EoW Strong – Post Season Startup (Night 2)

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EoW Presents


After the entrances Sexton can be seen on the big screen dragging coach Montgomery to his car.

He picks up up putting him in the trunk smiling to the camera.

Sexton: Come and find him if you like.

Dixon bolts out of the ring running backstage leaving Grom counting himself out with Grom left in the ring. as the camera fades to black .

The Camera opens up backstage as The Mountain prepares for his match against POUL.

Turning to face the camera, The Mountain appearing vehement, in a rage with his nostrils fairing.

Mountain: Tonight, I am facing a man who took a victory from me. Tonight I am facing a man who I did not request to fight because management was told by Diamond himself. “Oh I have other plans”.

What other plans are more important than proving you are worth the gold that hangs around your waist Diamond!?

Instead, POUL is more of a man than you to take up the challenge.

He is wanting to PROVE! Prove to the world he stole nothing from me, which either way you look at it. It was not my shoulders that got pinned Mike.

You’re going to let your number one challenger Poul show that he has more guts than you.


Mountain: Looks like you’re no Different than Dennis Black after all.

Just another champion dodging me. Even Dennis Black took a extended leave for an “Injury” to avoid an instant rematch.

You’re time reels near Mike.

Haven’t you learned?

I am the towering shadow, the ever lurking presence of destruction that awaits you.

Weather you come out of SummerBrawl with or without that title. I will be waiting!

*Cameras fade out as mountain snatches his gear bag from the floor and hurling it at the locker as we cut to commercial break.*

*Poul is backstage with Ricky Spanish ready to speak*


Ricky: Word on the streets is you stepped up to challenge The Mountain in a singles match today.

So I have one question for you, do you have a death wish?


Poul: Are you serious right now Ricky? First of all I fear no man, no matter how much of a behemoth they may seem to be.

With a couple of lariat can knock God himself down, and since The Mountain is most certainly a man he shall fall too.

Now quick note, word on the street is that Mike Diamond is running from The Mountain which is where I stepped up and accepted this challenge.

Now I find that funny because the person Mr. Diamond should be avoiding is me, after all last EOW Reloaded show I did pin him in that triple threat.

With that said, since I officially pinned the champ, it’s only right I get a title shot for that world championship you hold buddy.

Diamond, I will do what you’re too afraid to do.

I will conquer The Mountain, then I’ll see you at Summerbrawl and take that Gold you’ve held nice and warm for me for so long.

Enjoy the show everyone, because soon it will be completely mine.

*Poul smirks at the camera with complete confidence*



Cameras open up with the Intercontinental Champion Zac Taylor unpacking his ring gear as  EoW Heavyweight Champion Mike Diamond enters the locker room.

Zac: There he is.

Running a bit behind Champ or where you making sure the coast was clear. *chuckels*

Diamond: What? 


Zac: The mountain…. He still has his weights on you.


Diamond: I focus on one thing at a time. I said before that Mountain is just the Connor McGregor of the EoW. All he does is challenge big time players and comes up short and somehow is in another big time match. The focus is not on him, it is on the immediate threats. 


We need to watch our backs tonight. Golden Age always seems to follow me around. Now I got Poul at Summerbrawl. Poul is more fierce than I’ve ever seen him in the past. He is an immediate danger to my championship. 


Diamond looks at Taylor’s IC championship. 


Diamond: Be care out there as well. Scott is a beast and unpredictable. Especially with Golden Age coming right for you. 


Zac: Well looks like that will have to wait, we have The Dynasty tonight. Two Hall of Famers. Are you ready?


Diamond: I will clear my mind and do business like usual. Once again Diamond and Latief in the same ring. I’ve never faced Pitbul before, but I’ve seen his highlights. To get in the hall of Fame is a huge deal, so I won’t take them lightly. 


We just heat Golden Age, together I know we can   be….

There is a knock at the door and Taylor and Diamond look at one another.

Taylor: Does anyone knock anymore?

Diamond: I’ve never knocked…. Even for the GM. I always barge in.


Diamond looks at the door and after several seconds yells it’s open.

The door opens as you see Travis Markson walk through and the crowd pops.

Zac Taylor shakes his head.

T-Mark: What’s a matter Taylor? I thought you turned a new leaf since 2019… *Markson pauses* Wait we’re still stuck in 2019…..

Diamond and Taylor look at eachother.

Diamond: It’s 2021 Markson.


T-Mark: Of course it is. I just thought I would see Tre Michaels here in support but I guess the times have changed.

Anyhow I came to let you know Mike, Golden Age still has debts to pay. When Kent tried to sideline you on Reloaded.

It still doesn’t sit right with me.

So on Fusion. I talked to Mr. Mayhem.

Taylor: *Coughingly* Of course you did.

Markson: Sorry did you say something.

Taylor: Just dry throat from the plane ride. Hope it’s not Covid.

Markson: Yea, I don’t think that was it.

Like I was saying. 

Next week on Fusion, Mr. Mayhem gave the green light for Kent Lassiter versus Travis Markson.

Diamond: Make sure you give him a kick in the ass from me. 

T-Mark: The Golden Age’s title control is coming to an end. 


Their confidence is dwindling even though their egos shine through.

But everyone has to face those obstacles in front of them.

Mike, if you have any reservations about The Mountain, I’ll face him for you.


Diamond looks eye to eye at T-Mark.

Diamond: You don’t need to worry about fighting Mountain for me. One day down the line we will fight. But I’m focused on many other things right now. 


Poul, Scott, Kent, Lawrence, Kyp…… and last but not least Black. Black and Diamond has been boiling for over a year now and maybe just maybe one day we will step in the ring and I can deliver the ass whooping of a lifetime. 


Mike pauses for a moment and looks at Taylor.

The crowd starts chanting Diamond over and over as he just looks back to T-Mark smiling. 


Diamond: You hear that? T-Mark the thing I am focused on is making sure I beat Poul at Summerbrawl and bring this to you at Wrestle Elite Seven.


He holds up the Heavyweight championship as the fans go crazy.

Travis smiles and shakes his head.

T-Mark: When are you young guns going to learn. It’s not about the gold, it’s all about that euphoric feeling you get, that out of body experience of putting on a match you know was once in a life time. 

If you have that belt by then Mike, it is what it is but it’s not important to me. If it isn’t five stars then we just both need to hang the boots up.


Diamond: Always love friendly competition, I always love it when there is no hatred, just pure passion and love for this business.


Both of you know I’m debating on signing my new contract for EoW, but a few things are certain.

I will give you everything in our match tonight Zac, Golden Age will get the beating they deserve, I will defeat Poul at Summerbrawl and walk out of the crowd as EoW Heavyweight champion celebrating with Planet Diamond, and I will see you at Wrestle Elite. 


The crowd pops for Diamond as the camera fades to black.


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