Parsons is seen in the ring and he has a Mic in hand.

Parsons: Last week I demanded a Shot at the world title and the boss gave me exactly what I wanted.

Madison: Color me confused, Mr. Parsons. What exactly did you want? To be dominated by Dennis? Don’t get me wrong, I’m the last person that will ‘ever’ kink shame. But…it’s acceptable for me to wake up and request that Dennis Black have his way with me, because he’s mine.

Madison motions to Parsons.

Madison: What is about you people in EOW constantly opening your mouths but not your ears? We said that no one…not even god himself, was going to prevent us from making history. We said that no one was going to beat us until we unified. We’ve left broken heart after broken heart…and several bodies in our wake. Since Blacklist, no one has been able to pin Dennis Black, your Conquest Champion.

Madison: But you? Did you not learn your lesson from a few weeks ago? Let’s remind everyone of how you fared last time…

Madison shrugged as the audience started to throw trash into the ring.

Madison: Now now, I’m sure Parsons was having a bad night. But tonight is going to be even worse. There’s no one we can’t beat once we’ve had time to study everything about them.

Madison: So, what’s it gonna be, Parsons? Last time was six minutes. How about…we crush your hopes and dreams in four?

Parsons: You see that’s exactly what I’m talking about! The Management, the Boys, ladies in the back, and the fans all underestimate me. They underestimate a lot of talent here in EOW . But see Madison, you got me all wrong. it won’t be me your man is fighting tonight.

Madison blinked several times in confusion.

Parsons: Oh no, it’s not me at all . I got a phone call last week as soon as Mr.Mayhem gave the shot and this man gave me the biggest money payout I even seen in my life . So without further ado, I give you all the Man that will be facing Dennis Black for the gold ……

The camera lights go out and the arena fills up with a familiar sound .

Herb: Oh No it can’t be !!

The lights come back on and right beside Madison Cox, it’s …..Eric Phalen!

Eric Phalen has returned to EOW.

Phalen looks at Madison, smirks, walks past Madison on his way to grab the mic from Parsons, and poses on the ring ropes .

Phalen : Ahhh EoW it’s glad to be back home!

Phalen: You tell Mr. Black that tonight, the both you will see why I am just that damn good and why I’m just better than him!

Phalen flips the mic and celebrates with the crowd.



As the camera is shown outside, we see the Canadian Flag flying in the wind outside the arena. Then the camera switches to the parking lot area where we Eric Shadow walking towards the doors. He steps into the arena and takes a deep breath.

Shadow: Oh Canada, how I have comeback to your glorious country with your not so Canadian bacon. Whatever I’m here so here’s is my warm Chicago welcome to all of you.

The crowd in the background has mixed chants being heard around the arena.

Shadow: Now tonight is final before our big break but I am ready to break everybody in that headache of a 6 man battle royal. I mean c’mon have you seen the names in that match. Just thinking about all of them is making me sick.

He’s holding onto his stomach as he thinks about each person but then realizes that he’s the only thing about that is good about the match.

Shadow: Man now that I think about it. People are only watching this match because of me. I mean you see the name in big bright letters… ERIC SHADOW. It just rolls of the tongue with greatness. Even when people see it they just start buying the tickets. Hell I’ve even seen people leave the show after my match. I’m the star attraction while everyone else is just a big batch of nothing.

As he goes on about gloating over himself, he sees the names of his opponents for tonight.

Shadow: Alright enough about me. I know all of you want to hear more about me but let’s talk about the rest of the “talent”. First we have Charles Lewis. (Rolls his eyes) Who cares about him. It’s been over 5 years so you’re not worthy enough to be talked about. Oh look, it’s Showtime. You’re probably the least talked about person in this match. Sorry buddy. Next is Trent. Alright I was wrong about Showtime, Trent is the person that nobody talks about. And next is… Tre Michaels. I haven’t seen your ass since I took back my World Title from you. Oh how you have no chance at winning this match. Finally, the one man that won’t get off my damn back. Devin get the hell out of my face King. 3. 3 times I have taken your ass out and still won’t get away from me. You are my first target and I plan on taking you out personally myself end this whole thing between me and you. Then one by one everybody will gone and I will go on to the first show of the new season and become the next G1 Champion. The title that I brought into this company by becoming the first champion.

He’s getting ready to walk out of the shot but he leaves with one more thought.

Shadow: See you soon because you’re look at the next number one contender. Which is me of course.

He winks and walks out.



The camera pans to the dawns private bus to show Jacob,Zac and Kenzie getting ready.

Jacob: Here we are the final show of the season. It’s been a long road to get where we are now. I started off the season as the conquest champion. Only one other person has held that belt this season. And in my honest opinion makes it the most valuable championship on this roster. But I digress. It’s been a good season for you Zac.

Zac: Yea I’ve won the hardcore and the internet championship. And tonight we get a chance to add the tag team championship to the list.

Jacob. I would say my favorite moment from this season is ending the promising career of Sam Russ for a second time.

Jacob holds his arms out as Kenzie puts his ring jacket on him.

Jacob: So what are u doing over the break?

Zac: I’m going back home to Queens to run the city until the new season picks back up.

Jacob: That sounds fun. I’m actually gonna have minor surgery next Monday on my left knee. I reinjured it at summer brawl I’ve just been putting it of.

Kenzie: After the surgery we are going to Bora bora for rehabbing. Also to get into the right mind set for next season.

A knock comes from the bus door.

Jacob. Well you know what that means. Everything we’ve said becomes a reality tonight. Let’s go make history.

Jacob, Kenzie and Zac walk out of the bus as the screen fades to black.



As the night goes on, the camera is panning out to see all of the fans cheering inside the arena. But then it cuts to a camera that has been set up on a tripod inside the loading dock of the arena. As the camera zooms out we see Randy Crowe standing in the background.

Crowe: 3 wins. 3 wins and it got an X1 title shot. To be honest I’m shocked but I can’t complain. I’m finally getting another chance to be the one that everybody has to go through. To be a champion that everybody is afraid of. Now I’m not calling my a measuring stick because whoever thought of that saying is a fucking idiot. And trust me there is a lot idiots here in this company. But the idiots gave me a shot to face the best of the best. The Saint Baine. Just like I said is Japan, Baine is best in this company but I plan taking the best out. You’re a good friend but tonight the friendship is out of the context. You won’t walk out as champion. Hell maybe you won’t make it to your second match. All I’m saying is that you will be destroyed by the end of the match.

As he gets ready for his next sentence, he grabs a bottle out of his pocket.

Crowe: This right here is a drink for my friend Baine. I wish you the best in our match but the X1 title will not be staying with AP3X. It’s time for a change and that change is to have the most disrespectful human being in EOW to take charge and become the next X1 Champion.

He downs the bottle and smashes it on the concrete.

Crowe: Good luck tonight. Say a prayer but it won’t answered by God. It’ll be answer by be as I take down to hell.

He pushes the camera over and walks out.



Camera opens up as we see Kim Sanders standing by in the interview area*

Kim Sanders: Welcome to Meltdown tonight I have a special quest and here he comes now..

Baine walks into camera view as he walks over to Kim Sanders*

Baine: Did I hear you right Kim..special quest?

Kim Sanders nods: You did but let’s get down to business tonight you have two matches one being the main event in a tag team hell in a cell match and the other being a title defense match against Randy Crowe..

Baine: Kim speaking of those two matches I want to say that my match with Randy Crowe tonight ill be looking forward to it and the same can be said about the main event but the only difference is.. I have respect for Randy Crowe always have but tonight I have to be on my A-game because Crowe has everything to gain and I know for a fact that he’s coming for a fight.

Kim Sanders: What about the main event how you feel about that match?

Baine: Kim, to be honest, I feel like I have to get past Randy Crowe first in which I actually do but either way tonight me and Travis Markson will be going out to that ring and you will seel some top-quality wrestling.

Kim Sanders: One last question after tonight win or lose either of your matches..where do you go from here is there a new title you want to go for or maybe somebody new you want to face?

Baine: Well I don’t know haven’t really thought about it to be honest but we have plenty of new faces in EoW and I’m sure ill step in the ring eventually with some of them but Kim lets be honest with each other none of those new guys are on the same level as I am.

As for titles…maybe ill go after the Elite World Championship again but who knows we will just have to see where the road leads me.

Kim Sanders: Well that’s all the time we have for now…Baine thanks for joining me here tonight and good luck in your matches.

Camera fades black.


THE DAWN  vs  H.F.I*


Seb paced around the ring angrily as the crowd half cheered half booed, Seb looked into the booing section to spot a pack of SJW’s with signs baying for his termination from Rush.

He laughed and addressed them first.

Seb: I like to start off with thanking the leftist scum sitting in that section there for buying tickets to the show, my wallet and the wallets of our athletes thank you.

The section of triggered warriors booed louder.

Seb: Yea yea yea, I get it you’re all mad. It’s got nothing to do with me if you man hating lesbians with cock envy can’t get a good screw.

They kept on booing.

Seb: Anyway I have more pressing matters to address rather than talking about how many genders there are… the answer is two by the way.

Seb let out a deep gut laugh before composing himself.

Seb: I’m stalling I know.. I’m out here because I suffered an injustice at the hands of some masked poofters last week.

He walked around the ring.

Seb: Now you may have momentarily distracted me from my goal of utterly breaking Madison’s spirit. But I’m here tonight in Vancouver just so I can watch your matc-


Seb turned to look at the newcomer and smiled at him.

Seb: Well you definitely have some huge balls on ya. I don’t even think Dennis would be so bold to come alone, here let me get you a mic.

Seb grabbed a second mic and held it out for the masked man to take. The masked man took the mic and simply stared at it. The lesbians with penis envy cheered loudly as they wet themselves.

Camera opens up backstage as we see Blake Adams arriving to the arena as Bobby Akada stands by*

Bobby Akada: Mr.Adams if I may have a moment of your time..tonight you are scheduled to defend your United States championship against Norman Luna

What are your thoughts on facing a man you’ve beaten once already while defending your U.S title?

Blake Adams: Mr. Akada why do you insist on bothering people when they arrive? Can’t you give the people who matter a little bit of time before you come running to be a damn pest?

To answer your silly questions though Bobby I think its bullshit that a guy who already lost his opportunity at the title gets another shot but I guess all this did was allow me the opportunity to destroy Norman again and this time in a last man standing match.

Norman i will make sure by the end of our match that you will be staring up at the lights and then after ten seconds you will hear..Still your United States Champion…Blake Adams!

Raises the United States title.

Before all that happens though I think I may just go and grab me some food and then ill get ready to retain my United States title. Until then Bobby you can excuse yourself or I might be tempted to give the EoW universe a small demonstration on what is instore for Norman Luna as you become my test dummy.

Bobby Akada: Well it looks like something just came up and I should be going..thank you for your time.

Akada starts walking away as Blake Adams stays back with a grin on his face and the United States Championship on his shoulder. The camera then fades black.



As he’s walking around the ring with belt he goes over to the bell keepers area and screams at them.


I told you all. With win number 4, you have a new X1 Champion in EOW. I made short work of the now former champion and now you have me. The man who amounted to nothing this season is now a champion. That may sound pretty fucking stupid but I end this season as a champion and I will continue to stay champions. Fuck all of you and welcome to the new regimen.

He throws the mic and heads up to ramp and flips off the crowd. 



The Premier EOW Power Couple was standing beside the Voice of RUSH, Ricky Spanish. Dennis was looking annoyed, more so than usual, while Madison had nervousness written all over her face.

RS: Dennis, now that the Unification match has been altered, what are your feelings on tonight? Has your confidence changed? What would it mean for Dennis Black to become EOW Champion?

Dennis: Has my confidence changed? Why would it, Ricky?

Dennis: When this all started, it was supposed to be Dennis Black taking on Pitbull. Parsons takes out the weaker Champion….which is smart, by the way, and then it becomes Dennis Black taking on Parsons. So I prepared for that, and now?

Dennis: My opponent has changed for a SECOND time, on the day of Meltdown!

Dennis unstrapped the Conquest Championship and briefly pressed it against the lens, forcing the camera man to walk backwards.

Dennis: This fiasco is exactly why ‘I’ should be EOW Champion. I provide excellence and stability. I ‘made’ the Conquest Championship matter, Ricky.

Dennis: Now back to your question, Ricktard.  Get it? Anyway. It is incorrect to ask what it would mean for Dennis Black to become EOW Champion….what you should be asking is…“What would it mean for EOW to have Dennis Black as The Champion?”

Dennis leaned in closer to Ricky.

Dennis: The world is an hour away from having that become a reality. This is the final stop of my redemption chapter. My doubters will be watching this, or they’ll be hearing about it soon enough. They’ll learn, just as Phalen is about to, that when I set my sights on something, no one will stop me from getting it.

Dennis: This is my era, Ricky. Learn to love it, get on my level, or retire.

Dennis storms off, and Madison pulls out her cell phone. Ricky tries looking at her screen and she slaps his hand away.

Madison: Now I have to disinfect this outfit. I may just have to burn it. Thanks…Ricktard.

Madison hair flips and walks in the opposite direction of Dennis.



Cameras open up backstage of the arena Markson visually looking pissed off.

Travis: You know Baine, Pitbull is gone man. Apex…. I don’t even know if there is a Apex anymore.

I can tell you this much.

I’m fucking sick of hearing about HFi and I’am wanting to strangle the fuck out of the Golden Age.

We need to cash in our rematch.

Baine: Yeah it’s unfortunate about Pitbull and Apex didn’t seem to last but that doesn’t change the fact that Apex accomplished great things in a short time.

As for HFI there nothing but two guys who manage to get lucky here and there and as for Golden Age we will deal with them later tonight.

Travis stands up from his seat and walks over to Baine.

Travis: What the fuck….. Is that it?

Baine: What?…..

Travis: What great things man?

That shit was an overnight sensation and then it went off just like the flip of the switch.

I’ve pretty much been getting my ass jumped week in and week out for the past month and that’s all you have to say?…..

Where the fuck have you been man?

You know what, if we lose tonight.

Maybe Prestigious Saints are done to & fuck the tag titles.

Travis bumps his shoulder into Baine as he is left confused about what just happened as cameras fade back to ringside.











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