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    Here is where you can post the Formulas to your custom titantron videos.

    This will help for recording purposes as well as the EoW community to create on their end a more immersive experience.

    Remember there is a chance that someone will have the same features as you on these videos.

    We do not dictate or give CLAIMING RIGHTS, to the way you setup your template for your custom titantrons.


    My Custom Video

    For Bryan Dunphy

    Start off with some sort of Psychotic Imagery and cue the Video
    Suicide Dive
    Signature Move #1 The Chiropractor (Straight Jacket Backstabber)
    Signature Move #2 The Concussion (CCS Enzuigiri)
    Weapon Shot
    Weapon Shot
    Opponent driven through Table
    Weapon Shot
    Piledriver on Stage
    Finishing Move #1 Pedigree (Spinal Paralysis)
    Finishing Move #2 Frog Splash (Dunphy Airlines)
    Video surrounded by Border made up of some sort of Psychotic Imagery

    Only make if Possible or willing I don’t wish to impose.

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