EoW RELOADED 10/12/21



RELOADED opens with Dennis Black and Madison already in the ring.

Dennis: You all looked surprised. You thought I was kidding? Dennis Black is many things. But a liar and a comedian?…I am not.

The audience begins to boo.

Dennis: Fusion is about to undergo a bit of a culture shock. Imagine what it would be like to have match of the year candidates…almost every week on Fusion, rather than only Pay Per View because I can only push myself to the limit more than four times a year?

Dennis: Imagine having a Champion…who doesn’t need an ice bath and a few weeks off after every match?

Dennis takes a moment to soak in the massive amount of displeasure from the audience.

Dennis: That’s what I bring to the table! I SAVED you people. I saved you people from mediocrity. I was the FIRST champion on this brand. Never defeated for my gold. Asked to leave because I was too dominant. A very familiar story.

Dennis: What came after me, eh? A trucker wrestling in jeans and a nameless Janitor who pretended to be a wrestler? A janitor who planned to disrespect all of you by leaving this brand without a Champion. 

Dennis: At Summerbrawl, I saved you all. The culture around here is about to change. Tonight, Obscura Sky will be humbled. 

Dennis: He’s going to be reminded that he’s the SECOND best high flyer in this company, and will learn first hand why they call me the GLOAT. 

Dennis: The Greatest Luchador Of All Time.

Dennis slowly raised the EoW World Chanpionship for all to see.

Madison: Have you all thanked Dennis Black for being you’re World Champion, today?

Dennis: EoW Universe! A new era is about to begin for FUSION.

The audience boos loudly during Dennis’s two minute pause.

Dennis: Thank me.

The scene comes to a close.

*Bully T rolls out the ring as Connor Ward Celebrates his victory and calls for a microphone.*

Ward: Oi cut the music. I don’t care that I beat some has been. I don’t care if you fans are entertained I don’t care about anyone in the Locker room except for the insect that is Randy Crowe.

You embarrassed in the UK tournament but your victory was a fluke. You have won one battle but vengeance shall be mine and you will learn your place very very soon you has been .

*Ward drops the mic and hops over the top rope as we cut to commercial break*


Elijah Byrd is standing in the ring holding the Openweight championship high as the fans cheer. He lowers the championship and grabs a mic.

Byrd: A few months ago I stood right here and told everyone they would be cheering me.

The crowd starts cheering loudly.

You see at Summerbrawl I finally put that slimy guy Amir down for the count. I showed him the bottom of my damn boot like many others.

Byrd pauses to look at the fans.

But that is what got me thinking. I’m looking for something crazy. I’m looking to stand out to the entire roster. I don’t want to be out here talking about how tough Byrd is, I want there to be mother fucking action to back up everything!

Byrd leans over the ropes looking at the crowd.

Byrd: I want it embody what I believe in. I got this guy feeling that once I announce this Pandora’s box might open and unleash hell in EoW.

The crowd is watching intensely with anticipation to Byrd, and then Earl Dixon walks down to the ring. He stares at Byrd face to face and then his head drops to look at the championship. Byrd laughs and moves to the corner of the ring.

Dixon: Byrd I’m here to listen to what you have to say. And I’m also here to say whatever you have to say, I want that.

Earl points to the Openweight championship.

Byrd: Little buddy, this isn’t a dildo fight here, trust me you don’t want any part of this. Because what I’m about to announce will change everything. From now on this championship will be played under annihilation rules!

The crowd explodes to their feet clapping with holy shit chants.

Earl: Little buddy? You don’t think I can handle it? You don’t think I can cut it? You should look in the mirror there buddy.

Byrd: Be careful what you ask for, because you might just get it. I’m ready to get extreme around here. This isn’t some backyard in the south where your wrestling with an old man trying to pull your pants down and shit. This is fucking EoW!

EoW chants burst through the crowd as a fan jumps the barricade. He quickly grabs a mic and starts talking.

??? You think your tough Byrd? You don’t know the meaning of tuff amigo. I’ve been living this shit for a long time. Bouncing around place to place living out of my car homie. This shit is what I live for.

Earl: Who exactly are you? You walk into our ring and think your some bad ass wannabe here.

??? My name is Hardcore Hayes, and I’m only here to fuck shit up. That is if you two have the cojones to fight.

Earl: Let’s go!

Byrd laughs as he takes off his jacket.

Byrd: Someone get this man a waiver real quick. And let’s get a ref out here it’s time to start showing how these annihilation matches are going to go.

A ref runs down with a waiver hardcore Hayes signs and the match is about to get underway as the crowd starts chanting holy shit.



Jacob: Ladies and gentlemen you might be wondering to yourselves what is Jacob Williams gonna say this time? What do I want? Honestly it’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately and I’ve only been able to come to one answer. I want my name remembered, I want my name to be written in the stars brighter than anybody else. You might call me selfish for that but the truth is I’ve always been selfish. I’ve always done what’s best for me. I don’t care what other people think about me so that’s why tonight I’m doing what’s best for me. You guys might be wondering why Jacob Williams, the best superstar on rush is fighting somebody from fusion tonight? It’s simple. I’ve made the jump to fusion. I’ve said before I’m bigger than a singular brand. I can go anywhere in the world and do what I do so I chose to do that by joining fusion. With that fusion has acquired 2 major and I mean major talents to join its roster creating a vacuum of power on the now b show that is rush.

*Jacob paces around the ring before looking at the camera*

Jacob: Now to get to the reason why I came over here I want to fight someone who also has their name in the marquee, a man who has dominated this entire brand for more than a year. The man that went out like a bitch at Summerbrawl I want DIAMOND! Did you hear that MIKE? I came here to challenge you. I’ve heard all year if you want Mike Diamond come over to fusion. Well Mike here I am but where are you? Are you at home drinking the pain away? What do you think your body can’t hold up anymore? That’s pathetic.

*Jacob rolls up his pants leg on his left leg to reveal 2 huge scars on his knee.*

Jacob: That’s why this is pathetic Mike I’ve been dealing with knee problems for the past 3 years every offseason you know what I do? I get knee surgery and rehab it all the way up to the point where the season starts again. I suck it up unlike you. You know what Mike I got a solution for you do you want me to get you some painkillers to go with your Liquor? You won’t feel a thing I promise you that.

*The fans start booing Jacob*

Jacob: Don’t act like you guys don’t know he’s a junkie. I’m being honest with you people. Why do you think his own son chose to turn his back on him? Because Mike is a failure of a father.

Fan: STOP!

*Jacob stares at the fan screaming at him from ringside. Jacob leaves the ring and walks over to the fan.*

Jacob: I suppose you’re a fan of Mike Diamond? Go ahead, talk don’t be scared.

Fan: Stop slandering my favorite wrestler. He’s the best wrestler that has ever been in EoW.

Jacob: Is that so? On what merits gives you the right to say that? Are you a wrestler? Are you a celebrity? Does your name hold any kind of weight? Or are you just another kid who gets shoved into lockers during school by people like me.

Fan: Not yet I’m only 16 but because of my Mike I want to become a wrestler when I get older and be just like him!

Jacob: So you want to be a junkie? You’re looking up to the wrong type of people kid.

*The fan slaps Jacob. Jacob holds his chin smiling before throwing the fan over the barricade.*

Jacob: Mike the people chose you as their champion come defend the people because as far as I’m concerned you failed this one.

*The camera fades to black as the fan is being carted away.


Cameras open up backstage with Obscura Sky adjusting his mask and then looks into the camera

Obscura: Eric Phalen you pendejo tocino gringo

Do you think I won’t find you before night of the damned perra?

I earned that tres times over.

I can walk all over you as easy as my people coming across any of your borders.

The only reason you beat me was Showtime being a comadreja sticking his nose in other people’s business.

Where I come from that would be a sentencia de muerte, A death sentence.

Taking my title, now that was a mistake. In my country we would cut off your hands for stealing.

But I’m going to do much worse.

I’m going to end your career.

Then you’re going to have to crawl down that mierda That you disappear to every other year.

I am the champion of my people, & you are not and never have been a people’s champion.

I will come and take what is mine and then at Night of The Damned & I will leave you like a cucaracha.

Squirming on his back when the lights come on only to be Squashed…. out of existence.

Tonight you’re going to see how dangerous I really am when I defeat Dennis Black, then maybe you will realize how bad you really fucked up joder.

The camera fades to black as we cut to commercial break with Obscura looking ready for his match against the elite world champion Dennis Black.




BLACK*  vs  SKY*


Poul: No more Mr. Nice Guy, I’m sick of this shit! First things first, let’s start with Dennis. You ruined my chance to become the EOW Heavyweight championship at Summerbrawl and now I have to finish you. I earned a title shot so now that you’re this brands champion, well that just means that you’re mine now.

Before I continue on this slimy stupid little punk, let me reference something real quick. Mike Diamond, you are a coward. You retired without giving me my title shot and I know exactly why. You were scared. I pinned you before what was supposed to be our match and you couldn’t handle it. You lost your mind over that loss. Go ahead and tell the world, you know it’s the truth. You ran from me and I hope suffer mentally for the rest of your life for not honoring our match you sad piece of crop.

Obscura Sky, sorry man. It’s nothing personal, but I’m a mad man right now and you just so happen to be in the way so sucks to be you.

Dennis I’ll end with this. At Night of the Damned, you will face me for your EOW Elite World championship. You may have beaten me recently, but when there’s a title on the line, I am a different man. You will feel my wrath. It is finally time for EOW to crown a new ace to carry this promotion. Look no further than the man with the baddest lariat. The head hunter. The menace of EOW. Poul.

*Show Ends*

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