*The camera cuts to James Bryant in a fur coat sitting in his personal Locker room before the start of Strong*

Ricky Spanish: James a moment of your time.

James: *lifts up shades and puts them back down* What do you want Spanish ?

RS: We’ll James me and the rest of the world want to know how the man who knocked out Ngannou failed to deliver the world title ?

*James stands up and looks at Spanish angrily before grabbing the mic*

James: I’ll tell you what happened Spanish I went through a flaming table and was beaten with bats and chairs and sticks . I went through a war , one where you can’t simply get knocked out and lose .

James :I lost but the bright side to that is I lost to a man who I have beaten not once not twice but 3times in single action .

James: The truth is Latief can have this belt, he deserved it more than that boring overplayed reel that’s Zac Taylor or any of those other peons that were in contention.

James: But Ricky the sad part of that truth is Latief won’t fight me he’s too smart for that. He’s going to go ahead and pick a weak opponent that gets shot after shot like Shadow or Some other layup . He won’t pick the true test the true fight .

James : But that’s not going to stop me because Latief I am inevitable I will be the heavyweight champ very very soon and there isn’t a superstar on this roster that can stand on the other side of a ring with me and beat me .

*James drops the mic and looks at Ricky before having security escort him from the room*



As the show continues we cut to the backstage area, we see Kim Sanders standing with a microphone in her hand.

Kim: Hello everybody, I’d like to welcome my guest at this time, Eric Shadow

Shadow steps into to shot but he doesn’t look so enthusiastic to be there.

Shadow: Hey how’s it going.

Kim: I’m fine but I wanted to get some thoughts from you.

Shadow: Thoughts. Thoughts huh. Well let’s see, I got screwed out of a world title match. Won’t be a getting a rematch that I deserve. And I don’t really know what’s up and what’s down anymore. Went from being on top to now just nothing.

Kim: Well you have a big match tonight with Matrix and James Bryant. Maybe something can come out of that.

Shadow: Maybe. You know that word “maybe” has thrown out a lot for this year for me. Maybe I was going to win the Rush Cup. Maybe I was going to win the Elite Rumble. Maybe I was going to win Money in the Bank. Or my favorite, maybe I was going to become a four time world champion. I’m sick of saying maybe. The time has come where I need to break through this shell of grief and disappointment. Tonight things change. I’m gonna beat Matrix and Bryant, after that I’m going to get back on track to being the real number one guy in EOW.

Shadow walks out of the scene as Kim looks on.






As Zak Taylor is recovering from his hard fought match, he gets hit from behind. A mysterious figure is putting a beating on Taylor. After the onslaught Taylor gets thrown out the ring as the Intercontinental title is in the middle of the mat. The mysterious figure removes his hood and it’s Randy Crowe. He’s furious and he has a lot of anger in him.

Crowe: You. You. You Zak Taylor have a lot of nerve throwing out challenges that mouth can’t cash. You say that you want the person that is next in line. Well I say fuck the line, I’m right here and you aren’t going to be champion much longer. As all of you know this goddamn company hates me but I bet this is giving them so much more hate.

As Randy Crowe is pacing back and forth in the ring, he sees the Intercontinental title laying in the middle of the ring. He picks it up and takes a long hard look at the belt.

Crowe: This belt. This belt is my goddamn belt. I made this title. I ruled this title. I am this title. Two runs and soon to be a third one and I will make the world know that I am the most disrespectful human being in this shit stain of a company.

Before he stops talking, he jumps out of the ring still holding the Intercontinental championship and walks towards an unconscious Zak Taylor. He grabs him by his hair and starts to speak.

Crowe: You hear that Zak?! You wanted a challenger, you wanted some competition, well the competition is standing over your disgusting carcass. (Holds the IC title up to Zak’s face) You’ve had this belt long enough but the next time you defend it, it’ll be mine. See you soon son.

He drops the microphone and title on Zak Taylor and walks out through the crowd and cameras fade to black.

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