EoW FUSION – Week 10 – 4/8/19

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EoW Presents

Cameras open up at the desk of the EoW CEO Mr. Mayhem

Fingers crossed with his hands on his desk ready to address the EoW World.

Mr. Mayhem: Last week at WretlElite we saw people triumph and bask in their deserved glory on the biggest stage in the world. We saw some people crash and burn but from the ashes they will rise, learn from that devastating loss and move on bettering themselves in every way they possibly can.

What comes next in EoW?

Well today I am officially announcing that at our next PPV BattleGround, it will be brand vs brand.

While the Champions do battle, select roster members will be chosen to represent FUSION, RUSH, & CONQUEST in matches and one survivor style tag team match up.

So impress your GM’s, style and profile, set that mic on fire and do what you need to get yourself noticed. You’re fate is in your hands.

Ladies and gentlemen we have now entered the 5 and a half year mark of EoW.  Thank you.

Cameras fade out to ringside with the crowd cheering for the new announcement heading toward our next Pay-Per-View BattleGround.

* The Prestigious Saints and Pitbull are in the middle of the ring as Baine then walks over to the ropes and motions for multiple microphones.

Baine then walks back towards Travis Markson and Pitbull and hands them both a microphone. *

Baine: You know guys I would like to be the first to say that WrestlElite IV was one hell of a night for all of us for example our friend here *points to Pitbull* beat the former Elite World Champion Eric Shadow and became the new Elite World Champion.

Pitbull congratulations on not only beating Eric Shadow but beating him in a most prestigious way and becoming the New! Elite World Champion.

Travis Markson & Baine both smirk while Pitbull slaps the EoW belt on his shoulder

Baine: Now before we had the enjoyment of watching Pitbull here become the Elite World Champion.

You all witness as myself and Travis Markson defended our Tag Team Championships against H.F.I.

And if I’m being honest those two came to fight but by the end of the match they just ended up finding out they didn’t have what it takes to overcome the Prestigious Saints.

Not all bad news for H.F.I though because at least H.F.I can say they made it to the grandest stage against the most Prestigious tag team in all of EoW history.

Now I will admit Zac Taylor you beat me and i may have underestimated you and now your holding the Internet Champion..

Baine stops talking and pauses..

Baine: You know good news is..

In return I became the New! G1 Champion for a second time and damn I couldn’t be anymore happier

Baine then acts like he’s wiping a tear from his eye

Baine: Speaking of the Championship that I made famous and held for nine straight long months with ten title defenses..

Travis there’s only one other way I could prestige this belt and that’s by giving you the original G1 Championship.

Baine removes the original G1 Championship title and hands Travis Markson the G1 Championship.

Baine and Travis embrace as Travis Markson turns to the crowd and holds up the Classic EoW G1 Championship turning in a circular motion to show off to the crowd.

Baine: Now I have to address something about the G1..

Matrix congrats on beating Showtime at Wrestlelite you two put on one hell of a match but you see you forgot that I already had two defenses with the Internet Championship which in return gave me an opportunity to cash in on the G1 or any other title that wasn’t the Elite World Championship.

Baine: Point is Matrix you just became G1 champion at the worst time..In all of EoW history. On a side note though gentlemen after we leave this ring the real party starts backstage.

Baine and Travis fist bump as Travis begins to speak.

Travis: At WrestlElite the Prestigious Saints did in fact show why we are the most dominant tag team force in all of EoW history.

Trevor Kendrick ran away from me like a scared little school girl and it was absolutely hilarious.

I mean the common sense should have kicked in to just go for the save for your partner.

That right there is the true experience shining through and why H.F.i is not your EoW Tag Team Champions and why the Prestigious Saints are.

Other than holding the Tag Team titles, Baine *looking over at his partner* it’s truly has been a ride from kicking each others ass to dominating the rest of the EoW Roster.

It takes a PRESTIGIOUS eye to know that you are standing next to the only other greatest G1 Champion in EoW.

Now tonight I go one to face Justin Rockstar who has been in and out of Championship pictures from the Intercontinental, to the G1 back and forth in the tag division.

A clever but out of this world individual who has even put a condom in his own mouth to garner a reaction.

Tonight though Rockstar you need to be a lot more innovative to defeat the prestigious one.

If you’re smart you should just CROWN me champion. *Rolling his eyes.*

At the end of the night no matter which way it could go I will be walking out the new EoW Intercontinental and winning back to back title matches from WrestlElite.

On the other hand we have this guy.

*Travis points at Pitbull, as Pitbull looks around and then points at himself.*

Travis: It has been a honor to have someone worthy enough to stand in the ring with Baine and myself.

When you got my number to become number one contender, I’m not going to lie….

I was frustrated it wasn’t a Prestigious performance.

*The crowd boos*

Travis: I know I know. But as a former Elite World Champion, it takes a true champion & a person of integrity to admit his defeat.

In doing so, in that moment, me & Baine knew.

Pitbull is the future.

We just knew.

Look at him now.

Proving that exact point and here we stand now before you a force to be reckoned with.

Travis shakes Pitbull’s hand as the two nod and Baine and Travis clap for their colleague.


Pitbull takes the center of the ring and raises the Elite World Championship with one arm and begins to speak with mic in the other hand

Pitbull: Get used to this picture EoW because this belt will belong to Pitbull for a long..long..time.

Puts Belt back on shoulder

Pitbull: Now. I hear that many of you keep asking the “why?”.

Why this and why that when it comes to this group of fellas.

*points to the three in the ring*

Pitbull: What you should have been asking yourselves is “why not?”.

Why not form the greatest unification in EoW history?

Why not form the greatest trio in history?

Why not form an axis of champions?

Why not form…AP3X (APEX)?

*points to Baine and Travis*

Pitbull: The Prestigious Saints…and *points to himself* Pitbull? *smirks*

I dare you to do something about it!

The crowd cheers as the power Trio bump fists as cameras fade out to commercial break.

Trent vs Showtime

EoW Intercontinental Championship

Travis Markson vs Justin Rockstar (C)

*as marco charming start training and getting ready for the match tonight then everyone cheers then chang lee walk up to him as he is about to speak*

chang lee: hello eow fusion I am here with the former champion marco charming so how you feel since wrestle elite?

marco: um like I said it wasn’t gonna be easy taking the title is one thing but retaining it is another and I failed against Justin rockstar just got to learn from it

chang lee: alright then so how you feeling about facing Nathan steel?

marco: nice change of pace so I am going to give everything I got

chang lee: ok anything else you wanna say

marco: yes I do Nathan steel I will face you as I am the kin- no the realistic has return no more kings and all that I fight and people will take me seriously!

*I walk off as my theme song come on then the camera fades*

Marco Charming vs Nathan Steel

The Pristinely dressed gentleman fiddled with a cufflink before clearing his throat into the mic. At the sound of his condescending tone, the Fusion audience was already booing the man. “My name is Darby Pinchpenny,
and I am the legal representative of Ms. Madison Cox and Mr. Dennis Black, the Premier Power Couple of EoW.”

Darby: I am here on behalf of Ms. Cox and Mr. Black because…well, in truth…

Darby: Neither of them felt that the location of this week’s edition of Fusion was worthy of witnessing their greatness in person.

Darby: To quote Ms. Cox…

Darby: “I mean really, why would I give up days of screwing the Conquest Champion on a beach under the stars to be around the filth and grime of a Fusion audience? Wrestling fans already have a stereotype of not bathing properly…and the Fusion audience embraces it. They are a particularly smelly bunch. Gross!”

The audience boos even louder.

Darby: As most of you know, this is the final week of negotiating with EOW to extend the contract of my client, Dennis Black. After speaking with General Manager Tomas Dean and carefully looking over the Fusion roster…

Darby: My clients felt that the money offered to sign exclusively with Fusion just wasn’t worth it, considering that he would be lowering himself to compete against the talent on this brand week after week…

Fans began throwing trash into the ring as Darby Pinchpenny paced around the ring.

Darby: My clients would like you all to know that even though I have not sat down with Mr. Stephen Mathews of RUSH or Mr. Mayhem of Conquest, that we are certain that Fusion will be at the bottom of our list.

Darby: But, they would like you to take solace in knowing that even though your roster is… ‘the hottest of garbage’…

Darby: Madison’s words, not mine.

Darby: ‘The hottest of garbage’, you can still see them every week once Dennis signs a lucrative contact to RUSH, signs an extension to Conquest…OR…if someone from the Fusion roster is unfortunate enough to represent this brand against Dennis Black at Battlegrounds. You can see him embarrass them, instead.

Feeling rather proud of himself, Darby nodded, made his way toward the ropes, and exited the ring.

Bully-T vs Eric Shadow

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