The camera switches to the next scene where see the great landmarks of Japan. The flag flying in the wind, the city of Tokyo in the background all lit up, and Eric Shadow standing in the middle of the city.

Shadow: The Land of the Rising Sun, a country that I have been dying to come to, the beautiful country of Japan. So much history here, so many big names in wrestling here and now I am one of them. Eric Shadow is here in Japan.

He looks around to see all of the elegance that is around him.

Shadow: You see most of everything here is nothing like what we have in the U.S. but out of all the things that are different there’s just one big thing… It’s that Eric Shadow is here to show his greatness in front of these fans. Yes I am talking in third person but look at me, I’m a highlight that everyone loves to see. One of the best in EOW and Japan will see why I am the Prince and I am Eric Fucking Shadow.

He puts him arms out and camera zooms out to see Shadow posing and everybody taking pictures of him.


Showtime  vs  Eric Shadow  vs  Parsons


Julie S  vs  Alice Barnett


Battle of the Streaks!


Dennis Black w/ Madison Cox  vs  Matrix


After getting his post match cheap shots in on Matrix with a steel chair, the Conquest Champion unfolded it and placed it upright on the chest and neck of his opponent before taking a seat. The Audience immediately began to boo as Dennis’s weight on the chair prevented Matrix from getting up. Madison sauntered into the ring with both a mic for Dennis and the Conquest Championship. She stood behind him and held the Championship high for all to see after handing him the mic.

Dennis: I live in a world where people think it’s okay to breathe when I don’t know who they are.

Dennis: Why?

Dennis: Take Matrix here for instance. G1 Champion, and yet…wanted this match in Japan…the Dome…my home, the place where I got my start, …trying to make a name for himself name off of my back. Trying to be one of the very fortunate few to achieve the ever elusive six stars with me. Disgusting!

Dennis: Tonight could have been the biggest match of his career. The biggest win of his season, by pinning a man that has not been pinned since Blacklist. So, I crushed those dreams. I took it upon myself to remind him that the only awards he’ll be receiving are from a channel like BET.

Matrix was still underneath the chair. Dennis crossed his legs and tapped the mic against his knee pad.

Dennis: It seems as if we’ve got a sad story to talk about, ladies and gentlemen. Sure, most of you can’t understand what I’m saying. But follow along with the subtitles in the replay later tonight, alright?

Dennis: What a…sad, sad turn of events for our EOW Heavyweight Champion, Pitbull. Don’t you just feel sorry for him? He captures the Championship against a star like Shadow and then joins the likes of Apex, all in the same evening.

Dennis: Shift over to Juice. His partner gets released over drugs or failing to pay child support, and Juice goes on this massive run after dropping all that dead weight. The two of you became the hot topic in EOW for 15 minutes this season. All I heard was ‘Pitbull’ this or ‘Juice’ that.

Dennis: It was Pitbull’s era of domination and Juice’s redemption. We forget that ‘I’, Dennis Black captured the Conquest Championship before Pitbull’s win at Wrestlelite. We forget that it was ‘I’, Dennis Black, that started a winning streak that dates back to Blacklist, while Juice was dressing up as cartoon characters and feeding you all pancakes with his unwashed hands! I was a Champion before Juice could spell the word ‘relevant’.

Madison starts to fan Dennis with her free hand.

Dennis: I couldn’t step outside of my home, turn on the EOW network, or help plan my wedding without being asked about the ‘biggest’ match of the season. Summerbrawl!: Da Juice vs Pitbull, for the EOW Championship.

Dennis: How did I respond to those questions? Simple, ladies and gentlemen. I beat them both in a span of two weeks, and took Summerbrawl off to marry the woman behind me. I beat them both so that they knew…that I knew…that you all also knew that their match was for one thing, and one thing only. To see who would have the honor of being on the wrong end of history when the Championships were unified at Meltdown.

Dennis: When Summerbrawl came to a close, none of you were talking about how my beautiful…sweet…innocent…and angelic muse was assaulted by Australian garbage named ‘Abbott’.

Dennis and Madison both rolled their eyes at the cheering for Seb Abbott.

Dennis: No, you all were talking about Juice missing his moment. Angels wept for this man. Children had nightmares that the lovable Perry walked away empty handed. Communities in the ghetto were put on suicide watch! Meanwhile…here I am, the most dominant Champion of the season…being overlooked.

Dennis: People say what happened to Juice was a tragedy and a crime. He lost fat, fair, and square. You want to know a real crime? The Conquest Championship has not main evented a pay per view all season. Another crime? Dennis Black…has not main evented a pay per view all season. But you know who has? Jack…Action. Let that sink in, people. Jack…freaking…action!

Dennis: Being the humble man that I am, I continued to be the salt of the earth and just do my job while remaining quiet.

Dennis: My moment in the sun would come at Meltdown, or so I thought. Last week, I challenged Pitbull to a two out of three falls match for our unification match. That way, by the end of the night, one way or another…there would be no question, controversy, or doubt who the man was when this season ended.

Dennis got up and stood on the chair, putting even more pressure on the chest of Matrix.

Dennis: Rather than answer me, what did you go and do, Pitbull? You went ahead and got injured in a backstage brawl. Who trained you? Who brought you into this business, Pitbull? What kind of world champion conducts themselves in such a way? Pfft…fighting backstage, for free?!

Madison: Perish the thought!

Dennis: Exactly, Madison.

Dennis: In fact, you owe everyone here, at home, and backstage an apology. Wait. Screw them…you owe ME an apology.

The audience starts booing louder.

Dennis: “Dennis, what happened to the dream match? What will become of the biggest match of the season?” These are the kinds of questions I have to answer on social media. Naturally, I ignore them…

Dennis: Did I go and get myself injured before the most important match of the season? No. In fact, I’ve been getting in the best shape of my life since the unification match was announced. I ate, slept, and trained with you or Juice in mind. Because….you see, Pitbull…i’m a professional.

Dennis: With this injury, you’ve left a lot of pieces, a lot of broken dreams, and a lot of disappointed fans
at my feet and they’re still begging me to do what I do best…

Dennis: Mr. Mayhem, I will not accept you simply handing over the EOW Championship to me at Meltdown. I’ve worked too hard this season for that. I want my best of three falls match with someone who is just as hungry as I am. Someone who understands what this moment is. I want someone with a fire that shines as bright as mine. I don’t care who it is. A one legged Pitbull, Eric Shadow, Da Juice…or god himself.

Dennis: I am walking into Meltdown as Conquest Champion, and walking out on the right side of history. That, you can bet on.

Dennis hopped off the chair as his music started playing. Finally, referees and paramedics entered the ring and tended to Metrix once Dennis and Madison made their exit.

Da Juice  vs  Kent w/ Lawrence Larkspur


The camera pans to Jacob Williams entering the Dawns locker room.

Jacob: I love the Japanese. The culture here is unreal compared to the uncultured swine we usually perform in front of.

Zac, Kenzie and Tre look at Jacob.

Zac: You’re the only one who likes it here.

Kenzie: We don’t understand anything anybody says to us.

Tre remains quiet in the corner.

Jacob: I see that I’m the only man of culture in this locker room.

Kenzie: Seriously how do you like it here.

Jacob: This place is the home of anime, the food here is the best I’ve ever eaten and the toilets here are amazing. I could go on about some more things but I don’t feel the need to. But I’m also fluent in Japanese so that helps.

Zac: Let’s move on from this. You do know you have a match against Trevor Kendrick tonight right?

Jacob: Yea I do. I’m in the process of getting ready for it.

Kenzie walks over to Jacob and begins wrapping his wrist up with tape.

Jacob: Seriously there is nothing to worry about you’re gonna be at ringside.

Zac: I know, but this is the last week before our title match to prove that we our the dominant team.

Jacob: Win or lose tonight we our the dominant team. There is nothing Hfi can do to stop us from saving this division at Meltdown.
As far as I am concerned they are 無駄.

Zac looks at Jacob and nods. The screen fades to black.

Parson walks over and grand a mic and reenters ring .

Parsons: I’m so sick of this shit I been here 5 years and get looked over or passed over while there Scumbags get opportunity after opportunity. So Mayhem get your ass out here and give me the #1 contenders spot at the world championship . I ain’t leaving here until you do and I don’t give a shit who I have to hurt to get it ….


Mr. Mayhem: Let me get this straight. You assault my champion and take him out of commission and maybe indefinitely and you’re expecting a reward?

Parsons: That’s exactly correct. You can’t afford to have any more employees on the shelf now can you? So I suggest you giving me who and what I want before I get angry.

Mr. Mayhem walks over towards the corner getting handed a microphone from the time keeper.

Mr.Mayhem: Okay you got your match. And not because I’m worried about your flame or anger. No, because we all know I end careers.

Just when Dennis black beats you and he will, you’re still contracted to EOW you can’t quit and you can’t go run and hide and I’m not going to let you sit at home and collect a paycheck your proverbial ass is mine.

Mr. Mayhem: You have been in EoW for 5 years. Your loyalty is really the only reason you are getting this opportunity, not because you took out Pitbull…but because of loyalty.

So keep that in mind when your dreams of grandeur are crushed and we have our new Undisputed night King.

Parson: That’s all I wanted, Dennis Black your title and ohhhh that ass is mine see you soon sweetheart.

Parson drops the mic and leans down to lay backwards across the middle rope exiting the ring as Cameras fade out to commercial break.



The Cameras open up backstage with Travis Markson preparing for his match as Baine comes in the locker room.

Baine: Man it sucks that Pitbull got injured and fucking Parsons of all people.

Travis: He will get what’s coming, either we will kick his ass or Dennis Black might get to him before us. I don’t know but tonight we need to show everyone the Saints go marching on.

Devin King thinks he’s ready for the Prestigious one, he thinks he’s so entitled that he can just call his shot.

Fuck that guy.

I will show him he isn’t even ready.

Baine: Yea this Ian bates thing is a joke, not that you are because you lost to him.

Travis looks at Baine like ‘wtf?’

Baine: Well I mean it was a fluke. Yea, that.

Travis: Baine, we are down a man so now we have to show people Prestigious Saints are still fucking here. We got the Golden Age in a Cell 2 out of 3 falls. We have to have each other’s backs. So take care of Ian Bates, I’ll handle Devin. Then we will beat the shit out of the Golden Age for getting involved during CONQUEST.

Baine: I got your back and tonight when you decimate Devin King and I make a fool out of Ian Bates we then can focus on the Golden Age and come Meltdown we will show the world why The Prestigious Saints are still the best tag team in EoW.

Both: Pitbull, get well brother.

Cameras fade out to ringside,as Prestigious Saints continue to talk strategy heading into Meltdown.

As the camera is circling the crowd, we hear some commotion in the corner of the seats. As the fans are standing up we see Randy Crowe pushing people out of the way so he can make his way to ring. He steps over the guardrail and takes the microphone from the announcer. The crowd is booing Crowe as he disrespected the Japanese crowd.

Crowd: Doko ka ni itte, doko ka ni itte, doko ka ni itte. (Go away in Japanese)

Crowe: Oh shut the fuck up! I’m not out here to talk to any of you slanted eye imbeciles. So if you all can shut the hell up!

Crowd: Doko ka ni itte.

Crowe: Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever. I’m out here to talk about somebody that I actually like in this company and I don’t really like anybody here. Now none of probably have any idea what I’m saying but I became the number one contender for the X1 Championship and it turns out that it’s the one and only Baine. Now Baine in my opinion is hands down better than most of the lame asses on the roster. I mean look at what he’s done. Title after title, classic after classic, but you have to face me and put that belt on the line at the next pay per view.

Now I haven’t amounted to anything this year but I’ll be damned if I don’t win a belt and sadly Baine, you’re gonna fall into my clutches and I’m sorry but sorry to say this but your not walking out as champion. We may be good friends on the outside but when were face to face in the ring, I don’t as a friend, I see you as my next target and sooner or later you will be victimised and torn into pieces. See you soon champ.

Crowe throws the microphone and goes back into crowd as he pushes out of the way once again. The camera fades to black and cuts to the next scene.


Ian Bates  vs  Baine


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