EOW STRONG: Korakuen Hall NIGHT 1 6X16



As the show goes live you can see Mike Diamond standing in the ring. He has a mic in his hand as the fans are going crazy.

Diamond: I got a lot to get off my chest here tonight. You see two weeks ago we had an epic moment. A moment that no one will forget.

Travis Markson made his big return!

The crowd pops for Markson.

We had a face off and it is official! Mike Diamond versus Travis Markson at Wrestle Elite Seven. A match no one ever thought could happen is going to come true.

Diamond looks right at the camera.

Steven Matthews that means you need to draw up a really big contract because mine is expiring later this year.

Diamond makes a dollar sign gesture letting Matthews know what he wants.

Diamond: Now Markson, I will do my absolute best to hold the championship down. If I do then you will get a opportunity to be the man that takes it.

You might be show stealing, but I go bigger than you could have imagined. You might fight with passion and heart, but you literally will need to pull out everything to get the win over me.

I am a different animal when this thing is on the line. I’m big time Mike baby. On the greatest stages EoW has to offer, Mike Diamond finds ways to get it done. I find ways to keep moving forward and to keep winning at every big show.

Diamond looks around at a packed crowd screaming and telling in excitement.

Diamond: That brings me to you Seb. You haven’t left me alone. You haven’t stopped trying to get with my wife. Last week you followed us to the house we rented. Do you not have the balls to come face me man to man?

Since I complimented your return at the Elite Rumble you have been non stop harassing me. Be a man I’m right here Seb. What are you waiting for huh?

Diamond makes invitational gestures to the backstage area. But a clip plays on the big screen.

Diamond looks furious. He throws the mic on the ground up the ramp and you hear a loud pop. Mike starts yelling as he leaves the ring running up the ramp.

Diamond: Seb you little bastard.

The camera fades away as Diamond is frantically trying to get to a phone.



The camera picks up with Jacob Williams standing in the ring with the spotlight on him.

Jacob: here we are again ladies and gentlemen last week you saw me officially kill off my previous self and completely change the way I approach this business.

Tonight I will fulfill the promise I made last week and challenge a man that will help me get back the passion I lost along the way but first I’m gonna go over something.

I know a lot of people will have a problem with what I said last week But it’s the truth I am the only man capable of leading Rush while our World champion is on the shelf.

I’m not saying that to feed into some gigantic ego I have, I’m saying that because I’m the only one that knows what it takes to do so.

I stand here with no men behind me to do my dirty work because when I want something done I do it myself.

That brings me to why I’m out here. I’m here to challenge a man who Is a walking legend in those hallways and
in this ring while I’ve never had the honor of fighting him 1 on 1 I’m looking to change that right now.

*the crowd builds in anticipation*

Jacob: I challenge Travis Markson!

*The crowd explodes*

Jacob: Now don’t get me wrong I’m a T-Mark fan. I’ve been wanting this match for years!

Circumstances just haven’t bounced my way for example during the draft a few years ago he had the misfortune of getting drafted to fusion while I was already tied to conquest due to me being the conquest champion at the time.

Travis I know you already have an engagement to Mike Diamond at WrestlElite 7 and you two are so perfect for each other but I think you have some time till then because at Invictus I want to test my metal against yours.

You see Markson every time somebody brings you up there’s this aurora, this mystique tied to you as if you’re too good to be true.

Thing is Travis, that’s why I want to fight you.

I desperately need to see if the rumors about you are true or not because I hope you’re not like the other returning legends who are shells of their former selves and can’t compete in the modern era.

Plus what kind of brand leader would I be if I didn’t come out here and challenge one of the best assuming you still live up to the title of prestigious.

So what do you say? Past meets present The prestigious one Travis Markson vs Jacob Williams a dream match come true.

Don’t make me wait too long for an answer. I’m not a man to wait for something to fall into my lap. I make things happen!

*Jacob drops the mic as the camera fades to black while the fans chant for Tmark.*



Post right before Diamonds match

Mike Diamond is sitting in his locker room as his phone rings. He answers it on the first ring.

Diamond: Are you okay?

There’s a pause as he listens to the other end.

Diamond: Yes I know, Seb was there. He showed up again and I really don’t know where to hide you anymore.

Diamond continues to listen to the other end.

Yes I know, right now just grab your stuff and head here. My match is next and we can leave together right away. .

The scene fades as Diamond stands up to leave for his match.



Cameras open up backstage in the Asgaard locker room.

Rurik: Tonight is another opportunity to bring the Golden Age to their knees.

The ground rumble with the falling bodies, quaking the ground so loud it would make Odin proud.

Grom: The EoW United  States Championship will soon be coming home to Asgaard, Kyp Shaw stands no chance.

Fenrir: The numbers game no longer favors Golden Age, while The Dawn will set it’s final sunset, they should feel lucky to feel this kiss of steel before the valkyries unite them in their final resting place.

Mountain: The pendulum swings in our favor men. Madison is scrambling, without Rachel The Dynasty will begin to crumble.

Pitbull & Baine continue to fail along with Latief who can barely gather a win amongst them selves.

The Dawn as Fenrir said is a matter of time before they implode.


The Mountain stares intensely then cracks a smile.

Mountain: IT’S TIME TO RAID!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of Asgaard roars with The Mountain as they gear up for their matches as cameras fade to commercial break!




EoW Strong  returns with The Golden Age sitting at their War Table. A cardboard cutout of Dennis Black was standing beside Madison. The room was silent, save for the repeated sounds of Madison reviewing the final moments of Asgard vs Golden Age, a match that took place only a week ago.

Kent leaned over to whisper at Lawrence.

Kent: Not sure how much more I can take of this.

Madison paused the tape and stole a glance at Kent.

Madison: Do you know what separates great teams from average ones, Kent?

Kent: Well-

Madison: Film study. It is great to have stars? Sure is. But throughout history, we’ve seen superstars fall to an average team…because of strategy.

Madison: Golden Age wins, a lot. A whole hell of a lot. It’s why we’re feared, disliked, and respected. When we lose, I obsess over it.

Scott tugs at the collar of his sweatshirt, also getting a bit disinterested in the video from last week.  Kyp stood up to stretch and yawn loudly.

Kyp: How about we all take a break?

Kent: Goooood idea. Best one you’ve had all day.

Kyp: Thanks…I think?

Everyone started to gather their belongings to leave the war room until Madison looked up at Lawrence.

Madison: Stick around, Lawrence. 

Lawrence shrugged and sat back down while everyone else left. She waited until they were alone before speaking up.

Madison: You’re the only other thinker in this faction. The only other one that enjoys this kind of stuff. So tell me. What do you think our best move is?

Lawrence: Scott and Kyp are the future of this business. However, they need veterans in there to guide them through a tag match. Send Scott and I tonight. You’ll see a much different result….

Madison shrugged. 

Madison: We shall see.







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