*Video feed on the titantron turns on*

*Recorded earlier in the week.*

*Zac Taylor, Tre Michaels, James Bryant, and The Goliath are all standing outside a door.*

*Zac looks at the three of them*

Zac: So I know you guys are wondering what we are doing here and frankly I was afraid to tell you James in particular what we are doing here. But don’t be afraid and please keep an open mind.

James: Are you guys trying to jump me!?

*The Goliath stares at Zac menacingly.*

Tre: What? No James calm down.

Zac: No it’s nothing like that. By the way does Goliath never take that mask off? That’s a lil freaky man but hey whatever makes you happy I guess.

*James is still uneasy and Goliath is still staring at Zac menacingly.*

Zac: Can you stop doing that?

*James tells Goliath to stop and he listens.*

*The door opens up and a man welcomes them in.*

Dr. Ryan Weaver: Hello gentleman, I’m Dr. Ryan Weaver and I’m a therapist and from what I heard you guys need to build trust within each other and get to know each other better if you guys want to fulfil your full potential as a team. This will also help you James in particular in becoming a nicer person and become more trustful of others. I would like to help you guys week to week or every other week but lets get started.

James: This is ridiculous, I don’t need some shrink to tell me what to do.

Tre: James, you heard him we need this to be the best team there is. We don’t know each other well and we need that trust and chemistry between all of us.

James: Fine, but if any funny business happens or something puts me in danger my bodyguard here can and will take care of whoever tries to hurt me.

*Goliath nods his head and crosses his arms looking on.*

Dr. Weaver: Alright well we are going to do the classic trust fall today. Alright so Zac and Tre since you two know each other the most start us off please.

*Tre stands in front of Zac and falls backwards safely into Zac’s hands.*

Dr. Weaver: See it’s that simple. Continue.

*Zac stands in front of Tre and falls backwards safely into Tre’s hands.*

Dr. Weaver: Alright now Zac and James.

James: Remember what I said.

*James points over at Goliath.*

*Zac stands in front of James and falls backwards safely into James’ hands.*

*James stands in front of Zac and falls backwards safely into Zac’s hands.*

James: Woah.

Dr. Weaver: See James that was easy right. I bet it felt great being able to trust someone huh?

James: It did.

Tre: Alright my turn James.

*Tre falls backwards into James’ hands safely.*

*James stands in front of Tre and falls backwards into Tre’s hands safely.*

James: I never felt this feeling before.

Dr. Weaver: James this is just the beginning of a new way for you. Right now is time for a lunch break. We will pick back up where we started once we are back from lunch.

*Video feed cuts out on titantron*


*Dynasty’s New Theme Music*

*All 5 Members come to the ring*

[Rachel] – You wanted the best?! Well here we are! *Crowd Cheers* My name is Rachel Cardoza, and I am 1 Half of the E.O.W. Tag Team Champions, and we are … The Dynasty *Crowd Chants Dynasty* And we are here to restore the honor of our sport, because that mat your standing on with your filthy feet is SACRED to us.

[Rachel] – Dynasty… is all about unity. Restoring that honor back into wrestling

Devin Kings, arrival was one of the pieces to the puzzle, with his flash and flair.
Baine… Dynasty’s speedy warrior, efficient and disciplined.
Latief… Dynasty’s… equalizer, power and force, cold blooded, no remorse
Pitbull… Dynasty’s hatchet man, adapt, overcome, and strike like a lethal thief in the night
And myself… Rachel Cardoza… The most dominate, woman in EOW history, in short time, together we are Dynasty

RC- and just because we’re not in the United States, and we are stranded in the land of the rising sun…. *Crowd Cheers* So this challenge goes out to you Asgaard, before you double crossed us, and decided to form an allegiance, instead of joining us in Dynasty, let us make it real simple you big oaf, we are here to restore dignity to the EOW Federation, and the first order of business is to REMOVE you Mountain and the rest of those 25 cent gumball machine impendium pussies you call Asgaard.


*Video feed turns on the titantron and we are back with Zac, Tre, James, and Goliath after the lunch break they had.*

Dr. Weaver: James can you go again with Tre please?

*James stands in front of Tre and just before he begins to fall Dr. Weaver drops a penny next to Tre.*

Tre: Ooh a penny.

*James doesn’t realize and falls backwards onto his back.*

Zac: Uh oh.

James: Hey!

*James points to Goliath and Goliath starts to make his way to Tre.*

Tre: No no no. It’s not my fault.

*Tre points at Dr Weaver.*

Tre: He dropped that penny on purpose. To distract me.

James: Get him Goliath.

*James points at Dr Weaver and Goliath grabs him by the shirt collar.*

James: You trying to make a fool out of me huh!

Dr. Weaver: It’s… a part of the…. exercise please…

Zac puts both hands out and tries to ease the situation.

Zac: Hey big guy. Sun’s getting real low.

Tre: Did you really just try the Marvel Hulk thing?

Zac: Maybe. Yes I did ok you know I’m a superhero nerd, plus it worked in the movie.

Tre: Yeah in Age of Ultron, but remember in Thor Ragnarok when Thor got slammed by Hulk when he tried?

Zac: Oh yeah. Well it was worth a shot.

*Zac and Tre laugh a little.*

Zac: James can you please tell Golitah to calm down and let go of Doc please.

James: Fine.

*James whistles and Goliath lets go of Dr. Weaver.*

Dr. Weaver: I was proving a point. You guys need to depend on each other and you can’t be in it for yourself. You are a team now and you can’t be distracted by anything once you are in that ring together. You are strong individuals but you 3 could be an even stronger team.

Zac: That was actually a really good lesson. But maybe next you shouldn’t do it with Hulk over here in the room.

*Zac and Tre laugh a bit and Dr. Weaver lets out an uneasy laugh while fixing his shirt collar.*

Dr. Weaver: Well that’s the end of today’s session see you guys again. Hopefully not that behemoth.

*Golitah looks at Weaver.*

James: Sorry about that Doc.

*James, Goliath and Tre leave through the door and as Zac is about to leave Dr. Weaver calls him over.

Dr. Weaver: I know you have had a rough year Zac, so you can come by anytime you want if you ever need help alright.

Zac: Thanks Doc, I appreciate that.

*Zac leaves.*

*Video feed on titantron turns off*




As Shadow sits in the middle of the ring, he takes off his elbow pad and sticks it in his tights. He stands up and grabs a mic. But before he says anything, Briggs makes his way down to the ring.Briggs’ is standing ringside mic in hand.

Low and behold another loss for the has been. I don’t know why you bother when was your last major victory, your last match that meant something? Let me answer that for you, you haven’t accomplished anything in 2 years. And you won’t accomplish anything this year either!

Shadow scratches his chin and throws on a little smirk.

Shadow: Alright, alright, calm down Kerry.

Briggs: It’s Brig…

Shadow: I don’t give a shit. Yeah I haven’t done much in awhile but my career is one of the most decorated of all time. I would list off the Champions that I’ve held but I’m pretty sure wouldn’t know what to say after hearing all my praise. “I’m washed up”, “I haven’t won the big one again”, cry me a damn river. Dude you are so damn cliche and boring. I mean look at yourself, you look like a backyard wrestler that snuck in the door for catering.

The crowd starts to laugh as Briggs is starting to get furious.

Shadow: Ahh it’s not so fun talking all that trash. You see, people “overshadow” me. “He’s no T-Mark, he’s no Baine, he’s no Dennis Black, etc, etc”. But if it wasn’t for me none if those guys would have World Title have wins. I am a royal stone to this company. People looked at me like an outcast but I proved a lot of them wrong. Now you of all people, a guy that got a lucky ass win on me. You think one win against me puts you on top, ha, nothing you do mean anything. 4 way hell in the cell at Wrestlelite, great job but nobody gave a damn. Now if you don’t mind I’m gonna go celebrate my loss with my head held high because I know that my career is still better than yours.

Briggs has a puzzled look on his face

Briggs: What the fuck is a royal stone?

You’ve been around for awhile won a bunch of championships. What 3 years ago? As far s my looks most of the roster isn’t worth the time why should I waste time putting on ring gear. All I need is a pair of jeans and some taped fists?

You on the other hand look just like everyone else, what’s next you going to join the Dawn Asgaard or the Dynasty so you can fit in more?

I’m not here to be anyone’s friend, I’m here for one reason and one reason alone I like to beat people up. I’m pretty good at it. So while you try to “Wrassle” I’ll be the guy to punch you in the face, to make you regret waking up in the morning. I’d like to beat you up again, but I wouldn’t be getting paid for it. So I’m going to head back up that ramp I’ve said what I needed to.

Briggs casually tosses his mic up in the air turns his back on Shadow and starts to walk up the ramp.

As Briggs heads backstage, Shadow shrugs from the remarks.

Shadow: Nice words not so Finlay.

The crowd laughs once again as Shadow bows and the scene ends.



*The bell rings and James Bryant is hoisting his hands in victory over the body of Ian Bates, before he is interrupted by Mr. MITB Jack Action*

Jack:*Claps sarcastically* great work James you beat a has been whose spot you took in the Dawn. WoooHoooo nobody cares.

James: *Motions for a mic* Oh man not you again . Go ahead say all you have to say you bum . Get it over with

Jack: There is nothing too say really James. You had a shot to become the IC champ . And that didn’t happen… you had a shot for the G1 d well that didn’t work Obscura decided to kick out of everything you had in you. And finally you had a chance to be the leader of a group and have me and this *holds up briefcase* but instead you decided to be a equal with the likes of Taylor and Michaels.

James:*sighs* Are you done?

Jack: No James I won’t be done until you are gone and out of EOW . I challenge you James 1v1 next week your career on the line. Me and you the real best vs the rookie.

*The fans Boo jack*

James: See jack to get a match with me you have to have something I want. To get my career you’ll have to kill me or offer me you’re first born child. So no thanks . And as for Taylor and Michaels. *James breathes real slowly * there my friends and ally’s . You were a pawn a useless pawn that fetched me my drinks and carried my bags you mule.

The crowd cheers and laughs at Jack

James: You have something I want in your hands ? You want my career I want that brief case .

Jack: *looks at brief case looks at James and looks back at briefcase* you’re on James . NEXT PPV INVICTUS MITB vs Career . Action vs Bryant. But I want you in a ladder match James. I want to beat you bloody and embarrass you.

James: You stupid fool haha. MG get him .

Jack: Who??

*Just then the masked giant walks out behind Jack and grabs him by the throat and chokes him out.*

James: *Gets out ring and walks up the ramp to Jack* See you next week.

*James grabs the Mitb and walks to the back as the fans go crazy and the screen cuts to the Dawn logo*


Trent: we all know that Zach Taylor has been sucking a lot of dick behind the scenes its no secret beacuse all his wins have Been nothing but flooks especially that intercontinental title match. Now Zach you are you proud of your self for being a side hoe beacuse it looks like it but it’s ok if that’s what u want to do then it’s all right but that title around your waist desvers to be held by a real campion and you not it.

So I’m gonna do something about that im going to take it by any means necessary even if I have to burry you to do it so if u have the balls to expect my challenge and prove me wrong I’ll be waiting.


*Ian Bates is sitting backstage after his loss to James Bryant. He looks directly into the camera*

Ian: “Did you see that guy I was facing tonight? I mean… I don’t even know what I was looking at! For one, he is a “light heavyweight” but is bigger than me! And on top of that he was pulling out hurricanranas and heel kicks!”

*Ian throws his arms up in frustration, then covers his face with both hands.*

Ian: “People like James Bryant make me hate professional wrestling. I don’t know what’s bigger, his shoulders or his ego.

But I can’t let setbacks like this destroy me. Things as of recent haven’t gone well for me, and I know that. Things were starting to look up when I was invited to join the dawn, but that fell apart like a sandcastle too close to the ocean. I have to bounce back. I can’t let this stop me. I can’t let this break me. I can’t be broken.”

*Ian stands up with a determined expression on his face, and walks out of frame.*




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