really am and why we are the tag team champions!(The Camerman zooms in on the tag titles as Shadow and Weaver smile) Good luck tonight Rose… you’re going to need it!

    *Weaver and Shadow both roll out of the ring and walk up ramp, flaunting their titles around and flipping off the fans ‘boo-ing’ them*
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    Eric Phalen vs Caine


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    The Cameras Opens up in the backstage area as The DOA are waiting in the interview area.

    The Mountain: You know Rurik ever sense we no longer have the Tag Team titles, people seem to be getting a little bit snarky, acting like a bunch of chuckle heads. So tonight in a open invitational, anyone who thinks lesser of us, that we aren’t as strong or powerful. Step right up!

    Rurik: That Society! You need to watch your backs because we are coming for those belts! We want them back! Even if we have to walk away with your limp dead carcass still attached to them.

    The Mountain: So who ever comes out to that ring tonight just know one thing!

    Rurik: Your DEAD ON ARRIVAL!!!

    Cameras fade back to ringside as The D.O.A leave the interview area.

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    Alex Andrews vs Eric Shadow


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    *Baines heads out to the ring with a microphone in his hand. Baine gets to the ring and enters under the top rope and walks to the middle of the ring*

    Baine: Tonight I got a special announcement even though you scumbag in this filthy disgusting city don’t deserve a special treat.

    *EoW crowd boo’s Baine as he stands in the ring with a smile*

    Baine: Now you see I know a little secret..You know that masked individual that attacked me after the brutal match that me and that fake ass bitch Bully T had at our last pay-per-view and by the way come my rematch I will take back what is rightfully mine.

    Baine: But back on subject..not only did this individual attack me but on fusion he attacked Pitbull and Scotty Lassiter also on top of that he tried attacking my ole pal Dane Xavier.

    Baine: Now all you dumbasses are probably scratching your asses trying to figure out who I’m referring to…well the wait is now over..

    *Baine goes quiet for a moment as he makes the EoW crowd wait for the answer to who the masked attacker is*

    Baine: Okay before I tell you idiots let me ask you one thing..

    Baine: Who is the one man who kisses your beloveded champion Bully T ass more then even all of you idiots sitting on your fat asses here in the crowd and at home?

    Baine: Okay stop thinking before you idiots develop brain damage..i’ll be the “good guy” and tell you..

    Baine: That one man is obviously Todd Jones…seriously think about it isn’t it a tad funny that I was the only one that night to get attacked.

    Baine: Yea let that sink in for a minute…Bully I’m on to you…you scared little bitch. I know you been having your little boyfriend play dress up and sneak in to EoW and attack “random” guys since that’s the only way he can get back in to this ring.

    Baine: Bully like I said earlier come my rematch I will regain My!! Elite World Championship and there isnt anything you or your pal can do about it..so while you are holding onto my championship why dont you polish that up real good for me like the little cunt you are..

    *Baine drops the Mic and leaves the Rush ring and walks up the ramp as his music plays him out*

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    The D.O.A Open Challenge


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    *The camera fades in and we see David Jackson sitting backstage. He is at Poseidon’s Fury drinking grog. He does not look like his usual self and Matt the bartender walks into camera range from the right.*

    Matt: (Calm) Come on David, stop doing this to yourself.

    Jackson(Depressed) Why should I? My captain is gone, the ship has sailed, and I’m all alone. Why would this happen to me? O captain, my captain.

    Matt: D-Jack, you shouldn’t be drinking your problems away, you should be looking forward to the future.

    Jackson(Groans) Why’s that? I’m short one tag team partner, I’m stuck aground like a landlubber, and I’m the last pirate of EOW.

    Matt(Dull look) You’re now repeating yourself, stop it. You’re the EOW G1 Champion, you’ve been undefeated since winning it, and you got a long career ahead of you.

    Jackson: More like a short one if I choose to end it right here. Going out as champion and on a winning streak, (Smiles) that sounds like a good recipe to me.

    Matt(Shakes his head) That’s just the depression talking. What advice would you tell your past self that’s just starting to train?

    Jackson(Without missing a beat) Give up, it ain’t worth it. All the training, the sacrifices, the heart ache, the travel, the broken bones, the time on the sidelines, etc. It’s just not worth it.

    Matt: (Annoyed) What about making it in various companies, the unrivaled title history, the impacts, the memorable feuds, the moments that stand out even today, and all of your crazy fans?

    Jackson(Raises his eyebrow) What are you talking about? I don’t have any fans.

    *It starts low, but then it grows the fans are starting to cheer D-Jack! Clap clap clap! D-Jack! Clap clap clap! Both Matt and D-Jack turn towards the nearest arena door.*

    Matt(Smiles) What do you call that?

    Jackson(Takes a drink) They’re the voices in my head.

    Matt(Comes from behind the bar) Come on, you insecure scallywag.

    Jackson(Matt takes him by the arm) Huh? Whoa!

    *The camera cuts to the ramp way and D-Jack comes out from behind the curtain. The fans are cheering and happy to see him. David is in shock and has no idea what to do. After a moment or two, he motions for a mic, walks towards the edge of the stage, and sits down.*

    Jackson(Chuckles) Do you know how hard it is to stay depressed with you guys going like this? All of you are overwhelming. (Puts his hands together and bows) Thank you very much. You make me happy to be alive and out here. Still, I have no idea where to go from here. Matt, the lovely bartender, said what advice would I give the past version of me who is just starting? Now that I am in front of you, the answer has changed. (Thoughtfully) It is now let history and the classics inspire you. That is something that hmmm (The wheels start to turn in D-Jack’s head) I think I just inspired myself. Enjoy the rest of Rush folks. I have some digging to do.

    *David Jackson gets up and walks through the curtain as the camera fades out.*

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    Dave Rose vs Dustin Weaver


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    Cameras open up backstage as EoW’s new tag team The New Breed are shaking things off after their defeat from The D.O.A . 

    Bobby Akada– hey guys get I just a couple words with you?

    The New Breed– Ya sure what’s up Bob?

    Bobby Akada– What are your thoughts tonight after losing to the DOA in your guys debut.

    Darren Xavier– Lost we did not lose tonight even though the ref count are shoulders down for the 123 we still but hearts out there in that eow ring we will do again and again until we get are message out to everyone here .

    Myles Reynolds-Bob we have been fighting like brothers since we were toddlers we would scratch and claw for everything we had and now we are on the best stage of them all EoW fighting in front of all those fans and even now hearing their chants even after I lost makes me want to earn not just the wrestlers respect but also those fans respect and I bet that’s the same for Darren.

    Darren– yep

    Myles Reynolds– so ya we lost but as young talent going against the DOA like that We’re happy with that performance.

    Bobby– well thanks for time gentlemen and we will be going back to the action.

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    Randall Crowe vs T-Mark


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    Crowe walk out from the curtain from his match with T-Mark. While he is walking he pulls out a cigarette and lighter. He lights it and begins to speak.

    Crowe: Yeah I lost but I don’t care. But let this be known to everybody else, whoever steps in the ring with me, you will feel everything that I feel everyday.

    My pain, my past, my life, my everything. Your life will not be the same after I’m done with you.

    Painting the world of EoW black will happen when I get each soul from these imbisuls called “stars”. Now get out of face.

    He puts the cigarette out on the camera and walks out.


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    EoW Rush Championship[wpdevart_youtube]QY2oCGXJvx8[/wpdevart_youtube]

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