EoW Strong goes live with the audience chanting for The Heavyweight Champion, Mike Diamond. But, standing in the ring was Madison Cox with the EoW World Championship over her shoulder, and the rest of Golden Age behind her. Each man had a Championship around their waist.

MC: The EoW universe was forced to watch some high levels of confusion and pointlessness last week. For starters, I’ve lost track of who is in what faction…

Madison sighed and began to stroll around the ring.

MC: You so-called leaders need to do a better job of organizing your men. Do something to help us identify you! Maybe like…I dunno…wear the same colors…or at least get some of these cool matching armbands……………easily found on EoWshop.com!

MC: But I digress! 

MC: Stephen Mathews has inspired The Dynasty and The Ass Guardians to feel that this is going to be a war. Allow me to make one thing absolutely…

MC: Positively…

MC: And unequivocally clear….

MC: This competition to crown the FIRST six man tag Champions of EoW is not going to be a war. Members of Golden Age were bred for war. Invictus is going to be a massacre. 

The audience booed as the mic was handed to Larkspur. He patted the Tag Team Tag Championship around his waist before speaking. 

LL: I’m not much of a talker. So I’ll make this quick. There is no one in this ring, in the back, or at home that can deny I’m the best technician going today. My partner has muscles in places where most men don’t have places! So I ask you, if no one has been able to stop Kent and I for the last year….what makes you think that the two of us and one more elite wrestler from this group can be stopped at Invictus?

LL: Golden Age isn’t just a great name…it’s a goddamned mindset. Every square inch of canvas between these ropes are Kent and I’s office. At Invictus, we’re putting in overtime!

Lawrence hands the mic to Scott Diamond. Scott just stares at the mic contemplating if he wants to speak or not.

The chants of you sold out start as Scott looks around laughing. He grabs the X-1 championship from around his waist and holds it up high to the crowd booing louder. 

Scott: Everyone wants to know why? Why Scott, your dad taught you better than this didn’t he? He was such a great father, everyone said. 

Scott shakes hands with all of Golden Age. 

Scott: The answer is simple fellas. This is my family. You want to know what else? I enjoyed when I had the unnamed person’s head in my arm as it crashed down to the ground. 

The crowd starts chanting you suck as Scott embraces it. 

Scott: Look he even tried to take away MY Wrestle Elite moment. But guess what? You doing that just made my moment that much better. It was amazing to watch you break down and care so much. You clearly didn’t care that much though. Look at the entrance you got at Wrestle Elite. EoW spared no worries at your over the top entrance. A live band performing as you walk to the ring like a junkie looking for your fix. You truly only care about yourself.

Scott: These men right here looked out for me. My first match in EoW had Kyp check up on me. Where was my father to comfort me? He was probably out drinking somewhere. 

Next my brothers Kent and Lawrence partied with me when I won my first match. Lawrence definitely hired one of those cheap ass prostitutes Kent told him not too.

Kent looks at Lawrence with disgust. 

Then We have Dennis Black and Madison Cox. They are my true parents. They look out for all of Golden Age. We stand here united even though Dennis isn’t here to enjoy this moment. Ass Guardians or whatever you guys are calling yourselves sent a message after the match. 

Black not only defeated a overpaid let down on night one of Wrestle Elite, but he made the Mountain his bitch. Black was so talented he beat this man against medical advice! 

Golden Age shows how strong we are by winning championships. My debut match went spectacular and I stand before you the Guardian of the X1 championship. The protector of Black. It is now my job to ensure mid card guys stay where they belong. Guys like Zac Taylor, guys like Baine,  and yes James Bryant as well. 

Some people need to learn their place in this company. Guys think they are the most over person in the company when they fight on a pre show of all things. Taylor, I don’t know what kind of fantasy you’re living here. All you ever do is talk about my sperm donor as if you guys are in a high school romance. Maybe if you took the time to worry about your own career you would have accomplished something while here. You say you have no shots, yet you have failed at almost every single shot you got, either that or your title reigns are a joke. At least you will always have a meaningless career the fans will never miss once you’re gone.

At least Bryant knew he couldn’t beat Black so he wasted his opportunity losing to a guy named Obscura Sky for crying out loud. 

All of Golden Age starts laughing. 

Everyone must learn to be a true success in this company, you must first actually be worth something. Which most of the roster isn’t. You are looking at the best wrestlers, let me correct myself here. You are all looking at the Golden Standard of wrestling right here period. 

Scott just holds the mic by his side just taking in the greatness in the ring. 

So you see people, I’m having the time of my life with my family. So why did I turn on that old man? It’s simple. Growing up with an alcoholic, who cares more about what you people think of him than what his own family wants. So many trips to the ER, fighting against medical advice and then picking up a bottle isn’t the way you live. 

So I stand before you with my chosen family. A group of winners. 

Scott hands the mic back to Madison while the fans chant you suck towards Golden Age.

MC: The trio of Black, Lassiter, and Larkspur were obviously a favorite to win the tournament at Invictus. I bet you all think the playing field is now wide open for an upset at Invictus? Well allow me to BURST that bubble. At Invictus, Dennis and I have personally selected none other than Scott as our team Captain walking into the tournament. I have no doubt that that Invictus will be the same…

MC: Golden Age bringing in the gold, and making all of you cry as embarrass your favorites.





The camera pans to Kenzie Williams walking into Stephen Mathews office.*

Kenzie: Mathews what the hell do you think you’re doing giving Quinn another match for my championship! I’m fine with you giving it to Rachel; she’s yet to lose to me when my title is on the line but Quinn? I’ve already seen what she’s about. I refuse for her to be in the match at invictus.

Sm: Sorry Kenzie but both of them have earned it plus the contract has already been signed.

Kenzie: Are you sure Quinn can even pass a wellness test? The roids are practically squirting out of her there is no natural way she could’ve added that much muscle since she’s been gone.

Sm: I assure you she has passed all the requirements to be able to complete at invictus. Do you actually want something from me?

Kenzie: Actually there is, I want to be the special enforcer between Rachel and Quinn tonight. I feel like having me out there will give them a sense of what they’re fighting for and that being my Eow Women’s championship! I want that behemoth to understand she couldn’t beat me before and nothing has changed regardless of the amount of roids she takes.

Sm: If that’s all you want you got it but I expect you to not get involved in the outcome of the match. Understand?

Kenzie: I would never, I just want to make sure this match is called right down the middle as an impartial judge.

Sm: very well

Kenzie: Thank you I’ll let you get back to your work.

*Kenzie walks out of Mathews office while the camera fades to black.*


The camera catches up backstage where Nancy Quinn can be seen exiting Stephen Matthews office. Ricky Spanish doesn’t hesitate running up to Quinn.

Spanish: Quinn, you were robbed at Patriots Games and missed out on your opportunity to win the woman’s Elite rumble. You missed out on Wrestle Elite, many people want to know if that will play with your psyche out there tonight?

Quinn just stares at Ricky.

Ricky: I mean the last real match you had was at Meltdown many months ago where your victory sidelined you with a bad concussion. Do you think yo……

Before he can finish Quinn’s stare intensifies. She leans into the microphone as Spanish cowers in fear.

Quinn: Did I make my intentions clear last week? If not then watch tonight. Rachel you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Quinn stares directly at the camera crew. She gets on one knee so she is the same height as the camera man.

Kenze…… Polish that belt up because it will be mine real soon, that’s a promise.

Quinn stands up and just walks away as the camera fades to black.


The camera opens up inside a house with Mike Diamond and Lisa sitting on the coach. They are laughing and having a great time.

Diamond: See we can definitely have fun while keeping you safe. I really don’t know Seb’s obsession with you is. You have shown him no interest.

Lisa: Right, only disquest. He is a gross man, I swear one of his eyes are crooked.

Lisa shivers at the thought of looking at Seb and Diamond laughs.

Diamond: Well tonight will be about us. We aren’t near the arena tonight. It is officially my first night off without an appearance in front of the crowd. It does feel a bit weird though.

Lisa: I can imagine. You’re used to a wild crowd or someone always trying to fight you. But tonight we can just relax and have us time.

Mike smiles at Lisa.

Diamond: You know what? Let’s go out somewhere. Sit down and grab a bite to eat.

Lisa: Okay give me a few minutes to get ready.

Mike sighs and says okay as he plops on the couch. The camera fades to black.



Cameras open up in the locker room of Asgaard with Mountain talking.

Mountain: So many days we left aside we fought for fortune for the gods.
We longed to turn the hourglass for the future of EoW going under.

As the earth kept from crashing down, each of you are one step from the edge.
The Golden Age now fronted once again by a mouth piece.

Where are you now Dennis?

Madison is an incessant machine For one purpose it goes on and on and on.

*The Mountain stares into the camera intensly.*

Mountain: The next time anyone calls me a bitch is when I make you mine.

*The Mountain steps aside breathing heavily in anger as Grom steps forward.*

Grom: The games you play can’t stop your world from going under.

I can’t help myself from wondering where do we begin?

It’s not a game, no this is not a game…

The Golden Age has let go of their morality.

You will swallow your words.

You will find out this war, it’s not a one-man show.

Go ahead, speak your ego, with your depravity.

*Rurik puts his hand on the shoulder of Grom while standing up.*

Rurik: Dynasty,  set your time bomb but you don’t ever want to face Asgaard in the battlefield.

If I let go of myself, I would drown with you and take you to the abyss.

But we are going to rule this world.

*Fenrir standing by his locker look toward the cameras.*

Fenrir: What happened to the seasons fallout?

The Golden Age claiming victory without a leader?

A victim of vanity, the beginning of the destruction of your legacy.

While trying to use words to control us.

I’ve witnessed The Golden Age and their behavior.

To consume without any hesitance for the residents of this fading earth

In the end, the glory of the battle, the chaos the ensues in the ring to really transcend, you can only change if we do or die.

*The members of Asgaard stand shoulder to shoulder as a true force that EoW must pay attention to as cameras fade out.*

[RC] – What the fuck was that? I had her beat! I dominated the match, and you kept running a gut check interference as if I’m some inferior competitor, then you FUCK UP and we both get pegged with the chair.. 1 2 3 she wins!

[Kenzie] – First of all you dominated that match because of me and if you knew how to finish somebody off you would have won. Instead you kept prolonging the match and she got a lucky break and capitalized off of it. So before you start blaming me you should go look in a mirror first.

[RC] – Are you kidding me?!

*Kenzie Cuts off Rachel, shoves Rachel into the storage containers in the gorilla and walks off.*



*The Cameras fade in from commercial break as The Dynasty is standing by.*

[Rachel] – You wanted the best?! Well here we are! *Crowd Cheers* My name is Rachel Cardoza, and I am 1 Half of the E.O.W. Tag Team Champions, and we are … The Dynasty *Crowd Chants Dynasty* And we are here to restore the honor of our sport, because that mat your standing on with your filthy feet is SACRED to us. 


[Rachel] – Dynasty… is all about unity. Restoring that honor back into wrestling


Devin Kings, arrival was one of the pieces to the puzzle, with his flash and flair.

Baine… Dynasty’s speedy warrior, efficient and disciplined.

Latief… Dynasty’s… equalizer, power and force, cold blooded, no remorse

Pitbull… Dynasty’s hatchet man, adapt, overcome, and strike like a lethal thief in the night

And myself… Rachel Cardoza… The most dominate, woman in EOW history, in short time, together we are Dynasty

[Rachel] – And just because we’re not in the United States, and we are stranded in the land of the rising sun…. *Crowd Cheers* So this challenge goes out to you Asgaard, before you double crossed us, and decided to form an allegiance, instead of joining us in Dynasty, let us make it real simple you big oaf, we are here to restore dignity to the EOW Federation, and the first order of business is to REMOVE you Mountain and the rest of those 25 cent gumball machine impendium pussies you call Asgaard.

*Cameras fade out to ringside.*

Cameras open up backstage with Obscura Sky & Rachel Parsons.

Rachel: Obscura in the past three weeks you have won gold, kept it and defeated a member of the Golden Age.

How are you feeling about the momentum you’ve gained & your first encounter with the golden age.

Obscura: Elogiar a México!!!

The arena pops

Obscura: Estoy agradecido de estar en Japón.

I am grateful to be in Japan.

I feel close to the culture, the people.

It’s just made me feel the true burning spirit.

Yea, I defeated James Bryant in one of the best matches of my career to retain mi legado, my legacy.

No one took this from me on Forge, I sure as hell wasn’t going stand by to let Hyabusa, Baine, or Matrix take something from me that was never lost.

This may be the first time the main unit has put eyes on The EoW Junior Heavyweight Championship.

But this belt has been around longer than they know, with history already attached to it from other great competitors from Forge that
aren’t with us due to the pandemic and travel restrictions.

Kent Lassiter, we had a good match tonight and he got a taste of mi espíritu ardiente.

So now the rest of the EoW Junior Heavyweight Division now knows.

It’s time to keep your eyes out on the sky.

Obscura smacks the Jr Hwy Belt on his shoulder as he leaves the interview area as cameras fade out.





Mike Diamond and Lisa are sitting in a restaurant when his phone goes off. Diamond checks his phone and his face instantly turns red. He throws the phone against the wall shattering it.

Lisa along with everyone in the dinning room jump from being startled and just stare right at Diamond. He looks around and notices everyone staring right at him.

Diamond: Come out it’s time to go now.

Diamond throws cash on the table and pulls Lisa up from her chair. She’s trying to resist to stay and eat her food but Diamond just yanks her up.

Lisa: What are you doing?

Diamond: Not now Lisa. We need to move just trust me.

They go through the front door as the camera fades to black.

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