EoW Fusion 12.31.18 New Years Eve Show!

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EoW Presents

*the cameras are rolling and lights come on as Marco charming is being seen backstage getting ready for his match then Chang lee walk up to him as he speaks*

Chang Lee: Hello EoW universe I am here with the king of honor himself Marco charming!

So how do you feel about your match tonight?

*I look at him then the camera*

Marco: well I am feeling good even though this wasn’t my year but I’m making sure 2019 will be my year!

Chang Lee: I see so u still going for a title?

Marco: yes I am and I’ll never give up I don’t give a damn what I have to do to get the job done

Chang Lee: alright well good luck to you with your match

*i give him a nod then I walk off getting ready as the cameras fade*

The camera fades in and we see Bruce ‘Da Juice’ Perry Backstage.

He is lifting weights and in his workout attire.

You can see the sweat on his face and his clothes.

He puts down the weights and walks over to a bench for his towel.

After he wipes off his face, he turns towards the camera and begins to speak.

Perry: Hello there folks. As you have probably notice, I have been in a slump lately.

It hasn’t been pretty and it has gotten me down.

I’ve seen one too many people just turn around and give up when things don’t go their way.

(Smiles) Not Ol’ Juicey, no sir. It has encouraged me to hit the gym more and go that extra mile.

I am going to wear singles gold and I am going to wear it soon.

(Stops smiling) To that end, I am issuing a open challenge to the entire roster.

Perry: You can call it ‘Da Juice’ Invitational.

I want anyone from the entire EoW roster to face me on the next Fusion.

It could be a rookie all the way to those who holds gold.

I look forward to the challenge and the competition.

If no one accepts, then you are all cowards, (Flexes his muscles) afraid to be beaten by this brown stud.

(Stops flexing) That’s all for tonight kids, keep on juicing!

*Bruce reaches out of camera range and picks up a glass of juice. He begins to drink it as the camera fades out.*

Marco Charming vs Rurik Hilhelm

As the show comes in from commercial break we see a camera go into Eric Shadow’s locker room.

He’s sitting down in a chair while putting on his kickpads as he looks up to speak.

Shadow: Let me just break the glass ceiling right here right now. I wasn’t too fond on speaking to anybody in the last two weeks.

As everyone has seen, I am no longer Champion anymore.

Then I lost to Pitbull.

Let’s just say that I’m going through a little bit of relapse but that’s changes tonight.

He finishes his kickpads and then grabs his arm sleeve and gloves.

Then as he’s done doing that, he looks right at camera.

Shadow: Tonight I face someone who has a big following behind him.

I’m pretty sure he gets paid more than me but who cares because guess what, it’s Showtime.

You’re one of the most flamboyant guys here but tonight that flame is gonna go out when I’m done with you.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, Tre Michaels have fun facing Pitbull.

Hopefully you don’t get too banged up because I’m coming back for my belt.

You may have started the new age of Anarchy but I’m The Prince and my Kingdom will bury six feet under.

Shadow gets up and smirks at the camera.

The screen goes black as Shadow walks out.

Showtime vs Eric Shadow

Jack Action vs Ace Blackwell

(Jack Action Picks up mic with serious face)

Jack Action– What did I tell you Guys last week MY NAME IS JACK FUCKING ACTION and you guys better remember that.

Not only but the rest of the locker room as I said last week I am coming not only for you guys but for me.

(Crowd boos)


I am going to win gold and giving Ace the final act is just the beginning for me.

ME LAYING OUT THE G1 CHAMP is just the beginning I will not stop till I get my hands on gold and get the respect I deserve here in this business.

I’ve been here for close to 3 years now and hell I already have a better career then Phalen.

I’m gonna put something out here tonight I am better than anyone In that locker room cause you know what I am the Final Action and I will always get the last word in this company.

I am the man and I will prove it this season week after week after week.

(Jack Action’s music hits he heads to backstage).

The Golden Age vs Baine and ELBaino

Main Event

Non Title

Pitbull vs Tre Michaels

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