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    *The cameras are rolling and lights comes on as marco is in a interview with Bobby Akadaas the reporter starts talking to him*

    Bobby Akada: So Marco charming ur first debut match with Jeremy barmore didn’t go as plan how do you feel bout that

    Marco: well all I can say is I try my best and putting in work looking forward to more match and ppvs *smile*

    Bobby Akada: Oh speaking of PPV u are going to be in the royal rumble

    Marco: yes I am and I’m so looking forward to it being EOW is like a dream of mine

    Bobby Akada: Well thank u so much for having this interview and looking forward to hear more from you

    Marco: no thank u so much for having me!

    *shakes the reporters hand as we smile n wave at everyone then I walk off*

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    The lights in The Barclays Center in Brooklynn, New York start to dim. The once loud arena filled with children and adults of all ages was completely silent.

    The elitetron flashes to a room backstage with grey concrete walls and a flickering light.

    Eric Shadow walks into frame while running his hand through his red hair. Dustin Weaver walks in from the opposite side, standing next to Shadow.

    Jacob Wells places the camera down on a tripod and walks into frame and sitting down in a steel chair in the back.

    Shadow: Patriot Games. The night where we support the troops and show all these great brave young men and women what wrestling looks like. But… this might sound bad but tonight is all about the Society.

    Tonight all three of us are going to take this place and burn it down to the ground. First, we have me and Weaver. DOA, those belts are going to have a new home and better people to represent the tag team division.

    Two “big stars” like the Mountain and Rurik?! Yeah I don’t think so. (Wells and Weaver laughing)

    After we beat them, the three of us will takeover that rumble and one of us will be at the main event of WrestlElite. The Society is more than the future of EoW. We are EoW. So people stand up. Rise up for your EoW stars of FOREVER.

    Weaver(places an arm around Shadow as Wells sits back) Shadow said exactly what i was thinking. We are going to beat the DOA tonight and show the whole Barclay Arena that we shouldn’t be messed with.

    We wont be know as the underdogs after tonight, but we will be known as the new tag team champs!

    Wells: Tonight The Society has gold on their mind as we take on the DOA and I will be winning The Elite Rumble for the second time and this time come WrestlElite I will be the new world champ.


    *Wells is twitching a bit as cameras fade out from The Societies locker room*

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    Backstage Rachel Parsons catches up with Eric Phalen,

    Parsoms. Eric can I get your thoughts on tonight’s patriot games, as well as your thoughts on your match with David Jackson for the G1 title?

    Phalen. Well Rachel ,tonight is going to be 1 of thee greatest nights in Eon history ,tonight I take the G1 title away from that dirty pirate , then after that I’ll go into the elite rumble, and walkout with a shot at wrestle elite for the elite world title .

    Parsons. Those are some pretty bold statements, you said this last time you fought David Jackson and you didn’t quite deliver ,what’s so different this time .?

    Phalen. Listen I handed David Jackson all he could handle that match, that’s why he wanted to get past me and move on as fast as he could , but like I told him WE AINT DONE YET , I’m ready this time I’m more prepared than ever .

    Parsons. So if you win the elite rumble tonight who would you prefer to face for the title at wrestle elite Baine or bully t ?

    Phalen. WHEN I win the G1 title tonight as well as the elite rumble No matter who wins the championship , I’ll give the lose a G1 title shot at wrestle elite.

    Parsons.  Thanks for your time.

    Just then Bryan Dunphy walks over to Phalen and whispers something,Phalen nods his head and they leave heading to the locker room.

    Camera fades out as they enter .


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    EoW Tag Team Championship

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    The Society vs The D.O.A *C*


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    Jeremy is looking straight into a camera in the back getting ready for tonight. He takes a deep breathe…..

    Jeremy: The time is here, the time is now, it’s the event we all have been waiting for, tonight is the Elite Rumble.

    The biggest opportunity in the history EoW lies right in front of us, 30 men all fighting for the richest prize in our business, the EoW Elite World Championship.

    Tonight will be historic, tonight you will all know who the best is, and all of us will know who will punch their ticket to the main event of WrestlElite.

    Jeremy pauses and listens as the rowdy crowd is getting pumped and ready for this match.

    Jeremy: Now there are a whole lot of people that will stand here and say that they will win this whole thing no matter what number they draw, well tonight I’m not gonna be that guy.

    The man that wins tonight is gonna be the one that shows more drive, determination, more guts, more heart than anyone else.

    The winner of this match will earn it, and believe me, I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure that man is The J-Bird, Jeremy Barmore

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    *The camera fades in and David Jackson is standing backstage. He is in his wrestling gear and tweeting on his phone.

    He looks up and pans from left to right.

    He appears to be waiting for someone. You can hear footsteps walking down the hallway and Eric Phalen walks into camera range.

    David hands him a microphone*

    Phalen: (Serious) So, that’s it? You don’t want for our match to settle things? You want to brawl right now?!?! Let’s brawl!

    *Phalen gets in a fighting stance while David holds up his hands.*

    Jackson: (Slight smile) You got that half right Eric. I do want to fight, but not with fists. (Phalen stops the fighting stance) No, it is your brain I want to fight.

    Phalen: (Confused) What the h e double hockey sticks are you going on about?

    Jackson: (Officially) I herby challenge you to a rap battle.

    *Both men and the crowd burst out laughing. Even the camera man loses it for a moment.*

    Phalen: (Recovering from laughing) You do realize we’re both pasty faced pecker woods? I have better things to do with my time.

    *Phalen starts to walks out of camera range and you can hear his footsteps.*

    Jackson: (Recovered from laughing and sighs) Go ahead and walk away. It’s true what they say about Canada. All they export is snow, maple syrup, and cowards. (The footsteps stop) Oh well, if you are too stupid to rise to the challenge, then…

    *Phalen rushes back into camera range with a raged look on his face.*

    Phalen: (Fuming) No body insults my intelligence and calls me a coward! I’ll school you Canadian Style.

    Jackson: (Claps his hands) Oh, goody. Remember, use actual English and not your Canadian alphabet. I’ll start.

    Jackson: D-Jack here, to show you how it’s done.
    When it comes to training, endurance, skills, you got none.
    I’m a good southern boy, you’re a dopey hockey nerd.
    I’m a man of the people, you belong in a herd.
    You think you’re ready for the D-Jack.
    I’ll hit you will my thick, hick match stick, sharp wit, admit.
    You can’t handle this, you should’ve just said no.
    The match has already started and the crowd is screaming K.O.

    Phalen: D-Jack. your shit is weak.
    I heard all your shit on Fallon last week.
    I told this Canadian boy is lit.
    Did I tell you your skills are really shit?
    Want the straight up truth? I’m go on a let you in.
    The only reason you beat me is cause I let you win .
    I’m never around and if I was I’d be world champ ,
    Not playing games with you while you count your food stamps.
    You think the crowd was screaming for you saying “KO?”
    Nah son everyone knows D-Jack is Canadian owned.

    Jackson: Is that the best you’ve got for me?
    Get out of my presence, you little flea.
    When you are side by side, you can’t compare.
    One look at you is all anyone can bear.
    I called the white pages, you’re real last name is Creeper.
    The only thing you’ve made excited is a pager.
    Give up now Eric, go home, you’re done.
    It’s like fighting a child, all too easy, no fun.
    I’m a blade expert and a master of the rum.
    Dr. psychiatrist mentalist, I know inadequacies when I see thum.

    Phalen: D-Jack I can’t believe your still here.
    I thought you’d jump back in the closet and hide for the rest of the year .
    You were told this just a few minutes ago.
    I own you didn’t you get the memo?
    You say my last name is creeper?
    You got it all wrong it says Alabama’s Crypt Keeper.
    I’m gonna bury you in the ring.
    At the end of the night, it will be me holding that bling.
    You must be delusional, thinking that your a Dr.,expert, and fighting me is like fighting a child?
    Your more like a psychiatrist mental patient that’s been off the meds for quite awhile .
    Now that this rap battle is over and it couldn’t happen faster ,
    Why don’t you look at the TV D-Jack and see what my brother Bryan Dunphy did to your tag partner that little bitch Chris Baxter.

    *David punches Phalen in the face and rushes to Baxter’s aid as the camera feed changes.*

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    Crowe is walking around the backstage area plotting out his way to win the rumble.

    Crowe: Losing the Rush title ruined everything for me. My life, my look, my attitude. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. Without having gold and being on top, I need to win this rumble.

    I was close last year but being close just isn’t enough. I don’t care what number I am or who I have to throw out. 29 guys or just one guy this rumble is mine.

    I everybody is used to the old Crowe but just like I said on Rush, more determined, more mature.

    The name is Randall and I will face everybody to stay on top. The Elite Rumble is MINE!

    Crowe is furiously walking away waiting for his match time in the rumble.

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    EoW G1 Championship

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    Eric Phalen vs David Jackson *C*


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    Cameras open backstage as Travis Markson is walking down the hall to the locker room while Rachel Parsons stops him for a brief interview

    Rachel: T-Mark tonight you go into the EoW Elite Rumble with a lot of baggage. You have your EoW JetSet Championship Match on the next show against whom ever the Fusion Champion is.

    Is that going to cloud your judgment out there tonight?

    T-Mark: Well even though that’s a very valid point, you just can’t say in these situations. You can be considered the best but hey your hands could be too sweaty when you try to hold onto
    the ropes from being dumped over the top rope and that’s it.

    We are The Elite here Rachel, everyone has a fighting chance to win this.

    That’s the most dangerous part about this whole thing is the talent is stacked.

    So I’am going to go ahead and head back to the locker room.

    Rachel: Okay, there you have it.  Not taking anything for granted.

    See you all at ringside.

    Cameras fade out as Rachel and the camera crew leave the area

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    With the interview area being used and over crowded. Bobby Akada and the camera crew spotted Jack Action and went to catch up with the superstar. 

    Bobby Akada: Jack what are your thoughts on going to fight in what could the most important match of your career the rumble

    Jack Action: well bob going to this match I know that I’m not the only that’s gonna be fighting my ass off for winners spot that last man standing in that ring at the end of the night going on to bigger and better things.

    Bobby Akada: What number are you coming in at Jack.

    Jack Action: Your gonna have stay room and find out (eow goes back to the action!)

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    Cameras pan from backstage to the locker room where you can see some of the EoW Roster getting ready for the Elite Rumble.

    Jeremy Thomas comes out of the locker room. *The crowd cheers* Jeremy smiling & stops  for the camera. 

    Jeremy: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the North Dakota Loudmouth,The Showoff, Jeremy Thomas.

    Most people have to try hard to grab that brass ring where as I am naturally blessed the God’s gift, the gift of purely great Wrestling.

    I have the look, I have the athletic prowess, damn near all.

    But I am nothing without my fan base, I will admit that, and I will say that if you want something in life, climb that ladder to success.

    As for the EOW roster, I welcome your challenge, for I have been patiently waiting on kicking some ass here, oh it’s not cockiness, it’s confidence.

    You can bet your ass you can show that off.

    The crowd pops for the young superstar as he heads down the hall, ready for The Elite Rumble

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    EOW interviewer notices Scotty Lassiter backstage at the event, watching the show on a monitor.

    Every few seconds, Scotty flips a coin into the air and catches it. The interviewer approaches with microphone in hand.

    Interviewer: Scotty, just a quick word if we might. There’s a match tonight that has direct ramification on your Rush title and I was hoping we would get your thoughts on that. Is there anyone you’d like to face in the unification match for the new Intercontinental title?

    Scotty: Let’s see. My thoughts. My thought is that neither one of these two should get their hopes up about the IC title. Put it out of your head. Focus on getting that Jetset title or whatever that thing is.
    I said the Rush Championship would be mine and what happened? It’s mine. I’ve said the Intercontinental Championship will be mine and that aint no different.

    I see these taglines for the show and its all “OH they’ve got a chance to win this and then go on to win this and it doesn’t mean A GODDAMN THING BECAUSE THE ONLY THING YOU’RE GETTING OUT OF THIS IS THE ASSKICKING OF A LIFETIME WHEN I TAKE MY BELT!!!

    And as far as one of them trying to be like the other one and all that crap, honestly, if you aren’t trying to be me, you’re trash anyway.

    The other thing I gotta get said has to do with the Elite Rumble. Now I could stand here and go on about how I’m going to win that and go on to become the next Elite World Champion, but I’m not gonna do that, because I’m not an idiot.

    When you get that many people together in one ring, anything can happen. But God help you all if I do win because then I go after the richest prize in the game one on one, and once that happens… well then this organization, this arena, that ring, the posters on the wall and the boots in your locker… they all belong to me.

    One way or another. Sooner or later. You will look up to me and call me your champion. Because my name is Scotty Lassiter. And I am better than you.

    Cameras fade out


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    The ELITE Rumble
    All EoW active roster members will be participating in this even with a few surprises. Bully-T and Baine of course are not participating in the Rumble. All other champions will still have a opportunity.
    The Winner of the Elite Rumble will then move on to face the EoW Elite World Championship at WrestlElite!


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    Bully-T is seen backstage preparing for war when an Chang Lee approaches the Samoan beast for an interview.

    Chang: First and for most Bully I am truly sorry about what Baine had put your family through but tonight is the night for your match with him what is your strategy going into this Annihilation title match?

    Bully T looks at Chang and grabs him by the neck and raises him higher than an elephants ass with a grip on him so tight his clothes started to tear then Bully speaks.

    Bully T: If someone comes in on your family!….and brings them pain and suffering they deserve to die and that’s exactly what I plan to do!

    Bully T throws Bobby onto a table putting in through it and as Bobby lays there he looks at him….

    Bully T: And as for the Annihilation match that which you lay on top of it’s just one of the many that I will put him through!

    Bully T walks away leaving Chang Lee to pull himself off the floor in pain and agony.

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    The camera pans down the halls of the hustle and bustle of the backstage area to a door with the Golden Dove logo on it.

    The audience pops upon realization that this is none other than Daniel Xavier’s dressing room, a place EoW cameras haven’t seen in a long time.

    We transition inside to find Daniel sitting in on a throne, holding a dove in one hand and petting it with the other.

    Daniel: Do you see this, Alexander Andrews? Do you see *looks around the room* all of this?

    The camera pans around the luxurious locker room, showing expensive leather furniture, golden decorations, and a very nice catering table with everything a wrestler would desire.

    Daniel: This could all be yours Alex, you are on the cusp of earning it because tonight is make or break for me.

    The camera cuts back to Daniel.

    Daniel: You mentioned after you defeated me before that my career was over and that you are here to be the new money of EoW.
    Tonight if you manage to defeat me again, well then your statement may very well become true.
    Because if I don’t win tonight, then I’ve run into a dead end in my career while you will skyrocket on to a Jetset Championship match and a Fusion and Rush title unification match for the Intercontinental Championship at Summerbrawl.
    That would all prove that everything that you said was right.

    Daniel places the dove inside of the golden cage that sits next to his throne and leans forward to look into the camera with a smirk on his face.

    Daniel: But on the other side of the coin Alexander, if you lose, then all that you professed will be false! You will get nothing!
    You will fall back into obscurity and you will have to start all over again or flounder like all the rest that have tried to put dead end roads ahead of me!
    Meester Mehem, Baine, Latief Yosef, The Apparition Ghost, Lady Bathory, Jaysin Sensation among others have all tried to take me down, just like you Alexander, and they all have failed!

    Daniel sits back in his throne and places his hands together at the finger tips, ala Mr. Burns.

    Daniel: What will you do Alex? What will you do that is so different? Out of everyone, you need to be the one that can top so-called old money with your so-called new money.
    Let me break it down into terms that you will understand if you really know how to be a business man.

    Tonight we both have all our stock on one prize and only one of us can walk away with it all.

    I have gone unpinned in the last ten months of EoW pay-per-view. In eleven years Alex, I have been a sure thing in the wrestling e-federation industry, I have seen it all.
    Do you really think you can crash the market when you’re competing against THEE Elite veteran of e-wrestling?

    You should invest your money in steaks, because tonight Alexander, you’re done!

    Daniel stands up promptly. He goes to open the door to the cage but stops in mid stride, wagging his finger to the camera.
    The audience lets out a disappointed “awwww” as Daniel walks off.

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    * Baine is spotted in the back stretching out for his world title match against Bully T as Bobby Akada approaches with mic in hand *

    Bobby Akada: Excuse me champ may I have a moment?

    Baine: Chang if you know what’s best for you…you would leave me be.

    Bobby Akada: I’m sorry Champ but I have orders from the boss himself wants me to get a interview done with you.

    Baine: I don’t give a damn what he wants..

    Bobby Akada: Please…

    Bobby Akada: Fine you want a interview then here’s one.

    * Baine grabs Bobby Akada and picks him up in the Bainebuster and drops him on his head *

    Baine: Bully tonight I’m not just planning on beating you no…that’s not good enough for mel..no I’m gonna put you through a different kind of hell when I’m beating your punk ass to the point your gonna wish you were dead and never have crossed my path.

    Baine: Bully tonight I will be walking in as your world champion and the walking out with that new piece of gold known as the EoW Elite World Championship.

    Baine: The games are over..

    * Baine walks off after stepping on and then over Bobby Akada *

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    EoW Fusion Championship


    Daniel Xavier vs Alex Andrews *C*


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    Cameras cut back from commercial break as Kim Sanders is standing by with the 2017 EoW Elite Rumble winner Travis markson

    The crowd pops as chants begin

    T-Mark!!! *CLAP* CLAP*

    T-Mark!!! *CLAP* CLAP*

    T-Mark!!! *CLAP* CLAP*

    T-Mark!!! *CLAP* CLAP*

    T-Mark!!! *CLAP* CLAP*

    T-Mark!!! *CLAP* CLAP*

    Kim Sanders: Ladies and gentlemen T-Mark The Crowd pops with Kim BAY! BAY!

    Kim Sanders: What a unbelievable performance out there tonight Travis, obviously you always give it your all.
    There where 29 other superstars that came into that ring and you face some of the very best that where right there at the end with you.

    *T-Mark nodding along, agreeing with Kim.*

    Kim Sanders: At the  end you got tossed over the rope by Dustin Weaver and nearly eliminated. What was going through your head at that moment.

    T-Mark: Well all I could think about honestly was letting the fans down.

    *Crowd pops for T-Mark’s response*

    T-Mark: I don’t think people understand how much I live for you guys!
    This means so much to me Kim, I mean wow!
    I’am on cloud nine right now.

    Dustin Weaver I am sure feels crushed because there is a obvious rivalry that has happened and the comparison that has been made to Weaver to me.
    Honestly Dustin Weaver is his own person, with his own style ,so i don’t even understand the comparison to begin with.

    I thought that was it, normally the person to get their hands on you first at the end there is he one who usually comes out winning.

    But I did it, and now the sky is the limit for me.

    Kim Sander: So you’re set to defend against the EoW Fusion Champion Daniel Xavier for your 3rd title defense which would also grant you a shot at tonights winner of the Elite World Championship.
    It seems the odds are in your favor, win or lose.

    With this victory comes very odd circumstances as this would be a EoW first if by a chance you do defeat Daniel Xavier.

    T-Mark: Well I’m going to have to do my homework on Dane. I’m not counting the man out, he’s been through rough times and has reinvented himself.
    He also remains one of the top guys here in EoW.

    I have to think about these things Kim and it is alot to take in right now in this moment and as you said yourself can be over whelming.

    By the time Rush comes around I’am sure I’ll have my gameplan together.

    I just hope one thing.

    Kim Sanders: And what’s that?

    T-Mark: Baine, I’am coming for you. I just hope you retain tonight so we have the chance at doing this again on the biggest stage WrestlElite.

    Kim, you take care. It’s time for me to go to my meet and greet and celebrate with my people.

    Kim Sanders: Thank you Travis and congratulations on the big win tonight.

    T-Mark: Thank you Kim.

    Kim Sanders shaking Travis Markson’s hand has he leaves the interview area as cameras go back to ringside as we get ready for our main event

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    EoW Elite World Championship

    EoW Elite World Championship1

    Bully-T vs Baine *C*


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