Previously recorded…

Halie Nichols stepped into the airport terminal only for Rush GM Stephen Mathews to rush over and stop her.

GM: Halie this tour is strictly men only, you need to go home, I’m sorry but I’ll sort something out for the women when we get back.

Halie looked angry at the thought of not attending the Saudi super show.

Halie: This is a crime against beautiful looking women. I should be allowed to join the team on this tour.

GM: Maybe next year, this year though it’s men only.

Halie still not liking this turned and stormed off back towards the parking lot. As she walked out of the doors she kicked Stephen’s hire car in outrage as the scene ended…


‘The Black Coronation’ begins with Dennis, Madison, & Prince Khalid standing in the middle of the ring. The Prince is standing beside a pedestal that’s covered up with a black veil. Madison goes to speak but Dennis quickly and gently positions her behind him. She frowned, then glanced at all the armed security around the ring.

Madison whispered: …You’re right. I’ll keep quiet…this time.

Dennis whispered back: For the best. I like head, and would like to keep it on your shoulders.

Khalid: Truly a historic day for this country and your company. A long standing dynasty, and a soon to be great one standing in the same ring. From one Royal family to another, it is my honor to present Dennis Black with the EoW Championship.

One of Khalid’s many wives unveils the newly minted EOW Championship. One of the wives places the Championship around Dennis’s waist, which makes Madison uncomfortable. Dennis raises his right hand, showing off an over sized ring that has many jewels on it.

Dennis: The House of Black is most pleased to be your guests of honor, Prince Khalid. While you know a thing or two about Royalty, like you…I know a thing or two about squashing out infidels. 

Dennis: This here…is what I like to call… the Ring of Conquest. Upon winning a unification match against an infidel by the name of Eric Phalen, the Conquest Championship wasn’t just retired. Oh no! My darling Madison here had it melted down and the jewels preserved to create something truly magical. Not just magical, but something fitting for my accomplishments.

Dennis: On my ring finger rests the hopes, dreams, and legacies of my lessers. This ring will always serve as a reminder that Sam Russ, Bates, Devin King, Phalen, and…god, I forget the name of who I beat for the Conquest Championship. 

Dennis: Nonetheless! This ring will forever commemorate that I am better than all of you. That I am now, and will forever be the greatest Conquest Champion. The FINAL Conquest Champion.

Dennis: This ring will always-

Jacob paced around the Champions as Madison’s face was steaming red. 

Jacob: I was the backbone of Conquest. Dennis Black? Definitely the coccyx bone.

Dennis narrowed his eyes.

Jacob: I was a hard worker. Dennis Black? Very lucky.

Jacob: You want to talk about legacies? You needed ‘her’ to win the Conquest Championship. You retained against me in a cage match with controversy. Let’s see how you do…when I’ve got backup.

Kenzie stepped forward while Dennis and Madison stepped back.

Jacob: And if the Prince would like to sanction a mixed tag match between us right now. I’ll show you who’s name you need to put some respect on. Unless you’re scared? 

Khalid: Are you two backing down?

The Prince looked to Dennis with a disappointed look as the crowd became agitated.

Khalid: These people want to see a show. They ‘will’ get a show. 

Madison whispered into Dennis’s ear.

Dennis: Alright! Fine. You two are going to get a first hand lesson on why you’re not on our level.

The scene opens up to the backstage area where we see Eric Shadow walking through the hallway.

Shadow: Man you know what EOW and Saudi Arabia both have in common? I’ll give you hint except one is more talked than the other. If you didn’t guess then I’ll tell ya. (Chuckles) They both have Prince’s. Except I’m talked about more than anybody else in the world. Allow me to introduce myself Saudi, I am the Prince of EOW. The reason why is because I’ve done everything that you can think of in the company. I know everybody gets pissed off when I talk about my attributes but I don’t give a damn but I’ll this one short. 3 time World Champ, Last and First Jetset Champion, first person to compete in a deathmatch and walk out with a win and an inch of my life. I forgot but I’ll gladly tell you because you are looking at the First ever G1 Champion and tonight I’m taking that off of Matrix’s hands.

Now I’m not gonna lie, Matrix is one hell of a competitor but I did beat in his first match so I guess it’s only fitting that I bring up the past for him. I’ll see you all later on tonight because tonight you willsee the Prince get crowned in the middle of the ring as I become a two time G1 champion and give the belt the rightful respect that it deserves. Shine it up nice for me Matrix because I’m gonna need you to hand me it when this is all done and over. And as of now the Prince bids you a farewell.

He gets out of the shot walks confidently into the locker room.


Blake Adams music hits as he makes his way to the ring with his United States Championship around his waist. Before entering the ring he walks over and grabs a microphone. Blake then enters the ring. He then walks around the ring and stops in the center.

Blake Adams: I came out here tonight with some bad news and some good, but before we get to that let’s talk about the match I have tonight here in Saudi Arabia against someone I know, and that is Nathan Steel.

Blake Adams: Nathan its good to see you returned but we both know how this match will turn out. Hell all of these people here tonight even knows the outcome.

So how about this instead of me beating you in less than five minutes and me causing you to quit EoW again we head down the road and find a nearby tank and blow some shit up..I mean we are in Saudi Arabia..

Nathan steels music hits as he makes his way on to the stage with a microphone in hand*

Nathan Steel: Whoa…..that was weird!, I got some déjà vu going on here! feels like every time I return and walk in these doors, you are my opponent! none the less, while it would be fun to forget this match and go blow some shit up with some tanks! I feel we owe these fans a match! So why don’t we forget about the tanks and I walk down this ramp.

Nathan Steel walks down the ramp.

And hand you the biggest ass whoopin you have ever had!!?

Blake stares at Steel and raises his mic.

Blake Adams: Nathan before I give you yet another beating there’s one last thing I need to say..I told you all I had some bad news so here it is..I hear by vacate the United States Championship since I will no longer be competing for the Rush Brand.

With that said I want to say Thank you to everyone on Rush for the memories and I hope one day I can make my return back into that ring.

Blake Adams: Now I did say I had some good news and that news is Fusion will be my new battleground and I’m ready to go to war.

Blake removes the United States Championship from around his waist and gives it one last look.


As the night goes on the camera pans out to the outside of the arena. As the camera is moving, we see Randy Crowe pacing back and forth by the loading dock and he has some very choice words to say.

Crowe: Ugh, I am definitely not happy to be here. Nobody speaks English, the food sucks, the music sucks, even the booze sucks. I hate it here, but of course I get booked in a “Big and spectacular show to brighten the world of EOW”. Also I am the Goddamn X1 and I’m put in a fucking tag team match that has nothing to do with me. The Golden Age, what a stupid fucking name for a team, but it is better than continuing to nothing but a Trust.

He winks at camera but still doesn’t care about still being in Saudi.

Crowe:  And out of all the people to team with I get the worst person of them all. I don’t get a former champion, a top prospect, a “legend”. I get Devin King. Devin King. A man who can’t win a match to save his own life. I mean don’t get me wrong, I had a shitty season but I came back and became a champion. I captured my third belt in this company and the respect I get is teaming with Devin King. This is a one time deal and if he gets in my way or finds a way to fuck this up for me, he better have a tombstone ready because he isn’t gonna live to see another day.

He grabs the X1 Title holds it up to the camera.

Crowe: I fight for this. I live for this. I fucking bleed for this. Whether I’m taking bones away from the Golden Age or carrying Devin King’s ass through this match, I’m walking out of here with a win. I’m done with shit.

He pushes the camera down as he walks into the arena.



Following his match with rookie Lancelot, Mohammed Azrael looked at the cheering crowd.

MA: {Thank you my fellow friends for your support, I am thankful to Allah for letting me wrestle in front of you and for EoW giving me the opportunity to perform.}

The crowd cheered.

MA: {I am sorry I couldn’t get the win but next year they visit I will be better. Thank you Lancelot for the match.}

Mohammed Azrael put the mic on the ground and rolled out of the ring the light within him snuffed out. The scene fades away back to the lavish viewing box.

Saudi prince: {I am displeased with the outcome of the match I demand my compatriot wins.}

The prince was shouting down a phone receiver.

Saudi prince: {What do you mean Lancelot has left? Well you will need to get him back here won’t you Mr Mathews?}

Some garbled mumbling which sent the prince into a fit of fury.

Saudi prince: {the only reason I had you come here was for me to get what I want and that was to meet your roster of stars and have my hand picked talent win. If any more of your stars leave the arena before I meet them serious trouble will be had.}

The prince hung up and barked orders at his entourage who quickly dispersed from the room….





Amir is found sitting alone in the locker room. He’s got three ice packs taped to his back while watching the final minutes of his match on repeat. The voice of RUSH, Ricky Spanish walks in and immediately places a mic in front of Amir.

Spanish: Tough loss in what has easily been match of the night so far. You’re already back in the lab looking over what you could have done differently. This is why the people of RUSH love you, Amir.

Spanish: But I have to ask, what’s next?

Amir paused the video, winced, and looked back to Ricky.

Amir: Some would say that Amir and Briggs isn’t a rivalry because he got a few wins over me last season.

Amir: Make no mistake about it, Ricky. Briggs and Amir is very much a rivalry.

Amir: He got me tonight, but each time I come a little closer.

Amir looks into the camera.

Amir: Briggs, when I do finally best you..the EOW universe will remember it.

The scene shifts back to ringside at the conclusion of entrances for the next match.



Guy Boone sat backstage cradling his new prize as an EoW interviewer arrived.

Guy: You’re not Ricky, where’s Ricky?

Interviewer: Ah well you see he’s a homosexual and ah we’re in Saudi Arabia… a place that looks down on gays and women. He’s gone…missing.

Guy: I never knew that about him.. anyway I gather you’re here to interview the first Australian to hold this title, hopefully a first for the other Australian doing battle tonight too.

Interviewer: What are your plans for after the show?

Guy: well some araby bloke gave me an invitation to meet with the Sheikh or prince I dunno if I’ll go, I want to get back to London so I can really celebrate with a couple beers.

Interviewer: Do you think it’s wise to turn down that invite?

Guy thought about it for a minute then hefted the title onto his shoulder.

Guy: Nope, but I have this.

He raised the US title and gave it a kiss.

Guy: now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go drain the lizard and book a flight home…

He walked away from the interview and the scene faded out to a private viewing box elaborately decorated with gold curtain rods and blue carpet with white tiled walls. Sitting on a throne was the Saudi prince looking very displeased with what he had just seen.

Saudi prince: {Totally unacceptable, arrest that man. He will have an audience with me as will all the stars of Rush}
*Translated from whatever they speak*

Two of the princes entourage left the room in search of the US champ…




After snatching the RUSH Championship away from an announcer, the RUSH Champion scrambled until he was able to crawl under the ring. Security appeared to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of angry patrons trying to hop the barricades and storm the ring. EOW’s Saudi Showdown had become a disaster!

The RUSH Champion appeared from under the ring apron that was closest to the ramp with a towel over his head. Meanwhile, Seb looked rather pleased with himself in the center of the ring. Suddenly, Stephn Mathews theme hit and the arena erupted! Stephen stood on stage with an unpleasant look on his face. 

Stephen: I just’ got off the phone with a rather unpleasant Mr. Mayhem. You’re lucky he isn’t here to deliver this message himself. While I would have preferred to do this privately in my office back in London…

Stephen: El Segador, or should I say…Dennis Black? Effective immediately, you are hereby stripped of the RUSH CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Livid, Dennis removed the towel from his head and threw it to the ground. Several Saudi security guards rushed on stage to from a wall between Dennis and Stephen. 

Dennis: You can’t do that!

Stephen: I just did. 

Madison stormed from behind the curtain and began berating The General Manager. 

Madison: You ginger bastard! Do you have any idea who you’re screwing with?

Stephen: You’re lucky I don’t strip you of the RISE Championship for your part in all this, Madison. Mr. Mayhem has given me complete authority over what happens here tonight. If this language continues, I’ll not only strip you of the RISE Championship…but I will strip Dennis Black of the EOW Championship. 

Madison had shut up completely while Dennis threw a tantrum at ringside, kicked steel steps and throwing chairs into the audience. Several members of the Saudi audience had stormed the ring to tear it down. 

Stephen: …It may be time to get the hell out of this country. 

Stay tuned for the release of  FUSION & RUSH cards.

One hour later…

Following his match Seb was watching the hullabaloo that followed, The owner of EoW was berating Ginger and the premier couple over speaker phone. 

Seb was getting bored of watching and went to interrupt, but two pairs of heavy handed hands started dragging him away out of view.

Shaking himself free Seb, turned to knock out whoever had dragged him off only to stop short as two very sharp blades that were inches from his nose.

Seb: Here we go again I guess…

One of the armed men hocked a loogie at the second man who nodded in agreement.

Second: You are wanted to see by the prince. Failure to do so is de-.

A door next to the armed men kicked open knocking them down as Corey Ford walked out.

Corey looked at the two men then to Seb before shrugging and leaving.

Seb waved his thanks and made his exit quite hastily…

Meanwhile the prince was furious as his two men returned empty handed.

Prince: {This is not acceptable, I have informed the airport to hold their plane.} Bring me Stephen Mathews he has explain to do.

The prince switched from Arabic to English making him seem more menacing like his favorite villain Hans Gruber, the two men who failed to bring him Seb left to get the Rush GM…

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