EoW RUSH Post Season EP:1

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EoW Presents

Backstage in the Golden Age locker room Dennis Black is training with Scott for his upcoming match with Zac Taylor.

Black: Scott I’m going to have you be more aggressive then ever. The key to beating Taylor is fast passed action, use your stamina, quick hitting moves that sting and hurt over time.

Coming into the screen view is Kyp doing mini flips all around the room. Dennis and Scott both just look on not fully understanding what is going on.

Kyp: Like this right boss?

Dennis just slaps his own forehead.

Black: Focus! We got important title opportunities all around! We got to get the IC championship, Kyp you must retain multiple times to hold that US championship, Madison you need to accomplish the impossible by beating that man. Lastly we need to make sure we bribe the fat guys with food to make them not show up.

Right on que Kent and Lawrence walk into the room.

Lawrence: Don’t sweat it boss. Those guys can’t hang with us. Just ask all the ladies Kent banged before we got here, not one of them could finish the job if you get my drift.

Kent: Golden Age will finally achieve the goal. Every member carrying a championship bringing pride to this great sport known as wrestling.

Scott: Don’t worry, I know I will get the job done. Taylor might have beat a washed up drunk sperm donner recently, but that’s far from me. By the end of the night I will be the only Diamond worth talking about after I end Taylor’s luck.

Dennis goes back to train with Scott, but Lawrence gets close to them.

Black: What now?

Lawrence: What about we teach him wrestling moves? You know like the ones I do?

Dennis ponders for a moment.

Black: Not a bad idea at all. Demonstrate a single leg on me so he can get the idea.

Lawrence goes slow showing Scott proper placement of the legs and how to do a perfect takedown. Scott attempts it pretty well following the instructions.

Scott: Pretty useful. Anything else?

Lawrence then shows Scott how to do an ankle pick. Kyp is jumping up and down shouting try it on me. But Kent steps in.

Kent: Hey so let me show Scott what it’s like to receive one. I remember Lawrence teaching me this in case of an emergency. He said it is a quick way to get someone on their back.

Kent and Scott lock up and Kent quickly picks Scotts ankle and tossing him to the ground. As Scott hits the ground you can hear lots of screaming and Scott flailing around on the ground.

Kyp: Quick get a trainer.

Lawrence runs out if the room getting help and Black just stares at Kent in disbelief.

After a few trainers run in and they are checking on Scott. They are applying an air cast to his ankle.

Medic: It’s definitely dislocated, we won’t know more until further tests are done. We will transport him to the hospital to get further tests now.

All of Golden Age shakes Scotts hand as he’s being stretched out. As Kent goes to Kyp yells at him to stay away.

Kent walks up to Black after Scott left the room.

Kent: That was only half strength….. I guess Lawrence was right when he said it was effective.

Dennis just stares blankly at Kent in disbelief.

Kent: At least he’s young. He will bounce back and be ready for Summerbrawl.

Dennis just stares at him even more not knowing what to say as the camera fades to blac




*Static hits the Elitetron and the lights turn out as the crowd is watching on closely. The static stops and we are brought to a live broadcast of Saturday night live .
Jimmy Fallon is in the screen mid sentence *

JF: And may I introduce our guest for tonight he’s a professional wrestler, many of you have heard of him I’m sure. Without further ado the most American thing since Hulk Hogan . James Bryant .

*Crowd Cheers*

*James walks in and smiles for the fans and cameras then shakes Jimmy’s hand*

JB: Thank you for having me tonight Jimmy. Glad I could make it .

JF: No thank you James for finding time to fit us into your busy schedule. I’m just going to cut right to the chase James . We haven’t seen you since the ending of the Rush cup where you were slated to wrestle the current cup holder and Elite Champion Dennis Black.

JB: Great questions . I’ll start with the issue of the Rush Cup. Me, Dennis , and Management know what happened regarding the Cup . I’ve had my assurances that my time will come sooner than later and I basically took the short end of the stick . It happens , Dennis is a great competitor and I know we haven’t seen the last of each other . I think everyone around the world watching knows what fireworks happen when we step inside a ring together.

JB: And as for where I’ve been . I’ve been working on a lot of things .

JF: Wrestling related ? Or just personal?

JB: Ehhh you can say both I guess. But see what I came here to tell you and everyone here and all the millions watching worldwide is not what you think. You think I’m about to walk back into Wrestling when the division is so cramped right now ? It’s sad to say but the wrestling business is not about putting on the best match or about putting the best competitiors in a ring together. It’s about pure luck of the draw .

JF: I think we all understand where you’re coming from James . But I think I speak for everyone when I say we are confused? If you’re not coming back to wrestling then what are you going to do .

JB: Like I said I’ve been training and not just my wrestling, my Boxing , my BJJ , my Judo and a couple more tricks up my sleeve . So you see Jimmy , James Bryant is taking a run in the world of Mixed Martial Arts . I have just signed a one fight deal with the UFC.

JF: Wow bu…

JB: I’m not finished Jimmy . I’d like to bring out my first opponent you all know this man and just like Dennis Black he has something that I want . He’s supposedly the baddest man on the planet but that’s about to change. “James smirks” Give it up for the UFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of the world Francis The Predator Ngannou.

*The Rush Arena and the millions of fans tuning in go ballistic as Francis walks out with the belt over his shoulder* Dana White follows out behind Francis*

DW: Hello James , Jimmy , *looks at camera* America . So let’s get down to it .

*Dana sets a contract on Jimmy’s desk . *Jimmy is in complete awe right now *.

Dana: *Hands pen to Francis * sign his death certificate Champ.

*Francis signs right away then puts his hands up at James who smirks grabs the pen and signs his name and stares Francis down*

JF: Whelp you all heard it here unfortunately we are out of time for tonight but this is the most monumental occurrence in all of sports history only one other man has achieved James goal to be the Champ at HW .

*The credits role and at the end you see the Event info

*Slated for the Main Event UFC 69 OCT 11 on PPV (160$ ppv price)*

*The lights come back on and the elitetron goes black as the fans are still cheering from this announcement as we go to commercial break*




As we see the camera surface the crowd we cut to a scene that was previously recorded.

We see a camera set up on a tripod and a chair set up. After that we see Randy Crowe walk into the shot as he takes a seat.

Crowe: Two “top tier” competitors. Two of them and still no respect. No word about putting me in the world title contention.

Even though I pretty much made the damn Intercontinental title, no word about that either.

No here’s another new belt to show off to the world. The EoW United Kingdom Championship.

He shakes his head in disgust and feels even more irritated by the management.

Crowe: There’s not a day that goes by where I just want to destroy everything about this company and goddammit it just gets under my skin.

So many thoughts, so many ideas, so many different ways of wanting to hurt everybody in every way.

Since they want to introduce a new belt then fuck it.

That shit will be mine by the end of this and if this doesn’t give the recognition that I deserve then I will take no prisoners.

Everyone will fall to the wrath of Randy Crowe.

He pushes over the tripod and the scene ends.


The scene opens backstage with Madison placing an icepack on Dennis’s shoulder after a hard fought battle with Poul. Kent and Lawrence are off to the right talking among themselves. Kyp entered the room with a pissed expression on his face. Everyone looked over to Kyp.

Madison: Well? Don’t keep us waiting.

Kyp sighed.

Kyp: We are going to be down one for a bit. Scott’s injury is definitely more than a sprain.

Dennis stood up, inhaled, and exhaled loudly.

Dennis: So you two behaved like children, and now we are down a man. We are down a man during a crucial time in both this company’s history, and our own. Play stupid games….win stupid prizes.

Kyp winced.

Kyp: But-

Dennis: No buts, Kyp. How can we achieve our Golden Prophecy of every member holding gold at once…if Scott is out? Hm?

Kyp: Good Po-

Dennis: Wasn’t asking, Kyp. It was rhetorical.

Dennis then looked to the tag team Champions.

Dennis: With Scott losing the X1, it means we need to replace that gold. Lawrence, it goes without saying that you need to bring that United Kingdom Championship home. I also expect the two of you to handle your business and put those fat bastards away at Summerbrawl.

Dennis then looked to Madison.

Dennis: Kenzie and I are the longest reigning champions with singles gold, currently in the company. Summerbrawl may be your last shot until she loses that championship. She and I won our championships on the very same night last season. After Summerbrawl, I expect to stand alone as the longest reigning singles champion in eow.

Dennis: As for Eric Shadow….I intend to remind him that his time as the face of this company is long gone.

Dennis walks off.

Lawrence cleared his throat.

Lawrence: He seems pissed. Let’s get this done, everyone. Kyp, you absolutely cannot lose on Fusion. Got it?

Kyp nodded.

Kyp: Got it.


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