EoW Fusion 8.30.17 in Louisville, KY!

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     Elite Online Wrestling presents



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    *The camera fades in and we are backstage at the KFC Yum! Center. We see Chris Baxter and David Jackson sitting at table with a feast in front of them. They are chowing down, laughing, and enjoying themselves. Chris begins to speak.*

    Baxter: Earlier, I tried to grab some fog. I mist.

    Jackson: (Laughing) Good one Captain. So, what’s the big announcement that you have? The suspense is starting to get to me.

    Baxter: (Nods his head) Aye, you’ve waited long enough, my first mate. I know how you hate it when people beat around the bush, so I’ll get right to it. Well, after the Elite Royal Rumble, I went to the blood letter to get myself checked out. After a few x-rays and blood tests, he concluded that I was made entirely out of rum.

    Jackson: (Chuckles) That does sound like you Captain.

    Baxter: (Smirks) Indeed it does. (Stops smirking) Then, he held up the x-rays to that light board and told me some of the hardest words I’ve heard to date.

    Jackson: (Hasn’t caught on) Did he tell you to lose weight Captain? You have been putting on a few pounds.

    Baxter: (Eh) Yes, I have, and no. He told me that I have to step away from wrestling immediately. My body needs time to heal and so does my soul.

    Jackson: (Drops his food) (Ecstatic) What happened Captain? What is wrong with you?

    Baxter: (Assuring) Nothing time and good ol’ R & R can’t fix. (Stands up) Don’t worry, my first mate. It’s nothing life threatening. (Starts walking away from the table) You’ll be seeing me again.

    *Baxter starts heading towards the exit as D-Jack pulls himself up from the chair.*

    Jackson: (Voice breaking) But Captain…

    Baxter: (Looks back) I’ll quote your favorite wrestler on this. This maybe goodbye, but don’t you cry. I’ll be back again someday.

    *Baxter exits out the door and the camera returns to David Jackson. He has sat down. The look of defeat and lost dominates his face as the camera fades out.*

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    *the lights and camera is on and set as marco charmings theme comes on as he walks down the ring wearing a custom made wrestling gear holding the mic then enters in the ring as the crowd cheers as the theme stops with marco stay in the ring as he speaks*

    marco: hello rush universe! how is everyone doing

    crowd: good!

    marco: *smile* that’s good I’m feeling the love from u guys the match I have that was a very good fight I was pretty close but he got the upper hand on me but u know what universe

    crowd: what!

    marco: I’m not giving up I show time and time again that I hav what it takes to give everything I have in my matches pushing to the limit i will fight and its not over for the realest of EOW
    I’m taking this in my pace so watch out for me

    *as I walk then rolls out of the ring as marco charmings theme comes on waving at the crowd in rush leaving the arena with a smile*

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    Tre Michaels


    Jeremy Barmore


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    (Jack’s theme plays) (Jack Action picks up a mic)

    Jack: As you all know my name is Jack Action and my names is somewhat known around here YET!

    I may be a former Fusion champion and a man who did really good in the rumble but I want more I don’t want to be the man that they just say o ya I know he’s that guy who won the fusion title then never heard of again no I want to be known as the man who’s name is in the record books who everyone knows I want to be known as one of the best in this damn business not some washed up has been fusion champion

    I want to fight for bigger and better things and build my story my legacy.

    Crowd chants (checker board checker board repeating)

    Jack Action- It doesn’t matter what you people think of the way I look or feel I am still gonna be one day know as a legend.

    (Jack drops the mic theme hits and Jack goes back stage.

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    The audience pops as cameras catch up to the Fusion Champion Daniel Xavier as he makes his way into the backstage area from the parking lot.

    Camera man: Daniel, tonight is the last Fusion of the Fusion Championship Era. What do you have planned for your thousands of doves?

    Daniel: *smiles* First of all, there are billions of them, the reproductive rate is very high. As for tonight, everyone is going to want to pay very… close… attention!

    Daniel walks off wheeling his suitcase behind him.


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    Marco Charming


    David Jackson


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    *After the commercial break, the camera fades in and we see David Jackson backstage. He is propped up against a wall and resting. You see a smirk across his face and some approaches him from stage left.*

    Akada: (Calm) Excuse me, D-Jack?

    Jackson: (Lifts his head up) Yes Bobby, what is it?

    Akada: Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

    Jackson: (Nods his head) By all means, fire away Bobby.

    Akada: (Takes a breath) You just had a fight against Marco. How do you feel?

    Jackson: (Smirks) Pleasantly surprised. It’s not that often I fight someone with that much tenacity. Kudos to you rookie.

    Akada: Do you think there will be another match in the future?

    Jackson: (Thinks for a second) If there is, I look forward to it. If not, then I will cherish this memory.

    Akada: Onto another subject. (Curious) Is what I heard true?

    Jackson: (Raises his eyebrow) Is what you heard true about what?

    Akada: (Still curious) Did Chris Baxter leave? Is The Crew sunk?

    Jackson: (Sighs and slightly lowers his head) Yes, Chris is leaving for a undetermined amount of time. Until her returns, The Crew is no more.

    Akada: (Concerned) Where does that leave you D-Jack?

    Jackson: (Raises his head up with a defeated look) Until I figure that out, limbo and drowning my feelings in food. Sorry Bobby, but I’m done with questions right now. Goodbye for now.

    Akada: Thank you for your time, First Mate.

    *Both men shake hands, David Jackson walks out of camera range to the right, and the camera fades out.*

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    Jack Action




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    The screen goes black but then a camera gets set up on a tripod. A small light turns on and a chair is set up. Then Randall Crowe shows up and sits down.

    Crowe: The summer is coming to coming to an end and time is winding down. (Takes a deep breath) And I don’t have a match for Summerbrawl. Now I don’t know if it was because of my outbreak last week or things aren’t exactly being done right but I told all of you what would happen if something wasn’t right. My past is back to get me again and everything is going all wrong for me.

    Crowe gets up and walks around the room.

    Crowe: You see, remember when I said that my world was painted black and everybody was emotionless and everything was terrible. ( Gritting his teeth) If things are not resolved right now then EoW will turn into something that nobody will like. I want a match at Summerbrawl. Last year I took out a guy who called himself a falcon and management called it the battle of the birds. Randall Crowe is not a joke. I want a challenger who like no other. An imbisul who can stack up to what I am. A man who I have humiliated in the past. You’ll know who I’m talking about.

    He sits back down.

    Crowe: Or maybe a grudge match.

    The camera goes off and then turns back with a wall. On the wall is the phrase Paint The World Black in black paint.

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    *cameras fade Bully t walking onto the set to sit in the chair in his home to address the EOW universe.

    Bully t- with everything that’s been going on with my healing process I just can’t seem to get over how the man that I damn near killed in one of the most gruesome this matches I’ve ever had in my career is owed a rematch.

    *Bully t sits back in his chair with a slouch in a smirk on his face.

    Bully t- I’ve never seen someone with such a death wish act as if they didn’t have a brain when it came to decision making. Now rightfully he does get his rematch, but it doesn’t change the fact that he just doesn’t have what it takes.

    *Bully t then stands up putting the title on his shoulder looking at it and all its splendor then looks back at the camera.

    Bully t- Baine I will see you at summerbrawl, and you better bring your b game since you are a B+ player and prepare to meet again not just the one and only a plus player of EOW, but also the EOW heavyweight champion of the world Bully t!

    * then the camera Zooms in on the championship after bully t takes it from his shoulder lifting it up above his head as cameras Fade Out.

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    Scotty Lassiter


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    Daniel crawls toward the ring apron and motions for a microphone. He is brought one by the time keeper and gets to one knee before taking it. Daniel pulls himself up by the top rope.

    Daniel: Oh poor poor Scotty, what’s the matter, cat got your tongue? It seems like every time I get on this microphone, I make guys like you speechless and irritated.

    Daniel spots the chair that The Disruption used on Scotty.

    Daniel: Hell, I saved your sweet ass tonight to preserve the prestige that will be instilled into the Intercontinental Championship in our match at Summerbrawl.

    Daniel picks up the chair and unfolds it, placing it in the center of the ring, facing it toward the stage. Daniel then takes a seat in the chair and crosses his legs.

    Daniel: But now, it’s time for a little bit of real talk as the kids call it these days. Not just to Scotty Lassiter, but to a few other members of the Elite Online Wrestling roster as well.

    There is stirring among the audience as Daniel has piqued their interest.

    Daniel: Travis Markson, on Rush you and I had a match for the ages and you finally did what you said you would have done over a year ago, and that’s defeat Daniel Xavier. Not only did you defeat me, but you retained the Jetset Championship for the third time.

    You didn’t have to beat me, you already won the Elite Rumble but this wasn’t about the Jetset Championship, this was about proving to me and yourself that you could beat me, and with everything on the line you put all that into the background and focused on what you needed to focus on, and that was beating me, and for that spirit I applaud you, Travis.

    The audience applauds and begins chanting “T-Mark! *clap clap* T-Mark! *clap clap*

    Daniel: It is that kind of spirit and that kind of sacrifice that it takes to be a true member of the Elite, something that is lacking in our current Elite World Champion, Bully T.

    The audience goes “ooooooooh”.

    Daniel: Now don’t get me wrong, he makes sacrifices, just… not the right kind. You see, he sacrifices being here for his own free will. Even a jobber like Dustin Weaver does his job better than Bully T does!

    The audience pops.

    Daniel: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re going to be here, BE here, if not, get… the fuck… out!

    The audience begins chanting “Get the fuck out! *clap clap clapclapclap* Get the fuck out! *clap clap clapclapclap*.

    Daniel: These words probably fall on deaf ears, I mean Bully won’t even watch and will lie about it later, right? So just like Meester Mehem when he made Bully T number one contender, all I’m doing is wasting my time and making a mistake.

    Audience goes “Wooooaaaaah!!” and Daniel winks at the camera.

    Daniel: Speaking of mistakes, Alex Andrews!

    The audience laughs. Daniel smiles and plays along.

    Daniel: What I meant to say is that it is a mistake that you did not get your rematch for the Fusion Championship when you retained it before I beat you for it.

    It wouldn’t be fair for me to win the Fusion Championship, just because I haven’t been pinned or submitted on pay-per-view in almost a year, and then just waltz into Summerbrawl for the Intercontinental Championship having never defended the Fusion Championship, would it?

    The audience seems to agree with Daniel as he looks around at them, listening to them.

    Daniel: Just like T-Mark, I feel like I have something to prove to somebody, and that somebody is Scotty Lassiter. Scotty won the Rush Championship against Randall Crowe and later retained it against him too, so I want to do the same thing against Alex Andrews in his rematch!

    I know Alex wants to be just like me, and I hate to burst his bubble, but I want to be just like Scotty Lassiter, kinda. I want to be on the cusp of facing the legendary Daniel Xavier at Summerbrawl, knowing that if I win, not only do I defeat Daniel Xavier, but I become the first Elite Online Wrestling Intercontinental Champion of the world and seal my fate as a future Hall of Famer. Daniel has absolutely nothing to lose because he has seen and done it all! He doesn’t need gold to prove himself, but there are others that need to prove themselves when they do have gold!

    Daniel stands up out of the chair and Diamond Kick’s it out of the ring.

    So since Bully T isn’t here to do his match tonight, since he’s injured or whatever, it looks like the Fusion is officially the Fusion Champion’s show tonight!

    The audience pops.

    Daniel: I’ve been wrestling for two damn years injured, *points to left knee* and I’ve got the knee brace to prove it! So I’m going to head to the back and change into my unlucky jacket, because unlike Scotty Lassiter, I don’t need luck to win, and I’m going to prove that. Because on the last Fusion of the Fusion Championship era, it’s going to be Alex Andrews verus Daaaaaaaaniel for the Fusion Championship, right here, right now, in Louisville, Kentucky!

    The audience pops and begin chanting “YES! YES! YES!” Daniel begins doing the “YES!” taunt and chanting along with them. Daniel’s theme hits and he exits the ring, continuing to chant along and skipping up the ramp.

    Daniel: Release the doves!

    Daniel makes his way to the back.

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    Alex Andrews is in the back watching Fusion with elation.

    Andrews: To night I have to face off against dan Xavier and I lost MY fusion championship

    that match at our eow PPV was a fluke I will get my revenge tonight and I hope you have said your prayers dan becomes a hell storm is comeing to and it will rip you to shreds if you don’t move and that is the damn truth

    (Alex andrews walk back toward the locker room to get ready but runs into dan with his hands on his hips)

    Daniel: You better make the most of this opportunity, because after tonight, you will have absolutely zero opportunities.

    Daniel walks past Andrews on the way to his personal dressing room.

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    Alex Andrews


    Daniel Xavier


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