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Scene opens up the show with pyro and lights.

Devin music hits and walking down the ramp into the ring.

Devin: Last week I again embarrass myself and lost another match which I should have easily won. But no I didn’t I lost again I’m getting to the point where now is like am I really the King of Kova.

Devin: Not only did I lose at WrestleElite4 but also lost at Battleground and to top all off I lose to Eric Shadow.

Now I have a problem Eric Shadow I have nothing but the up most respect for you but seemly enough you have went into my crosshairs.

So now I’m going to make sure when I see you I’m going to diminish anything that you represent.

Now listen if you dont want nothing to happen to you then please come down this ring and say your sorry.

As Devin is growing impatient the crowd starts chanting Eric Shadow’s name.

His music hits and the crowd goes wild. He comes out and taunts to crowd.

He looks at King and shakes his head up and down.

Shadow: Alright, alright. So there seems to be a problem between you and me but I don’t exactly see why you’re so pissed.

I mean, I admire you asking a bit nicely but I have nothing to apologize for.

Every dog has it day but from what it looks like, you never had a day to sit back and say that you ever did anything.

A look of distain goes across Devin’s face after Shadow’s comment.

Shadow: Now yes, you are one hell of a competitor and you are tough as hell but if you want to be known as a King then you have step up to plate.

Also with a name like Devin King, people should look at it and say, “Wow look at that tough son of a bitch” but now when people look at you all they just see a peasant that is just too big for his crown.

Devin looks at Eric in disgust and anger. But then have changed in his look to a smile.

Devin: You know I gotta give it to you Eric you might be right nonetheless let not get too ahead of ourselves here because the last thing I have heard for you every doing wait I forgot you haven’t.

Let me tell you something I don’t care what you are this king can handle anything the fact that you say my Crown is too small for me is abysmal.

Devin: You think because you beat me you have this big chip on your shoulder.

Let me remind you Eric I can go into a very deep dark place you don’t want me to go to.

Devin begins to chuckle a little.

Devin: Since obviously you’re not gonna apologize even though I offered nicely that’s what I thought i did now I’m going to have to break you and not just break you physically, psychologically, but everything.

Eric if you want to ever have a career in the wrestling business I recommend you apologize or this will be your last night as a competitor because if you think you can go toe to toe with me you don’t know just how dangerous I am.

Devin get in the face of Eric as the Camera zoom in.

Shadow paces back and forth but he never takes his eyes off of King.

Shadow: A chip on my shoulder because I beat you twice. You’re barking up the wrong tree because I’ve beaten guys that more talented than you’ll ever be.

Baine, T-Mark, Pitbull, David Jackson, Justin Rockstar, Latief Yosef, Daniel Xavier, Eric Phalen, Bully T, and the list goes on and on.

Just those names alone respect me in what I do. Also if you been following me, here’s some other things you can see that are just a “chip” on my shoulder.

3 time World Champion, 3 time Jetset Champion, first ever G1 Champion, tag team champion. I can do this all day boy & you’re saying that could rip me limb from limb and go dark.

When I first started in this company I was deeper than dark.

I used paint my face just like you do but when people saw me they were staring death in the face.

I can quickly go from being the Prince of this company to becoming the Dragon of Death in a split second.

If you’re feeling froggy then jump but just remember I’m already 10 steps ahead of you.

I may not look like my old self anymore but I will give you the old fashioned ass kicking that everybody remembers.

Devin : (Laughing) trust me I don’t need to feel froggy cause believe me I can lay my hands on you right now.
But then again I’m not going cause I got match against Phalen that will show how devastating I can be in the ring but I tell what I lay offered to you at SummerBrawl face me anything goes.

A smirk goes across Shadow’s face as he is ecstatic that Devin King wants a shot at him.

Shadow: Anything goes you say. Anything goes where the sun is shining bright as you go one on one with The Prince.

I’ll see you there Mr. King. Oh and I’ll be watching extra close on your match. Hopefully you’ll win it.

Shadow drops the mic as he leaves the ring while King stares at Shadow as he leaves.

The camera fades to black and gets ready for the next shot.

 Randal Crowe vs SHOWTIME

(The camera pans backstage to show a bus arriving to the arena. The bus stops and the door opens. Jacob Williams, Zac and Kenzie Taylor walk out.)

Jacob: Camera guy come and capture this money shot.

(The camera guy gets closer as the camera zooms in on Jacob, Zac and Kenzie.)

Jacob: Golden Age last week we underestimated the two of you. But if we cross paths again we will not make the same mistake twice.

Zac: And we also heard what you said about Kenzie on Rush. You better keep my sister’s name outta your mouth or I’ll make sure your jaws are wired shut and your necks are broken.

(Jacob puts his arm around Kenzie.)

Jacob: I also understand why you guys attacked us after the match. It’s obvious the two of you felt insecure about yourselves because no one ever talks about you guys.

Kenzie: I think we’ve given them there 15 minutes of fame. Let’s move on to more important things.

Zac: Like what I did to T-Mark last week. I beat the holy hell out of him and while he was knocked out I went ahead and got justice for a friend by cutting his hair.

I gotta say I think I did a bang up job Jacob I guess we really are the most talented at everything we do.

By doing what I did secured myself a match for the Intercontinental Championship.

Which by the way is going to look so much better around my waist and in the same light as me then around yours.

I mean have you seen yourself that’s a face only a mother could love.

I was originally going to cash in my Internet Championship for the match but things changed for the better. And if I’m being honest I like it this way more.

So at Summer Brawl expect the biggest clash of the Summer!

Jacob: I guess it’s my turn.

Tonight I fight the reigning defending G1 champion Matrix.

I would be lying to myself if I said I’m not a little bit excited.

When I moved up to the main roster there was a list of guys I wanted to fight and Matrix just happens to be on that list.

I also want to let you know Matrix when we’re in that ring the spotlight will solely be on me.

Zac: Hey man I’m not booked tonight so I’m going to get some rest.

Jacob: Yea I’ll see you later. Kenzie has to get me ready for my spotlight.

(Zac walks back into the bus while Jacob and Kenzie walk into the arena. The camera pans to a commercial break.)

Eric Phalen vs Devin King

*SPOILER* Post match Promo

Devin grabs a mic

Devin: Cut my damn music .

Devin grabs Phalen head and holds it up.

Devin: Are You Satisfied Now Huh? Does This Give You Vindication Eric Huh? (Angry)

Devin slam Phalen head on the mat.

Devin: If you think at Summerbrawl you going to walk out standing may God have mercy on your soul cause you will get the King Of Kova.

Once I’m done with you Dennis Black you and me will have a date for the Conquest Championship.

Devin Drops The Mic

Taped earlier in the day before Fusion went live…

A family of three are next in what was an insanely long line to get an autograph and or picture with Madison Cox. She was on the cover of EOW’s summer magazine in a revealing bikini. Needless to say, it sold out online rather quickly. Being the shrewd businessman that Mr. Mayhem is, he was still making sure that copies could be found at merchandise tables during EOW Fusion, RUSH, and Conquest tapings.

Mother: I need you to not have your jaw hit the floor, thanks. She’s not even that hot.

Dad: Now dear…that’s a lie. But, we aren’t here for me. She’s our fourteen year old son’s first crush.

Mother: I guess…

Mother: But I don’t like the idea of our son having this unrealistic view of women. Regular women don’t look like Madison Cox.

The family looked on as Madison stood and yawned loudly from the signing table.

Security: Up next…signings with Showtime!

The men in line had a collective groan.

Madison: So I can go? Dennis and I have to a couples’ manipedi appointment.

Madison picked up her purse and looked to the guard. The family of three that were next in line cautiously approached the table. The teenager looked up to her with hopeful eyes and offered her his magazine.

Dad: You’re his favorite RISE star. I know your line is finished…but…maybe you could help us out?

Madison: I’m the only person on the RISE roster worth mentioning. But…I’m salt of the earth. Kind. All that good stuff.

Madison gave the father a weak smile before looking down at the son. She took the magazine from the child.

Madison: So, handsome, what’s your name and who is your favorite wrestler?

Madison started to write a personal greeting on the cover.

Son: My name is Jimmy! Bully T is my favorite! His entrance is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOO-

Madison scribbled over what she wrote and then pie faced the child with the magazine.

Madison: Bully T?! He hasn’t wrestled in forever! God…

Madison: You would have gotten this autograph if you had better parents.

The mother stepped closer to Madison.

Mother: Hey!

Madison turned her nose up to the mother.

Mother: I blame you most of all. If you had just swallowed, I wouldn’t of had to deal with your kid and his poor choice in favorites.

Madison then looks to the dad.

Madison: Shame you can only screw your wife if you think of me.

Pleased with herself for shattering a family’s afternoon, Madison turned on her heel and walked away. She only made it a few steps before her small body was engulfed by one of Pitbull’s arms around her. He walked at a slow pace with her.

Pitbull: Your big day is coming up, eh? I noticed me, Baine, and Markson aren’t on the invite list.

Her nostrils flared.

Madison: What’s that smell?! Why are you so moist?!!

Pitbull: Hitting the weights hard will do that. Your man should do that sometime. Speaking of…I feel like we got off on the wrong foot.

Madison: …You attacked him after the bell.

Pitbull: Yea, about that. I didn’t have my coffee yet. I get cranky when I don’t have my coffee.

Madison: You mean snickers? That’s a snickers reference.

Pitbull: Look at these abs, Madison. I haven’t had a snickers in years. But you know who has? juice.

Madison: A few of them. That much we can agree on.

Pitbull: Juice as World Champion is a goddamned disgrace. That’s why I’m here. It’s up to people like us to keep these Championships in the hands of people that don’t look like walking turds.

Madison rubbed her chin.

Madison: I’ll hear you out. So what do you have in mind?

Pitbull: Just let your man know that I’ve got his back tonight. If he takes out Juice for me, let’s just say….The Saints will have two fresh AP3X shirts waiting back stage for you.

Madison stops and Pitbull removes his arm from her shoulder.

Madison: Is that so?

Pitbull: Man of my word.

Pitbull offers his hand, and the camera zooms in on the handshake.

Jacob Williams vs Matrix

Right behind the curtain, Juice was spotted giving a fist bump to someone on the production crew.

Their conversation was interrupted when the Conquest Champion approached them. Dennis cleared his throat very loudly to get their attention.
They both turned to him with a confused look.

Juice: Sup, little playa?

Dennis: Isn’t there a box or something that needs moving? Two black men at the height of their wrestling careers need to have a chat.

Dennis stared at the EOW production crew member. The crew member looked to Juice and mouthed ‘he’s black?’ and Juice simply shrugged. The two fist bumped before he left Dennis and Juice to themselves.

Juice: Not cool.

Dennis: I’ve never been cool. Wrestling is all I care about. Well…that and Madison. Speaking of wrestling and Madison, we both felt it was appropriate to thank you for your assistance last week.

Dennis: Things were intense, and I didn’t have a chance to properly express my gratitude.

Juice: All good, I guess.

Dennis: I just want you to know that I’m rooting for you at Summerbrawl. People like Pitbull…shouldn’t represent this company. He’s a brute, and an all around bad man.

Juice: What’s your angle, little man?

Dennis: I want to make sure the best man wins at Summerbrawl. That’s all. I don’t want a tainted win hindering the unification match at Meltdown…that’s all.

Dennis: So…if Pitbull tries anything tonight, I’ve got your back.

Juice: I’m not taking it easy on you tonight.

Dennis: All I ask is you do the same for me.

Dennis offers his hand to Juice. Juice looks at it and returns the gesture.

Dennis: See you out there!

As Dennis starts to pull away, Bruce pulls Dennis close and grips his hand tight.

Juice: You need to face one very important fact. If you lie to me, if you screw me over, you will be this lone consequence. After I am done with Pitbull, I will turn all my focus to you and the Conquest Championship.

Dennis pats Juice on the shoulder and walks by him. Juice raises a brow as Dennis walks through the curtain.

Can Lightning strike twice?
Da Juice vs Dennis Black

EoW TAG Team Championship

HFi vs Prestigious Saints (C)

*SPOILER* Post match Promo
HFI are handed the tag team championships, and immediately raise them joyously.

They exit the ring visibly damaged, but champions nonetheless.

Trevor waves for a microphone.

Trevor: “EOW Universe… we have done it! Trevor turns to the crowd and leans on the barricade as he raises the title.

The saints fought hard, but WE fought harder. WE stepped up to them when it looked like nobody else would.

Bryce: “And we are CHAMPIONS! Since day 1, we set out to make an impact here. And tonight… Was just the beginning of something huge.

HFI is here to stay, and we are prepared to put everyone here to the test. So bring it on.

” bryce drops the mic and both men say “thank you” to the crowd as they walk around ringside and up the ramp to high five and speak with as many fans as possible.

Both of them reach the top of the ramp and face the arena to hold up the belts before they exit.

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