EoW Fusion 6.24.17 @ The Allstate Arena in Chicago!

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    EoW Presents 

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    Its only been a week since Blacklist and that means its ONLY been a week since The Society lost to the DOA and Travis Markson in that elimination 3-on-3 tag match. Since that night all three men have not been the same. Everyone at home and in the arena that night could sense the pain all three men felt. Eric Shadow being the one who felt the worst being the first one eliminated in the match. Shadow left his two teammates in the ring after being pinned feeling like a complete failure. A few nights later on Conquest, Shadow was entered into the elimination chamber for the conquest title and guess what… Eric motherfuckin’ Shadow came out victorious and very very bloody, bringing home gold to The Society!

    A live feed of The Society standing in a secret location backstage popped up on the titron after the main event.

    Shadow: (holds the Conquest championship over his shoulder and a mic in his had) Blacklist was supposed to be our night and everything was perfect. We took these guys out time after time, week after week, and finally it was all going to come down to the end but that didn’t exactly happen. (Heavy sigh) Sadly, I don’t want to say this but we got demolished and we didn’t really prove anything. But… tonight that changes tonight. (Putting his hand on Wells) Tonight me and my good ‘ol buddy Jacob Wells, yes Wells, get it right! We are going to get some business done.

    (Looking at Wells) You were the sole survivor, go prove a point to that no name Andrew Black and make an example of him. Show him and everybody that the Society is not done yet.

    While Wells is taking care of him, Rurik. You big son of a bitch, I’m going to show you and your waste of a tag team partner that you guys just got lucky against us but when that time comes the Society will make sure you guys are thrown out of existence. Just like on Conquest, battered and bloody, I kicked ass and became the new champion.

    (looks at the title on his shoulder then back at the camera)

    Tonight, Rurik you will see my fighting spirit and you will never face anybody like me.

    Weaver: (grabs the mic from Shadow) That was very well said Shadow. I know that both of you wont have any problems beating and pinning your opponents for the three count tonighy. While you two are out there showing why everyone in the locker room should be fearing The Society, i’ll be waiting.

    I’ll be waiting for the main event and for whoever walks out JetSet Champion because they’re not going to know what’s coming for them.

    Weaver makes his way so that hes now in the middle and Shadow is in his spot.

    My brothers (looks at Shadow then at Wells) and I are not going anywere until we get what we want. Wells deserves so much because he’s such an fantastic wresler. The thing that held him back before The Society was his lack of mic skills. We already know that Shadow is an amazing wrestler.

    Just look at his past and the championships he’s held. I just want the best for them and for the first time in a long time, i want the best for me. After losing in championship match after championship match against Baine, that does a lot to your self confidence. I finally feel that at this point in my career that I am worthy of being champion and no longer doubt myself. I owe all of that to these two men standing beside me!

    One day Shadow won’t be walking down the ramp with a title alone. Wells and I will be there right beside him with gold also around our waist. Have anything to add Wells…

    Wells reaches for the mic and pulls it in front of his face with Weaver still holding it.

    Wells: As what Shadow stated, we were cheated out of an amazing victory at Blacklist. The fans were cheated out of an amazing victory from The Society that night. To put Blacklist to the side for a second, i would like to talk about my opponent tonight. (Wells reads off a name he scribbled onto his wrist tape so he wont forget )

    Wells: Andrew Black? Who the fuck is this? (Wells looks at weaver who shrugs then at Shadow who looks mad all the time even with his title) Alright so the power that beput me up agaist a random nerd, gee i hope they didnt like the kid because im going to end his fuckin’ career!

    Dustin Weaver steps forward with the microphone and puts it down before picking up the camera off the tripod. He points it towards each member of the group to say their last words. The camera turns to face Eric Shadow as he holds his title up with one hand and flips the camer off with the other. Weaver turns the camera to Jacob Wells who mouths “easy win” before smirking. Weaver turns the camera to himself and mouths “remember i’ll be watching!” before he stops the live feed!!

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    Andrew Black vs Jacob Wells


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    Cameras open up in the back stage area as the EoW Fusion Champion Alex Andrews is standing by

    Alex Andrews: Tonight I have to face a legend in the ring and a hero he find he way to beat the evil ghost and win his wife back I have no fuck’s to give it.

    It’s  all about you not me or anyone in the back. No more is it time for us, the new generation to stand up say goodbye to your life you love so much.

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    Cameras fade in from commercial break, then pan up & as the fans look at the gold and glittering elitetron.

    Dave Rose then appears on the elitetron .

    Rose is pacing on the elitetron somewhere backstage.

    Rose: Hello EoW Fans, I am Dave Rose in case you did not know. For the past three weeks, I have been scheduled to face Matthew Cleveland. But he has been ducking our matches & then he was stupid enough to call out the former JetSet Champion Travis Markson.

    The crowd begins the T-Mark chant

    T-Mark!!! *Clap* *Clap*

    T-Mark!!! *Clap* *Clap*

    T-Mark!!! *Clap* *Clap*

    Dave Rose looks on in disgust 

    Dave Rose: Ever sense I fought T-Mark he has been ruining my chance and winning gold in EoW!

    *Rose then pauses for 2 seconds*

    Fans start to invest in his promo, few fans boo and few fans cheer

    Rose: But that stops now. I will win gold in EoW and will become a champion now!

    I will be the golden one in the company and I’ll go through whoever, whenever. I will be unstoppable, incredible, and the best, like i’ve been when I stepped one foot in EoW.

    I never needed Alex Andrews, I don’t need the love from the universe,especially fans from Chicago,Illinois..

    Fans then start to boo

    Dave Rose: Sense that degenerate Matthew Cleveland  doesn’t have the balls to show up and T-Mark has no one to face tonight.

    I believe I am RIGHTFULLY the next contender!

    Dave Rose looks into the Camera

    Dave Rose: I’am going to kick your ass T-Mark.

    You think that these fans love you… Pfft They are tired of seeing your pretty boy goody two shoes.

    I will show them entertainment!

    I will show them who is the real thrill ride!

    And most of all, I will show them that it should have never been you against Matthew Cleveland and this time your just a transitional Champion.

    You all will witness The Golden One! Dave Rose!

    The Elitetron then fades to black as the next match is set to get under way

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    Eric Shadow vs Rurik Hilhelm


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    * A limo is seen pulling into a parking space in the back parking lot as a cameras shows inside the limo we see the Elite World Champion Baine. *

    Baine: * smiles * At Battleground I told you all that I was on a mission and that mission was beating that poor excuse of a ” bully ” Bully-T and as always I succeed.

    Baine: Now I can hear all you fat fucks out there in the crowd saying but Baine you only won cause you got yourself DQed. Well here’s my reply…So what?

    I did what I needed to do to retain my Elite World Championship and if I had to do it all over again I would because all you ingrates out there in the crowd and the losers at home sitting on there fat fucking asses…

    You all don’t know what it’s like to be a winner, you don’t know what it’s like to get in that ring and do everything you can to retain something so important to you..no you all only know one thing and that’s being a waste of time.

    Baine: One more thing to all of you who thought I wouldn’t still be champion…Well who’s laughing now?

    * Baine flicks off the camera and opens the limo door and puts his feet on the ground.. *

    * Then the lights start to flicker as baine walks off camera and out of nowhere a dark enchanted voice shouts YOU WILL PAY! and out of no where the dark high chief bully t attacks baine from behind and throws him into the limo then proceeds to pull him out of it and literally with one arm takes baine by the throat and throws him into the windshield landing right on top of the dashboard and with a snarling mug and sinister purple eyes and a wicked enchanted voice the high chief speaks.

    Bully-T: You are nothing but a mere peasant for a human being who just so happens to be standing in my way.

    *Bully T then walks on top of the hood of the car and bends down grabbing baine by the throat lifting him up from what was a dash board and walks on top of the limo and delivers a jackhammer from hell to Baine. As Bully looks down on baine the cameras fade out.

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    Caine vs Bully-T

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    Daniel Xavier is spotted walking backstage, his gold toothed smile showing through more now than ever. He spots the camera seems excited to see it as he stops in his tracks.

    Daniel: Oh, hey! Didn’t see you there! All my little doves out there… Daniel is back to his old self!

    The crowd pops as Daniel does his narcissistic pose. He soaks in the cheers for a moment before ending his pose.

    Daniel: Now, I know my doves are wondering a lot of things about Daniel, and I’m here to clear everything up for all of you. Conspicuous by her absense is Jasmine, and understandably so considering everything she’s been through. She insisted that I get her help or else things will be bad again, and while I don’t know quite what that means I obliged and purchased the very best rehabilitation facility and hired the top mental doctors to evaluate my dear wife. I can visit her any time I please and I assure everyone that Jasmine is well taken care of.

    The audience gives a polite applause for Jasmine.

    Daniel: Now that I have spared Ghost of his suffering, now that I have sent his spirit into the afterlife, I can move forward, and a lot of my little doves are wondering what is next for Daniel. Well I would like to be the first to announce that I will be participating in the Elite Rumble this year!

    The audience pops.

    Daniel: I set a record last year for both the most eliminations and the longest time spent in the match, but that means nothing because I did not win. This year, I will win the Elite Rumble!

    The audience pops again.

    Daniel: But that’s not the only thing I will be doing at Patriot Games. I will also be facing Alex Andrews for the Fusion Championship, because I will defeat him here tonight in a non-title bout to earn that right! So Alex, challenge accepted. You’re telling me to say goodbye to my life? Well say hello to my little doves! RELEASE… THE DOVES!

    Daniel cups his hands in front of his chest, then pushes them outward and unclasps them, magically sending a dove flying into the camera.

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    *The camera fades in and David Jackson’s music hits the arena. He rides out of the back on his Galleon ATV. The G1 Championship is displayed proudly around his waist. After he rides around the ring, he parks the ATV and rolls into the ring to applause and cheers. He stands on each corner of the ring with the title about his head. After he is done postering, he motions for a mic, recieves one, and walks to the middle of the ring.*

    Jackson: Good evening Chicago. Here I stand before you, fresh from BlackList, still the EOW G1 Champion. Tonight means something extra special to me. Tonight marks the first night I have had my first successful title defense in EOW. The curse is broken. Now, what does the future hold for me? Well, I’ve been giving it some heavy thought and I…

    Phalens music hits and is making his way to the ring ,

    Phalen walks past David Jackson amd motions for a mic and receives it .

    Phalen: I’m sorry I’m spoiling your little party here but after BlackList I had to be the 1st one to congratulate you David ,It was my best match to date and you pushed me as far as I could but i just couldn’t beat you .

    But on the other hand you have to admit I almost had you, and if it wasn’t for that 1 simple mistake I’d be sitting here as the new G1 Champion ,I’m here asking you David for 1 more kath you vs me for that G1 Championship.

    Jackson: Did I hear that correctly? You want another shot at this gold? Hmmmm….it was a hard fought victory and you did give me the fight I was looking for that night. To have another match like taht would make me a happy pirate. However, I’m going to have to decline. I already have bigger and better plans on the horizon and they don’t include you. Now, that that’s out of the way, I…

    Phalen: Well have it your way champ , like I said 1st I’m here to congratulate you .

    **PHALEN extends his hand and David Jackson accepts the handshake **

    As Phalen raises Jackson hand in triumph phalen pulls Jackson towards him and hits a massive headbut , picks him up and hits his finisher BACK TO BASICS.

    Phalen grabs the G1 title and picks up a mic

    Phalen: You may think you got bigger and better to beat but you must have not realized IM NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET !!!!!

    PHALEN Drops the mic and Drapes the G1 title over Jackson and start to head up the ramp ,just then Jackson gets up and heads up the ramp and bashes Phalen in the head with the G1 title

    Jackson: You think you can attack a pirate and get away with it? You want it that badly? You got it zamboni boy. Prepare to enter the pirate’s playground. Prepare for pain.

    Herb dean: It’s official at patriot game the rematch Jackson vs Phalen 2 for the EoW G1 Championship .

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    Cameras open up backstage with Chang Lee in the interview area standing by with the EoW Jetset Championship Travis Markson

    Chang: ladies and gentlemen I am standing by with the EoW JetSet Champion T-Mark.

    The fans pop as  T-Mark comes into frame

    Chang: Tonight T-Mark you where supposed to face Matthew Cleveland in a rematch but that seems to have been canceled. Is there any reason for this that your aware of?

    T-Mark: Well I have a lot to say actually. I’ll start off by saying you don’t really benefit from lying to the boss on your where abouts and that’s exactly why we aren’t seeing Matthew Cleveland tonight.

    Another thing Chang is people like Jacob Xtreme or Wells what ever he wants to call himself because it seems to fit his attitude, “OH WELL”. When he gets opportunities and completely blows it, it’s another “OH WELL” situation even though The Society is supposed to be about equality.

    Let me point this out. We have Jacob Oh Well who Main evented  WrestlElite II against Daniel Xavier for the X1 Championship, & Fought for the Rush Championship in the same year. Then We have Dusty Beaver.

    You can hear the arena laugh

    Chang: I’m pretty sure that’s inappropriate language.

    T-Mark Looks at Chang.

    T-Mark: I know Chang, calm your tits.

    Chang scoffs

    T-Mark: Common Chang, Really? Get with the times or this is going to become a long segment.

    T-Mark: Like I was saying. Then we have Dust Sweaper. After I lost MY! EoW G1 Championship, let me ask you this? How many shots did I get at a shot to gain that back?

    Chang: Once.?

    T-Mark: That’s right. Once.  Good ole dusty had 3 shots to defeat Baine and HE WAS NEVER A CHAMPION TO BEGIN WITH!

    Oh now we got the shameful Shadow. Congrats on that big Conquest Championship victory. I hope you hold that for a long long time.

    Hell maybe Conquest is your new home.


    Seeing how Eric Smuggle has held more Championship then me, Baine, Daniel Xavier, Latief Yosef, David jackson. Hell that guy has held more gold out of all of the 3 stooges .

    So if you need it in black in white, here it is.

    The Society is a bunch of self riotous hypocrites, who wine and complain to try to get under the boss’s skin so he just gives them what they want so they just shut up.

    Regardless of tonight, I took out 2 of you at Blacklist but I’m not done till I get my hands on Wells.

    Chang: But what about Dave Rose tonight?…

    T-Mark: gooooooooaaaaawd Damn it Chang, can you let someone finish. Like I wasn’t thinking about Dave Rose?

    Common can you give a dude the benefit of the doubt for just a stinking minute guy?

    Jezz no wonder people decide to beat  your ass sometimes.

    Okay, Dave Rose is the rightful guy in line just like he said.

    I don’t have any arguments, he makes a valid point, and to be honest he doesn’t bitch and moan like the Society does.

    So…. Good job man, I’ll see you in the ring here shortly.

    Chang: Alright well thanks for your time….

    T-Mark smack the mic out of Chang Lee’s hands

    T-mark: Damn it Chang what did I just say about cutting people off.

    Chang looks down at the ground disappointed with himself

    T-Mark: Bad Chang, Bad! That’s a very bad Cahng!


    You go now!

    Chang Lee exits the interview area *Crowd laughs*  T-Mark focuses back to the camera.

    T-Mark: Okay, so now that we got sir cuts you off out of the way. I want to say something to a rumor I heard circulating in the back.

    I don’t know if this is true or not but Daniel Xavier, you keep on eye balling me you won’t have to come searching for good ole T-Mark BAY BAY!

    You won’t have The Trust to protect you the next time we face, you almost ate that 630 if it wasn’t for Baine getting up on the apron and shoving me down from the top rope.

    I may not be able to hit my algorithm on your big ass but you sure as hell will get TradeMarked and you can take that to the bank.

    Oh Baine, one thing I can say to you about this whole thing. At least as Champion I can hold on to my belt while in a rivalry.

    Good looking out there chump, your ass got tatanka’ed real good. Some Elite World Champion your turning out to be, more like a fluke win running scared.

    Fuck The former Trust, Fuck The Fallacy, it’s all about being real people.

    You get what you earn in EoW just like the boss says, hell just look at Scotty Lassiter. That’s a no BS guy right there.

    He came in, made his argument, won his matches, beat the champion to become number one contender for the Rush title, won it, all in the end he proved his statement accurate.

    Maybe you bunch of sideshow whiners can learn from that if not me.

    In the end, T-Mark BAY BAY!

    Is coming home with the gold, TO NIGHT!

    T-Mark leaves the interview area and ………….

    T-Mark pops back into frame

    T-Mark: Oh last thing EoJPW has debuted last night, I look forward to watch all the action from across the seas and you can watch EoJPW on http://mixer.com/Big_E_Phalen  & http://mixer.com/EoWGAMNING

    T-Mark leaves the interview area and heads towards staging to get  ready as the match is underway 

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    EoW JetSet Championship

    Annihilation Match
    Dave Rose vs Travis Markson *C*

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