EoW WrestlElite IV – 03.24.2019

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*Extended Version.*

Cameras open up with Rebecca Rose walking in through the parking lot doors.

Kim Sanders rushes up with the camera crew.

Rebecca: *UGH!* Back off.

Don’t you have a leash yet?

Kim: Well Sorry Rebecca only trying to get a interview for the biggest show of the year.

Rebecca: Yea of course, and I appreciate that but if I wanted to hear you talk I would just listen to a dog bark

I have more important things to focus on tonight.

Like putting the whiny little brat Kota on the fast track to her next therapy lesson.

maybe I should invoice that guy for all the business i’ve been sending him.

Kim: Well what about the other women Alice & Valerie….

Rebecca Rose looking over her nails while seeming uninterested in the question.

Rebecca: Oh… you mean those other bitches….

Yea, they can totally just get out of my way.

Calories Barnett  and Malaria Marie are two women that just lower the rating of what this match truly could have been.

This is my kingdom Kim, you should know this.

But no… we have marks like you that cause  things like the bukkake blondes ruining the image of what it should look like at the top of the division unfortunately.

Good for them though.

I mean being sister wife’s with Madison Cox must have it’s perks.

Rebecca then bits her lip in a playfull way.

Rebecca: Maybe I should show Dennis that he chose the wrong one.

Rebecca begins to laugh at her comment as she walks down the hallway to the women’s locker room.

Lawrence Larkspur is seen in a dressing room wrestling one of the EOJPW young lions.

After effortlessly getting the trainee on his back, Lawrence mounts him and furiously punches him in the stomach before transitioning to an arm bar.

The young man screams and begs for Lawrence to stop, and although Lawrence understood the Japanese language…he continued.

The camera zooms out even further to reveal Kent Lassiter doing push ups with several fifty pound plates on his back.

Lawrence looked up at the camera.

Lawrence: Well, shit. Didn’t see you there.

Lawrence released the man and walked over to his tag team partner. He removed one weight from Lassiter’s back and tossed it aside.

Lawrence: We call ourselves the Golden Age for a reason. Not because it’s a cool name. But because we represent the golden age of tag team wrestling. It is time for tag team wrestling to matter again.

Lawrence: A time when tag teams…were tag teams, not two singles wrestlers coming together because they can no longer cut it on their own.

Lawrence removed the rest of the weights from Lassiter’s back. Kent immediately hopped up and started to flex.

Lawrence: You see my partner here? The strongest man in all of EOW.

Lassiter: And Lawrence is the best damn technical wrestler on the roster. Together, we stretch and bend our opponents until there’s nothing left.

Lassiter: Golden Age and Crunk Juice at Wrestlelite. A true example when the torch is passed. A big opportunity for us, and a big opportunity for them to show they still got it.

Lassiter: We need to make one thing absolutely clear. Regardless of what took place in our match…we are next in line. We don’t care who the Tag Team Champions are.

Lawrence: Oh, and one more thing…

Lawrence: We aren’t asking. We’ll make our presence known to the Taints or the hardly high flyers Incorporated.

The Scene Open Up With Devin Having His Back Turn To The Locker Finishing Taping Up.

Devin: (Speaking In His Mind) tonight will be the end for man that assumes he has opportunity to be the next guy in for for the Conquest Championship.

Devin: Tonight I will not only dismantle Ian Bates limb for limb in this last man standing match I will make sure that each and every last person remember why I’m the most dominant specimen in EoW.


Devin: I…

Olivia: Devin.

Devin: Will capture what was mine all along which is the Conquest Championship.

Olivia: (Angrily) DEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devin: Huh uh yes love I’m sorry. (Gulping)

Olivia: You speaking loud in your mind again or did you forget I can hear that to .

Devin: I’m so sorry love I’m just real excited for this match.

Olivia: Listen love no matter what happens tonight win or lose you will always be my knight and shining armor.

Devin: Thank You Love.

Devin kisses Olivia as Devin son finally wakes up from his nap.

Devin pick up his son.

Devin: Hey champ you slept pretty good didn’t you.

Devin son begins to laugh and smile.

Olivia : You want to help me put daddy crown on?

(Devin son shakes his head yes. Olivia and Devin son help put the crown Devin to finsh his attire)

Devin: I love you guys so much you dont understand.

Devin embraces his family as the scene fades to black.

A+ vs Trent

The camera pans around Mandalay Bay Casino where Crunk and Silent Juice are looking around.

Crunk: Now explain to me again why they would bring the monkey here?

Silent Juice does a bunch of hand gestures that Crunk can only understand.

Crunk: Let me get this straight. You think that just because Latief kidnapped Jasmine and brought her here four years ago that The Golden Age will magically show up with our monkey in the exact same spot.

Da Juice shrugs.

Crunk: Man this is a bogus plan, let’s get out of here.

Just then, Da Juice spots the monkey and begins tugging at Crunk’s shirt.

Crunk: Forget it man, we gotta get back in time for our match.

Crunk begins walking off. Da Juice gets right in front of him, gesturing some more.

Crunk: What? No we don’t have time to eat at Chunky’s, let’s go!

Da Juice grabs Crunk by the shirt and gets right in his face, pointing at the monkey.

Da Juice: There’s the monkey, you asshole!

Crunk: What the…

Da Juice motions for Crunk to follow, Crunk shrugs and plays along. A bunch of people pass rudely in front of them.

Crunk: I hate how greedy Vegas is.

Crunk Juice sneak up behind the monkey and Ace Blackwell who are at a Blackjack table. Ace is keeping a good eye on the monkey. Crunk looks as if he has a good idea.

Crunk: *calls out* Hey, isn’t that Van Helsing?

Ace looks around, hoping to see one of his steampunk heroes. While he is distracted, Da Juice picks up the monkey and Crunk Juice tip toe off. Ace turns back in time to notice the monkey is gone. He looks around and sees Crunk Juice making off with the monkey.

Ace: Monkey thieves!

Crunk Juice stop like a deer in the headlights.


Crunk Juice take off with the monkey as Ace Blackwell follows.

Lights fade and cameras make their way to the parking lots of the arena

*Bully T is seen getting out of his truck as he prepares for his match later on tonight. But as he makes his way down the halls he sees how things have really changed since his return to Eow and begins to think to himself….

Bully T– After tonight everything changes once again, this company, and every member on the roster ive had the honor and the time spent with in that squared circle with.

Besides the new talent, my opponent tonight has to be worried about the most pissed off samoan on Gods green planet.

Cause you see after that upset last week I had so much time to think to myself….is it really worth fighting for once again?

*Bully T looks around at all the posters with new talents and seasoned vets holding the most prestigious prizes of the company.

But notices one person in particular, smerks and says to the poster

Bully-T: “what a joke”.

Bully T- After tonight I will earn my spot to reclaim what is rightfully mine and there isnt a shadow thats going to stand in my way.

*Bully T looks towards the camera smerks looks back at the poster and makes his way to the locker room as the camera stays focused on Eric Shadows picture.

Kota Rain stands outside with her head down. Thunder can be heard as rain begins to fall over her.

They sing their dearest songs–
He, she, all of them–yea,
Treble and tenor and bass.
And one to play;
With the candles mooning each face….
Ah, no; the years O!
How the sick leaves reel down in throngs!

They clear the creeping moss–
Elders and juniors–aye,
Making the pathways neat
And the garden gay;
And they build a shady seat….
Ah, no; the years, the years;
See, the white storm-birds wing across!

They are blithely breakfasting all–
Men and maidens–yea,
Under the summer tree,
With a glimpse of the bay,
While pet fowl come to the knee….
Ah, no; the years O!
And the rotten rose is ripped from the wall.

Kota Raises her head and arms, embracing the rain.

They change to a high new house,
He, she, all of them–aye,
Clocks and carpets and chairs
On the lawn all day,
And brightest things that are theirs….
Ah, no; the years, the years;
Down their carved names the raindrop plows.

After a moment, Kota begins walking off as the rain continues to fall.

#1 Contender for RISE 
Fatal Fourway 
Alice Barnett vs Rebecca Rose vs Valerie Marie vs Kota Rain

Ricky: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Ricky Spanish, The voice of RUSH. Standing by with me are the dynamic duo, the self proclaimed Premier Power Couple of EOW.

Ricky: The Conquest Champion, Dennis Black and his advocate…RUSH’s own Madison Cox. Now then-

The audience showered the elitetron with loud disapproval as the image zoomed out from Ricky’s upper body to reveal Dennis and Madison standing on opposite sides of the interviewer.

Madison sighed and caressed the Conquest Championship that was resting over her shoulder.

Madison: Sure am gonna miss this place. Not…

Ricky: Pardon?

Ricky was startled when Dennis placed a hand on his shoulder.

Dennis: Ricky. Do you have any idea what today is? Of course you don’t. People like you have no concept of time or history.

Ricky: …

Dennis: Today could very well be our last time stealing the show at an EOW pay per view.

Madison: That is, of course….unless the ghost of wrestling past does the right thing. By that we mean, he humbles himself and meets our demands.

Dennis: You see, Rick. Can I call you Rick? Going to anyway.

Ricky: But…

Dennis: As ironic as it is for two of the most wholesome people this company has ever employed to be stuck in the city of Sin…I fully intend to leave this hell hole the same way I arrived. As Conquest Champion.

Dennis: After that, I’ll make the rounds. I’ll visit Fusion…and see what they have to offer.

Dennis: Who knows, maybe I’ll even show up on RUSH and take their Championship.

Madison looked down as her pocket began to vibrate.

Dennis: I’ll make my very lost stop on Conquest with the Championship in hand. Mr. Mayhem will apologize…and extend my contract with the desired result.

Ricky: Which is?

Dennis: The respect I deserve. The highest paid part time wrestler in EOW history. I only want to show up to defend my Championship. I deserve it.

Ricky: You aren’t even twenty five yet…

Dennis: But I’m a generational talent. Once in a lifetime. I’ve got the wrestling knowledge of five fifty year old veterans, Ricky.

Ricky: What happens if he doesn’t meet your demands??

Madison answered her cell phone and stepped out of view. Dennis arched a brow at her sudden movements before focusing on Ricky again.

Dennis: I’ll continue my quest to ensure that this is the most important Championship in all of professional wrestling. It will just be defended outside of EOW rings.

Dennis: I just may show up at EOJPW, RoX, CoH, or maybe some crappy bingo hall. It doesn’t matter, Ricky.

Madison stepped back into view with the phone still in her hand.

Dennis:I am Dennis Black, the pulse of professional wrestling.

Madison: Alright, Ricky. No more questions.

Ricky: G-good luck tonight, you two!

Madison glared at Ricky, which prompted him to run off.

Dennis: What’s wrong, doll face?

Madison: Halie…

Dennis: What about her?

Madison: She got released. Sounds like she’s on her way here.

Dennis: She’ll never make it…right?

Madison: I need to make some calls. Cheryl didn’t plan on actually having to defend.

Crunk Juice vs The Golden Age

* The camera opens up as you see “The Prestigious Saints” Baine and Travis Markson standing at a nearby roulette table hours before their matches at Wrestle Elite IV later on tonight. *

Baine:*bets on black* Travis tonight is a huge night for us we get to defend our Prestigious Tag Team Championship belts against two no bodies who just got lucky in a triple threat tag match.

Travis: Why did you bet on black, you should know better.

Yea well HFi is almost forgettable.

I mean who is in that team anyways? I can’t for the life of me remember. I think HFi stand for High Failing IQ.

Baine: On top of that I also have to defend my Internet Championship against Zac Taylor.

Then on top of that you as well have a second match as you compete in the most prestigious six man ladder match in EoW history.

Travis: You’re damn right, I believe everyone of those guys have licked the Prestigious Ones boots.

House Dealer: WINNER!

The crowd around the roulette table cheer

Baine: Look at that Travis got me a winner and I think that’s the first time I saw black coming out on top.

Baine: H.F.I tonight the only jackpot you will see is the grand prize staying on thee..most Prestigious Tag Team in EoW..

The Prestigious Saints.

Baine: Zac your no different because just like how me and Travis are going to retain our tag belts.

I plan on doing the same with my Internet Championship.

Travis:  And none of of jobbers stuck in mid carder hell  will get the win the Prestigious Ladder match & that you can bet on.

Cameras fade out from the casino and go to commercial break as the Prestigious Saints continue to roll big at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino.


#1 contendership EoW CONQUEST Championship
Devin King vs Ian Bates

*marco charming is at backstage wearing his new attire in honor of japan holding the title as he sign a few autographs and taking a few photos chang lee walk up to him as he is about to speak*

chang lee: hello eow welcome to the pay per view wrestlelite I am here with the intercontinental champion marco charming

*Marco starts to smile then looks at the camera*

marco: thank you very much

chang lee: so marco u are going face to face with Justin Rockstar the guy who attack u and getting DQ in the match for your title any comment to that?

marco: what he did I was mad about it yes but he wants to face me at wrestlelite so he got what he wish for

chang lee: so the question is this are u gonna successfully defend your title?

marco: look I am going to say this and everyone can agree but getting the title is easy part but keeping and defending the title is a whole new level it will be a hard task so yea

chang lee: last question anything you would like to say to Justin Rockstar

marco: Justin I hope you bring your a game cause I will not make things easy for so be ready!

*marco charmings theme come on as that is his time then he walk out with a determination on his face*

Devin come through the curtain as Kim rush him grab a word.

Kim: Devin we just saw you compete in your last man standing match against Ian Bates unfortunately you came up short but how you feel right now?

Devin: As much I want to get mad and say you know what I should won that match Mr.Bates prove to me that no matter how many times you get knock down he got right back up.

For that I respect him. Do

I have to like him no but he definitely earned my respect.

In this aspect this was my first WrestleElite and honestly I was disappointed with it.

Kim: So what next for you Devin ?

Devin: Well it time to go back to drawing board but however I’m not going to stop my journey until I get my Conquest Championship around my waist.

But for now Im going watch the rest of the matches with family and enjoy Vegas.

MITB Match 
Byron Parsons vs Jack Action 
Niles Reynolds vs Trent
Travis Markson vs Anonymous

Justin Rockstar is seen in the boiler room snorting coke off a hooker’s tits while getting a blowjob from a midget with his pants around his knees when Rachel Parsons walks in. She stands there in stunned silence as Rockstar notices her.

Rockstar: Hey lady, Justin Rockstar needs to get ready for Justin Rockstar’s match. Do Justin Rockstar a favor and stick a digit in Justin Rockstar’s chocolate starifish, cocaine is a boner killer and Justin Rockstar don’t wanna have blue balls during Justin Rockstar’s Intercontinental Championship bout.

Parsons shakes her head “no” and begins backing away.

Rockstar: C’mon, you know they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Well there are a bunch of cameras here, so Justin Rockstar guesses not! *laughs*

It’s not like anybody is gonna care, c’mon just one finger up Justin Rockstar’s pooper. Hey Slash, come show her!

Just then, famous rock star Slash walks into the boiler room.

Slash: What’s going on man?

Rockstar: Justin Rockstar is trying to give this squirrel a nut so Justin Rockstar can go get ready for Justin Rockstar’s match, show her how to stick her finger up Justin Rockstar’s ass.

Slash: Well it’s real simple you just take your finger–

Slash grabs Rachel Parsons’ arm. She struggles and screams when she can’t get away.

Slash: and gently slide it into his rectum.

Parsons cringes as her finger slides into Rockstar’s butthole. He moans as the midget gulps his seed. After a bit, Rockstar pulls his pants up and looks around.

Rockstar: Thanks ladies.

Rockstar exits the boiler room with Slash behind him.

Rockstar: You know Justin Rockstar keeps having these flashbacks where Justin Rockstar sees flying squirrels for some reason…

Rachel exits, holding her disgusting finger up. She passes by Crunk Juice.

Crunk: Dude, you’re not supposed to take the chocolate covered pretzel!

Crunk Juice shake their heads as Rachel goes into the bathroom.

A camera opens up in the car of Aaron Walker as he is on his way to meet his opponent David Jackson at The Country Road site for WrestlElite IV.

Aaron Walker messing with his radio listening to Colt Ford trying to find a track.

Walker: You know I have this feeling David Jackson, that tonight you’re not going to cut the mustard.

I got enough Lariats to sink a battleship.

All your games. That Ugly face of yours, it’s ending tonight.

Boy I hope your there when I show up so I can drive this truck over you like a possum.

Hell that’s a great Idea.

Some say your you are part of the Elite 5. The old Veterans of EoW.

Well it’s time I take your lousy ass to the pasture and put you down like old yeller.

D-Jack you belong to the country road now.

Cameras fade out as Aaron Walker  accelerates his truck down the highway as cameras fade back to ringside.

EoW G1 Championship

Matrix vs Showtime (C)

(Camera cuts to Zac Taylor as he enters the stadium)

Taylor: I got a little something special tonight planned for my attire because this isn’t no regular show or ppv this is the biggest ppv in EoW.

This is where the biggest and most talented which I can say because I’m here competing tonight.

(Taylor now not smiling and looking into the camera)

Taylor: You know by the end of the night Baine you are going to be carrying at least one less title.

Taylor: You and the rest of the fans don’t know it yet but you are looking at the new Internet Champion after this night is over.

Taylor: You disrespected me last week by saying you “forgot” that you were even facing but let’s be honest you’ve been staying up all night and day watching film on me trying so desperately to find a way to beat me.

(Taylor shaking his head in disgust)

Taylor: But me, I’ve been relaxing in my high dollar hotel room trying to some of the filth in this city some of you fans call home.

(Taylor laughing)

Taylor: Baine you are right about one thing that you said last week and that is I can’t reach the level you are on and god I hope not either because that would just make me like any of these fans which is average because let’s be honest Baine that’s all you are.

Taylor: I haven’t been here long Baine but I’ve been wrestling and training for years just ask my good friend Jacob Williams.

Taylor: I’m going to simply kick your ass, take the Internet Title, and elevate it to a word that you actually use a lot which is PRESTIGIOUS which simply it never could have been around your old waist.

(Camera cuts to black)

#1 contendership EoW Elite World Championship
Nathan Steel vs Bully-T

*A man is seen walking down the hallway wearing all black with a hoodie and black mask which is recognized as Pitbull as he was seen last fusion when he attacked Shadow.

He walks into his locker room and sits down with his back turned to the camera.*

Pitbull: Today will be the beginning of a new era. The era of the great Pitbull to take whats been so prolonged and become Elite World Champion.

It’s nothing personal Shadow but tonight when you step into that ring with Pitbull you will be just a measly casualty in this battle.

I hope you have come prepared to hand that title over and also kept it warm.

*Pitbull takes off his mask with his back still turned and hoodie on.

Moves his right hand out with the mask and drops it on the ground*

Time’s up Shadow. No more clock on your little title reign. I’m coming for you.

Pitbull stands up and camera focuses on the black mask that he dropped then camera cuts to next scene*


EoW Intercontinental Championship 

Justin Rockstar vs Marco Charming (C)

The camera pans to a balcony at Caesar’s Palace where Daniel Xavier stands and Jasmine Dejour-Xavier sits in a leather chair at the pool, both dressed casually. Jasmine has a champagne glass in hand, enjoying herself.

D$X: What a beautiful night it is here in Sin City, nearly as beautiful as my dear Jasmine.

Jasmine acts coy.

D$X: It’s only fitting that we’re here in the place where I won my first EoW World Championship.

It’s only fitting that we’re in the place where I’ve made a whole lot of money off of the debt of gamblers and cheapskates, because tonight my stock is going to rise again when I win my fourth World Championship here in EoW and my tenth in my career.

Double digits baby!

Now it’s no secret that my success has allowed me to enjoy the more lavish and luxurious things in life. Fast cars, nice clothes, giant mansions, stone statues… and paintings.

So of course I know alllll about… The Reaper.

For those troglodytes who have dust in your pockets and can’t even afford to think about nice things, let me give you a little history lesson.

Joan Miró, a painter in Paris in 1937 painted an 18-foot high mural that depicts a Catalan peasant wearing a traditional red hat shaking his fist: El Segador.

The mural was intended as a protest against the violence wracking his home country.

A year later the painting goes missing, thought to be either stolen or destroyed.

Well I searched far and wide, trying to find out if this painting still exists. I paid top dollar to the finest excavation teams, research teams and treasure hunters to seek out this mural…

Suddenly behind Dane, the El Segador mural ascends from below via crane. Dane smirks.

D$X: Now I know you all are wondering: Why would Dane pay more than what the painting is even worth to have this thing found?

Well you see, I’ve been in this business for so long that it’s become an obsession for me. I just get a “kick” out of seeing the devastation on people’s faces when they see just how far I will go to drill my point into their minds.

Dane walks over to the edge of the balcony and points down at the crane operator, who releases the crane and drops the mural.

Dane watches as it goes crashing down to the street below, the wood shattering and tearing the canvas.

D$X: Tonight in the headline event of WrestlElite IV amid all the pomp and circumstance, the world will bear witness as I, Daniel Xavier, will destroy El Segador with my own two hands.

The violence I will bring down upon you will be enough to destroy a thousand countries. Then there will be no question of what happened to The Reaper: Smitten… by The God!

Dane smiles as he looks down at the pile of wreckage in the street.

*Blake Adams is seen in his locker room alongside Bobby Akada*

Akada: Mr.Adams tonight you get your chance at becoming the number one contender for the Rush Championship.

How do you feel going into this match and not only that but this is your first Wrestlelite?

*Akada holds the microphone up to Blake Adams.*

Blake Adams: Akada maybe you forgotten but you will address me by my name.. Blake Adams. Not Mr.Adams, not Blake or anything else.

Now to answer your stupid questions.

Blake Adams: First of all just because this is my first Wrestlelite doesn’t mean I’m nervous if that’s what you were trying to imply Akada..

No a matter of fact I’m more focused then ever. Now yea it’s a triple treat match which means anything can happen but let me tell you what will happen.

*Blake stares intensely into the camera*

Blake Adams: Tonight you will all witness as I stand in the middle of my ring as both Sen Abbott and Natural both lye at my feet as I get announced as your New! Number one contender for the Rush Heavyweight Championship.

Now with that said what else you got to ask me Akada?

Akada: Well you seem very confident that your going to come out victorious tonight and if you do.. who do you hope to face Dane Xavier or the current Rush Champion El Segador?

Blake Adams: Listen Akada I don’t care who holds the belt whether it be Dane Xavier or El Segador because the fact is when the time comes the belt will be coming home to me.

Akada: Alright..Thank you for your time Blake Adams.

*Blake starts to leave as the camera starts to fade black.*

#1 Contender to Rush Championship
Triple Threat
Seb Abbott vs Blake Adams vs Norman Luna

Seb was backstage revelling in his victory when Ricky Spanish cautiously walked up to him.

RS: You managed to get the win tonight over the Natural and Blake Adams to become the number one contender to the Rush Championship. You must be feeling pretty good about it?

Seb smiled and stood up.

Seb: It feels great, finally I get my chance to keep proving to these fans I belong in the big picture no matter how dirty my tactics are.

RS: You mean like trying to unmask our champion?

Seb placed a hand on Ricky’s shoulder.

Seb: He should consider that an honour, me unmasking him as well as possibly taking his title… If he manages to get through Xavier that is, if not I “trust” Xavier’s reign won’t be long.

Seb obviously having enough of the talk clapped Ricky on the back and rubbing his nipples he left. Ricky just stared confused with what he just witnessed…. The tron lights up to show a nice view of the city…

The sight and sound of a pair of high heels clicking against marble floors were followed by the camera crew.

When those heels stopped in front of a dressing room door, the lens panned upward to reveal Madison Cox turning the knob of the T.B.S dressing room. Seemingly out of breath, Madison stepped inside and looked to Cheryl.

Madison: There you are!

Cheryl: Oh hey sis! You seem uneasy… and sweaty? What’s wrong? Is it Dennis again? Jesus… what’s the matter with him? Don’t worry, I got you, ok? Just take deep breaths… deeeep breaths!

Madison was bent over with both hands on her knees and breathing hard.

Madison: N-no! The rice picker.

Madison coughed.

Madison: She’s on her way. I tried making calls to delay her. Even called in a fake bomb threat to the airport. But…

Madison coughed again.

Madison: She’s on her way. What do we do?

Cheryl: Can’t we just… I don’t know, call ICE on her? We’re in Vegas after all, let’s take this opportunity and roll with it!

Madison: That’s…not a bad idea. We could call the police and say she’s got a sniper rifle or something. Isn’t that something people look out for in Vegas?

Madison: But there are SO many asians gambling…how are the police supposed to pick her out of a crowd?

Cheryl: Oh please, just tell them it’s the fat one. There are not many fat Asians out there… maybe that’s why they come here… hm… interesting.

Cheryl: Aaanyway, let’s suppose that the police is not going to help and she eventually gets to us, what should we do?

Madison: I’m going to see about setting up a few blockades outside the arena. Flirt some security guards that will lock doors for us. All you need to do is go to the ring and make sure the ref counts to ten.

Madison stands and places a hand on Cheryl’s shoulder.

Madison: This is your night. We can’t let Halie ruin it.

Cheryl: This OUR night. She’s not stealing this from us! I struggled a lot to get here, there’s not one ugly bitch capable of interrupting my show like this. And if she does, she’s not walking out of this arena on her on feet tonight.

Madison: Our night!

EoW Tag Team Championship 

HFI vs The Prestigious Saints (C)

El Segador is seen sitting with a few members of the production crew that were stationed right

beside the curtain that led to the stage. For the first time since capturing the RUSH Championship

At Blacklist, he is putting on his own custom side plates. In the distance, RUSH General Mathews

is seen frowning at his Champion. After several deep breaths, Stephen walks over

and offers El Segador a handshake. El Segador eyes the ghost like hand before standing up with the RUSH

Championship. Stephen looks down at his hand before placing it back

in his pocket. 

Stephen: In our infancy, RUSH made it to the highest mountain top. The main event of the biggest show of the year.

Stephen: Yes, I owe some of that to your performance as of late. But a big thanks must go to Dane Xavier.

        Stephen: He could have chosen any brand, but he chose RUSH.

Stephen: As our Champion, I expect you to keep it clean out there. Dane deserves that much. Can you do that?

El Segador leaned in close to the General Manager and whispered something into his ear.

Stephen’s eyes got wide as El Segador backed away. 

El Segador: Tranquilo…

El Segador winked at the General Manager before walking in the opposite direction. 

Gold RUSH Battle Royale
Winner to become Openweight Champion

Krash vs Yamashita vs Kerry Briggs
Nic Malone vs Corey Ford vs Obscura Sky

Recorded while the Openweight championship match was going on.

Corey is walking backstage following his early elimination from the championship match when Ricky Spanish showed up.

RS: You spoke a lot about winning this title the last few weeks and not only did you lose but you were the first to be knocked out.

Corey didn’t stop walking so Ricky had to jog to keep up.

RS: Care to comment on what went wro-

Corey stopped and kicked Ricky in the face knocking the reporter to the ground before walking away ending the scene and leading into the next segment….

The lights are shining bright for the for the biggest night of the year. As the cameras are going back and forth looking at each Wrestlelite poster in the hallway.

Then the camera stops as we see a limo enter into the parking lot. The car door opens and we see Eric Shadow step out looking his best.

Shadow: (Sniffing the air) Ahh do you smell that. (Breathing in the air) Do you feel that electricity in the air?!

Feeling all this energy tonight has got me pumped up for this huge show.

We’ve got this no name and that no name facing each other.

Man I feel so damn excited tonight.

The crowd boos and cheers not knowing what Shadow is going to say next.

Shadow: Now you people are pretty perplexed at the moment but that doesn’t matter because your Great and Wonderful Elite World Champion is here which means everything is all better.

That’s not even the best part, I’M IN THE MAIN EVENT OF THIS SPECTACULAR SHOW!

Yes you heard it right me, me Eric Shadow is last act for tonight and I’m facing…. (With a disgusted look on his face) Pitbull.

Yes sadly you have to that boring part-timer face me tonight but it’s all ok.

I will be keeping my beautiful Crown and I’m going to be coming back home with my Crown.

He grabs the title holds it his side with both straps folded in and the face of the title showing.

Shadow: Since I’m facing that wasteful wrestler Pitbull, I’m going to say some choice words to to the not so great number one contender because let’s be honest, you don’t deserve to be here anymore.

Yeah yeah yeah, you’ve been here from almost the beginning but let’s face it, nobody give a damn about you.

Let’s go back to Fusion where you made your big comeback and looking like broken down Terminator.

I finally decided to say some things to you do a non live broadcast. And you show up in the dark.

Yeah great job doing something that Nemesis has done multiple times (wink wink).

By the way you did a terrible job at it. So terrible that I think the girls in Rise could’ve done a better job than you.

If this is you going back to the drawing board then you’ve basically failed at whatever you were trying to do.

Man talking about this is getting me all fired up for this match because this means that I get kick your ass finally.

Plus I heard that you just had birthday and it just happens that I have a gift for you tonight.

My gift to you is a beating by yours truly sending your ass back to whenever you came from.

You will be looking up at the lights wondering why you came back for nothing.

Because spoiler alert this will be the last time you see your Precious Pitbull for a long time.

The Prince will continue to rule this kingdom and the Elite World Championship will stay around the waist of Eric Shadow.

He walks away as the camera follows him and fades to black.

EoW Internet Championship

Zac Taylor vs Baine (C)

*The camera fades in and we are outside of Elitecon. Everything looks normal, but a sound makes the camera pan to a nearby manhole cover. There is that noise again and the manhole cover opens up and a familiar two colored head pops out.

It is David Jackson, wearing his ring gear. He climbs out of the sewer and puts the manhole cover back where it was.

He turns around, notices the camera, and begins to speak.*

Jackson: Good evening, my fellow inmates, and welcome to Elitecon. It was a successful event for me and my meet, greet, and sign in the sewers was the highlight of the con. Although, I have no idea there would be a fatberg in the spot I chose.

Plus, the red balloon kept coming back, no matter how many times I got rid of it. Anyway, I hope that no one got lost in the sewers.

It seems that someone changed the direction of a few of the exit arrows. Anyway, that is all, nothing else to report…What is that?!?

*D-Jack walks over to the other side of the street and looks down at the ground. He picks up something off the ground, sniffs it, and eats it.*

Jackson: It’s a piece of candy (Looks up) and there’s another one and another one and another one and it’s a trail of candy. Let’s follow it, I’m hungry.

*D-Jack walks over to each piece of candy, eats it, and does this for blocks.*

Jackson: Oooo, piece of candy. Oooo, piece of candy. Oooo, piece of candy. (Stops) Oooo, out of candy. (Looks around and Turns his attention towards a door) Well, the trail stops here. Where is here though? (Looks up and notices a sign)

The World Renowned Elvis Impersonation School. Who would leave a trail of candy to…

(Two guys come out of nowhere, pick up D-Jack, and rush towards the door in one smooth motion).

Jackson: What are you doing? Put me down, hhhheeeelllllpppp!

*The door opens and closes. The camera man tries to open the door, but it is locked. A sign is now on the door and it reads, “Indoctrination in process”*.

*After quite some time passes, the door opens and Elvis impersonators are running out the door. Some are fine, some are bloody, some are limping, some are muddy. One falls unceremoniously out the door.

The camera focuses on him and a pair of white pants come into focus with a familiar barbed wire bat.*

Jackson(Hits the impersonator with each word) Don’t you dare come between me and Barbie. (The camera doesn’t move from the pants) (With a Elvis voice) Ladies and gentlemen, D-Jack has left the building.

*The white pants walk out of camera range as the camera fades out.*

EoW Rise Championship

 Halie Nichols vs Cheryl Malone (C)

Following the women’s championship match Halie sat in the backstage area lamenting her loss to Cheryl, a rather beaten Ricky Spanish stepped into view.

RS: Well that was some entrance, pity you couldn’t get the win. What went wrong?

Halie shook her head and looked down at the ground, obviously still upset with the loss.

Halie: All the time spent getting here I guess I didn’t get to have enough time to prepare. I was lucky to have picked up my attire on the way here but I just couldn’t find a way to end Cheryl.

RS: What will you do in the meantime? Now you’re back of the line.

Halie: I might stay in Vegas for a few nights or a week to get some r and r, may have to run it by our GM first but we’ll see.

She got up and made her way to the locker rooms limping slightly as the scene fades to the next segment…

(The camera pans to Jacob Williams sitting in his locker room staring at the camera)

Jacob: Dennis last week you got me. I fell right into your trap. But I want you to know something this little injury isn’t going to stop me.

I’m going to give you the fight of your life tonight. And win or lose I’m going to steal the show in one way or another.

(Jacob begins to take out his gear)

Jacob: Dennis last week you said I wear this because of shame.

(Jacob holds up his mask)

Jacob: that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You also called me a crybaby which is also not true.

I’m just doing what I learned from Madison in the short time she managed me.

(Jacob puts down the mask)

Jacob: Dennis there is one more thing I wanted to tell you.

Tonight we both have our first ever wrestlelite match.

And it just happens to be in the co main event for the conquest championship.

Nobody would have guessed that 3 months ago, but here we are the most anticipated match on the card.

I just want to make sure you don’t crack under the pressure because you have more to lose then me.

If I lose I’m in the same place as I was yesterday. But if you lose in your first ever title defense.

I don’t even want to think about what happens then.

(Jacob stands up)

Jacob: Dennis I’m going to leave you on this.


Jacob: good luck tonight.

(Camera fades to black)


EoW Hardcore Championship

Aaron Walker vs David Jackson (C)

*Baine is seen walking back to the Prestigious Saints locker room with one half of the tag team titles and the G1 Championship as he is stopped by Chang Lee.*

Chang Lee: Sorry to bother you but can I have just a moment of your time.

Baine: *grabs a nearby water bottle and takes a drink and pours the rest over his head* Make it fast Chang I’m beat after competing in three matches here tonight at Wrestlelite.

Chang Lee: that’s exactly why I’m hear after you and Travis Markson both defended the Tag Team Championships you then cashed in your Internet Championship on the G1 Championship and then you went onto facing Zac Taylor in which you lost the Internet Championship..

Do you think you pushed yourself to much tonight?

Baine: Pushed myself to much? Chang there is no such thing as pushing yourself to much when one such myself I’d a prestigious saint and still a multi title holder.

Now your right I did lose to Zac Taylor tonight which means im no longer the Internet Champion and which means i don’t get a rematch for the Internet Championship aswell..

but to be honest I’m ok with that because I got back my precious G1 Championship back after all this time and most importantly the Prestigious Saints retained our EoW Tag Team Championships.

All in all Chang it was a good night for myself and Travis Markson.

Baine: Now I must be going had a long night and I’d like to go enjoy the rest of wrestlelite.

Baine: Before I go I just want to remind everyone in the crowd or at home…hell most importantly the champs that still have to wrestle tonight because you never know when I might use my X1 summit briefcase aswell and claim a third championship.

*Baine smirks and walks off with his championship belts.*

Chang Lee: Well looks like our G1 and tag team champion Baine might be cashing in the X1 Summit briefcase like he’s been claiming but the question is..

On what championship match will Baine try cashing in on? And will he leave Wrestlelite IV with one more piece of gold?

Chang Lee: We shall see but until then back to you Bill and herb.

*Camera fades black*

*A loud sound can be heard coming somewhere within the backstage area as a nearby cameraman goes to investigate the sounds.

As he gets closer the sounds get louder and the cameraman soon finds out who is behind all the noise.

Cameraman peeks around the corner and turns the mic on thats on his camera.

Blake Adams is seen in a small lit area with equipment boxes and a few chairs laying around him.

He then starts to speak..*

Blake Adams: Damn it!!! Tonight was supposed to be my night where I become the number one contender for the Rush Championship.

But instead I get hit between the legs and then Natural decides to get up just to get knocked out and pinned for the three.

*Blake Adams picks up a chair and throws it pass the nearby hidden cameraman.

As the chair goes by the cameraman falls out of fear and as he falls his camera crashes to the floor.

Blake Adams soon hears the sound as he heads over to the hidden cameraman to find him on the floor.

Blake picks up the cameraman and pins him up against the wall.*

Blake Adams: Who the hell are you and why are you here?

Cameraman: my-my-my..naaa..

Blake Adams: Spit it dumbass or I’ll throw you down the hall like I did with that chair.

* Cameraman than passes out in fear from Blake Adams.

Blake Adams then sits the scared cameraman down and holds up the camera to his face.*

Blake Adams: Tonight I want to make one thing clear I might of gotten screwed on my chance at the Rush Championship but this is not the end of my quest to capture the Rush Championship.

Sooner or later you all will see that I will hold a firm grasp on that Rush Championship title and when that day comes your gonna have to kill me to get that title off my waist.

*Blake throws down the camera and walks out of frame.*


EoW Conquest Championship

Jacob Williams vs Dennis Black (C)

Per the stipulations set by my Mr. Mayhem and Jacob Williams, Madison was forced to watch the Conquest Championship Cage from match backstage.

Luckily for her, she had her best friend standing beside her the entire time.

She rushed over to him the moment Dennis walked through the curtain. He looked exhausted and winced in pain.

He limped toward the blondes and she immediately draped one of his arms around her neck to help him remain upright.

Madison: …Little help, sis!

Cheryl blinked.

Cheryl: Oh, right!

Cheryl draped Dennis’s other arm around her neck and had him hold the RISE Championship that she retained earlier in the evening.

Cheryl: You really need to work out more, Madison…

Madison: Implants will pop…like last time. I just keep it to Yoga.

Cheryl: Yoga isn’t all that helpful for wrestling. And… well… I can guarantee you that implants can go through real workouts.

Madison: Dennis has found my yoga to come in handy.

Dennis started to laugh, but winced in pain.

Cheryl: Ugh, I’m so excited guys! Everything’s right and happening like it was supposed to, it feels almost too good to be true.

Cheryl: This is going to be the best night ever! We gotta celebrate! We’re covered in gold! I’m home and you’re here with me, in my favorite place in the world!

Cheryl: Who cares about the rest of the show? Let’s just go and enjoy the time we have away from the yellow teeth land!

The trio had only made it halfway back to the Toxic Blondes dressing room before they spotted the General Manager of RUSH, Stephen Mathews blocking their path. The blondes rolled their eyes at the red head.

Stephen: Am I interrupting the walk of shame before a celebratory threesome?

Cheryl: Clearly he’s in no condition for something like that.

Dennis: I’m not? I didn’t know a threesome was on the table.

Stephen: No one has threesomes on a table.

Cheryl: Oh please, what do you know about threesomes? We’re all pretty fit, but that’s beside the point. We were not about to have a threesome. I mean…even if we were! What happens in Vegas…

Cheryl looked to Madison and they both shrugged.

Stephen: This is quite the reunion. Seems we’ve all come quite a long way…finding our way to greener pastures. Yes, Madison…why don’t you three go out and paint the town red?

Stephen: Surely you have reason to celebrate. You’ve helped the only two people in the world that can tolerate you for long periods of time become Champions.

Madison narrowed her eyes at Stephen.

Cheryl: We were just leaving. Get out of the way.

Stephen: I don’t think Dennis and Madison are leaving just yet, Cheryl. I’m assuming they want to watch the main event of Wrestlelite Four…

Dennis and Madison glanced at each other before looking back to Stephen.

Stephen: Enjoy tonight. Because I have a hunch that the days of the Toxic Blondes having their way on RUSH will be coming to an end very soon…

Stephen: In The Trust, I Trust.

Stephen grinned and walked by the trio. Cheryl had a concerned look on her face.

EoW Elite World Championship

Pitbull vs Eric Shadow (C)

Main Event


EoW Rush Championship

Daniel Xavier vs El Segador (C)

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