DUSTIN ‘The Destroyer’ LAWSON   vs  KYP SHAW

Seb sat backstage looking sour after being eliminated from the championship chase last week because of Dennis Black.

Seb: Damned Blacks.

An audible rush of air and water sprayed across the room at this remark.

Seb: Dennis Black and his whore in waiting. Not black people you politically correct wankers.

The crew who heard this shrugged mopped up the spit take and left as Kyp Shaw entered the area a little battered after his match.

Seb: Chin up kid, you’ll get the win next time.

Kyp looked to his father and nodded.

Kyp: I guess tonight I had more pressing matters on my mind.

Seb: What’s going on? You didn’t get caught stealing Madison’s wedding dress did you?

The kid looked puzzled.

Kyp: Steal her wedding dress? I’m not that stupid.

Seb shrugged and started to get ready for his match.

Seb: I must’ve imagined that.. anyways I need to get ready can you throw me that roll of tape?

Kyp tossed the roll of tape to his father and got up looking at his phone.

Kyp: damn I have to get home and do some school stuff, I’ll.

He paused staring at Seb.

Kyp: I’ll see you later, good luck against Dennis tonight.

With that, Kyp left. Seb continued to strap his hands as the door shut ending the scene, and immediately transitions into a match that is already in progress…



Somewhere backstage Ricky Spanish had elaborately decorated a small area for his little piece of wrestling journalism.

Ricky turned to see the camera was rolling.

RS: Ah hello there viewers and welcome to the first installment of The Vault, where we go back in time to the glory days of wrestling and see where many of our favored stars got their starts.

He paused for canned applause.

RS: Tonight we witness two of Rush’s veterans, and I mean veterans… Take on the late great Gorgeous Arthur Van Frye in a classic title match. The sound quality is very low and the entrance music is non existent but please enjoy this blast from the past!




The ending of last week’s edition of Fusion is shown on the Elitetron. Current reigning and defending EOW Champion, Pitbull, is seen on the ground holding his knee. The audience boos as the screen zooms out and reveals Madison sitting on a couch with a remote in her hand.

Madison: This is almost as good as the videos I send Dennis when he leaves London for his matches in the States.

Dennis waltzes in with a huge grin on his face.

Dennis: I’ve got great news.

Madison paused the video.

Madison: Abbott died?

Dennis: Bit morbid, don’t you think…?

Madison shrugged.

Dennis: Anyway, Rumor is that Pitbull’s knee is worse than we thought it was. He’s literally going to be limping into Meltdown.

Madison: That’s fantastic news. Yet…you could also leave Japan injured. You’ve gotta be smart out there tonight.

Dennis: I’m finishing Abbott. He’s going to get what he deserves for ruining OUR Summerbrawl.

After the duo heard a knock at their dressing room door, Dennis slapped Madison on the backside and told her to answer the door while he went to shower before his match. Madison walked over to the door, opened it, and found a bouquet of roses on the ground. She knelt and picked up the card that was nestled between the flowers. The note only has the message of…


She quickly kicked the bouquet of flowers away and slammed the door.

NORMAN ‘The Natural’ LUNA  vs  KRASH

Corey Ford was sitting in the GM’s office patiently waiting for Stephen Mathews to arrive.

The office door opened and Stephen walked in.

GM: Ah, hello Corey how can I help you?

Corey swiveled in the chair and looked up at Stephen.

Corey: You called me in here, I can only assume it has something to do with my actions last week?

Stephen perked up remembering why.

GM: yes yes that is exactly why I called you here. Now Segador managed to win his match on Fusion barely because of injuries he sustained at your hands. We can’t be having contenders attacking the champions because they’re displeased with my decisions.

Stephen took a deep breath.

GM: Also you beat down our Openweight champion at the end of his grueling match. His opponent for Meltdown has been here chewing my ear off as he’s a noble fighter who wants Poul at a 100%.

Corey snorted.

Corey: I want both men hurt as much as possible before this title match. I will be the first white guy to hold that belt and no Mexican or Puerto Rican are going to stand in my way.

GM: Ah sure we’ll see come Meltdown. Now I’m actually sorry I have to do this but I’m sending you home so both Segador and Poul are at least safe from you.

Stephen pushed a buzzer on his phone and two security guards entered to escort Corey from the venue.

Corey: I still get paid right? I’ll go quietly if I still get paid.

GM: Of course you still get paid, you showed up to your place of work right? Now leave. Oh, and one more thing…this match will be settled in a triple threat…Iron Man Match!

Corey got up and walked out satisfied with a paid vacation back to London…



****Backstage in the Parking Lot Area Poul is seen sitting on top of a car****

Poul: Well it seems I have a target on my back. It must be because I made it to the very top in such a short time. People are afraid of me. With people, I’m especially referring to Mr. Ford. I went through 2 vicious triple threat matches to get involved with the Rush Championship match. After the last match, an idiot named Corey Ford thought it was a good idea to attack me.

Boy oh boy, you’ve made a huge mistake. I don’t think you know who you’re dealing with man, but I’ve got something coming for you. As they say, an eye for an eye, and you better believe I am coming to collect.

El Segador, I haven’t forgotten about you either, you owe me. You both owe me. I never forgot and I always persist. I will be the champion by the end of our match. I will brutalize the both of you until you can’t comprehend words anymore. YOU, SEGADOR! I will mess up your face completely! That mask won’t be a prop, it will be what you need to cover that destroyed face once I’m done with it. Corey! That stupid hair of yours, I’m gonna shove it so far down you’re throat. Remember this I will not stop to get what I want, and what I want right now is both of your heads.




Brought to you by….



(Thanks to all of those that helped make RUSH’s first stand alone season as a brand an exciting one. Best of luck to those competing in Night 2 & Meltdown. I look forward to working with you next season.)

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