EoW FUSION -Week 11 4.22.19

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EoW Presents 

The scene opens up to the Fusion interview location where we see Kim Sanders standing front and center as gets ready for her cue.

Kim: Hello ladies and gentlemen, it has been four weeks after our huge spectacular show Wrestlelite.

Where we seen history making events, titles changing, and huge upset victories.

With that being said I would like to introduce my guest tonight, Eric Shadow.

Shadow walks into the picture and stands next to Kim. He looks a little lost but he still has head up high.

Shadow: Hey how’s it going Kim.

Kim: I’m ok but I was hoping to get a few words with you.

I tried to talk to you on last Fusion but you no interest in speaking and plus you did lose to Da Juice along with losing the World Championship.

Do you mind sharing some words.

Shadow looks into the distance and looks back at Kim.

Shadow: You know, every dog has its day and some of us fall back on what we’ve accomplished.

Yes, Wrestlelite was so huge and rememberable.

A night where everybody showcased what they were made of.

But you know that show keeps on replaying in my head. I came in way too cocky, I was treacherous, and I went over my head a little bit.

Now get me wrong everyone get a little cocky and they talk too much but that night was the one night that I said way too damn much and I got carried away.

As I got carried I seen lights flash before my eyes and I was left with nothing after that.

Then after that I was put up against a Bully but then was changed into fighting someone that embarrassed me when I was champion.

And I was embarrassed once again after I told myself that I was going to get redemption when I faced him again. As everyone I failed.

Kim: Well Eric, while most of those statements are true but to be honest it sort of feels like you’re a bit too hard on yourself. Care to talk about it.

Shadow: (Scratching his chin) Do I care share why I am so hard myself. Why am I so hard on myself?

I ask myself that same question everytime I step into that squared circle.

I look myself in the mirror sometimes and I ask myself why. I do it because this all I have.

I know I’ve probably said this in the past but everything that I say comes from the heart.

You may not see it and nobody sees me screaming at myself when I screw up in that.

I sometimes get so worked up that I just sit silence and I stay still.

I don’t always blame the other person, I mostly myself when I see someone get the upper hand on me and I yell at myself for hitting whoever when I had the chance to.

That’s why I’m hard on myself.

Kim: Ok well thank you for your time and good luck tonight.

Shadow: Thanks. See ya soon

Shadow walks out toward the entrance way and the scene fades to black.

Trent vs Eric Shadow

*SPOILER* Post match Promo
After Trent’s music ends, Shadow is sitting in the middle of the ring with his hands on his knees. He looks around and then puts his head down. He stands up and grabs a mic. Shadow: (Clearing his throat)… I’m sorry. Sorry for building up things and never giving 110 percent. I… He stops and puts the mic on the ground as he leaves the ring.

*Baine is spotted in the interview area of the backstage area of the Fusion arena alongside Kim Sanders.*

Kim: First of all allow me to say thank you for taking time out of your night to join me here in the interviewer booth here tonight. Now Baine tonight you face a former wrestler from Rush..one Nathan Steel. How do you feel going into tonight’s match?

Baine: Kim if I’m being honest I have known Nathan Steel practically my whole career and allow me to inform you on a little secret about Nathan Steel.

Kim: Okay go on…

Baine: Now ever since I met him from way back in our youth we had many matches between one another and out of all those matches..he has never beaten me…not once Kim.

Now with that said…you asked me how I feel about tonight?

Baine: Well Kim tonight I’m gonna go to that ring and once the bell rings I’m gonna beat Nathan Steel like I always do. One other thing Kim I’m going to prove not only to him but to the entire EoW universe that Nathan Steel does not deserve to be the X1 Champion but most importantly he definitely doesn’t deserve to be handed that title.

Baine: Nathan I hope your listening because come Battleground whether your still champ or not..im coming for that X1 title.

*Nathan Steel is shortly spotted right down the hall from Baine as Nathan Steel spots Baine he walks over and interrupts Baine.*

Nathan Steel: Baine! you are getting a little senile with your old age! You remember our youth a little different…Ya, you beat me a few times, but I have had my fair share of wins over you, and tonight is going to be one of them.

*Nathan Steel takes the mic from Kim Sanders*

Nathan Steel: And you are just jealous that I was given what I deserve!

you see Baine, you and your little team of champions mean nothing!

As far as my X1 title goes….you have to earn this…I don’t care if you have that briefcase or not…..but Ill tell you what…I’ll be nice….you beat me tonight Baine….and if you decide to cash in on my title at Battleground….ill even let you choose the match stipulation….but Baine…if I win tonight?

I get your briefcase!!!

: Jealous of someone that didn’t deserve to hold a title in the first place and you talk about having to earn the x1 championship…What the hell did you do besides get underneath the desk of Mr.Mayhem and earn your shot..Huh!

Nathan…yea that’s what I thought you didn’t earn shit but you know what it’s fine because we both know that I will just walk away with that belt sooner or later.

As for the stipulation and my briefcase you’re on!!

*Trent walks into frame and snatches the mic from Steel.*

Trent: Funny thing Steel? I just got back from Mr. Mayhem’s office….and he just granted me my request…..It’s going to be myself against YOU! for your X1 Title at Battleground! So you have to defeat me before you go making promises to defend a title you may not even have come after Battleground.

*Nathan Steel is furious! as Trent walks off camera. Baine can be seen holding back his laughter as we see Trent walk back on camera.*

Trent: Oh I forgot to tell you….that match…IS AN IRON MAN MATCH!

Baine: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Good luck tonight steel….and as a matter of fact….good luck at Battleground.

*Baine walks off laughing as Steel grabs the monitor behind him smashing it on the ground. The camera then fades to black. *

Baine vs Nathan Steel

Ricky Spanish is seen standing in the center of the ring wearing the brightest blue suit most have probably seen in their lives, with a pink bow tie. He raised the mic to his lips with a big smile.

RS: Laaaaaadies and Gentlemen, my name is Ricky Spanish, the voice…of RUSH.

He let the name of his brand linger as he received mixed reactions from the Fusion audience.

RS: I am here to deliver a message to you all from the RUSH champion.

El Segador, The self proclaimed G.L.O.A.T of professional wrestling…

RS: The Greatest Luchador Of All Time…

RS: Wishes to extend a challenge to any wrestler on Fusion or Conquest. He doesn’t care who you are or what brand you belong to. Whether you’re a current champion or former champion.

RS: ‘No matter how big or small…I will beat you. This isn’t about Championships. Battlegrounds is about RUSH superiority.’ Those words are from the Champion.

RS: With that said, El Segador will be watching and waiting to see who will show up as a sacrifice to the wrestling gods. Again…his words, not mine…

Showtime vs Jack Action

Cameras open up backstage in the AP3X locker room as Travis turns on the television in the room to catch a glimpse of what is going on down at ringside.

Travis: I’m fucking sick of these punk ass curtain jerkers try to stake a claim to something they aren’t even close the achieving.

Baine: What’s that?

Travis: Being prestigious.

*Baine nods*

Travis: The Tag Team division is conquered by The Prestigious Saints, The G1 one division is dominated by the prestigious saints, the intercontinental division is owned by Prestigious Saints, and the Elite World Championship is now Prestigiously owned by AP3X.

Pitbull: You’re damn right!

Travis: We fucking own each and every one of these plebs. Starting with Chris Sullivan.

Baine: I couldn’t have said it better myself..hell if I’m being honest Ap3x runs EoW and sooner or later I’ll be gaining yet another piece of gold when I cash the briefcase in.

Until then i say we just sit back and enjoy this Prestigious ride as we three dominate the Tag Team division,G1 division,IC division, and the Elite World title division because there’s no one out there that’s better than us and that’s the truth.

Pitbull: *chuckles* That’s right fellas. We own EoW now. Pitbull damn well doesn’t plan on losing the Elite World title anytime soon and I’m pretty sure you Saints don’t plan and losing yours either. Hell after the long reign and dominance we will have in EoW Mr. Mayhem might just have to rename it to Ap3x Federation so newcomers know right off the back who runs the show.

Tonight Pitbull will show that dominance by facing that poor abandoned Juicey Brucey. Now have a drink with me fellas.

*pulls out a 12-pack of beer and tosses a few to the Saints and cracks them open*

Salud! (cheers)

Cameras fade back to ringside as AP3X continues their talking about their game plan for EoW.

Chris Sullivan vs Travis Markson

The camera fades in and we see a EOW referee backstage. He is knocking furiously at a door. On the door is the sign that says, Crunk Juice. We start to hear the referee.

Referee: Juice?!? Hey, Juice! Come on and open the door. It’s me, Jim Gordon. There’s been noises coming out of there and none of them pleasant.

*Jim reaches into his pocket and pulls out a set of keys. He starts to unlock the door, but it opens. As the door opens, the camera shifts to Jim.

Gordon: Juice?! Is that you? Ummm…I…wow. What happened?

Perry: It’s time to face the facts. Fact 1: It’s time for some changes around here. Fact 2: Anybody who is in my way should step aside. Fact 3: Tonight, I face Pitbull. I look forward to ripping and tearing him up.

*You hear a tearing of paper off-camera. A second later, you hear a solid hit on the door. Bruce’s footsteps can be heard walking away. The camera turns and on the door, instead of saying ‘Crunk Juice,’ it says, Bruce ‘Da Juice’ Perry.

Perry: (Off-camera) One more fact. Krunk Juice is dead, long live Bruce ‘Da Juice’ Perry.

The camera fades out.

Da Juice vs Pitbull

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