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    Gentleman Jack

    Hey all, Gentleman Jack here. Like many of you I was in that other fed run by… is anti american terrorist too strong? It is, let’s go with Jenny Craig failure. That has a nicer ring and will cut deeper anyway. I was in that other fed run by that SENSATIONAL Jenny Craig failure. After years of beating my head against the wall for no good reason my dear friend Dennis Black informed me there was a better way. The EoW way!

    I’m coming into EoW as a manager. I’m godaweful on the sticks and have no business being the ring with you guys. However. I’m a silver tongued little devil and want to make your character better! I started in written, rp based efeds in 1998. I’ve been writing wrestling rps on and off for 20 years. Jesus I just saw that in writing for the first time and need a drink… Anyway, if you can lace up your boots but can’t string together a decent rp please, PLEASE hit me up! We can do something special together! I’ll drop a few rps in the locker room over the coming days so you guys can get a feel for my character and what I want to do. If you’d like my representation, hit me up on here, discord, or on either xbox or ps4 at BrotherMidnight (name is the same on both consoles).

    I can’t wait to call all of you terrible things. This is going to be fun guys! FUN I tell you!!!


    with 20 years of writing im looking forward to your stuff i myself can write aswell but with you saying you cant wait to call people terrible things i can already tell your manager and my wrestler Baine will be best friends lmao but either way welcome to EoW dude

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