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    EoW Presents

    EoW blacklist apron

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    Andrew Black: Tonight for the third time of my career I will contest in a match at an EOW paper view.

      Now a lot of people are probably wondering,”oh why did you change your name,” or ,” oh why do you leave then come back to just have only one match then leave again.”

    Well to be honest who ever asked those questions have no idea what I’ve been through over the past 3 years.

    Through leg surgery and losses countless time, I left because I needed time to find my inner self and eventually when I did that’s when I knew I had to come home back in EOW.

    But there’s another reason I’m here. I’m here to get what I never had a chance at and that’s Eow gold.

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    Jack Steel is seen walking down the hall backstage when an interviewer runs up to him with a microphone.

    Interviewer: Jack! could I get a quick interview with you!

    Jack takes off his sunglasses and smiles at the interviewer.

    Jack Steel: Sure thing ask away!

    Interviewer: You will be making your debut tonight at Blacklist, how does it feel going into your first matchup?

    Jack: Well It is definitely nerve racking I can tell you that much, but at the end of the day people will know the name Jack Steel.

    Interviewer: You will be facing Andrew Black tonight, who lost in his debut match, do you feel that he is going to be pushing harder tonight to rectify that?

    Jack: I have seen him wrestle and he’s a good kid, but like I said before, tonight you will know the name Jack Steel…and Andrew Black….he will know me on a personal level.

    Jack puts his sunglasses on and walks down the hall to get ready for his match.

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    Andrew Black vs Jack Steel

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    Matthew Cleveland is spotted sitting on the tailgate of his pickup truck sipping on some dr.pepper when Mrs Elizabeth comes into the scene and hands him a letter confirming a injury reported by The wellness staff at EoW on behalf of Dave Rose.

    The letter states that with a fractured ankle he has been forced to step down from this match.

    Matthew Cleveland: I still want my match tonight!

    Mrs. Elizabeth: It’s your call on who you want to face here tonight Matthew. We’re completely hands off on this.

    Matthew Cleveland: I have already did what I said I was going to do the day I stepped into this company!

    I told everyone I would hold a title and it did not matter what belt it was I held. And still people still doubt it doubt I would hold a belt yet look at me now I’m sitting here in the back of the tailgate holding the jet set championship.

    So for for those that told me I would not hold a title I would love to see you talk now.

    Mrs. Elizabeth: Okay so who’s it going to be?

    Matthew Cleveland starts to think about his upcoming match tonight and the man he called out T-Mark and how he plans on dropping him on the back of his fucking neck.

    Matthew Cleveland:  Tonight I am going to do what I have do all over the world and that’s go out and drop my opponent on his fucking neck….

    T-Mark *The crowd pops T-Mark!!! *CLAP* *CLAP*  T-Mark!!! *CLAP* *CLAP* T-Mark!!! *CLAP* *CLAP*

    Matthew Cleveland: But that’s not the only thing in do my tonight I’m also going to cut the ponytail off the back of tea marks head and I’m going to take the ponytail and I’m a go shove it up Baines ass why because I can!

    Matthew Cleveland pulls his Hoodie over his head puts his sofa down grabs his belt and hops off the tailgate and makes his way inside of the building.

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    The camera fades in to show Eric Shadow, Dustin Weaver and Jacob Wells aka “The Society” on the titron. They seem to be talking about what they are going to do in there 3-on-3 tag match against T-Mark and the DOA

    Shadow:*turns towards the camera* Is there a reason why we are facing three overrated guys?

    Oh yeah that’s right. We are here to show everybody that we are nothing to mess with. You see, Wells and Weaver took you all out and now it’s my turn to make all of you look like a bunch of idiots who just started wrestling.

    Remember, this business is in my blood and I’m not gonna have some wannabe wrestlers make an embarrassment to themselves. You better make a move before something else happens tonight.

    Also to T-mark and the DOA, please and I mean please just get of EOW. It would feel so much better without you here.

    Weaver: Tonight “The Society” will come out victorious against the DOA and that guy.

    We will show everyone at home and in the crowd why we are the best faction EOW has ever had.

    We are the new era of EOW and just as Shadow said, this business is in our blood!

    Shadow and Wells are like my brothers and you cant have better chemistry than that.

    Everyone will remember the name “The Society” after tonight and mark my word that tonight t-mark and the DOA will be no more!

    Weaver turns around alongside Shadow as Wells steps forward

    Wells: Fuck the DOA and Fuck that hipster motherfucker T-mark! Tonight Weaver, Shadow and myself will be victorious.

    The two men beside me pretty much said all what I had to say and i agree with them 100%.

    Weaver and I attacked T-mark a few weeks ago but that Rurik fucker had to just get in our way while that tall ass fucker The Mountain was probably confronting Shadow somewhere else.

    Why was he even helping that little hipster shit? Two vikings helping a hacker is weird dont you think.

    Anyways before i get offtopic more than i am right now… we’ll show you all why we are called “The Society”!

    Weaver: We are the future of EOW!

    *weaver smirks before winking at the camera and walking down the hall with Shadow and Wells*

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    Jack Action vs Jacob Bryan

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    Cameras open up with in the locker room area with The DOA and Travis Markson.

    Rurick: Looks like you got people gunning for you little man. Not only do we have The Society to deal with later tonight but now you got Matthew Cleveland wanting to injury you.

    Mountain: Do you want us to come down there with you to make sure he doesn’t try anything short stop?

    T-Mark: I appreciate it guys I really do, but I got this one. The Society is smart, they aren’t going to risk anything before their match. They want to stay 100%.  It’s the smart play, they ran like hell from Rurick in the hallway.

    Rurick: HA! Yeah they did like two little scared bitches.

    T-Mark: Right, right. Well later tonight you guys get to show why the DOA is the EoW World Tag Team Champions.

    Mountain: I have to say, it has been mighty quite in this division sense David Jackson ran off The Brotherhood. Just like when they lost the 1st time as a tag team they tuck tailed in ran. A pair of yellow bellied cowards. We will show these  wee lads the fear that’s in-stowed upon men when the titans of EoW  shake the canvas that’s below their feet.

    Rurick: Quite pathetic indeed.  The Society  will fall, their uprising is weak, hallow and unpromising.

    T-Mark: One thing I know for certain, is that they messed with the wrong guys. The Society & Matthew Cleveland.  Guys I have some fans to go amaze & a douchers ass to kick.  See you two brutes in a while.

    Cameras  fade back to ringside as Travis Markson  leave the backstage locker room as The DOA continue to talk about their strategy tonight in the 6 man elimination tag team.

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    Annihilation Match
    EoW JetSet Championship


    T-Mark vs Matthew Cleveland *C*


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    The scene fade in (Alex Andrews is look at his champship)

    Alex Andrew: barmore barmore see he will be dead at the dead of he life but he will fail and fail to get a big win over me I will kill him or it will be the last you will see him for a long time now get the fuck out

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    Mad Max vs Kain


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    We see the cameras zooming in as a limo pulls up to the parking lot , the door opens and out steps Eric Phalen as well as 2 other unknown guys our very own Kim Sanders is on scene

    Sanders: Eric can we get a quick interview ??

    Phalen: Make it quick Kim ..

    Sanders: Tonight you have the biggest singles match of your career against the G1 champion David Jackson whats your thoughts on tonight’s title match ?

    Phalen: Well Kim I’m not taking Djack lightly he’s been here as long as I have been, he’s a great wrestler ,that’s why he’s a apart of the “protected 4” , I know he’ll give me the hardest fight I ever had here , but with my insurance here (Phalen puts his arms on each of the unknown gentlemens shoulders) I’m sure I’ll come out on top and be your new G1 Champion .

    Sanders: Speaking of these 2 guys with you who are they ??

    Phalen: Ah yes that’s right I been hanging around these guys for such a long time I forgot that the eow universe doesn’t know who they are .

    Let them introduce themselves .

    Morrison: Well hello Sanders I’m THE HAMMER Tony morisson you don’t know me..haha BUT you ALL WILL!!! I’m here to give EOW a shake down.I’m a whole NEW kind of compeditor just as my boys eric and Bryan I’m here ro collect titles amd end careers .. TELL EM BRYAN..

    Dunphy: My Name is Bryan Dunphy and I am the Canadian Psychopath A little bit about me I like Long Walks on the beach a good medium rare steak and breaking the bodies of my opponents. I am usually a quiet self contained person but hey you know what they say about the quiet ones right?

    Sanders: Why have you brought these guys with you here to blacklist???

    Phalen: D-Jack has Chris Baxter as well as the other 3 protected dick heads, as you already seen ,I’ve been jumped and attacked by all these men in the protected 4 , so I called my boys to watch my back tonight..I don’t want any excuses.

    Sanders: Well can I……

    Morrison puts his hand over the mic

    Dunphy: He said make it quick lady this interview is done

    The trio walk off together into the dressing room and out of camera view

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    T-Mark & The D.O.A vs The Society 


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    *The camera fades in and we see David Jackson backstage. He is punching the heavy bag and wearing his full ring gear. He is concentrating on the bag and fails to notice Kim Sanders walking up to him.*

    Sanders: Excuse me, Mr. Jackson? (Taps him on the shoulder)

    Jackson: (Jumps) Ahhhh! (Turns around) It’s the tooth fairy! (Enters the fetal position) Please don’t kill me, take Baxter instead. His liver’s about to start a revolution.

    Sanders: (Confused and takes a step back) What are you talking about?

    Jackson: (Looks up) Oh, it’s you Sanders. (Stands back up) I apologize about that. I recently re-watched Darkness Falls and it’s got me jumpy.

    Sanders: (Dull look) You’re weird D-Jack.

    Jackson: (Nods his head) Tell me something I don’t know, like the anti-life equation.

    Sanders: (Even more confused) What? I’m here to interview you.

    Jackson: (Cocks his eyebrows) Did we have an appointment? I’m suppose to be getting laughed at right now…(Baxter walks on camera from the left, points at D-Jack, laughs at him, and walks out of camera range to the right) Ok, I’m free. Go ahead with your inquiries.

    Sanders: (Shakes her head) Tonight is your first title defense against Eric Phalen. How do you feel?

    Jackson: (Smiles) I feel great. I’m going in with the champion’s advantage and a victor of the largest tournament in EOW history. I’m on top of the world right now and I couldn’t be happier.

    Sanders: What do you think your chances are in this match?

    Jackson: (Flexes his muscles) My chances are great. I’m a threat in every single aspect of that ring. I’ve got 13 years of experience and a great focus. Anyone who steps in that ring with me will not be the same afterwards.

    Sanders: Do you believe you will lose the title?

    Jackson: (Dull look) No, I do not. Phalen has gotten better, but he will not dethrone me on my first title defense. I refuse to be a transitional champion.

    Sanders: Do you have any closing thoughts?

    Jackson: Yes, I do. (Turns towards the camera) Eric, if you pull any shenanigans during our fight, I will clock you with every weapon at my disposal.

    Sanders: (Smiles) Thank you D-Jack.

    *David and Kim shake hands and exit out of camera range. The camera fades out.*

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    Cameras open with the camera crew heading to the basement of the arena.

    Camera man: Ugh! Whats that foul stench…

    Why do I always have to come down here alone, where’ is Akada when you need him.

    Suddenly out of no where Lady Bathory jumps out from around the corner.

    Camera man: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

    Lady Bathory: Aww, what’s a matter? Did I scare you?!

    Camera Man: Yea, you did.

    Lady Bathory: Right this way, he is expecting you.

    The camera man follows Lady Bathory around the corner

    Camera man: What’s that smell?

    Lady Bathory: What? Haven’t you smelled burning flesh before?

    The camera man appalled at the comment holds his nose as they finally reach Ghost. 

    Sitting inside a circle of incantation  with writing on the floor and symbols of the occult, Ghost looks up at the Camera man.

    Ghost: Ahh here we are.

    Ghost licks his finger as reaches towards the flame of the candles and snuffs them out one by one.

    Ghost: Daniel, tonight we embark on a beautiful stage of destruction. I imperfect world for everyone to behold.

    Life hasn’t turned out as grand as you would have thought. I stand, true to my word.

    Everything I have sought out to do I have done.

    I crippled your beliefs, made you loveless, made you feel emptiness, nakedness, the cold chill of helplessness.

    How does it feel to face death alone Daniel Xavier?

    Are you prepared to give you life for another?

    Because that’s what it is going to have to take.

    After I get done tormenting your soul or whats left  of it.

    I will move on to your precious Jasmine.

    That’s right, i’am not done with her yet.


    Ghost: Oh no tears please, such a waste of good suffering.

    I do have such sights to show you!

    Ghost: So you will dance with the devil in the Asylum, and I will gather your fragments in the end as i pour them on top of Jasmine as I have my final ways with her soft seductive skin.

    All though *Ghost smiles sadistically* I would be lying if I said I haven’t already.


    The smoldering halls of the basement echo with the psychopathic laughter of Ghost as Cameras move in reverse back down the  basement as Cameras fade out

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    EoW Fusion Championship


    Jeremy Barmore vs Alex Andrews *C* 


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    As usual, with little fanfare and a bad attitude, Scotty Lassiter heads to the ring, grabs a microphone, and speaks.

    Lassiter: “I’ll make this brief because I really don’t care what any of you think. But apparently my contract here requires that I interact with you people every once in awhile.

    It’s not enough I guess that I come out here and destroy everything in my path. Oh no. An undefeated streak doesn’t mean a damn thing anymore.

    This is a business now isn’t it? We need to make nice to the fans, keep them buying merch, keep them buying tickets and foam belts.

    Well guess what.. I got no merch to sell. There aint no Scotty Lassiter T-Shirts.

    I won’t be singing a rendition of Hit Me Baby One More Time on the next Piledriver album.

    Nobody’s sick kid is having Scotty be their Make-A-Wish, and if they did, it would probably end in a fight.

    Because I do exactly one thing good, and thats fight!

    From the day I arrived on the scene, I keep getting told what to do. Show more personality, be more entertaining, nobody wrestles in a jacket, you could be great if you just follow the program.

    Well let me tell you nancy’s something and you better take it to heart.

    This jacket has seen more combat than you boys have seen L’s in your lives.

    The man wearing it has seen more wins than your wives have seen the schlongs of other dudes, while you’re on the road.

    I am a superhero without a cape, I am a king without a crown, and I am a champion without a belt.

    But that’s going to change tonight. Because after the level of domination I’ve displayed over the past few weeks, even the powers that be can’t ignore my abilities any more.

    And after defeating the Rush Champion last week, the title is on the line at Armageddon. And that means my first taste of gold in the EOW.

    So let this be a message to every single one of you. No championship is safe. No title is beyond my grasp. When I see something that I want, I take it. And I want it all.”

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    EoW G1 ChampionshipMy Great Capture Screenshot 2016-02-07 14-30-49

    Eric Phalen vs David Jackson


    [wpb_linebreak height="217"]

    Daniel Xavier is seen sitting on an equipment cart backstage, his head down, his eyes showing that he’s deep in thought. He has his game face on though, despite his current predicament.

    Daniel: It’s like Liam Neeson I’m in a bad straight to DVD version of Taken. Actually, I think that movie was made too. But it all culminates here tonight at Blacklist, in the city of Detroit that I know is filled with thousands of my little doves out there.

    The audience can be heard popping in the background.

    Daniel: Just like they live here in poverty with nothing but a dream and the hope for happiness, I come to this city with nothing left but my wife’s image in my head. The hope of seeing her once again is what reminds me of all my memories of happiness with her, and the dream of having that again is what I live vicariously through.

    Ghost, you have shattered my world, but one thing that was instilled in me and became unbreakable in all those months on the streets with ne’er-do-wells was my confidence in myself as a competitor. The very person who instilled that confidence in me and was by my side the whole way was your hostage and my wife, Jasmine Dejour-Xavier.

    I have you trapped in check mate via the Elite Asylum tonight. Together, you and I will be trapped in that cell to do to each other whatever however we please. Just like you shattered my world Ghost, I’m going to shatter yours! But I’m going to shatter a whole lot more than your world, I’m going to shatter your bones! I’m going to shatter your skull! Tonight Ghost, you apparition, daaarling! I will finally put your restless soul out of it’s damnable misery and you will endure an elegant death! Lady Bathory can come pick up the pieces of whatever is left of you, and I can finally get on with my life with my wife!

    Daniel stands up and closes his eyes. He begins flapping his arms in a feminine manner like a bird. Soon, his eyes burst open and he stops flapping his arms. A crazed look has come over his face.

    Daniel: *Ghostlike voice* RELEASE… THE DOVES! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

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    EoW Rush Championship

    EoW Rush Championship

    Scotty Lassiter vs Randy Crowe


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    * Camera fades in as you see the locker room of the Elite World Champion Baine.Baine shortly walks out and is seen heading down the hall towards the interview area *

    * Baine gets in front of the camera and grabs a mic from nearby *

    Baine: I would liks to say im happy to be home but lets be honest here there’s only one great thing about this disgusting filth of a city known as Detroit and that is Me! and the day i left was the happiest moment of my life well its in the top 3 ateast.

    * the crowd boos so loud that Baine can hear them from the back *

    Baine: You hear that… it’s music to my ears. You see its because of you idiotic fans that I’m gonna win and retain my title.

    Baine: Tonight I put an end to Bully T and remain the Elite World Champion but there’s something that I need to get off my chest.

    Baine: Now normally I’d stay out of others business but there’s just some shit a man doesn’t do so Ghost I’m looking at your sorry ass you see I may be an asshole, a backstabber, egotistical but one thing I am not is a woman beater.

    Baine: What you did to Jasmine was just down right…Awesome!! Ghost you my friend are a damn genius I mean we all know she had it coming *Baine laughs*

    Baine: Ok..Ok Now that I got that out of my system. On this past rush I lost to Randy Crowe now I’ll be honest he was better then me on that night but I’m STILL!! the Elite World Champion and you simply got lucky I mean hell even Dustin Weaver manage to get one over on me so don’t think your better then me boy.

    Baine: Matter of fact after I’m done bullying the bully maybe I should come back to ” your show ” and show you first hand that lightning won’t strike twice.

    Baine: Bully T I can only imagine you think you have an easy win just because your bigger than me but tonight you will witness that you are the small one when I send your steroid ass back from wherever you came from and you will be leaving empty handed that’s a promise.

    Baine: Tonight I’m the one on a mission and like always my mission will be a success..

    * Baine drops the mic and leaves the interview area and continues to walk back to his locker room to get ready for tonight *

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    BAINE (C)


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