Dennis: Ladies, Gentlemen, and the other seven hundred genders…ever since becoming Conquest Champion, your Emperor has done everything he said he would. Every promise…has been fulfilled.

Dennis: At Wrestlelite Four, I beat Jacob Williams. He arrived in hopes of recapturing this here Championship, only to leave empty handed and heart broken. Hell, he even smartened up, stopped pandering to all of you fools, and found himself a nice metrosexual couple to hang out with.

Dennis: At Battlegrounds, I defeated that brute Ian Bates, proving that his previous victories over me came at a time when I was not in the right frame of mind. Flukes and mistakes are a thing, people. Take a look at your births, for instance. You all are only breathing my air because a condom broke.

The audience started to throw trash in the ring.

Dennis: Hell, Sam Russ came back to claim what was once his. I took one look at him and he quit….AGAIN!

The audience begins to boo the Conquest Champion.

Dennis: I beat your favorites. Therefore, I am the greatest Conquest Champion that ever lived. You see…if there were a Mount Rushmore for Conquest, you wouldn’t see Jacob Williams.

Dennis: You wouldn’t find Sam Russ.

Dennis: You wouldn’t find Ian Bates.

Dennis: A Mount Rushmore of Conquest would just be four pretty faces of Dennis Black!

Dennis: But enough about that. It is time to address my place in EOW history. It is time to address the EOW Heavyweight Championship. At Meltdown, paths will converge. Two Champions will step inside this…very..ring.

Dennis: But there can only be one, people. In the spirit of competition, I’d like to propose a two out of three falls match to the EOW Champion. After that, there will be no doubt about who is the most dominant wrestler of the season. There will be no doubt left in anyone’s minds regarding who is the better Champion.

Dennis: Be warned, ladies and gentlemen. I’m not walking into Metldown as a wrestler, oh no.

Dennis settled his eyes on the camera and smirked.

Dennis: Just consider me a veterinarian that is going to put down a rabid dog. A pitbull,….and make EOW a safe place to be, once again.

Lawrence Larkspur  vs  Ian Bates

Ian slowly gets to his feet in the ring, and motions for a mic

Ian: Damn, I was so close to winning this one. I was right there, but I keep having to check over my shoulder.

Ian: I don’t enjoy this feeling, the feeling of being targeted. Last week, I had a nice, competitive match with Marco.

Ian: He slipped by with the victory, and I was okay with that.

Ian: Stuff happens, Y’know?

Ian: But after the match, is when I get attacked by two people who have less spine than a squid.

Ian: But that’s okay, I know why they did what they did.

Ian: They are scared. Scared of what I am capable of here in EOW. Those two want to keep all the newer guys down, so they can feel high and mighty on their pedestal. But I continue to this week, I’m still feeling the effects of last week’s attack, but I come out here to compete nonetheless. I lose. Fine.

Ian: Its fine because I have my sights set now. I see that title on your shoulder Markson. I see how tightly you clutch it, and how much it means to you. Hold on to it while you still can.

Ian: I want to move on to your partner though. Baine, I’m gonna cut right to the chase. Next week, I want to see you in this ring. No funny business, just you and me.

Ian: Hope I see you there.”

Ian drops the mic and exits.

Trent  vs  Baine

The camera pans to show Zac Taylor and Jacob Williams Staring at the camera with microphones. Jacob snaps his fingers as a spotlight hits the two men before holding the microphone up to his lips.

Jacob: I just want to start off by saying last week I had some business to take care of. But now Hfi you have our full attention.

Zac: And after tonight when I beat down Bryce Adams you’re gonna understand why we became your number one contenders.

Jacob: just to make sure there is no distractions tonight Kenzie won’t be escorting us to the ring. And if your wondering if Tre is gonna get involved. he’s not here tonight he’s trying to knock of a little ring rust.

Zac: Hfi we made a promise to each other when we became a tag team and we intend on keeping it. We will be this divisions salvation and there is nothing you or the other tag teams can do about it.

Jacob: After Zac wins this lumberjack match tonight we would like to think of it as a glimpse into the future. A future not so far away.

Zac looks Jacob up and down.

Zac: Why are u wearing a suit? You do realize your gonna get some action right?

Jacob: I do. I just never get to wear my normal clothes out there.

Zac: fair enough.

Zac and Jacob stand up.

Jacob: Hfi at Meltdown this company will witness the dawn of a new light. when we hold those titles above our head signifying a new dawn for this division.

Zac and Jacob walks out of camera view as the camera cuts to the next match.


After his music ends and lights go back to normal Eric Shadow grabs a mic and looks around. He looks and acknowledges the crowd as they are chanting…

Crowd: Shadow, Shadow, Shadow.

Shadow: Everybody, everybody, hold your applauds for the one true Prince… Myself Eric Shadow. (Chuckles) Now I came out here to lay down a challenge because I, well just want to do what I do best. Be the best wrestler in this company and continue to kick everybody’s ass. Now I know what all of you are thinking. “What about Devin King?” Well he’s basically gone and I’ve kind of lost interest in beating his ass. I mean don’t get me wrong, beating the crap out of him is whole lot of fun but I want somebody different. Someone who wants a shot at me. Hell whoever steps in the ring with me can have a huge match to put themselves over in. Or not because I’m just that damn good. So who wants a cha….

The lights start flicking on and off. After they flicker a few times the lights turn back on but there is some shakey lettering on the Elitetron. The letters spell out Apologize. After that the lights start to flicker again and it goes to complete darkness. They come on again and there is a certain tall figure in the crowd. As this is all happening Shadow is growing very angry. He’s looking around the ring trying to get a closer look but he can’t see anything because the lights go out more time. But this time when they come back on the certain figure in the crowd is none other than Devin King.

Shadow: You just don’t know when to quit do you?! You’ve had chance after chance against me. Get it through that thick skull. I said somebody new, not somebody who doesn’t have what it takes to take me down. Get out now.

King doesn’t move as has an emotionless look on his face.

Shadow: Did you hear me?! OUT!

Shadow pushes him but nothing happens. King walks back up to Shadow and continues to look at him.

Shadow: Fine, you don’t want to listen? Alright, how about this.

Shadow smacks King right across his face. King takes a deep breath and still continues to do nothing.

King takes the Mic from Shadow.

King: The Devin King you are looking for is extinct.

Shadow takes the mic back and paces back and forth.

Shadow: Well where did he go hmmm. Oh where, oh where is the Devin King that I had no interest in finding at. I see a jackass that looks just like him standing in front of me but what do I know. More importantly why in the hell are you here?

Shadow goes over to the time keepers area, grabs a mic and throws it at King.

Shadow: You’ll need this by the way jackass.

King grabs the mic and begins.

King: I’ll make this short and simple for you, I got nothing to prove to you. You’ve beaten me and have embarrassed me. Let me say this right now, if you want a one more battle it up to you.

Shadow: One more match. One more match huh. To be honest I really want to say no but you came out here looking for an answer. Also I want you gone so if you want one more match then you got it but this will surely be a match that you will never forget.

Shadow drops the mic and walks angrily out of the ring.

King: Just remember Shadow extinction is coming.

Lights go dark out. The lights cut back on and Devin is gone.

Showtime  vs  El Segador

The camera opens up to the backstage area where we a huge gust of smoke in the background. The camera goes down and we see a pair of grey and black boots in the scene. Then a cigarette drops and get stepped on by the boots. The zooms out and goes to see Randy Crowe standing in the shot.

Crowe: (Deep sigh) I didn’t want to be here today but they told me that I would get paid and I would get a title shot. I’m pretty surprised by that because I can’t remember a thing since Summerbrawl. Man that was good time but then yesterday I got a call from management saying that I had to be here, so here I am. Now I’ll fair warning that I haven’t been in the ring for sometime now so if I look rusty then oh well. I’m pretty confused on what to say right now because I haven’t been really doing shit. All I know is that I was supposed to have a triple threat but then it got turned into a one on one so there’s a little update for everyone.

He starts walking forward as the camera is walking backwards.

Crowe: You know I do have something to say. It just clicked in my head and normally nothing like that happens for me. I’m gonna go out there and give it my all. Show everybody that I’m still here. The most disrespectful person in EOW is still here to pissed everybody off. So I’ll go by saying fuck Byron Parsons and fuck you. I’m still here to not care about anybody.

Crowe walks out and the scene fades to black.

Lumberjack Match



Chateau De Black
London, England

Madison was lording over her cleaning staff as they were tidying up the foyer of her home. With nothing on other than a pair of fluffy slippers, a nightgown that barely covered her body, and the RISE championship fastened around her waist, Madison walked circles around each of them. She stopped at the side of a seventy year old woman that was on her knees, washing the marble floor by hand.

Madison: Roberta…

The older woman slowly looked up at the scowling blonde.

Madison: Not clear enough. I want to be able to see my own reflection in the floor if I’m ever bent over in this room, understand me?

Roberta: Y-yes Ms. Cox…

???: Why not just get glass flooring, ma’am?

Madison’s attention quickly snapped to Brumhilda, a portly peg legged woman from the Mediterranean.

Madison: That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Which says a lot, because I literally learned that someone other than ME was nominated for the season end silver tongue award.

Madison: Congratulations, you are now the dumbest person I’ve ever met.

Madison’s phone began to ring. She placed a finger over her lips to signal for everyone to remain quiet. Her voice answered in an ever so angelic tone.

Madison: Hello, my love.

The cleaners shared a collective frown among themselves when Madison turned her back to them.

Madison: Oh me? I’m just doing some late night cleaning. You know how bored I get when you’re not home.

Madison: Of course I’m watching Fusion. The EoW universe is going to be turned upside down when you beat Pitbull. We’re going to unify! Can you imagine? God…I can’t wait.

Madison: I’ve been thinking….

Roberta glanced to Samuel and whispered ‘That’s new.’, which caused Madison to glare at them. They quietly resumed cleaning.

Madison: New Champions sign new contracts, right? This will all but guarantee you’ll be on the cover of EOW 2K20. With BOTH Championships.

Madison opened the front door to her home and stepped outside.

Madison: We need to make sure we play hardball with Mr. Mayhem, so he’ll have no choice but to double…no..TRIPLE your contract.

Madison then looks down at a bouquet of roses at the bottom of the steps.

Madison: Oh, Dennis. You shouldn’t have.

She picked up the bouquet and quickly opened the envelope.

Madison: Oh, don’t play coy. You know what you did.

`”It’s stranger than fiction, but miss Madison you are my addiction. I can’t get you out of my head, it’s just too bad that you’re already caught in a black web. You may be here and you may be there, but just remember that I am everywhere.

Your’s truly, the Dark Light in the Night.

Madison blinked several times before throwing the roses.

Madison: Ah…nothing. I gotta go. Have a safe flight.

Madison abruptly ended the call and rushed back inside.


Crowe  vs  Parsons

Main Event

Matrix  vs  Da Juice


Meanwhile, backstage…


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