EoW FUSION week -13

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Cameras Open up backstage as AP3X has already arrived for tonights show.

Pitbull Cracks a beer and The Saints roll a…. Something thats legal in select states.

Travis: This shit is getting weak as fuck, does Mayhem even know what he is doing anymore?

I say we just go beat the hell out of Golden Age now.

No one new is going to show up for the Tag Division.


Baine brushing off some remains of herbages into a dark bag

Baine: You know what Travis to be honest I like where your head is at tonight because that is a brilliant…Sorry Prestigious idea about attacking the Golden Age.

Plus it’s no secret that I’m a bit salty after losing my G1 Championship and what a better way to get back to my old self.

By the way Travis I have to ask but where did you get this stuff at?

Travis pushes the camera away from Baine as it moves in closer to see what he is doing.

Travis: Get the fuck outta here. What happens in the Apex locker room stays in the APEX locker room.

T-Mark walking away from the camera as Pitbull reaches in the cooler and hands off a cold one to the prestigious one.

Pitbull: You see how Jack Action looked?

*laughs* I’m glad I’m no longer associated with that joke anymore. Joke Action is what in going to call him.

Speaking of a joke. I will soon be facing a very lucky one for my Elite title. Brucey Juicey…. No repeat for you big guy.

This is going to be a one and done.

And it’s not going to go well for the lone survivor of Crunk Juice.

No more designated survivor.

Your curtain call is coming.

*Cameras fade out as Travis Markson steps in front of  the camera and puts his finger into his chest pushing him backwards and out the door as we cut to commercial break.*

Devin is in the locker room sitting and meditating.

Devin :You know it comes to a point where now I have to figure out what’s do after an embarrassment at the last paper view.

I let a whole nation of my people down because of imbeciles wouldn’t pick up the slack this is why the main reason I’m by myself and I don’t need help.

But that’s that what I’m not here to talk about I hear for opportunity let’s say. (Devin Chuckles)


Devin: You see a recently at WE4 I lost too Ian Bates who got very and I mean very very lucky in are last man standing match.

After what I saw in that pitiful showing at battleground from the so called #1 contender I’m going to make a direct challenge.

Dennis Black I have been waiting for you the longest you have something I want and you have something I’m going to get.


Devin: I won’t care what I have to do to get the Conquest Championship off you but for most certainly I’m gonna rip that title off you and whether im up on my last leg or not the championship belongs around the waist of actual king.

Devin: And if you think that Madison Cox it’s gonna stop me from this little power couple or regime from getting that title off you let just say Dennis I have a little surprise for you and her.

Devin: I will put a end to your reign as being the Conquest Champion of EOW you will find out soon enough tata for now.

Devin laughs hysterically as the camera fades to black.


As the show goes on the camera opens up to the backstage area where we see Eric Shadow putting on his entrance jacket.

As he’s fixing his collar and zippers, he is stopped by Kim Sanders.

Sanders: Hi Eric, do you have some time to speak?

Shadow: Yeah sure why not.

Sanders: So at Battleground, you were involved in the Fusion vs Conquest elimination tag team where you, Showtime, and Chris Sullivan were victorious. Do you mind sharing some words about that match?

Shadow: At Battleground, Showtime, Sullivan, and myself proved that Fusion was the more superior brand and we made short work of Devin King, A-Plus, and David Jackson… Even though the match was almost an hour long.

Shadow and Kim laugh about that remark for a few seconds.

Sanders: Now tonight you were supposed to face Sam Russ tonight but there way slight change to your match and now you are facing Devin King, which is also the one you eliminated in the tag team match.

Do you think he is wanting revenge for getting eliminated by you?

Shadow: No doubt about. Hell I would get revenge on the person took me out of a match that meant.

I’ll give it Devin, he’s one hell of a competitor but he’s going to have to go to the limit to beat me.

Yeah people will that he’s bigger and stronger than you but to be honest I’ve heard my whole entire life.

It doesn’t matter if they’re bigger than me or stronger than, I will still go in that ring take anyone out,
and plus he calls himself a King but after I beat him tonight, he’ll be bowing down to the Prince of EOW.

Shadow walks out as Kim watches him walk away.

The camera fades in and we see a pair of big boots.

The camera pans up, and up, and up until it stops at a head.

It’s Bruce ‘Da Juice’ Perry and he looks all business. He takes a breath and begins to speak.

Perry: Let’s stick to the facts folks. Tonight, I face Jacob Williams. He’s under 230 lbs., I’m 300 lbs.

He hasn’t beaten any former or current world champions.

I have done so consecutively since WrestlElite.

Jacob can’t compare to my power. I can make him fly.

Perry: In conclusion, Williams is outclassed in size, strength, power, and durability.

If you think that is all I bring to the table, you are sadly mistaken.

Oh yes, Pitbull, don’t think I have forgotten about you.

I know you will be watching me, looking, probing for a weakness.

You don’t want a repeat of our last confrontation. Please, learn all you can.

You can make no mistakes and still lose Pitbull.

That’s not weakness, that’s life.

Bruce smiles and walks out of camera range as the camera fades out.



The Prestigious Saints are seen backstage in the locker room looking at the monitor as the crowd goes silent waiting to see if anyone shows up to answer the call coming back from commercial break.

(The camera pans to Jacob Williams and Zac Taylor standing in the middle of the ring with a girl. Jacob and Zac both grab a microphone.)

Jacob: I know for the past few weeks I have been talking about people stealing my spotlight.

But this man behind me is the only person I intend to share it with because we share the same opinion.

That opinion is that we are the future here in Eow.

Zac: That future is now. I may have lost at Battlegrounds but I still have a rematch clause and I intend on using it.

But at this very moment we have a announcement to make.

You are all looking at the newest tag team here in Eow.

If you’re wondering who this girl is out here with us she’s my sister Kenzie, his girlfriend and our new manager.

Jacob: Let me make something clear for the people in the back.

We are still very much single competitors as much as we our tag competitors.

Let me talk about the tag division. It’s the smallest division in Eow.

You have the Bronze Age and HFI fighting every week for the right to get beat by T-Mark and Baine.

Zac and I are gonna be the salvation that the tag team division needs.

We will return the tag titles back to their former glory.

Zac: I just thought of something since we’re a team now we need a name.

Jacob: That’s right we do.

Well seeing how we are the dawn of a new light.

I got the perfect name.

(Jacob walks over to Kenzie and hands her the mic and whispers in her ear.)

Kenzie: Allow me to introduce the most pure talented superstar on the roster Jacob Williams and the most exciting to see in the ring and the best on this mic Zac Taylor. The Dawn!

(Jacob, Zac and Kenzie begins to walk to the back as the screen fades to black.)




(The camera pans backstage to The interview area where Todd frost is standing.)

Frost: ladies and gentlemen let me introduce my guest Jacob Williams.

(Jacob walks into camera view)

Jacob: so this is fusion.

Frost: speaking of fusion how do you feel about the brand merger?

Jacob: after what happened at battlegrounds I completely agree with it. Conquest got slaughtered.

We lost every single brand vs brand match.

The only superstars from conquest to win a match on the entire show was Dennis black and myself.

Granted we did face people from our brand so somebody had to win.

Frost. Earlier tonight Zac Taylor and yourself became a tag team. How do you see that working out?

Jacob: Well Zac and myself have known each other for a very long time. I don’t think chemistry should be a problem.

I also think that we will be the team to take the titles off Baine and Tmark after they get done beating hfi again.

Frost: last question. How do you feel about main eventing your first match on fusion against Da Juice.

Jacob: it didn’t take me long to be in the main event did it. As far I’m concerned this is where I belong.

If this is truly the flagship of Eow then they should be grateful to finally have the most pure talented superstar on the roster to grace their tv screens.

At the same time it won’t be a easy night for me Da Juice is easily the biggest man I have faced in my career.

Yet still I believe I will come out victorious over him because…

(Jacob snaps his fingers as a spotlight shines on him.)

Jacob: he doesn’t have this. Now if you will excuse me I have a main event to get ready for.

(Jacob walks of camera as the screen fades to black.)


The scene opens with a close up shot of an older woman’s face, probably in her early sixties with a somewhat distressed look on her features. She held a booklet in her hands as her hands nervously darted from side to side. As the lens zooms out, the Elitetron is shown a view of an extravagant event hall.

Curator: Mrs. Black…

Madison raised a finger, silencing the woman. The Fusion audience jeered loudly at the Eliteron when the blond bombshell appeared on the screen.

Madison: Cox. I’ve got my name for a few more weeks, and plan to get the most out of it. Now then…

Madison turned to the Curator. She had the Conquest Championship draped over her shoulder.

Madison: I like this. It’s the perfect distance from the location of Summerbrawl.

Curator: I would hope so, Ms. Cox. This is literally the fifteenth place you’ve visited.

Madison: I’m very peculiar.

Curator. You mean ‘particular’, yes?

Madison: Don’t correct me again, or I’ll take my business elsewhere. How’s your security?

Curator: We’ve never had any issues, Ms. Cox.

Madison: I expect to see  armed men at the doors. Hell, get a police detail of you must.

Curator: Ms. Cox…that’s a bit extreme…

Madison: I won’t have my special day ruined by any savages. You hear me? No savages. Moving on…Dennis and I will exchange our vows in the middle of the ring at the start of Summerbrawl. Gotta give the heathens something, right? After that, Dennis and I should arrive here at 8:30 to be greeted by our friends and family. Mostly celebrities. Posh Spice, David Beckham, President Trump, Meghan Markle…you know, important people.

Curator: Yes, Ms. Cox. I have your finalized guest list right here. Though, it is a tad bit curious you’ll be having half of Tinseltown here, but no one from the wrestling community or any of your future Husband’s friends…

Madison shrugged.

Madison: The wedding is for me, what happens after the wedding is for him. Every man knows this. He’ll adjust. My friends will become his friends. You’ve got my guest list…and you’ll soon have my banned list. Absolutely no wrestlers. NONE.

Curator: …If you wish.

The Curator nods and walks out of the scene. Madison turns and flashes a smile at the screen.

Madison: Ohhh, EOW Universe….I noticed you there. You simply weren’t worth acknowledging until my business was finished. Dennis’s back is pretty sore from carrying both Conquest and this company, so he’s off tonight playing Fortnite or god knows what while i’m scouting the perfect location for ‘my’ wedding reception.

Madison: My Denny did his job, he elevated the Conquest Championship far beyond what it was ever meant to be. With the end of the brand split, Dennis Black will go down in history as both the longest reigning Conquest Champion…and the very last Conquest Champion.

Madison: While the EBT Warrior…and Section Eight Heavyweight, Da Juice is focused on Pitbull, he’s overlooking the very uncomfortable truth. What our esteemed CEO neglects to mention is that Juice and Pitbull and not squaring off at Summerbrawl for the EOW Championship, oh no.

Madison shakes her head.

Madison: The only thing Juice and Pitbull are fighting for is to see which one of them gets the honor of handing over that Championship to me. They’re fighting each other to see who will be sacrificed on the Black King’s altar.  EOW Universe…prepare yourselves. It is going to be a very…very…Black Summer.

Madison winks right before the Elitetron powers down.


*SPOILER* Post match Promo
Bruce ‘Da Juice’ Perry is standing tall, feeling good about himself. He motions for a microphone and one is handed to him after a few seconds. He lifts the mic up and begins to speak.*

Perry: Well, that was fun. Not as fun as chicken run, but it did the trick.

Jacob, you were better than I anticipated, my compliments.

I just have one thing to say to Pitbull.

The spear will be the last thing you feel before you stare at the lights.

Keep that title warm for me playa.

Bruce puts the microphone down, leaves the ring, walks to the entrance ramp, and enters the curtain as the camera fades out.

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