EoW FusionWeek 7 – 02.04.19

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EoW Presents

*Kim Sanders stops Blake Adams outside of the locker room moments before his match with the “Prestigious One” Travis Markson.*

Sanders: Blake last week we saw you show up to fusion just moments before the show ended and on your arrival we also seen you stop by Fusions General Managers office Tomas Dean.

Can you tell us what went down last week and does it have anything with your opponent tonight Travis Markson?

Blake Adams: Kim the deal with last week is simple I came to fusion for the competition since like I said before the real talent is on rush.

Now don’t get anything twisted I am still apart of Rush and I still plan on going for the Rush World Title and come the next time I step back into a Rush ring I will continue to dominate my opponents.

Sanders: So I’m quessing since your still part of Rush that makes you a free agent..correct? And now that your also commpetiting on fusion are you aware that Nathan Steel is also here aswell?

Blake Adams: Steel huh…Well looks like I can pick up where I left off when we were on Rush.

Sanders: If he’s watching do you have anything to say to Nathan Steel?

Blake Adams: Nathan I’m not finished with you and if I find you I promise to break every bone in your puny body and if you want so advice to avoid this torment…leave EoW and go back to whatever dumpster you crawled out of.

Sanders: Well there you have strong words from EoWs hottest free Agent and a man on a mission. My only question is..is the Prestigious One Travis Markson ready to take on Blake Adams tonight on Fusion?

*Camera then fades out.*







The following was filmed twenty minutes after Blacklist.

A bus with the Fusion logo roars past a sign that read: Leaving Pennsylvania. Inside the bus, PM Crunk makes his way up to the driver.

Crunk: We at WrestlElite yet?

Driver: It’s a three–week ride to Las Vegas, sir. Blacklist was twenty minutes ago.

Crunk: I didn’t ask you about Las Vegas. I asked you about WrestlElite.

Driver: WrestlElite is in Las Vegas, sir.

Crunk: Don’t change the subject! Are we at WrestlElite yet or not?

Driver: Please sit down, sir.

Crunk glares at the Driver and heads back to his seat.

Crunk: Why don’t you take your seat Ralph Kramden–

Crunk slumps into the seat beside Silent Juice.

Crunk: I’m fucking bored, man. There ain’t shit to do on this bus.

Silent Juice mimes jerking off.

Crunk: I already did that. Twice.

Silent Juice shrugs, looking out the window, Crunk looks across the aisle and spots a trainee in a helmet playing a handheld video game. He leans over to him.

Crunk: Yo, Gretzky–lemme get a turn.

Trainee: Leave me alone, little kid.

The trainee gives him the finger. Crunk goes wide-eyed, turning to Silent Juice.

Crunk: That fuck called me a little kid and gave me the finger! Go kick his ass!

Silent Juice offers an incredulous look, as if to say, “He’s just a trainee.”

Crunk: You’re my muscle, ain’tcha?

Silent Juice kind of nods.

Crunk: So go open a can of whup-ass on that little fuck, and get me his game!

Silent Juice sighs and stands. He climbs over Crunk into the aisle and stands in front of the trainee. He looks at him and registers doubt. He looks back to Crunk, who waves him on.

Silent Juice steels himself, looks back to the trainee and reaches for his game. The trainee emits a high-pitched scream and starts punching himself in the head. Silent Juice dives back into his seat, trying to look nonchalant. The trainee stops crying. Crunk looks at Silent Juice.

Crunk: You’re one tough motherfucker, you know that?

Later on…

The bus pulls over by the side of the road. The Bus Driver heads down the aisle toward the back of the bus, followed by pissed-off passengers.

Passenger: They been in there going on half an hour now! Two of them! Doing God knows what!

The Bus Driver bangs on the bathroom door and shouts.

Driver: This bus isn’t moving another inch unless you clear out of there right now!

No answer. The Bus Driver bangs on the door harder.


The door handle turns, the door swings wide, and massive amounts of smoke suddenly billow through the back of the bus. The smoke clears to reveal Crunk and Silent Juice squeezed into the bathroom, holding a massive joint.

Crunk: Um–I think something’s burning back here.

As the bus pulls away, Crunk and Silent Juice are revealed, left behind.

Crunk: The whole fucking world’s against us, dude. I swear to God.

Silent Juice nods. Crunk sticks out his thumb and starts hitching.







Trent vs Nathan Steel







*scene opens up in what looks like in a dark forest like area revealing an open fire lit steel drum barrel. There is a mysterious person behind the barrel with a hoodie covering his head*

Mysterious person: Eric…Shadow…

*mysterious person draws closer to the fire revealing himself as Pitbull while only showing the left side of his face while his right side is completely dark*

I would say congratulations on regaining the Elite World title but it would just be a waste of my breath.

A transitional champion does not get any congratulations. He only gets a thank you for keeping the belt warm and taking it from another transitional champion to a REAL champion.

Now *extends his arms* here I stand in the shadows from which *puts his left arm down and briefly points to the camera with his right hand* you named yourself. You might ask why be in a place like this…a place of no meaning…a place of no importance or relevance to you whatsoever.

Well that’s just it Shadow…Pitbull is not here because of you. When people come here..

*Pitbull points nearby and when the camera focuses on what he points to it showing the remains of a burned down cabin revealing that he is indeed in the country road where David Jackson was burned alive* they don’t leave the same.

*camera focuses back to Pitbull holding his Punisher vest* The clock is ticking…see you at WrestleElite!

*Pitbull then tosses his Punisher vest into the fire that rises from the barrel*

*camera cuts to next scene*







Cameras Open up from the last segment with the Prestigious One Travis Markson in the ring.

Travis standing & looks down at the new EoW Tag Team Championship around his waste then looks back up to the camera.

Travis: You know Baine and I put up with a lot of shit to get these EoW Tag Team Belts.

We had Niles and Ace in our sights then Dane decides to play musical chairs with them at the last minute and yea it threw our game off and we lost.

But we rebounded like the true champions we are, on top of that we had a little fun with El~BaineO but just to prove how annoying something so obvious could be just like Dane trying to interfere in title pictures and manipulate the system to benefit himself.

So we defeated the Golden Age yet again and then we defeated the trust and so badly that they decide to have some fake lovers quarrel to cover up the loss.

They say they have successfully taken over all the shows but news flash.

You guys don’t hold any gold so how is that possible?

It’s not, just a simple fact that you need to accept and I hope El Segador or Norman Luna send you right back to bankruptcy.

Now let’s move back two weeks to Pitbull. I lost but to be honest, I’m not even mad.

You know how bad of a burden that EoW Elite World Championship is?

Seriously you people are soo unbearable, your expectations just make me sick you un appreciative fucking marks.

The Tag Team Championships is for me and Baine because we are Prestigious Saints.

They need to be cleansed, they need to be have some of the prestige that only Baine and Travis Markson can provide.

That Elite title, Pitbull I wish you the best of luck because if you win the world of the Elite will find any reason to say why you don’t deserve it even after they where with you from the beginning.

They will turn on you just as fast as Danes self loathing greed.

Maybe Eric Shadow will retain but I can say at least he already knows what transcendence the belt brings.

I just want to say Mr. Paper Champ you lost the belt to Tre FUCKING Michaels.

You didn’t even defend that belt so there fore should have not received a rematch, so before you find yourself in another less than 10 minute match against the Prestigious One you should keep my name out of your mouth or just man the fuck up and challenge me. Talking about someone getting something for nothing.

So now sense everyone is sitting there how Travis Markson doesn’t deserve a rematch for the Elite World Championship because NO ONE WAS MANNING UP except the Prestigious One is now over.

I am being told that I can no longer go after the Elite World until next season, what is Travis Markson going to do now?

Now all the sudden it matters again what I am going to do?

I would say that I want to go after the EoW G1 Championship, but we have some green horn calling out Baine and then back pedaling to facing Matrix. *Travis rolls his eyes.*  Showtime you made your bed, I think you’re going to have to sleep in it sooner rather than later and your little dream match between yourself and Matrix could be in jeopardy over your…. let’s say social media outburst.

So that leaves me to THE REALIST of decisions left for me.  Marco Charming….

I don’t know what to say but congrats to start….. Congrats on finally winning the Intercontinental Championship after a third try.  Because I seriously don’t know what management would have done with you for WrestlElite. Maybe let you setup concession in the back.

I plan on coming for that Intercontinental Championship and there happens to be a match with a briefcase involved.

Mr. Mayhem announced on Social media the other day about a 6 man match at WrestlElite 4. Now I have no doubt that me and Baine will handle our Tag Team defense just fine.

So what other way to Make WrestlElite 4 more Prestigious than to put my name in the hat for this opportunity.

*Just then Mr. Mayhem’s music hit, Travis Markson has a concerned look on his face.*

Mr. Mayhem marching his way to the ring with a microphone in hand.

Mr. Mayhem: Well Travis  before we get into this I want everyone to see this first.

*Cameras pan up to the elitetron showing the night of CONQUEST where Mr.Mayhem was attacked and on the floor.

Not only a minute after staff came to aid the boss Travis Markson is seen walking past medical staff with a smile on his face.*

The crowd irrupts 

Mr. Mayhem: What’s with the smile Travis?

Travis: *Putting up a hand.* Look just like the next employee it always gives you somewhat of a good feeling when you see your asshole boss getting his.

Mr. Mayhem: So you’re saying you had nothing to do with this, you weren’t the one who attacked me?

Travis: Like last year just before WrestlElite 3 I’m not as stupid as Dane or Phalen to try to physically match you in the ring. I would use my brains over brawn.

This right here is not my doing.

Mr. Mayhem: You where there moments after it happened.  Did you see anyone?

Travis:  I did not.

You know maybe you want to go ask Randall Crowe because as I remember he was trying to take credit for the masked man last year.

Maybe this time it’s for real?

God I hope it’s not Maverick….

Mr. Mayhem: What?!

Travis: Nothing, never mind.

I mean we’re cool, after all you did let Prestigious Saints continue the match for the Tag titles after Dane unmasked El~BaineO.

Sooo how about that 6 man match at WrestlElite Mr.Mayhem?

After all the fuckery surrounding the Elite World Champion and beating the dog snot out of Tre Michaels & Eric Shadow I should have had that shot without even facing Pitbull but that’s whatever now.

The least you can do is put me in that match.

Mr.Mayhem: Maybe.

Travis: Maybe?……

Mr.Mayhem: Tonight you face Blake Adams, if he wins he gets a spot. If you lose then I think it’s self explanatory.

You’re a clever person Markson. Best of luck.

Mr. Mayhem exits the ring as his music hits leaving Travis Markson a bit frustrated with his decision as cameras fade to commercial break.







Crunk Juice vs H.F.i







Crunk Juice are walking backwards, hitching still.

Crunk: This sucks balls, man. How come we ain’t getting no rides?

???: ‘Cause you’re doing it all wrong.

Crunk Juice look behind them. There’s a guy hitching as well.

Guy: You gotta induce the drivers a little.

Crunk: Like how?

Guy: Like this.

The guy holds out his sign to them. It reads: Will Give Head For Ride.

Crunk: Yeah, but what happens when you get in the car, and you don’t make with the head? Don’t they kick your ass to the curb?

Guy: Sure–if you don’t make with the head.

Crunk Juice look at him for a long beat. Then–

Crunk: Eww! You eat the cock?!?

Guy: Yeah. If it’ll get me a few hundred miles across country. I’ll take a shot in the mouth.

Crunk: Yeah, but we ain’t gay.

Guy: Well, neither am I. But have you seen the price of bus tickets lately? Shit–I don’t wanna cough up two hundred bucks just to get to Chicago.

Crunk: Well, I don’t wanna cough up some dude’s sperm!

Guy: Don’t be so suburban–this is the new millennium. Gay, straight–it’s all the same now. There’re no more lines.

Crunk: draws a line on the ground with his foot.

Crunk: There’s one. On this side of it, we ain’t gay.

Guy: All hitchers do this. Why do you think people pick us up? If you get a ride, it’s expected–I don’t care who the driver is. It’s the first rule in the Book.

Crunk: What book?

Guy: The unwritten Book of the Road.

A truck starts to pull over to the side of the road. The Guy points to his sign, as if to say “See?” The passenger-side door opens. The Guy climbs into the truck and closes the door. He looks out the window at Crunk Juice.

Guy: Follow the rules of the Book, and you’ll get where you’re going in no time. Excuse me.

Through the windshield, Crunk and Silent Juice see the Guy go face-first into the truck driver’s lap. The Truck Driver smiles, and the truck takes off, roaring down the road with the horn blaring.

Crunk and Silent Juice watch the truck disappear. Then, a car pulls up. The Nun driving rolls down the passenger side window and leans toward them.

Nun: You two boys need a ride?

The nun drives, smiling. Crunk Juice sit in the back seat, huddled close together, their eyes glued on the Nun.

Nun: You both don’t have to sit back there. One of you can sit up here with me.

Silent Juice shakes his head “no” to Jay. Jay shrugs and climbs up front.

Nun: So where are you boys from?

Crunk: Tennessee.

Nun: What brings you to Indiana?

Crunk: We’re going to WrestlElite.

Nun: Las Vegas, hunh? That’s a long ways away.

Crunk: Yeah–we’re lucky you picked us up.

Nun: Well, do unto others. That’s what the Book says.

Crunk: *misinterpreting completely* Wait a minute–you follow the Book, too?

Nun: I live my life by it.

Crunk: Really? You?

Nun: Of course. You know how lonely it gets on the road? Thanks to the Book, I’m never alone–if you know what I mean.

Crunk: I guess. This guy back there explained it to us. But I didn’t think you’d be into that.

Nun: Are you kidding? I’ve dedicated my life to it. Every hour of every day.

Crunk: Shit–you nuns are alright.

Nun: You live by the Book, too?

Crunk: You picked us up, didn’t you? I gotta.

Nun: That’s good to hear. But it takes deed, not words. It’s a lot easier to say you live by the Book than to actually do it. *looks at him* Can you do it?

Crunk: You want me to do it right now?

Crunk: No time like the present, right?

Crunk looks back at Silent Juice. Silent Juice shakes his head “no.” Crunk shrugs then flips his hair over his shoulder, and starts to bend down.

Crunk: Alright. *he suddenly stops* You hear that? She’s not a Catholic. She’s a Presbyterian.

Crunk disappears below the dash, The Nun goes wide-eyed. The Nun’s car screeched to the side of the road. Crunk gets kicked our of the front seat by the screaming Nun. Silent Juice rushes out too, and the car races off. Crunk wipes his mouth. He pulls a long curly hair from between his teeth.

Crunk: Dude–she had seventies bush.










Parsons. Chris we haven’t seen you in awhile and you look so much different.Where you been ? What’s up with this new look ?

Sullivan. First of all Rachel , this new look is me going back to the days where I loved life. Back to the days the music meant something . Where we loved and were loved back to the grunge way of life .
As to where I been ? I been right here this whole time not my problem that the bookers don’t do there job .

Parsons. We’ll your booked tonight what was supposed to be a triple threat but that joke Jack action is nowhere to be found .so tonight Justin Rockstar you will realize today is the day rock and roll died and the grunge scene is back .

Now of you’ll excise me I about to hit that ring and kill rock and roll .
Parsons.Good luck tonight .

Sullivan . Thanks ms but it’s Rockstar that will need it .

Sullivan walks to the ring .










Chris Sullivan vs Justin Rockstar








Crunk Juice continue hitching.

Crunk: I can’t believe this shit. Five hours and not a single ride. Every day, millions of people hitch all over the world and stop studios from making movies about ’em. But when you and me try it, it’s  like we’re trapped in a fucking cartoon!

The Mystery Machine pulls up in the other side of the road, The horn beeps. Crunk Juice look at each other, shrug, and race across the street, get in. The van pulls off.

Crunk Juice sit in the back of the can and stare at Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby. Crunk looks at Silent Juice.

Crunk: Zoinks, yo.

Fred: And now we can finally solve the mystery of the Hitchhiking Ghouls! Pull off their masks and let’s see who they really are!

Velma: I don’t think they are masks.

Daphne: I don’t think they’re Hitchhiking Girls either.

Velma: Ghouls, you fucking moron. Not Girls. *to herself* Though I wish they were hitchhiking girls. Sexy, skimpily clad hitchhiking girls–

Fred: Let’s kick them out. We’ve got a mystery to solve.

Shaggy: The only mystery here is why we take our cues from a dick in a neckerchief!

Fred: Keep it up, Beatnik! I’ll feed you to the fucking dog!

Daphne: *covering her ears; shrieking* I CAN’T TAKE ALL THIS FIGHTING!

Crunk: YO!

The Gang look to Crunk Juice.

Crunk: Youse guys need to turn those frowns upside down! And we got just the thing for that. *pulls out a bag of joints* We call them Doobie Snax.

As Crunk Juice toke up, we go all SLO-MO and 70’s freaky (with the image seeming to SWIM). Through their stoned haze, we see old-school witches, skeletons, and ghouls swirling about their heads–the latter of which gets his mask taken off to reveal a man inside a costume.

Crunk Juice look at the gang, then take a hit off their joint and look back. Suddenly, the gang’s engaged in total debauchery: Shaggy rides the windshield while Fred cackles insanely, blindfolded by his neckerchief. Velma and Daphne are in their underwear, making out with each other. Scooby looks at Crunk Juice and says–

Scooby: Ri, Runk rand Rirent Ruice.

Scooby rolls over, revealing its RED THING sticking way out of its sheath. It’s monstrous. Crunk Juice go wide-eyed.

Crunk: Look at his fuckin’ lipstick!!! He’s got a stoner-boner!!!

Crunk Juice smile and pass out. We cut back to the gang, who now appear as they did prior to Weed-Vision. They stare at Crunk Juice.

Daphne: I think they passed out.

Fred: Great. What do we do with them now?

Shaggy: Let’s cut out their kidneys to sell on the black market and leave them in a seedy motel bathtub full of ice.

Velma: Oh God, not again?

Crunk lies in a bathtub full of ice, screaming. There’s a scar on his back.

Crunk wakes up suddenly, screaming. He startles Juice awake as well, as he clutched at this back lifting his shirt to see the scar. It’s not there.

Crunk: Holy shit, I had a horrible dream. *looks around* Yo, I’m hungry. Where can we get some breakfast?

Juice looks around, and then locks on something off-camera. He points, and Crunk looks, smiles widely, and nods.

Crunk: Fuck yeah, catering.

They stand up and enter the Fusion arena.






Travis Markson vs Blake Adams








As the show continues, we get a camera view of the hallway. The camera is coming up to Eric Shadow’s locker room where we see the Elite World Championship sitting on table and Shadow in the background praising it.

Shadow: Hey everybody, guess what…… I GOT MY CROWN BACK! Oh it feels so damn good to be back on top once again and dammit it may have only been 3 weeks but it was too damn long and I needed get this beauty back in my hands.

And now with Tre Micheals out of the picture I can focus on my own shit but I can thank you to him because he’s the reason why I am now a 3 time champ.

Yes I said it right. Not 1, not 2, but 3, 3 world title wins under my belt… no pun intended.

So who’s next.

He brings out a list of names but he could care less about them.

With each name, he rights an X on there faces.

Shadow: I don’t know you, I don’t know you, haha T-Mark’s picture is next to Phalen’s.

Man you fell down far. Oh look it’s Dane, possibly rigged the rumble but I could are less.

I don’t know why El Baineo is still up here.

Oh there it is, Pitbull. So you’re next. (He scratches his head) Let’s see, yes you did get a win off a me but let’s take it back to 2016.

You had just became the new Fusion champion by beating the not so great Latief Yosef and I got my first world championship win off of David Jackson and at the time we the big blue chippers of this place and they decided to put us together for a match.

The new EoW World Champion Eric Shadow vs the new Fusion Champion Pitbull.

Now we had a pretty good match if I can say. Back and forth action between the two newly crowned champions but who came out victorious, (He does the this guy thumbs up gesture) ME, Eric Shadow.

So you know what that mean buddy, we have to set up for the tie breaker.

Now you’re a smart guy so I’m going to say this, when we face each other you will not become champion, I am great and you are not.

So I’ve said my part and now I have to go.

Why do I have to go, well we a big action clinic between myself and the new Intercontinental Champion Marco Charming.

It’s alright I’ll take care of it but in the mean time I am gone.

He takes the belt and leaves.








Chang Lee is backstage with a microphone in hand.

Chang Lee: Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time, Justin Rockstar!

The audience pops. Rockstar stumbles into the shot, looking all around and noticing the camera, startled by it a bit.

Chang Lee: Impressive match earlier tonight against Chris Sullivan, but last week on Blacklist, Marco Charming put out a challenge to you for his Intercontinental Championship. Care to respond.

Rockstar: *deep breath* Marco Polo, boy let me tell you Marco Polo.

I wasn’t even at the Blacklist events, I was in Australia performing on stage in front of an audience just as large, but man if I was at Blacklist, I would have taken your challenge right there on the spiggity-spot Marco Polo.

Everybody wants Justin Rockstar, everybody loves Justin Rockstar, hell, Justin Rockstar loves Justin Rockstar. And Justin Rockstar wants Justin Rockstar to be happy, Justin Rockstar will give Justin Rockstar whatever he needs to make his satisfaction.

So I’m not waiting around for WrestlElite to face you, I want the gold Marco Polo. Do you understand?

The International Icon needs to be the Intercontinental Icon, like man needs water to live and air to breathe.

Next week, Marco Polo. Next week. Justin Rockstar versus Marco Polo for the Elite Online Wrestling Intercontinental Championship of the World.

It’s going to be marvelous. Now watch me as I walk away, fantastic.

Rockstar struts off as the camera watches him. He turns and winks before continuing off.








Champion vs Champion
Marco Charming vs Eric Shadow

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