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    Guy Boone

    Howdy all long-time lurker, was previously the midcard champ in another fed(they got shirty as and introduced more titles so I got lost in the shuffle)…

    I’m here now as I heard on Facebook you’re re opening the Ps4 show and I would like to get back in to role playing and wrassling.

    Cheers Guy(will most likely change my name to the original I had).


    Welcome to EoW dude.

    Feel free to join our facebook group which is the FB icon on the top left.

    Most of the community talks on there or through Discord.

    Happy to have some more people excited for PS4.


    welcome to EoW dude looking forward to what you can do with rp’s and matches but most of all have fun. Also, one piece of advice I can give you is to always write something up to stay noticed among the roster.

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